Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

If you could create your own blush, what would it be? What color? Finish?

Temptalia's AnswerI’m a coral fiend, but the market seems to have it covered quite nicely… Perhaps more of a pink-based coral but still with a really fun golden sheen.

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s question!

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47 thoughts on “If you could create your own blush, what would it be?

  1. miranda

    it wouldn’t be a blush color but more of a line of blushes that cater to the very pale and the very dark. there would be one line of colors that would work for pale skin girls and one line that ould work great for dark skinned girls

  2. Niki

    If I could create a blush I would create a mood blush that would change from a plum pink-based and get deeper in tone depending on your mood/body temperature.

  3. Amanda

    A true, pigmented flat peach color! Most brands have “peach” blushes that have a little too much orange/coral/red in them.

  4. sasha

    something that would make you look dead-ish. like a dusty lavender rose.

  5. Jessica

    I would create a beautiful matte peachy rose blush.

  6. I like plum blushes… I like orange and coral blushes… What I’d do is something that I’ve always wanted to see more of: Duo blushes that have the EXACT SAME shade in the compact, but one side that’s truely matte, and one side that’s shimmery. You could blend for a light shimmer or dive all into one side or the other depending on your mood/the look you’re going for. I think those would rock my socks off :)

  7. Lilac

    Cool lavender!

  8. something along the lines of a vibrant poppy orange would be so summery!

  9. agree with you on the coral, but I’d love to see one that is a bit more orange-based with a lovely gold sheen :)

  10. Aroma

    MY blush would be a red undertoned raspberry pink, not too dark, but definately a rich color with some silver sheen or shimmer, no glitter.And I’d call it: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. :) Because that is how that blusher is supposed to make you feel.

  11. Ula

    It would be a perfect mixture of coral and peach with a matte finish. If anyone can recommand such a blush, please tell me! 😉

  12. monika-luiza

    a perfect MATTE coral, there are so many corals out there but they all seem to have at least a shimmer if not chuncks of gold and I don’t like it

  13. Sandra

    A cream version of Bobbi Brown’s Apricot :)

  14. Lauren

    It would be a touch lighter than Nars Madly so that I don’t have to be tanned to wear it well!

  15. Nicole

    I’d love to find or create a cool muted pink color, like a dusty rose, with a bit of shimmer/glow, high-end but at an affordable price (e.g. more MAC price range than luxury). Most blushes tend to lean too peach, too warm, or too bold (like magenta). I have NW20 skin and find it impossible to find a blush I like. Dainty is too yellow, Orgasm is too red on me.

    • Angelcat47

      Have you checked out Laura Geller’s baked blushes?sounds like just what you’re looking for.If you go to,they’re featured on the opening page.

  16. Meerschweinchen

    This real natural looking, reddish “I’ve just been out for a walk in the Snow”-Blush.
    Still looking for it. Any recomendations?

  17. Ariel

    A blush for fair skinned women that is more of a nude/bronzy color, not pink or peach.

    • Gabriella Manuli

      I really like clinique’s mocha pink, if you’re looking for a kind of nude! Despite the fact that it says “pink” it runs more nude. I really like it :)

  18. AlexisV.

    I would love a blush that looks like the color of an apricot. Please reply if you know of any brands that make a true apricot color. Perfect if it has only a slight sheen to it.

  19. ak

    A true matte, non-shimmery bright orange or dark orange powder blush. Like an orange version of the Nars Exhibit A blush, instead of a red.

  20. Whippetlady

    I would make a dupe of MAC’s Desirous. Perfectly Pink Coral, with more pink than orange. It’s my favorite Summer Blush. And I have spent an entire weekend with paper swatched with it trying to find a comparable color and can not. It’s pinker than Orgasm and not sparkly. It’s more coral than Pale Pink from Bobbi Brown. It’s a perfect , clear, true color , with no muddy tones. And sadly, limited edition.

  21. Ani_BEE

    I really happy with la famme blush right now but one I would like to add is a light peach with sheen (low shine) more like a dewy finish.

  22. Katie

    That would be my kind, too, Christine! There aren’t enough pink-based corals, just a lot of really warm ones.

  23. GinaTheresa

    I would take NARS Gina (gorgeous tawny orange but matte) and add a sheen finish like MAC Mineralize Skin Finish.

  24. snm

    I would love to have a true cool plummy/rose color (like nars sin),finish with a total sheen(not sparkle) and some very fine,iridiscent pink,purple shimmer,for pale skin!
    I also continue my searching for a true natural color for my nc15 skin.not pink/brown/orange etc tones in it,just a color that actually looks my skin while giving a natural sheen(again,not glitter)

  25. Sabrina

    wow there are so many. A nice magenta blush with more of a pale blue-pink sheen. also a nice cool (but not quite taupe) brown blush with both a gold and silver sheen. The lavander blush @Jen said sounds amazing.

  26. heidi

    A matte pink that’s truly pink, not peach. The market is saturated with peaches and shimmer, the last thing the world needs is another orgasm dupe. Its really hard to find a true pink blush!

  27. Courtney

    I want a lavender blush with a slight shimmer. I know, it seems nuts at first until you put it on. It makes for a great highlighter.

  28. Lucie

    I’d love to see a very pigmented true lilac blush with a duochrome hot pink sheen! The idea of duochrome blushes really excites me, but I’ve never seen one before!

  29. Shannon

    A matte rose with deep pink undertones :)

  30. Ayr

    Light/medium warm purple with silver shimmer.

  31. lazeny

    Something along the lines of beige/nude shade, the kind that accentuates the cheeks with a a shade slightly deeper than a natural skin tone.

  32. CeeBee

    I’d do a blush quad, with each segment large enough to use on it’s own (or all swirled together of course!) and the 4 colours would be a dusty rose nude, a warm apricot-y pink coral and a slightly lilacky baby pink – all matte or satin finish. The last quarter would be a shimmering champagne/soft gold highlighter, so you can add more glow and warmth to all of the individual shades if you so desire.
    I’d call it GlamourBomb.

  33. MakeupMonster

    It would probably be something that has a great concealer for redness on one side and a color that matches most skintones on the other side. It has to be an opaque concealer that’s easy to blend, with a natural look and formulated especially to work with the blush.
    I have some redness on my cheeks and whenever I were a blush, it makes me look like a clown because the blush plays up the redness, even over foundation :(.

  34. It would be a pinky light coral, with a matte finish :)

  35. Mel

    I would love a pinkish peach with gold sparkle. I know some companies probably have this but none I’ve found have gotten it exactly right for me.