Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

If you could have an endless shopping spree (free!) with any beauty brand, which would it be? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerGuerlain or Tom Ford, since the price point is quite high! But then NYX crossed my mind because I get urges to swatch everything but their catalog is SO massive.

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161 thoughts on “If you could have an endless shopping spree (free!) with any beauty brand, which would it be?

  1. becca

    either Tom Ford or Armani

  2. Evelyn

    Guerlain! I’d be happy between the cosmetics & perfumes!

  3. san

    Tom Ford,LMDB!Illamasqa..we dont have these products at present so it would be wonderful to try some of their products.

  4. Catherine

    CHANEL for sure. I’d get every single lipstick in every single shade. :)

  5. Pink Provocateur

    I’ve been collecting Chanel for 30 years, so I feel like I want to say, “Chanel, for a fact”… but Tom Ford’s brushes are my newest obsession. 😉

  6. Tuva

    Hmmmm, it would be a close call between Guerlain (so darn expensive), MAC, NARS and UD.

  7. MAC & Chanel for sure!!

  8. Molly

    Probably MAC because it has the greatest selection of products and I don’t really wear foundation.

  9. GUSnail

    For everydoay/high quality, Guerlain or Tom Ford. For strong colors and innovative textures, MUFE or Illamasqua.

  10. Nikki

    Make Up For Ever!!! :-)

  11. Yasmin

    Mac or mufe

  12. beeautybird


  13. Laura

    Either Illamasqua or a nail polish brand like OPI or China Glaze.

  14. gina

    I wonder if many know that Tom Ford is made by Estee Lauder.
    Seems the one brand has such a bad rap for being “old fashioned” and the other couldn’t be perceived as hip, cool, etc.

  15. I really don’t *need* any more Urban Decay or Kat Von D makeup, so I would probably say either Sugarpill or MAC, since I have no MAC makeup and you can never have too much Sugarpill! =P

  16. Definitely NARS for makeup
    Deborah Lippmann for nail polish
    MAC for brushes.

  17. CLMirta

    Skincare : definitely La Mer. Makeup : Tom Ford, Suqqu, Chanel, and maybe Cle de Peau.

  18. Clara

    It would be MAC because they have so much diversity and limited editions. Plus they have some skincare and great brushes!

  19. Cat G

    Guerlain for sure! It would be a dream!

  20. NYX cause its my daily go to… and the loose powder makes awesome lip color and polishes

  21. Erica

    Guerlain, YSL and Nars for makeup. The have beautiful pigments complimentary to Black skin. I’m boycotting Chanel because they don’t carry foundation and concealer for chocolate girls like me NC 50-55. Hello, its the 21st century! I would also stock up on every MAC brush I don’t already own and get extras of my favorite brushes.

  22. Susan Nevling

    Challenging thought. I think I would choose MUFE because of their enormous selection of products and colors. Second choice would be to get the entire eye makeup line from UD. Third choice would be Laura Mercier’s line for color and quality. Fourth would be LORAC’s line because it gets along with my super sensitve, rosacea prone skin.

  23. Tom Ford all the way!! or Diptyque/Jo Malone

  24. Vera Hamilton

    Wow this is a tough one! I think if I had to pick just one, I’d go with MAC just because of the sheer volume and variety of products (it’s my dream to have an eyeshadow palette collection a la Christine). Then again it would be tempting to go with a more pricey brand like Cle de Peau or Tom Ford…darn now I’m getting all excited like I actually get to do this:P

  25. Stephanie

    Definitely a tie between NARS and MUFE… I would say Urban Decay, but I already own a lot.

  26. Guerlain, UD, MAC, and Chanel. Is that too many to wish for?

  27. Sarah

    Make Up For EVER!!!

  28. Hend

    Guerlain !! I love everything they release and their quality is amazing, That comes with high price points though

  29. Stacey

    Sisley. Sisley is so much expensive than Tom Ford…I want the skin care products from Sisley. Another choice would be Christian Dior. It is not just the color part, but also the skin care collection.

  30. MAC and NYX.. I would not swatch I will just pick them up all :-)

  31. Tani

    Definitely NYX or Inglot due to how many products they have. It’d be nice to have lots of different products to do different looks with.

    I’d like to say MAC but It’d take me ages to decide what I’d actually like to have from them.

  32. MUFE, Kryolan, Inglot, or Urban Decay in order of preference. 😉

  33. Ana

    Burberry, Tom Ford, Urban Decay but mostly Guerlain. Skin care by La Mer is something I would like to try. :)

  34. BooBooNinja

    Burberry Burberry Burberrrrryryyryryryryyyyy

  35. Debbie

    OMG! There are too many to choose from but I would have to say MUFE,MAC, Inglot then UD,NARS, and Armani. etc

  36. Selena

    Probably MAC, just because they simply have so many products/brushes. Otherwise, Le Metier de Beaute, Guerlain, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Giorgio Armani, and Burberry because I’ve heard great things about almost all of their products but their prices are waaaaay out of my range.

  37. Benefit, Urban Decay, or NYX (in order of preference!)

  38. Andrea

    Chanel or Guerlain

  39. Quinctia

    You know, my gut says UD, but I own a lot of their stuff. They’ve discontinued their lipsticks, and I have most of what I’d want from them.

    So, I could either go entirely out of my price range (Guerlain), or pick a brand I’ve enjoyed a few products from (Tarte, Smashbox), or just go insane on massive line that I haven’t really tried, like Nars or MUFE. Yeah, I think I’d pick either Nars, MUFE, or Guerlain.

  40. Lark

    I have a standing daydream about a looting of the Nars website so extreme their hosts servers explode into flames. Great brushes and books!
    I could do Chanel or Dior; Actually I wouldn’t turn down any line, they all have desirables. But I think Nars.

  41. MZLUC1


  42. MAC, Guerlain, NYX or Inglot.

    I think I would really swing more towards MAC because they make skincare and brushes.

  43. Erin Copeland

    MAC or Benefit!

  44. jo

    Estee Lauder or Max Factor

  45. I was going to say MAC but definitely I would go with Chanel 😀

  46. Lisa J

    Burberry Burberry Burberry!! No question!! 😉

  47. Alyssa T.

    Oh, this is a loaded question! If I’m going with my favorite brand I would have to choose Benefit because I love every single item they have, but they don’t have a LOT of products. So, I would have to go with NARS. Great quality and lots of products. I would especially love to collect all of the blushes, lip glosses, and eyeshadows. That would be my high end pick. My drugstore pick would be NYX because they have a TON of products!!