Friday, December 2nd, 2011


If you designed a cool-toned palette, what would you include?

Yesterday’s posts got me thinking (never a good thing!), and though I know we’ve discussed our dream palettes before, I wonder what you would include if you had to make one geared for cooler complexions or one for warmer complexions.  I love smoky taupes and grays along with deep jewel-tones for cooler-toned shades, and for warmer-toned hues, I embrace earthy shades like golds, greens, and browns.  I wanted to make both palettes wearable with a mix of textures, neutrals, and pops of color–they’re not exactly where I want them, but you get the idea!


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307 thoughts on “If you designed a cool-toned or warm-toned palette, what would you include?

  1. I love love loveee the Warm Palette. I’m a sucker for jewel toned shadows.

  2. I’d buy that cool-toned one in a heartbeat!

  3. VickiC

    whoaaa..!! are these real palettes? they’re both really nice! are they available for sale? especially love the cool tone palette! sometimes some palettes have shades that’s not really what i have in mind but the cool tone palette is just WHOAAA!! LOVE IT LOTS!!!

    • No, they’re not – I made them up :) I just used a few of the photos I took from yesterday’s Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and altered the colors in Photoshop :)

      • Haha that is wicked! I thought they were really UD shades for a moment.

        I would buy both of these but the warm palette would be first.

      • Gaby

        I loveeee what you did in this pictures, I would definitely buy the ones you did.. LOVE LOVE…

        • I would buy them both too. I’ve never really thought about which shades I prefer, I always go for bright colours, if a palette has beautiful colours that’ll influence me more. I probably have a mix of cool and warm shadows.

        • Kim

          I was so in ahh and sad when I found out there were not real. Someone could make a lot of money off of these palettes. I would buy both. Do you think the companies are gonna listen…probably not.

      • VickiC

        UD should hire you to pick their hues!! You’re amazing! You know what’s in our hearts!! 😀

      • Rabia

        hahhaha! maybe you should teach that trick to the Urban Decay People!
        you know what send them these images and lets hope for the best!!!

        plus i am in love with the warm tone palette!!! i want it!!!

  4. Lilly Castlano

    What brand and shade name is the teal green in the cool palette (1st column, second row)? thanks!

  5. M.

    I don’t know, but the top two palettes are gorgeous!

  6. I love the cool toned palette. I’ve thought more than once that I wish you were consulted before certain companies put new palettes out. You have a great eye for detail and what works for the user! I’d be all over that cool palette if it came out!

    • LOL! That would be an interesting job! I’m not sure I’m cut out for making products, though – so much pressure!

      • Lilastar

        You did the bloggers’ obsessions collection. I’d say that counts as experience… So I believe you are probably right when you say that pressure is a big factor.

        • I just think about that experience, and I remember how much pressure I felt the whole time and never felt like I lived up to the hype – I don’t know if I could handle that with a full line! At least, if it’s just a product, it gets forgotten!

  7. ericka

    Wow, Christine! These palettes (both) are beautiful! I wish they were real… LOL I consider myself a warmer complexion, however, cools look good on me too so I would definitely snatch up both of these palettes if offered.

    I don’t understand why beauty companies, with all their R&D, marketing, etc., don’t do this? I mean, it took you all of maybe 24hrs (or less) to come up with two suitable palettes for both persuasions (cool/warm). I just don’t get it…

  8. Yulivee

    I really like your idea of adding pops of colour! And to say they should be jewel toned is just right because muted colours wouldn’t look good next to neutral shades and nobody needs neons in an everyday eyeshadow palette…

    • Yep! I love the idea of subtle ways to add color – a lot of times, deeper shades can work in the crease, smoke out the lash line, etc. without going full-on color!

  9. Marg

    What are the colors in your cool-toned palette image? They’re gorgeous!

  10. Carrie Mansfield

    I’d buy that cool toned palette in a heart beat, that column with the gray and purple is just screaming my name! 😀

  11. Christina

    I would make an urban decay cool naked palette xx

  12. Carrie

    And I should have asked in my last comment – is there anyway we can find out what you put in your palette so can hunt down some of the colors? :)

  13. K7P*

    Love the palettes you came up with! Hopefully Urban Decay contacts you to design their next “Naked” palettes!!! 😉

  14. Laura R

    Christine these are beautiful! I would totally buy both (I’m neutral).

  15. Christina

    I love the left cool toned palette, whats it called, I have to have!!! X

  16. I honestly have no idea…but what a fun thing to think about! Hmm…

  17. Tina

    With either palette, I would always include a matte black, because I love “outer-v-ing” my eyes. I definitely would also, with both palettes, include a brown tone, then everything after that. with a warm toned: definitely include an orange based reddish color, warm greens, blues, and purples, and some yellow. I probably would mix both warm and cool toned colors in both palettes. I don’t think the tense of the tone should matter because it’s the color of the eyes that determine if either a warm or cool-toned color would look best. Hope I’m making sense lol

  18. nitnot

    I’d buy those two in a heartbeat.

      • nitnot

        Wait a minute. I’m now confused, when you refer to cool, do you refer to the NW skintone or NC? Because I’m NC and for the life of me I think that cool toned palette would be way more suitable than the warm.

        • Warm means you tend to have yellow undertones, cool means you tend to have pink undertones. MAC is basically backwards, so NC = warm, NW = cool.

          • nitnot

            Is it weird if I’m coveting the first set of palettes more than the second? LOL! I’m so conflicted.

          • MORENA

            Ohh, i thought the NW’s were the warm colors? They look warm to me. just by appearance. When i get tan, i get more of a warmer tone and i wear the NW’s but when the tan fades and I look more pale or yellow toned i wear the NC. IDK.

            So is there a palette out there that has only warm colors? Excluding coastal scents because i believe they do have a “warm palette”

            • Most warm palettes are earthy – bronozes, greens, etc. Most cool palettes are smoky – more like grays/blues. You don’t usually get neutrals + color, though!

          • I think it was because MAC started out with an olive range if you look at the Pro only foundation (Face & Body) but then started to lean more yellow tone as they expanded. Olive tones (like mine) are a mix of yellow and a tiny bit of blue pigmentation.

  19. Tina

    I will definitely get this cool tone palette if its available !!!

  20. MAChostage

    What is that teal-looking green in your cool palette? Beautiful!

    • Nothing in the photos is real – I was playing around with the shades I’d like to see in cool/warm palettes in Photoshop, so nothing is based off of real shades!

  21. Jennifer

    I am in love with the colours in the warm toned palette! I wish it was real… :(

  22. Farida

    This might be a stupid question…the palettes that you have posted, do they exist?? I would love to get one of each. They are exactly the colors that I would love to have.

  23. Robin

    If you send those out and offer a company your name to brand them I think they would sell like crazy! Beautiful palettes, if the quality of shadows is a good as Stila’s in the light palette (my current favorite) I’d buy both in a heartbeat.

  24. Maya

    Yours are so beautiful! How did you make them? (Online somehow?) Or if they’re already colours…could you list them? Thank you! You are so good at what you do!

  25. Wow, especially that warm toned pallet looks lovely!

  26. ellyp

    You have made my dream cool palette!! I am sooo tired of blues being put in them when they are considered cool or tons of purples or pinks. I am pale (fair) with big dark blue eyes. I am sick of purples but I do love a deep, metallic purple. I do not like pinks because of the redness in my skin and I am skimpy on blues because my eyes are so large. It’s overload. I love the whole combo you did and I would even buy the warm palette because you have several colors that I would have fun with too. I sure hope someone pays attention to what you did because it is INTERESTING. Cosmetic companies need to take note!!!

    • Thank you, Elly! I wanted to include a purple, but one with blue undertones and no pink or red so it wouldn’t bring out the pinkness in cool tones!

    • Linnea

      Totally agree ellyp.. I am cool toned, very fair and have blue eyes, and don’t like blues as my eyeshadows. Purples are really hard to pick, and can really ruin a good eye! I like the cool palette Christine — it does have a blue, but it seems like a blue that I could smoke my eye out with, while taking one of the matte taupe/browns closer to my eye. I just feel like most of the blues out there just wash me out.

  27. Michelle

    A makeup company out there needs to help you launch your own line of palettes stat, because I’d totally go and hoard both of those palettes! Such gorgeous, vibrant colours you chose! :)

  28. Saffy

    Whoa, I wish that cool-toned palette was real! I’d buy it in a second.

  29. these are both STUNNING! great job :)

  30. Lioness

    I’d buy both! I’m such a makeupaholic!

  31. Belen

    Loooove your choices for the cool tones palette. For the warm one, I could do without the teal, but still, someone needs to come up with these!!!

  32. shay

    i think you should totally come up with THE TEMPTALIA line of makeup!

  33. amanda

    im warm toned and ironically for dramatic looks i wear mostly shades from the cool palette. i love dark smoky looks like blues silvers blacks purples

  34. Christina

    These are excellent palettes, Christine! I couldn’t have dreamed up a better one myself. If these were for sale, I’d buy them for sure!

  35. I dont even know what constitute a cool-tone or a warm-tone shade. I would pick shades that are feasting to my eyes. But, as I learn from you…I think the warm tones suite my skin better and that is why UD Naked Palette work so well with me. These grey and taupe shades make me look ashen(if that is a word). The second palette are more the colors I usually buy. That is probably why I cannot use Estee Lauder’s colors and UD colors work so well with me.

  36. Hannah

    Wow, have you ever thought of creating your own makeup? You’d do an amazing job at it :) Beautiful colors. I’m all for the warm toned colors :)

  37. Claudia

    Oh Christine, If you could get someone to make these for you and sell them you would be very successful. I would buy them both.

  38. Hend

    Christine, if those two palettes were in the market I would defiantly get them !!
    you inspired me to do some color altering on photoshop

  39. Z

    I’d have to do an ultra-mega palette with both kinds. Warm and cool neutrals, and warm and cool crazy colors. Those palette photos you threw up for this post look awesome!

  40. MORENA

    Christine, what could you suggest for a warm toned palette, for me to buy?
    I really like colors, not just earth tones.
    Any brand andy price thanks…. just name a few please you don’t have to make a long list
    and i will google and check them out thanks!
    I would ask this on form spring but i notice you have to register for it now in order to ask a question(haven’t been by there in a while and just happened to notice)

    • Hi Morena,

      Here are some warm-toned palettes with colors:

      Bare Escentuals The Playlist
      Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box
      Tarina Tarantino Violet Storm

      • MORENA

        I will check them out, thanks!

      • MORENA

        I also think it would be great idea if you could add a database that lists colors that are considered warm or cool and include lipstick shades, eyeshadows, palettes, blushes… what do u think??? Just an idea. Or maybe you could add that feature to the swatch gallery and sort by warm or cool?

        • It’s not something we can add this time – we are working on an entire overhaul of the gallery, but we both work 70 hours/week on the site, so it’s very slow going!

  41. cyndi

    i absolutely love the top palette omg that green and purple! i love metallic shades and jewel tones as well

  42. MORENA

    FOr warm tones i would include pinks (my fav color) blues, purple, gold, a few earth tones, a little bit of everything.

  43. Lulee

    you cool toned palette is HOT!(no pun intended). someone needs to hire you stat

  44. Tabi

    I really wish you could work with a company to make the cool-toned palette. I would buy it in a heartbeat, especially because I know you wouldn’t let them release it until the shadows melted like butter onto the skin.

    Message Hourglass! 😉

  45. Alison

    I have such struggles with warm and cool that I simply must be neutral toned – I get told I’m cool by counter artists all the time, and I am pinky-pale with blue eyes and dark hair – but most cool-toned products just don’t flatter me! Your warmer palette is screaming out to me! I also detest wearing blue shadow because it really doesn’t make my eyes pop at all.
    My perfect palette would be something copper-coloured like Illamasqua Berber pigment, an antique gold (with black undertones), Jealousy Wakes (of course!), a lime green shimmer, taupe (UD Midnight 15), warm chocolate brown with gold shimmer, a pale gold highlight shade, and a pale pinkish colour like UD Toasted from the Naked palette. They’re the eyeshadows I use most often – I still have no insight as to whether I’m warm or cool though – it’s really annoying, especially when trying to buy foundation.

  46. Michelle

    I wish they were real- you did such a great job!

  47. slick

    I don’t wear a lot of cool tone shades, but if I were to make a palette I’d probably include lots of cool taupes….some that lean purple, some that lean grey, green, etc. Think shades like Satin Taupe, Shale, and Greensmoke. I’d also include some cool browns and golds too!

    Christine, you should totally start a makeup line! Sugarpill is a great example I think, and you could totally pull it off, you have so much support among us! I mean look at what went down with Jealously Wakes! “Temptalia Cosmetics”….sounds good doesn’t it!? 😉

  48. Roo

    I would put a lot more lighter shades in it than most palettes. I’m fair and most “highlighter” shades are darker than my skin but I think it’s normal for people who aren’t as pale as me to use more of the light shades in their palettes. It’s usual technique to use a lighter shade over more of the lid. Lots of people have said they’ve use up the Virgin in their UD Naked before making dents in any other shades.

    I think my perfect palette would include pops of colour but I’d make those pans smaller than the neutrals. They would look like small jewels set among the more basic shades:)

    I like mixing colours so I wouldn’t include shades that could easily be created by mixing 2 of the other colours in the palette.

  49. Lirael

    Oh I would have LOVED it if Urban Decay had come out with a cool toned palate – I find these are so hard to find! As it is, Naked 2 is so disappointing :(

    Christine, which brands do you find have the best range of cool toned eye shadows? Does MAC have any particularly cool tone browns?

  50. Christine, please consider actually designing these palettes! 😀 I (as well as what appears to be all the other commenters of this post) would buy both of these in a heartbeat. They’re absolutely gorgeous and a girl might not need much else after getting these! <3

  51. Marty

    Christine, that golden/chartreuse/olive color in the upper left corner of your imaginary warm palette is FANTASTIC. I mean the entire palette is gorgeous, but I would snap up a single of that color in a heartbeat! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that as a shade before. Can you think of a possible dupe?

  52. Vanessa

    *Dies* Seriously…. Can someone sign you up to make these?!?!?!? They look freakin’ gorgeous! I saw the pix and I was like omg I want… !!! Both!!!

  53. Ashley Tatton

    I would buy those palettes in a heart beat. Gorgeous colour scheme!

  54. Christine, I wish these palettes were real! I LOVE the warm toned palette, especially the golden chartreuse shade you came up with. (To be honest, I’m getting sick of palettes because the overall quality isn’t quite there – the shades are either all recycled, too easy to dupe, or have poor pigmentation.) I agree with other commenters; some of these companies should consult you. :)

    I still love that MAC April Fool’s joke from a couple of years ago. I think we all wish it was real!

  55. Daphne

    I love your new pictures! the depth of field is pretty amazing! which lens are you using? :) How do you get it to be so clear and crisp?

  56. AmyD

    love both palettes, christine, and especially since i’m warm-toned, i’d go for the warm palette – love the teal and greens! i especially love that you included a mix of mattes, satins, and shimmers – i depend on my naked palette for most of my eyeshadow, and i need to invest in more neutral mattes – any advice?

    • MUFE, Sugarpill, Bobbi Brown, Illamasqua, Inglot all have good mattes! :) Inglot is by far the cheapest, but it can be harder to purchase, and their return policy is garbage. I swatched through most of their matte eyeshadow range (everything I was able to purchase at the time), which may be somewhat helpful.

      I LOVE satins – a little shimmer, but more pearly, less frosted. They’re easier to work with than some mattes, but they aren’t too much like some frosts can be. Totally an underrated finish!

      • AmyD

        thx so much for the tips! i totally agree re: satins, i don’t have enough of them, and the shimmer in them is so subtle and elegant that it’s appropriate for work and evening looks. my new year’s resolution: invest in more matte and satin eyeshadows! 😀

  57. Courtney

    Warm toned: I would do a variety of rose and brown. I adore a rose smoky eye, but it’s hard to find a good palate that isn’t too warm. I guess I’d want it more neutral than warm.

    Cool toned: Greys with a teal for a pop of color.

  58. elsa

    My god…if you had a makeup line I would by everything!

  59. Patrick

    That is a very good display of warm and cool toned colours and I wanna buy them! hehe

  60. Gaby

    Why dont you do you your own Temptalia palette..? It would be great..!

    • I’ve pitched to one brand once but no luck – I’m not interested in starting my own brand per se – I do not think I have the creativity or desire to do that, but I would love to collaborate for one-off collections or products with my favorite brands.

  61. Nicole

    I would purchase both those palettes if I saw them fosho! When I first scanned over the pictures I was like OMG what brand is launching these palettes?! You def. need to get a chance at collab. with a cosmetic brand and launch your own collection! Aww that would be awesome!

  62. NeenaJ

    These are so carefully thought out and composed that I would buy both in a NY minute!

  63. Mia

    holy crap. I would buy both of these palettes in a heartbeat.

  64. Lauren

    I think your cool-toned palette is beautiful and spot on.I have found it SO hard to find any palette with a decent number of gray shadows…

  65. emily

    I would buy that cool toned one in a second.

    So Christine, when are you going to start your own makeup line? Jealousy Wakes was a huge success. Or maybe you should do a collaboration with a line, then make your own line. 100% serious here, I think you would be really successful because you know so much about quality.

  66. Hisa

    Oooooh. I would buy both of these! There’s no choosing between them for me! I look better in warmer colors but cool tones are just as beautiful and those are the types of palettes I almost always end up getting. Hehe.

    I hope these colors come out one day! I’d love to have them in my makeup collection. Good job Christine! 😉

  67. Claire

    Gorgeous palettes, wish they were real! I’d definitely have to include a deep electric blue shimmer (or fine glitter) if I were making a cool-toned palette, since I’ve been searching for the perfect one.

  68. I think my ideal palette would be a mix of both cool and warm tones that complimented each other. I would take, for example, the greens and purples from both palette colors above and add some creams and white shadows. In a smokey palette I would put deep, rich browns next to deep grays and blacks.

  69. Alex

    The fact that you photoshopped these is so upsetting because I’d totally buy them if they were real!

  70. Krista

    I hope someone very high up at Urban Decay reads your site (and loves these colors, and decides to make a palette… and gives you all the credit and $)! Both palettes are GORGEOUS! You do such an amazing job :)

  71. Kristi

    Well, cool toned makes me think of silver shimmer in jewel toned shades like sapphire and emerald. If it had shimmer more on the golden side or glitter, then I might not reach for it. I like the cool-toned palette above because of the second row. :)

  72. Maria

    That cool tone palette is EXACTLY what i was trying to make on inglot! I need more mattes too. can you recommend?

  73. Tati Abaurre

    I looove the warm toned one! I wish UD had one like that! Awesome job Christine!

  74. Branka

    I’m usually a fan of warmer shades, but this cool palette is just gorgeous, the jewel tones are a huge hit in my book and some great looks could be created with it.
    as i watched it, i thought to myself: if someone really created such a palette, i would buy it without thinking

  75. Lilastar

    awww not fair Christine! Now you have us all dreaming about what we could have! I wish cosmetic companies would listen to their customers more often!

  76. Breanna

    These are my totally my idea of perfect palettes Christine! This is such an awesome post! I love it. I so wish that these palettes were real!

  77. Elaine R

    I would buy your cool-toned palette in a heartbeat! Urban decay, are you listening? You may want to have a Temptalia for Urban Decay collection…

  78. Krystal

    oh my goodness! urban decay should totally make these palettes!!! i love the warm toned one! the cool is rockin too! 😀 you need to talk to the urban decay people, pronto! lol

  79. Beckie

    I wish this was real :(

  80. dar

    I would buy the cool tone one without a second thought. The warm toned one is beautiful but I am a sucker for cool tones.

  81. Shayna

    That’s crazy that you just photoshopped these. I’d probably buy both of these palettes even though I’m cool toned. Haha. The cool toned one you made is pretty much perfect though. Lots of matte neutrals and some nice bursts of color. Purple and teal are my favorite bright colors to use!

  82. Danielle

    Warm!!!!! silver looks awful on me!!!

  83. Mabeline

    I thought these were “real eyeshadows” and I was all ready to go buy them! haha

    I love both of the warm palettes so if the price was right, like Wet ‘n Wild prices, I would buy both. I like the cool palettes too but I only like the teal shade from the left palette and the purple shade from the right palette. Since these two shades seem dupable and the other shades in the cool palettes don’t grab me, then I would refrain from both cool palettes.

    I think I would like to see a berry tones palette ranging from warm to cool tones. It would start from a pomegranate berry red to a very dark blue based purple.

  84. Ashley

    Christine those are beautiful colors! If these palettes were real I would buy them in a heartbeat! I want them if only they were real!

  85. laura

    What a tease!!! I totally wish these were real palettes cause I would buy them in a heartbeat! Can you imagine if they were all excellent quality shadows with a rich payoff! What a dream come true! Maybe one of these cosmetics companies will listen and take a chance on producing these, you never know!!

  86. Today’s post got me thinking too… LOL :) After your experience working with MAC on Jealousy Wakes (which I used in a photo shoot this weekend BTW) do you think you’d enjoy that type of work? (Coming up with palettes and colors and collections.) Or do you prefer to be on the reviewing/testing end of things?

    They both have their pros and cons… it just got me wondering because I would buy these Photoshopped palettes in a heartbeat and your faux MAC collection (was that two April’s ago?!) was AH-MAZING!! From a reader’s perspective, you’ve got creativity and ingenuity but you’ve also got the attention to detail and hard-core work ethic (I think that’s why the blog is as good as it is… which is REALLY good).

    • I love the idea of collaborating with other brands, but I don’t know if I would want to do it full-time. It’s a ton of pressure and the feedback can be so, so hard to take. I literally wanted to crawl in a hole and avoid the internet after Jealousy Wakes came out!

      I like playing around and coming up with colors for sure, but it’s one of those things where I’m more of a left-brain than right-brain, so I doubt I could handle it 24/7! Which is why the whole collaborate with good brands appeals to me :)

  87. Avril

    I love the warm palette. You should edit in dupes under the article for all your fake colours though

    • I don’t know if there would be dupes, since these are static images and what I see in my head isn’t quite the same :) But you could always peruse the Swatch Gallery and see if it matches what you’re envisioning!

  88. Casey

    Can we buy these? Who makes them?
    I LOVE THEM BOTH…but typically go for warm palettes because gold+brown eyeshadows as well as jewel tones are my favorites.

  89. Callen

    LOL! These comments really reinforce the idea that you need to have your own line Christine! :)

    I totally agree, absolutely stunning palettes!

  90. Amazing job!! I really hope they were real!!!! I would add black shadow and highlighter to the palette and that’s it!

  91. Michelle

    I would buy that cool toned palette in a heart beat! You should team up with inglot or urban decay and make one!

  92. Lisa G

    Seriously, those are perfect palettes. Too bad they’re not real or for sale because these are perfect examples of what cool and warm toned palettes should be. I’d buy both because my skintone is so neutral i could use both, woohoo!

  93. Ann

    OMG! This is too funny…. I was talking to my husband when I opened this email. We were in a heated discussion about school policy and I was just looking at the pictures and not reading the text. I came across the ‘dream palettes’ and did a double take. I kept talking and scrolling up and down looking desperately for the name of the palette. When I finally finished with my husband, I read the post, and realized it wasn’t even real! Imagine my disappointment. Christine, I think you missed your calling. You need to be a makeup designer. After your MAC color and now this… you always seem to know just what I want. Cheers, Ann

  94. Michelle

    My dream “cool” palette, aside from your suggestions, would also include cool tone brown-purples and cool purple-taupes of various finish, matte black, and matte/satin off-white color.

  95. Erin

    my dream cool palette would be full of cool taupes!!! brown taupes, grey taupes, purple taupes, green taupes, neutral taupes.. a girl can dream

  96. I really, really want the cool-toned palette to be real. Especially the green!

  97. I would TOTALLY buy both palettes! Too bad they don’t exist in real life!

  98. The cool toned one is gorgeous, if UD had made that then I’d be all over it in a flash!! If it was me though, I’d maybe switch out the silver (not a fan of silver e/s) and and include something golden or bronze – I know its a cool toned palette but I can generally get away with some golden shades as long as they’re not orange and I think it would bring the palette to life a bit more. Amazing colours individually but as a collection they look a little dull – no offence!


  99. Court

    I would DIE for that warm palette! It would be so fabulous if you could do a collection with UD!

  100. Yao

    I’d buy BOTH these palettes if they were real. You have the best ideas, Christine. 😀