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Fewer palettes, I think. I’ve got the UD’s Book of Shadows III and their 15th Anniversary Palette and the three palettes from The Balm. All contain great product, but I only really use maybe 3-4 shadows form them on any kind of regular basis. The value just isn’t there if most of it isn’t used!

You know, I’m not sure? I’m pretty happy with my stash as it is. I started out going for quality over quantity, and I’d do that again definitely, but I think I’d also spend more on tools like brushes rather than shell out for expensive eyeshadow I don’t wear often. I’m only now building my MAC and Hourglass brush collection, and the MAC brushes in particular have made eyeshadow so much easier to apply.

I might also, if I were starting over, sign up for one of those sessions you can get with Sephora artists (I have a free card for one since I requalified for VIB status) and ask them to show me how to do things like concealer and highlighting and buy products based on that, instead of just guessing. (I am actually planning on using my card for this; I’m tired of my dark circles and I just can’t seem to get it right.)

I would spend more time reading honest reviews (like Temptalia!) that help me learn which products are better for my skin type and which I could skip. Can’t go back but going forward that is my plan. Thanks Christine!!!!

Yep, I agree with this, and I would watch more youtube swatch videos before purchase. I have too many items that if I had listened to Christine, I would not be sorry that I purchased them. But, as you said, move forward and I’m learning from my mistake of not paying enough attention to the reviews.

I’ll only get backups or dupes for things I REALLY love — And that includes any make-up we got for my husband that I also own one of, since I can just share with him (and practice proper hygiene, of course)

I am typically far happier with my overall stash since I began frequenting beauty blogs and doing a bit of research before buying. Temptalia is obviously a well loved haunt! My biggest issue is there is a bit of a collector/hoarder in me. When I find a product I really like, I bloody well want to buy all the shades of the product. Eek! It’s like I get a bit nuts when I absolutely could be exercising greater restraint. I do struggle with this. Tonight I was just looking at the MAC Mineralize lippies to which I have been meaning to try. Finally after much angst and manic swatch searching, I narrowed down a mere 2 shades to put on my buy list. It was difficult!

On a more positive note, I find my stash better organized and representing a greater variety of colour with so-so products being pretty much a thing of the past.

I’m sorry this is off-topic, but during my MAC Mineralize lipstick search, I came across a post with photos showing 17 shades of lipstick when most show the 12 which are available on the Mac website. Anyone in the know? Are there more to come? Did they change their launch due to production issues? Check it out:


Thanks Christine.. clearly I didn’t read this part in your post! A bit sad some of the other shades are not available here, but my wallet will be happier.

I have the same “gotta have ’em all” problem. It’s how I ended up getting all the revlon kissable balm stains, the l’oreal caresse lippies, the infallible e/s…*sigh* Mostly I can confine my need to have it all with drugstore products, but I so hear you.

I just did the math on my NARS eyeshadow collection *alone*, and I was floored (I refuse to do that with MAC, although many were B2M, so they didn’t cost anything)… I still have a few NARS shadows to buy, but I revisited my list, and took several off; as pretty as they are, I know I won’t wear them.

Good show Amy! I have a lot of NARS eyeshadows sitting in a plastic bin untouched. Eye palettes are definitely another way I tend to waste money, but I have to tell you the Lorac Pro palette you recommended ages ago is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. The shadows are top notch and the colours are just perfect for everyday wear. Ultimately this has turned out to be a far better value for me than the UD Nakeds. I reach for this one constantly. A belated thank you~

I would have invested more time & money into brands I truly love (NARS, UD, MUFE, etc), and less in brands I like, but are less than ideal for my needs (MAC, Too Faced, Stila, etc). Overall, I’m very happy with my stash, and there isn’t anything I absolutely regret; even the items that are less than stellar are actually quite good. I would have also spent less money on foundations & powders-I recently purged my stash, and even after tossing more than half, I still have more than enough.

Buy less eyeshadow. I’m a sucker for palettes especially, but there’s just no way I’ll ever get close to finishing everything I have.

I’m actually fairly happy with most of what I own, but in retrospect, had I known I had hooded eyes when I started, I’d probably cut down on the amount of eyeshadow I own. A lot of my more colorful palettes just don’t get the road wear that my face and lip products do because they take so much work to wear.

do my research and not buy any red, orange, or yellow (aka the burning heart palette by sugarpill) because i don’t look good in those colors at all lol

For me, it’s more of a skincare than a makeup problem. If I were to start over again, I would definitely be more wary of what I buy — and maybe try it out first before buying so I won’t end up with products I pay an arm and a leg for and dislike/don’t use.

I would do the same. I have about a million lip glosses and eye shadows, only half of which get used during the year. Experimenting is fun but wasting money isn’t especially when it could be used for a better product. That’s why I started reading your blog. I’d rather know I’m getting a quality product then to buy every little thing I think is cute on a whim.

I agree completely with you, Christine! I’ve discovered that quality is better than quantity in so many areas of my life – for instance, buying three purses that aren’t the one I want but are cheaper is NOT cheaper in the long run if I really wanted the more expensive purse to begin with (and end up spending more anyway)! This applies to makeup too, and it’s taken me even longer to learn 🙂 But I think I’ve finally learned my lesson!

Purchase fewer eyeshadows, fewer bright/dark lipsticks and fewer ‘crazy’ polish colors. I reach for neutrals most of the time so it often feels like an effort to wear my very colorful makeup. Thank goodness for the spring/summer holidays though as then I feel I can wear whatever I want.

I would probably buy less eyeshadow. I just don’t wear it that much. I also stick to a few basic colors.

Totally agree – I look at all the eye shadow pallets I have with so many color dupes and almost cry thinking about all the money I have spent on them.

I’d go for something I want from the beginning even though it’s pricey. For example, I had purchased some Tom Ford blushes and the brushes I had been using for my other blushes would pick up too much product and waste a lot of product. So overtime I looked for the right brush that was like the Tom Ford brush but I thought it was pricey so I looked for others; I tried Chanel, various MACs, Ecotools, Sonia Kashuk, and some others. In the end none of them worked well with the blush so I bought the Tom Ford one and it worked perfectly. I spent way more money looking for a cheaper dupe than what the brush actually cost.

Ugh.. How much money would I have saved over the years if I would have just saved up for better quality items rather than buying a ton of drugstore stuff, that only looks good in the package?! Only to come home and play with it and see it’s poor quality and poor pigmentation.

I agree with you Christine, quality over quantity.
Also, i wish i could stop my (addicted) self when i find myself purchasing the same shade (of lipstick/eyeshadow/blush/nail polish)from a multiple of brands. I’m notorious for having 12 blush-pink lipsticks in my mu bag (and that doesn’t include the entire stash of blush-pink lipsticks at home….).

I agree with you Christine. I am on a no buy now (well have been for almost 2 years!) to use up my stash and I’m almost there. Anything that I put into the stash now has to be a good quality product that I know I will get use of. Otherwise I tell myself I can’t buy it. It’s funny because despite buying expensive products, I’m buying fewer products overall so am saving money.

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