Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

If you could only keep five brushes in your stash, which would you keep? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerMAC 239, MAC 272, Make Up For Ever #17S, MAC 116, Hourglass Foundation Brush

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73 thoughts on “If you could only keep five brushes in your stash, which would you keep?

  1. YSL cheek brush
    YSL eyeshadow brush
    YSL lip brush
    The Body Shop’s slanted eyebrow brush
    Maybelline New York brush (that came with its gel eyeliner)

  2. AgentA

    Real Techniques: Stippling brush, blush brush, domed shadow brush, shading brush
    MAC: 263

  3. Stacey

    Suqqu powder brush
    Suqqu L- eyeshadow brush
    Shu- Uemura 20H angled brush
    Tom Ford eyeliner/ definer brush
    Loew Cornell 1/2″ Maxine Thomas Mop Brush- like MAC 239 but cheaper, can get 1/4″

  4. Real Techniques buffing brush, deluxe crease brush, and blush brush
    MAC 239 and 217

  5. MAC 116, 187, 213, 224, and 239. :)

  6. Sonia kashuk small eyeshadow brush
    Sonia kashuk crease brush
    Mac 224
    Angled blush brush
    Too faced kabuki brush

  7. Real Techniques buffing brush
    Real Techniques base shadow brush
    Sigma E70
    Sigma E65
    Sigma F70

  8. MAC 217
    MAC 239
    Hakuhodo S100
    Hakuhodo S103
    Hakuhodo K005

  9. Veronica

    MAC 239, Real Techniques buffing brush, e.l.f. “C” eyeshadow brush, e.l.f. angled liner brush, Eco Tools blush brush

  10. Pearl

    MAC 226 and 239 for eyes, 187 and 138 for face, 316 for lips

  11. Giorgio Armani Foundation Brush – the most nondescript brush ever, but works great for me
    Hakuhodo S 100 Angled Finishing brush
    Hakuhodo S 113 Highlight / Contour brush
    Hakuhodo S 133 a toss-up between this, a softer eyeshadow brush, and S 132 stiffer eyeshadow
    Hakuhodo S 163 angled eyebrow brush – couldn’t live without this baby

    • How are the S133 and S132 in size compared to a MAC 239? I love all my Hakuhodo brushes, but they are all a lot smaller or larger than the 239, I’m looking for something similar sized.

      • They are very similar size in width..maybe the Hakuhodos are 1mm or so wider, but they differ more so in length and texture.

        The S133 is softer, but not as soft as a fluffy brush. It’s about 3mm longer than the MAC 239. Still, with a good quality eyeshadow, I can use this brush for packing on eyeshadow and yet it is soft enough for blending too. It’s a really good all around brush and a good size for my eye. I use it on my eyelid for the most part, but also use it to blend into the crease. It’s soft, but has substance. It’s a terrific brush.

        The S132 is again about 3mm longer than the MAC 239 and quite stiff, but it has a bit of flex to it. I would say this brush is more similar to the 239 than the S133. I use this to pack on colour, cream or powder. This is a brush I will also dampen slightly to apply eyeshadow wet. I would not wet the S133. These bristles are packed tighter and are coarser/denser. The bristles are trimmed to perfection.

        Hope this helps!

        • Thank you so much! That was very helpful. I’ll probably go for the S133 as I prefer softer brushes and very rarely use wet shadows.

  12. Raquel

    My five:
    Yachiyo Nars
    239 Mac
    217 Mac
    12 Nars
    F80 sigma

  13. Stacey

    Does anyone else other than me have these “pics” of the readers blocking their comment sections. Or is it that my laptop is old.

    • Christina J.

      No, mine is doing that too…the pics of the commentators are blocking most of the responses :( I think it is just because Christine is revamping the website. I’m sure they’re working on it:)

    • What browser are you viewing it on? I’m on Chrome/PC right now, and the avatars are on the left of the name/comment!

      • Christina J.

        Actually, I just got this laptop and I don’t know lol :) But the avatars are on the lef side of the responses and the commentors with pictures are really big and take up half of the response space. The ones without their wn pictures, and with the standard avatar (flower) are fine, but it is the ones with their own pics that are blown up larger..

      • Veronica

        I’ve seen this issue, too, Christine, but only on my Firefox browser at home. On my IE and Chrome, it looks fine.

  14. ms

    eco tools buffer brush for foundation
    mac 217
    a blending brush, any, maybe 1 by eco tools
    a pencil brush to smudge out lower lashline
    blush brush by sam chapman.

  15. – Something like MAC 217: For laying down and blend eyeshadow on the lid and crease.
    – A smaller version of MAC 239: To apply eyeshadow on the outer V and lower lashline.
    – And angled liner brush: To apply gel and powder eyeliner, and to define brows.
    – A pointed foundation brush: To apply and blend foundation and concealer.
    – A small-ish angled cheek brush: To apply blush, contour, highlight, and powder.

  16. Tigerlily

    MAC 239, 217, 231, 116
    MUFE 5 SB

  17. BriBri

    Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and Blush Brush
    Mac 224, 266 &239

  18. Nikki

    In no particular order:
    – Sonia Kashuk Synthetic Buffing Brush (foundation)
    – Sonia Kashuk Highlighting Brush (now the Large Duo Fibre Multipurpose Brush – my favorite brush ever! I use it for blush, and it’s perfect every time!)
    – E.L.F. Small Smudge Brush (used to fill in brows with powder)
    – E.L.F. Professional Eyeshadow Brush (all over lid/crease color)
    – E.L.F. Defining Eye Brush (highlight)

    I could really make due with just the first three brushes as I only wear eye make up for special occasions. I like the E.L.F eyeshadow brushes because they get the job done, but I am growing tired of how easily the ferrules come loose from the handles and having to replace them. I am planning to replace these brushes with brushes from Sonia Kashuk’s Core Tools line in the near future since I’ve had success with her other brushes in the past.

  19. Daniela

    MAC 217
    Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
    Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush
    Real Techniques Stippling Brush
    Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush

  20. Mariella

    5 brushes? Hmmmm….I’d say MAC 217 and 239, Shiseido foundation brush, my angled blush brush and powder brush (both are from Pur Minerals but has served me surprisingly well)

  21. Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush, LMdB eye shadow brush, MAC 219, LMdB blush brush, Bobbi Brown bronzer brush. OK, that last one was the real hard decision.

  22. fabiola

    Mac 219, 217, 239, 116, and eco tools kabuki brush.

  23. Malia

    Mac 217 and 266
    Hakuhodo kokutan eye, b214bksl, and k002

  24. san

    Mac 239,187,109.
    MUFE 17S.looking for a good lipbrush next.

  25. Ellen

    – Kevyn Aucoin Super Soft Buff Powder Brush – BY FAR my favorite brush. I use it for buffing in a light layer of bronzer or illuminator, but sometimes I switch it up and use it for powder foundation. I want to get another one to devote to cream/liquid foundations. Feels like a dream on my face. Best $46 I ever spent on makeup tools!
    – Dior Large Eyeshadow brush – perfect for applying a light layer of eyeshadow and for blending; I can do all my makeup with this brush!
    – Tarte Buffy Bamboo Face Powder Brush – great for dusting on face powder and also works well for Guerlain meteorites. Would give this up if I had another KA brush (above) though, as I’m sure it would work just as well!
    – MAC 168 – I’ve had this for almost 10 years, and it’s never let me down. Picks up a good dusting of color, and even after all that time, the bristles are still soft but have held their shape well.
    – Laura Mercier Finishing Eye Brush – I joke a lot about how I could slap random color anywhere in my general eye area, and with this brush, it would immediately blend together for a perfect look. Seriously, though, it’s a fantastic brush, and way better than the MAC 217 in my opinion. So soft and just perfect for blending!

  26. Only 5? Are you crazy??? That’s not possible, lol.

    Jane Iredale Handi Brush for foundation
    Jane Iredale Detail Brush for concealer
    Hakuhodo S110 for blush
    MAC 239 for basic eyeshadow placement
    Hakuhodo Eyeshadow Brush T for crease work

    Still need something for eyeliner, eyebrows and highlighter. See? I said I couldn’t do it. Let’s try with 10 instead.

    Paula Dorf Eye Definer Brush for eyeliner
    Anastasia Mini Duo Brush #7 for brows
    Hakuhodo G5510BkSL for applying shadow to the lower lash line
    Hakuhodo 212 Highlight Brush
    Hakuhodo J242G for detail work on the eyes

  27. becca

    real techniques buffing brush
    real techniques delux crease brush
    mac 217
    mac 266
    mac 129

  28. Real Techniques stippling brush, deluxe crease brush, MAC 239, 138, & Bare Minerals soft focus shadow brush.

  29. cassie

    Sephora #57 (pro airbrush concealer)
    Sephora #55 (pro airbrush foundation)
    Sephora #25 (pro cream eye shadow)
    Stila #30 (double ended awesomeness)
    Spoolie (I use one that I took from the free applicator section at Sephora)

    • Christina J.

      I have that spoolie too! lol

      • cassie

        I wasnt even sure that a spoolie was considered a brush, but I use that darn thing every single day! (Ive got a few and I treat and wash them like regular brushes)
        I dont know what I would do without one!

  30. tyler

    Armani blender
    Chanel #4
    Chanel #25
    Rae Morris Deluxe Kabuki
    Tom Ford Bronzer

  31. Geneva

    Real Techniques Buffing brush, MAC 217, 266, 109 & 210

  32. GUSnail

    MAC 130, MAC 239, MUFE 17S, MAC 134, MUFE 15S

  33. Andrea

    *Shu Uemura Natural 10 (shadow)
    *Shu Uemura 5r (shadow)
    *Hakuhodo G5515BkSL (liner)
    *Hakuhodo Large Pointed Yachiyo (blush)
    *Sephora Pro #55 (powder)

  34. All MAC

  35. Sarah

    Oh shiz, that’s hard!

    Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki.
    Real Techniques Blush Brush.
    MAC 217
    MAC 215
    MAC 239

  36. Christina J.

    Sigma F80, Hourglass Powder brush, Sonia K. stippling brush, Sephora angled blush brush, and (know this isn’t a brush, but I can’t live without it) Beauty Blender sponge:)

    • Christina J.

      I forgot the sonia k. duo fibre stippling fan brush! It is beyond perfect for contouring, as it doesn’t pick up too much powder and depositsjust enough to build up to perfect! Gonna have to swap one of them for this one…but can’t make my mind up which one:) Also, I don’t wear alot of eyeshadow everyday..I’m more of a “flawless skin”makeup (or at least that is what I’m going for!) that’s why these are all face brushes :)

  37. Michelle

    MAC 217
    MAC 242
    MAC 224
    MAC 109
    MAC 168

  38. Yasmin

    bobbi bronze bronzing brush, Lucy minerals buffing brush, Louise young ly38b brush, Mac 217, mac 109

  39. Lauren

    (1) Mac 237
    (2) Mac 217
    (3) Tarte Foundation Brush
    (4) Smashbox blush brush
    (5) Mac 219

  40. Christen

    Sephora Pro Collection #55
    Bobbi Brown Blush Brush
    MAC 217 Blending Brush
    Sephora Pro Collection Concealer Brush #57
    MAC 130

  41. melissa

    Sedona lace 502 face brush
    Sedona lace 620 face brush
    Sedona lace E 13 eye brush
    MAC 224 brush
    Sedona lace angle brush (forget the number but it’s in the 7 piece set–think it’s Synthetic Small Angled Flat – 618

  42. Manuela

    2 Paula Dorf sheer crease brushes, 2Hakuhodo eyshadow smudgers, 1 Hakuhodo yachiyo brush

  43. Real Technique Buffing Brush
    Bobbi Brown Eye Definer
    Bobbi Brown Angle Eyeshadow
    Bobbi Brown Eye Blender
    Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

  44. Sephora pro small eyeshadow
    Sephora pro eyeshadow
    Smashbox brush smoky liner brush (I use it as a crease brush…)
    Bare minerals liner brush
    Sephora + pantone blending brush

  45. Steph

    Um.. I think I only have 5..
    Clinique foundation brush, Clinique powder brush, nars smudge brush, and Clinique eye shadow brush & eye shader brush. I used to like Clinique brushes more than I do now, but I use them every day and they still look like they did 3 years ago. I do wash them regularly.

  46. Hourglass brush #2 (foundation/blush/all-purpose)
    Hourglass brush #3 (eyeshadow all-purpose)
    Chanel foundation brush
    Hourglass brush #7 (finishing/setting powder, all over powder)
    MAC 242 (cream shadow brush)

    Can you tell I love my Hourglass brushes? lol. I think I want another #2; I use that brush for everything.

  47. Corliss

    I would keep my Crown duo fiber foundation brush, Mac 109 for highlighter, Mac 217 blending eyeshadow brush, Mac 239 shader brush and my Estee Lauder blush brush.

  48. Erica

    My Hakuhodo eye brushes: J5523, J142 and G5523.
    MAC brushes : 239 and 130.

    Honorable mention: 224 and 217. Sorry Christine – I love my brushes and its hard to pick.

  49. Lisa

    Adesign large powder brush (powder and bronzer)
    Sephora Airbrush 56 (foundation and blush)
    MAC 217, 226 and 252

  50. Misstj

    Mac 239
    Mac 217
    Sephora #57 pro concealer brush
    Posh firm control powder brush – angled brush I got years ago and rediscovered how amazing it is for blush application. The handle is loose so I need to reglue it but would love an alternative (fluffy, semi-dense soft animal hair angled) OR Mac 129 which I love
    Mac 134 / RT powder brush (happily alternate between the two)

  51. Erin

    mac 109 239 224
    sigma F80
    paula dorf eye contour brush

  52. Shelly

    MAC 239 and 217, Louise Young LY38, EcoTools angled brush, for sure. But then I’m torn between my e.l.f. Complexion Brush (Studio line) and my Sigma F80 (I use it for foundation). Argh!

  53. pili

    mac217, mac 219, mac 239, Yachiyo Nars and Hakuhodo O22.

  54. Katelyn

    Hourglass retractable kabuki
    Hourglass No 9 domed shadow
    Hourglass No 10 angled liner
    MAC 116
    MAC 228

  55. Em

    For face: Real Techniques Multitasking and Expert Face brushes

    For eyes: MAC 217, 224, and 239

  56. Linda

    1. MAC 217
    2. MAC 239
    3. Bobbi Brown Face Blender (for blending blush after applying — seriously I cannot live without this brush)
    4. Paula Dorf crease brush
    5. Laura Mercier corner brush

  57. Kica

    Coastal Scents “C” brush tied with Bare Minerals foundation brush, ELF Studio crease, brow highlighter, small stipple and their other small brush I use on inner corner of my eyes.

  58. Liz

    Mine would be:
    MAC 272, 167SH, 263, 168
    Lancome #13