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I wish I could pull off a pixie cut! I think they’re adorable and effortless, but I hate not having my ears covered by hair.

Me too! Everytime I’ve had my hair cut short I’ve always wimped out of getting a pixie cut even though I love them. I always end up with a boring bob just so I’ve still got some hair to play with.

I’ve been craving a short, blonde, ‘spunky bob’-type cut for a few years now! My natural colour is dark brown, so I’ve been too worried about the cost of monthly root touch-ups to take the plunge. Maybe when I’m no longer a broke student :/

Sometimes I miss my straightened, platinum-blond “mullet” with a sidecut. Really though, there are dozens of hairstyles I like, and if I could just shave my head and wear a different wig every day, that’d be great. :p

i naturally have dark reddish-brown, semi-curly hair–but i wear it long, straight, and dyed black, with bangs. when i meet new people they think i’m really exotic and middle eastern(hysterical, since my grandparents are irish…from freaking brooklyn). it was a big change but i haven’t regretted the change once in 4 years and i’ll never change it <3

I want to have all over bubble gum pink hair. But since I have black hair, it would be way too hard to manage because I would have to get my roots dyed way too often.

Big, bouncy fiery red curls with victory rolls. No matter how many vids I study, those elude me. Also my hair will not cooperate. And I’m too chicken to go full-on red. πŸ™‚

I wish I had the face for those super short, moddish pixie cuts (think Mia Farrow or Michelle Williams). I love that look on women, but you really do have to have just the right features for it.

Long hair. I always get frustrated and cut my hair at shoulder length or shorter….For once I would like to see my hair grow long. I need patience.

I’m not into hair like I am makeup, fragrance, fashion, etc. I really just like my hair to smell good, feel soft, and look clean. I have only been interested to try one different style, but I don’t because it wouldn’t look right with my face shape or work well with my hair texture. I love the way the short, piecey, asymmetrical type bobs look on other people, but it just wouldn’t work on me. I also have no inclination to dye my hair because I have learned that my natural color tends to suit me best.

I’m not too adventurous either.. Always been “thinking about getting bangs” but due to not feeling like hairdressers are really getting exaactly how I want it I always cave last minute. I also always wanted purple hair when I was young.. Glad I gave that one a miss..

Bald!!! Since about my early 20’s I have always wanted to shave off my hair and have it smooth as a babies tuchas. I just can’t being myself to have all my hair shaved off … Maybe one day?

I actually really like it in my current state: Bum-length with a lot of layers and bleached blonde. If there’s anything I’d change is the annoying dark roots and the humidity-induced frizz. >.:

I would totally rock that hipster faux-hawk thing girls with long hair do ~ where you poof it out at the top, and slick it back on the sides. Think Rocker glam, NOT jersey shore… ; ) I did it once for a Halloween costume (haha) and felt super cool. But I’m not a hipster, or a rocker, or really all that cool, so it would just look ridiculous in the end. And it takes a LOT of work… So I think I’ll stick to long and natural for now too. =)

Mine would be really short hair that is dyed platinum blond. Got the short part right now but sadly I cant dye is platinum blond because of work

I have long dark hair and dark features but I always wondered what I would look like blonde or with blonde streaks in my hair and even a bob? I would love to have the guts to do it one day!

I don’t have a particular hairstyle…… I wish I was a natural strawberry blonde! My hair is naturally light brown, but with my olive skin undertone, my hair dresser says “No no no” when I ask for this color! πŸ™ ok, something I can live with. The good thing is, since I’m a NC20 sometimes NW20 (yes, I’m that neutral!) I can go blonder if a want to. So right now I have light blond highlights on my hair and it really complemented my skin!

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