Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

If you could wake up tomorrow with “perfect” lashes, what would they look like? What is your ideal lash look?

Temptalia's AnswerA little longer, fuller (especially on the outer edges). Feathery!

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50 thoughts on “If you could wake up tomorrow with “perfect” lashes, what would they look like?

  1. xamyx

    Fuller & black (although they’re pretty dark, already). I’m fortunate to not have to curl them, and they’re fairly thick & long on their own, but a bit of extra volume would be nice.

  2. They would definitely have more curl than they do, probably blacker, and thicker. I wouldn’t want them too long though. I’m considering tinting and lash perming, though I’m concerned about the effect it may have on my lashes in the long run.

  3. Jessica

    Curlier, feathery, fluttery, darker and longer towards the end, like a flare.

  4. Rachel

    The only thing I’d like my lashes to do is curl evenly. At the moment I have a teensy section on each eye that sits lower than the rest, so they usually get missed by my curler. They’re pretty dark already, especially considering that I have blonde hair and super pale skin, and although they aren’t the longest, it’s nice not to have to worry about mascara smudges on my brow bone.

  5. r0saL1n3

    I would wake up with long, full lashes that curled instead of these short stumpy lashes! Oh, and I would actually have bottom lashes!

  6. Lark

    Mine. But at thirty, not fifty. Same lashes today but time to save for that eye lift.

    They aren’t perfect, but they look good on me and grunge up my glasses with mascara when I blink, my gays are impressed. That’s a good sign!

  7. Shorter, fatter, more dense and honestly… probably REALLY light. I prefer dark lashes but it’d be nice to have light ones naturally so they could take to colors better :)

  8. Mar

    Longer and wispier! Mine are full but short.

  9. Another very interesting question!

    As a man that doesn’t have an overly masculine facial structure, I am perfectly happy with the way my lashes look! The upper lashes are decently long, full, and not too curly. I also have a good amount of lower lashes.

    Unlike someone such as Chris Evans or Jensen Ackles, who both have very masculine features, I can’t pull off fuller and/or longer lashes. On them, fuller and longer lashes (that they naturally have) soften the overall appearance so that they don’t look like the Terminator; it balances everything out. But on me, I just look more… delicate? Feminine may be another appropriate description!

    So I’m actually 100% happy with my lashes! Whoo! +1 for self-esteem, eh? Lol!

    Now, eyebrows are another story completely…

    • xamyx

      I don’t want to even *think* about eyebrows… I was in my early-20s in the mid-90s, when skimpy brows were all the rage. The hair on my head is thick, and grows freakishly fast, and I’m very happy with my lashes (I don’t even need mascara on the lower ones), but my brows never grew back…

      • Lol! My brows are just… ugh. :(

        With the exception of sunscreen, if I had to pick ONE thing to do to my face everyday, it’d be to fill in my brows. I HAVE to fill in my brows haha!

        It’s even more important than foundation!

  10. Amy

    Thicker and longer; longer in the middle and feathery. Very baby/porcelain doll-like feathery curled bottom and upper lashes. I’m lucky enlightenment to have a lot of lashes, just not much length or curl.

  11. LJ

    Elizabeth Taylor’s! She was born with a birth ‘defect’ which meant she had two rows of lashes!! Amazing!

    But I’d say I’d just like them darker, and more of them, I’m so fair haired that I do really need to wear mascara, or else I look odd. They’re actually quite long as it is, any longer and they’d look spidery I think.

    • Dinitchka

      How does one know if they have 2 rows of lashes? I have a row of lashes and then another row on top that pop through the other row. Is that considered 2 rows or just a bunch of lashes? I am discombobulated to this anomaly.

  12. Haha. Well mine will have to be naturally curly, fuller, longer, and preferably fan out on the outer corners as well. I honestly need all the help I can get in the lash department!

  13. Alison

    I think I’d like a long, clean, black look – that curve naturally upwards. Basically mine, but longer, blacker, very slightly thicker and with a bit more of an upward curl so I wouldn’t have to wear mascara!

  14. Yazmin

    i woul like them a little thicker, a bitt more longer on the outer corner with a curl.

  15. Dinitchka

    A bit longer, each lash having the perfect curl (ATM some stick straight out), a bit more volume/thicker, fuller on my left eye lashes (I have some lashes that naturally clump together, making the fullness look uneven) and solid black lashes (some tips of my lashes are highlighted).

  16. Zainab

    My eyelashes are pretty thick and long, but not black (so they don’t look great without mascara), if they could be jet black and a bit ‘cat eyed’, I’d be happy.

  17. Sophie

    i would love to wake up with Elena’s lashes (Vampire Diaries)

  18. I’ll take my own lashes, with a built-in curl. Mine are long and they push against my glasses, which leads to lashes IN my eyes too often. But I know I won the lash lottery, genetically, so I’m not complaining, lol.

  19. Jasmine

    My perfect lashes would be thicker, fuller and longer. Unfortunately, I am cursed with thin and fairly short lashes.

  20. Roo

    I have pretty good lashes but I’d like them a bit fuller in the outer corners. I wouldn’t want long, black, curled lashes without makeup because I think it would look odd.

  21. Aida

    I’m happy with my lashes, but I guess in a perfect world, they would be longer, fuller, definitely feathery and the tips would be just as black as the rest if them :).

  22. becca

    My real lashes are pretty good so i would just add more lashes to the top and lengthen the bottom ones.

  23. sherye

    I’m lucky to have a lot of lashes, but their blond and very straight. I would love to have dark and naturally curled lashes. no more curler!!

  24. Liz

    More volume. The length is fine.

  25. I’d make mine a little fuller, although I have to say, they’re one part of me that I’m fairly happy with as is.

  26. JGR


    LOL, my lashes are long enough for my liking but they grow straight down. :)

  27. Peggy

    I actually love my natural lashes; they’re long and thick and have just the right amount of curl. The problem is that I’m naturally blonde, so my lashes are just a little too light! Ideally, they would be much darker.

  28. Nancy D

    I think they would definitely be my sister’s lashes. Her lashes are really long; people always ask her if she’s wearing falsies.

  29. I will love fuller and Longer!

  30. Rosemary

    Darker and feathery, like a human version of Urban Decay’s Black Velvet lashes.

  31. Sara

    damn, my lashes would be loads longer and fuller and darker. I have dark brown lashes that are really short and don’t curl well.

  32. Amanda

    My daughter go my husband’s beautiful long lashes, only hers are black like mine instead of red like his. I think her bottom lashes are longer than my top ones! Girlie has no idea how lucky she is yet.

  33. wendyh

    thicker, fuller and longer!!
    apart from curl, there is nothing good about my lashes! :'(

  34. A bit longer, and thicker! They’re already fairly long and dark, though, so I can’t complain much.

  35. sheri

    My ideal lash would have volume, thick, full, ability to curl….everything my lashes are not!

  36. Alexandra


    I suppose they’d be a bit fuller and thicker but that’s about it. I tend to pick at them (habit) so I lose more than I probably should.

    OH and I’d make the lashes on my left eye a little bit longer. For some reason my right lashes are longer than my left. annoying.

  37. Caroline

    Darker, with my sparse spot filled in.
    They’re pretty long and full already, they look great! except they’re blonde. I often just paint liquid liner on them to darken it. And there’s a spot where I’m missing like two or three next to each other so there’s a gap. Dunno why.

  38. Heidi

    Longer and blacker! They are blonde even though my brows are dark and my hair is dyed auburn so it looks very strange. They are thick enough just not as long as I would like.

  39. Miss J

    Yay, my question! My lashes are my least favorite facial feature. My eyes look like I have no lashes from a distance when my lashes are bare. Aside from not looking nice and pretty naturally, they actually cause me me problems because they poke me in the eyes and lower waterline. If I could wake up with perfect lashes, they would have a nice lift at the base and have a dramatic curl upwards. I like when lower lashes are slightly shorter than upper lashes, so I wish I had slightly longer upper lashes. I also have super sparse and fine lashes, so it’d be nice if each individual lash was fatter and less thin and spiky then have the overall lash line denser. I have a several fairly big gaps in my lashline, so I always have to tightline to conceal. All that would please me just fine, but the cherry on top would be if they were also naturally darker, longer at the outer corner, and feathery/fluttery. Oooh, also stronger. Ok, so crap, I guess that just means I want someone else’s lashes all together, LOL.

    Thanks, everyone, for sharing how you’d like your lashes to look naturally!

  40. Phoebe

    I already have dark lashes with volume and length, so I guess that’s good. But they point downward and are tough to curl. I’d love it if they just were curled naturally! But what I want the most are visible lower lashes! I have very few. So few that when I try to put mascara on them, I end up marking my lower lid instead.

  41. Leenie

    They would be much fuller If I had my way.

  42. I agree A little longer, fuller and feathery. My lashes are full but fine and i hate the look of caking on mascara to make them look fuller. I wear false lashes instead. 😉

  43. Courtney

    I have a great start to my lashes, so I’d just like to enhance what I have. Maybe they already look like they do after I curl and apply mascara. That would be swell.

  44. long, thick, blacker than black.. curly.. long.. thick… long.. black lol oh and separated! mine are already quite long but they group together.

  45. Mine would be super thick. They’re currently not thick, but they have nice natural length.

  46. Ashley D.

    Mine would have to look exactly like the demi wispies by Ardell.