Friday, December 2nd, 2011


If you designed a cool-toned palette, what would you include?

Yesterday’s posts got me thinking (never a good thing!), and though I know we’ve discussed our dream palettes before, I wonder what you would include if you had to make one geared for cooler complexions or one for warmer complexions.  I love smoky taupes and grays along with deep jewel-tones for cooler-toned shades, and for warmer-toned hues, I embrace earthy shades like golds, greens, and browns.  I wanted to make both palettes wearable with a mix of textures, neutrals, and pops of color–they’re not exactly where I want them, but you get the idea!


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307 thoughts on “If you designed a cool-toned or warm-toned palette, what would you include?

  1. Nicole

    I like your created cool-toned palette, but I would put in a shimmery brown instead of the green shadow.

    My dream five colour palette would be based on the Smoking Quad by MAC (Smoke Signal, 2007). But I would replace the darkest colour (I believe it was called Smoking) with a more shimmery, silvery brown or dark shimmery grey and add a cooler Patina or better pigmented Performance Art (Colouration, 2011).

  2. Sunny

    That warm palette shall be mine!!! The combination of jewel-toned pops of color along with safe, earthy shades is to die for!!! Please consider launching your own brand or becoming the consultant of ALL the major brands out there. That way we’ll see A LOT less disappointing stuff on the market!

  3. Kathy S.

    Tee hee! I so want to send the idea to Urban Decay! Look at the comments, Christine. Do you think they’d make one or both of these? The demand is obviously there.

  4. If these were real if buy both in a heartbeat! I really wish companies would listen to what were really asking for! They would inspire deeper loyalty and make a mint!

  5. Aria

    I’m obsessed with the warm-toned palette (partly because I’m warm-toned haha) although I would definitely wear some of the colors in the cool-toned one as well. They’re both wonderful!

  6. Laura

    I would also buy that cool-toned palette in a split second! There is your next big idea, Christine. Go for it! It’s gorgeous!

  7. Cait

    I wish so badly that the cool palette really existed! Perfect matte browns, greys, shimmers, and pops of color. /woes

    Clearly UD needs to hire you as a color consultant!

  8. Mariella

    UD should follow in the steps of MAC and get YOU to design a palette for them. I’d love the cool toned one, minus 2 or 3 of the colours to make space for a few of the shadows in the warm palette (the teal, the purple and one of the pinky-beige shades).

  9. Summer

    The thing is, I’m very fair-skinned but I also have dark hair and green eyes, so I can play in both worlds, haha. So ideally, I’d want a palette with both cool and warm shades. But I guess if I had to choose, I’d do a cool palette. I would want 1 – 2 jewel toned purples, a lavender and a pale champagne highlight, a sparkling deep brown, a gold like MAC Woodwinked, and a taupe and maybe a seafoam green to break things up. I would avoid anything with too much of a red undertone, and I would be careful to avoid browns that can pull orange on my skin.

  10. O_O i would so buy both those in a second.

  11. Chelsea

    As a cool toned girl, I would go to town on mattes – pinked pales (like SMH’s Creme d’Nude), more purples than ought to be necessary (like SMH’s Bamboo, Estee Lauder Eggplant, NARS Daphne but better), taupe glorious taupe (like Too Face’s Like A Virgin), and a proper ultra dark brown that does not pull overtly warm (NARS Coconut Grove is the closest to my imagined holy grail but dare I say I would go even darker). Jewel tones in any and every formula going (Cargo’s Belize, SMH’s 1492, Lancome’s Le Khol Gloss Pop Petrol in eyeshadow form, an intense mustard yellow I’ve not yet met) and a right royal sparkler (the taupe side of the L’Oreal HIP Electrified Duo perhaps) for good measure.

  12. DarkGlamour17

    I would buy that cool toned palette instantly! I love cool tones :)

  13. Z

    You example of cool toned palette is exactly what I hoped Naked 2 would be. The shades are far to similar to the original, just frosty looking. I love UD and hope that eventually they’ll come out with a real cool-toned palette or at least a palette with more mattes than shimmers and glitters

  14. Tatyana G

    I adore both of these so much and would buy both in a heartbeat. Perfect shades in both. So sad they are not real.

  15. ellie

    You have such a gift Christine. You know what we like. I sure hope all of these cosmetic companies are paying attention. I love the bold colors you picked in both palettes …. so tasteful. I’m not one for brights but I just love these palettes you are genius! Seriously.

  16. Andrea

    You are amazing Christine!! What great ideas. Can you think of a dupe for the upper left shadow in the cool palette?

  17. I like to ‘shop me some makeup too! But actually in GIMP, ha ha. Both of the palettes are gorgeous.

  18. Amanda E

    Ok, since we are on the subject of warm vs. cool, maybe someone can help me out. What is the major difference between the two? Like what makes something “warm”? And can some people really only wear one or the other??

    • Warm means it incorporates warm colors – like yellows, reds, oranges, coppers, bronzes, etc. Cool means shades like blue, silver, gray, white, pink.

  19. Anna

    I love them! Especially the warm-toned palette!
    I am so glad that you included a green-purple combination in both – something that looks so beautiful but gets ignored by most brands!
    I love them the way they are but what about including a pink colour? As a warm-toned girl I find it very hard finding a pink that works and I love the colour! But even like that it’s perfect!

  20. Joanna

    I’d buy both of those in a heartbeat! I’ve yet to find a good cool palette either!

  21. nessa

    i was bummed when i read in the comments section that these were made up colors.. that teal in the cool toned palette was a MUST BUY for me.. and the warm palette.. i’d buy it in a heartbeat!!

  22. Ziba

    WOW! I am warm toned and I would buy both of those! They should have let you make Naked 2.

  23. bri

    i looove both of them!!!

  24. Lisa

    Defintely cool, i’ve got such a piggy like pink undertone! 😛

  25. Wish these were real palettes! Someone needs to hire you, Christine!

    Also, I’ve been noticing that lately you’ve been making a real effort to write back to all of your comments! I think that’s so amazing of you. It’s so nice as a reader to feel like we know you personally, & are able to have our questions answered!

    Thanks again :)

  26. Cynthia Imperato

    I would totally buy both palettes, I love the mixes of shades and the pops of color! Consider making them….

  27. Wow, I can see that this post has really gotten people talking!

    Sorry I’m late to the party but I have given this a lot of thought before and I’d design a palette with multi-functional products for maximum efficiency!

    All of these would be potted in the palette, all eyeshadows would work as liners when wet:

    – 2 lip/cheek stains, one coral and one pinky-red

    – 2 eyeshadow primer/highlighters (like UD’s Eden but thicker, applied with fingers — one pinky-silver, one pale gold)

    – 3 matte eyeshadows that could also work as brow powders, cool neutrals (for blonde, brunette, and darker hair)

    – 3 shimmer eyeshadows to compliment the mattes, cool neutrals

    – finally, a double-ended eyeshadow brush (one side angled liner, other side rounded blender)

    That would be my perfect palette! 😀

  28. NerdyDoc87

    Haha, I think it’s a little funny that I love your photoshoped palettes more than the UD Naked 2.

    If you were to name a couple of colors, I think ‘thetechguy’ and ‘mellan’ would be great names. :-)

  29. Michelle

    loving both but especially the warm toned one!!!

  30. Numera

    OMG! If they were real I would buy them without a thought! What an eye for the perfect palettes, I don’t know why ppl have not suggested that if you could suggest names of dupes from diff brands, maybe we all can make our own palettes!?!? I seriously hope some one takes notice!
    Way to go girl!

  31. Emily

    I love the warm palette, but would love even more to see a dark metallic navy color in it.

  32. Adelita

    Dear Urban Decay,
    If you read this, then please do this: make these palettes. I’ll definitely buy both of them, promise!!!

  33. carmen

    OMG! I would buy that warm palette in a heartbeat! I got so excited to see what palettes these where and so disappointed their not real! You would be excellent at this!!

  34. vivien

    omggggg i am DROOLING over this fake cool palette…seriously BEAUTIFUL!!!

  35. Melissa

    These palettes are GORGEOUS!

  36. Stephanie

    I like both palettes, but I am a cool tone girl, so pretty!