Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

If you had to give up all of your makeup products for a month and use only one, which one would it be? You have to pick one!

Temptalia's AnswerKiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer – would rather have the option to make my skin look a lil’ better if I needed it!

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79 thoughts on “If you had to give up all of your makeup products for a month and use only one, which one would it be?

  1. Then it’d be my Benefit Magic Ink. I can live without everything else, but I can’t live without lining my eyes!

  2. Justine

    Probably mascara. Thankfully this is just a hypothetical question!

  3. Lisa T

    I would give up my eye shadows & use my theBalm’s Downboy blush :)

  4. I think I’d use MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick – just to brighten up my face a bit 😀

  5. Joanne

    Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation in B40 Desert! Pretty and glowy skin is the key to looking beautiful in my opinion and I need the most help in the skin department anyways, haha

  6. Vanilla

    BRTC jasmine water BBcream. medium coverage, (freckles, blemishes, dark circles) moisturizing, diminishes fine lines, brightening and SPF 30? yes please!

  7. rachel

    My buxom amplified mascara :) mascara makes the biggest impact!

  8. I agree–foundation/concealer to make my skin look pretty!

  9. Kristine

    Jack Black Lip Balm!

  10. Court

    Some kind of lip balm! If that counts as make up…

  11. lancome liquid eyeliner LOL

  12. Jeanne

    Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage – I literally cannot leave the house without at least covering blemishes!

  13. My MAC studio Fix Foundation… Too many blemishes to give that puppy up!

  14. it’ll be my Shu Uemura Mark Cealer – must cover blemishes!

  15. Holman

    Bobbi Brown Corrector.

  16. Yazmin

    nyx jumbo eye pencil in black bean

  17. Tigress

    A really good, super black mascara.

  18. Heather

    MAC Mineralize Warm Soul Blush!!! I would probably use on my cheeks and eyes and maybe even lips!

  19. Kate Monster

    I don’t think of my moisturizer as being “makeup” (just “skin control; I put it on regardless of makeup status), so I’d say my mascara. Nothing fixes eyes quite like it, and the eyes make the face.

  20. bette

    shu uemura hard9 eyebrow pencil. i’m asian so my brow is quite thin.

  21. Maybelline Volume Express One By One Mascara.

  22. Nic

    Probably mascara.

  23. Martina

    mascara, for ever and ever. no matter which one, i have many and i like them all

  24. This is really difficult – I would normally say eyeliner, because I don’t feel I can leave the house without it! But then this is what other people see, not me – and if I want what I can see and enjoy, then it would have to be nail polish!

  25. I think I would choose my Jordana blush in Cocoa, it’s the perfect color for me!

  26. Ea

    Lip balm, definitely! My lips can’t handle the rowdy Scandinavian winter without a bit of help.

  27. Melinda

    My mineral foundation, Pure Finish by Elizabeth Arden in “01”.

  28. Camille

    Concealer !! Undereye circles are the worst flaws

  29. Jill

    My Make Up For Ever HD foundation…as long as my skin tone looks even, I can deal with giving up the rest.

  30. Vicky

    That’d be soooo touch because:

    I have dark circles under my eyes that need concealing, otherwise I look terribly exhausted and just ugh.

    I’m blonde and so are my eyebrows and lashes. I can do without the eyebrows, I only use Benefit’s brow pencil in a light brown color (I forget the correct name) to give it a very natural look. But without the lashes = WEIRD!

    So, seriously, I’d look very ugly with only one product for an entire month. Maybe I’d just take some time off at the beach??

  31. Sarah M

    MAC Strobe Cream! It somehow always makes my skin look a million times better. Although… there are several products I can’t live without. Thank goodness I don’t actually have to make this choice.

  32. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation! It covers my many blemishes pretty well without the heavy feeling.

  33. I’d say foundation, but with the coverage I need to look “normal”, I’d look pretty silly with nothing else on. With that said, I have to say lip balm.

  34. Iris Nguyen

    Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. It’s my must have to maintain my soft skin during the cold and dry seasons in Canada.

  35. artemis

    a high coverage concealer :)) no name cause i haven’t found one..yet 😀

  36. Katie

    Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation…love it!

  37. Suselew

    Not possible to pick one.

  38. While I love makeup and am a hoarder I really don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis unless I’m doing a FOTD or going out. So if I were going out… it would be my mineral powder I’d keep. One can EASILY cheat with blush by doing the old fashion cheek pinching. As for lips I could forgo lip color because I could use a pomegranate to stain my lips. I could also make my own mascara and eyeliner using charred almonds mixed with glycerine. It won’t be waterproof but it would work. lol

  39. CatherineM

    My Vichy Dermablend Foundation, because I can use it as either Foundation or Concealer

  40. Fitrah

    My red inglot gel liner.

  41. Adette M.

    My hourglass Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara!

  42. Probably mascara. My favorites are Benefit’s They’re Real and Loreal’s double extend beauty tube mascara. Both are amazing for length.

  43. Sass

    My MAC Pro Longwear foundation. :)

  44. Lee

    Definitely mascara. All other products just make me look more polished, mascara keeps my lashes from being totally invisible.

  45. Emma

    Concealer. I’ll leave the house without foundation, without eyeshadow and without Mascara, but not without concealer.

  46. Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer. Like you Christine, I at least want my skin to look good!

  47. Courtney

    Oh goodness! I’d keep my Meow Cosmetics mineral foundation. Even if that’s all I sweep on in the morning, it makes such a huge difference in my skin.

  48. Marie

    MUFE HD cream blush. Blush does amazing things to the face imo.

  49. Milessa

    Black eye liner

  50. Faye

    Liquid foundation and powder… I have used liquid eyeliner every day for about 9 years and I adore it but I’d rather have nice looking skin and a bare rest of face than nice eyes and a shiny, spotty face…

  51. Laurel

    Mac Painterly paint pot because it evens out my eyelid and it matches my skin tone almost perfectly that I could use it as a concealer in a pinch. It completely transforms my face from tired and uneven to wide awake

  52. A dark eye shadow to contour my face with, no question about it!

  53. Saffy

    Black volumizing mascara, because my eyelashes are blonde and invisible without it.

  54. denise

    I keep my Chanel Marilyn lipstick, a red-pink color that I could use on my lips and cheeks

  55. Liz

    BECCA’s creamblush in turkish rose. It’s a contour/blush shade that looks good on the lips too, I’ve even put it on my lids a few times.

  56. lm

    doublewear or urban decay mineral makeup

  57. Chelsea

    I would probably use my NYX Black pencil eyeliner

  58. Michelle Brown

    It would be my Revlon Colorstay foundation. I NEED to cover up my face! Once I do that, I am actually fit to be seen in public and I can survive without other products.

  59. Becca

    if it was at this moment, then concealer. but if I had clear skin later on, then defs mascara!

  60. Jessica

    DR. Jarts BB cream for sure.

  61. Mariella

    Probably my mineralized makeup powder because I can use it as foundation and concealer and even eye shadow in a pinch. I am so glad not to have to live like this though … it’s the stuff of irrational nightmares!

  62. grace

    concealer or mascara

  63. Face Atelier foundation!

  64. Leenie

    Its a toss up between my eyeliner or my concealer, I guess I’ll go with my eyeliner

  65. Maranda


  66. Carrie Ann

    Concealer! Either my Revlon ColorStay concealer or MAC Select Moisturecover. I think a person looks instantly better when they cover up dark circles and red areas.

  67. Heidi

    Foundation. If my skin was perfect I would say matte black eyeshadow (Kat Von D e/s in Lucifer to be exact). :)

  68. Em

    MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish Natural

  69. Veronica

    Concealer. Any brand, as long as it matches my skin tone. I walk out of my house fairly often without any makeup on, but if I’m going anywhere other than work I tend to at least dab a little under and around the eye to cover up my dark circles. My current schedule doesn’t allow for much sleep, so I’m currently mascarading as a raccoon in my waking hours.

  70. Jen

    that’s really hard! i would probably choose mascara because i have really stick straight lashes.

  71. M.

    Hard Candy Plumping Serum l/g in All American Girl – it’s a good, moisturizing, just-shiny-enough nude gloss.

  72. Mittzy

    falso lashes

  73. Kate

    My MAC Pro Longwear concealer for the darkness under my eyes.

    If I didn’t have the circles, I would say my mascara!

  74. Dianna*

    Either my MUFE Full Cover concealer or MAC Studio Finish concealer… must cover dark circles and pigmentation!