I’d grab 2-3 Wet ‘n’ Wild eyeshadow palettes (and I’d look for the 8-pans, if I could) — so let’s say $10 there. I’d opt for MUFE’s HD foundation (looks good in person, great in photos), which is $42, then Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder to set it ($35). For mascara, I’d grab one of CoverGirl’s Lash Blast’s ($8), and for eyeliner, I’d look to Milani and get one black and one brown ($8). For blush, I’d go for MAC Margin (which was a go-to for years) for $20. For lips, I’d opt for a lipstick/gloss set (Sephora has a favorites set for $25), in the $25-ish neighborhood.

-- Christine

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