Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

If you could create a makeup collection based off of food, what would it be? Whether it’s a type of food or something more specific…

Temptalia's AnswerStarbucks!

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89 thoughts on “If you could create a makeup collection based off of food, what would it be?

  1. Sharona

    Oh this is a no brainer for me – Indian food!! I love the look of my spice box – all those beautiful colors!!

  2. I know it’s cliche but macarons! I’d say strawberry shortcake but I probably wouldn’t wear it haha, too light.

  3. Esther

    I think that a collection based off of Indian spices could be beautiful. there’s some rich, luxurious colors.

  4. Cupcakes! Pastels and bright colors :)

  5. Vanilla

    cupcakes. because everyone loves cupcakes!

  6. Yuck….makeup and food does not not mix….jingle.

  7. tigress

    Jelly Bellys!

  8. Amber

    I’d love a collection based on breakfast cereals! From the nice neutrals of a bowl of rice krispies to some frosted neons of fruit loops. Even raisin bran would look lovely in a palette.

  9. Alison

    Petit Fours!

  10. Jocelyn

    I can totally see a coffeehouse palette :p

    I’d like to base a palette off of different types of fruit and berries, with lots of cool, fun colours.

  11. Julia

    cute Japanese Kyraben!

  12. shontay

    Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m a a DD kinda girl. Plus make up inspired from the sprinkles and frosting? I’m down for it. LOL

  13. Shannon

    Jelly Beans!! I would have eyeshadow colors be named after the flavors ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Macaron, although I’m sure it’s already been done. ^^;

    On a vaguely related note, I would LOVE an ispahan perfume. (notes of rosewater macaron/almond meringue, rose-vanilla buttercream, lychee, and raspberry)

    • artemis

      i never heard of macarons! they look cool, i see ๐Ÿ˜€ wish they were made here hmm

      • Madison

        where are you from? macaroons are french but they’re made all around the world. they’re little soft meringue sandwich cookies with a paste in between. you can look them up online. they’re often very colourful and flavorful.

  15. Danielle

    I would LOVE to do a collection based on Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors

  16. Jennifer

    Toast and toppings

  17. Dinitchka

    Japanese Bento. The boxes are so artistic and the inside food can be so colourful.

  18. Nicki

    SUSHI!!! Such beautiful colors and artfully plated!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Amy

    Ah! So much to choose from!
    1. Bentoo (yes it’s spelled with two “o”s)
    2. Macarons (pastels omfg)
    3. Desserts/sweets in general
    4. Those colorful Jone Cane sodas! Shiny wet sparkly colors<333

  20. Jacquelyn

    i think this one’s a little hard to decide without it seeming really… gross? i just feel like coming up with the concept could sound gross to people, but once you start creating colors and having really cool promo pictures, it works out great! macarons and sushi have been done before, i know. MAC had a really old collection where the promo pictures had make-up “served” on a banana leaf! i don’t remember what it was called though. i think NARS channeled japanese bento before?

    i think if anything, i’d base it off candy/chocolates, coffee, and pastries. i guess i’m playing it safe and cliche, haha. the indian food idea sounds REALLY good in terms of color selection. i can imagine all the nice bronze-y, shimmery, warm colors.

  21. Frances

    A collection based on a French patisserie!

    Lovely fruit-coloured lipsticks and blushes; a mille-feuille decorative powder compact; a pastel-coloured petit four eye shadow quad; tuile false eye lashes, especially for the visuals!

    And the ad campaign could be beautiful (and I mean BEAUTIFUL, not ‘editorial’ or under-fed) girls having tea in (where else?) Paris.

    Oh God, I’m so hungry now.

  22. Jasmine


  23. Dawn

    Ice cream – it comes in so many pretty colours

  24. Lena

    No doubt sushi. With black eyeliner from the nori, salmon and tuna colored lipsticks and blushes. white highligters from the rice and so on.

  25. Amanda

    Starburst candy! It would be so bright and colourful. I remember having a starburst lip smackers balm once but I think an eyeshadow pallete or some nail polishes in lolly colours would be great.

  26. sarah

    french and european desserts!

  27. San

    chocolates and candies…neutral colours from milk-dark chocolate variations and colors from candies :)

  28. artemis

    pizza ๐Ÿ˜€ hehehehe

  29. Kathy S.

    Fruits and vegetables. Imagine the shades of eggplant quad, the tomato and apple-colored lipsticks, fruit salad lip gelees, maybe even a salad quad with complimentary shades of green. I’d buy that.

  30. Kathy

    I love a collection inspired by good old-fashioned American picnics! Sunny, vibrant, and fresh colors! Imagine the packaging for that makeup, too: The cute picnic-blanket patterns on a compact or something. That would be so cute!

  31. Michelle

    Old school candy like Nerds, Fizz, Bottle Caps, Runts, Punkies, etc.

  32. Dominique

    “Bonbons” from Fouquet.

  33. Audrey

    Fresh fruit! Watermelon pinks, strawberry reds, and really bright eye colours!

  34. Summer fruit! Think about the berries, apricots, watermelons…!

  35. Jackie

    cakes.. all kinds of frosting colors
    mmm with fun pastel colored packaging
    …doesn’t seem very original anymore though ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  36. Daria

    Great question! I’d definitely do sushi….all those beautiful colours, patterns and textures would send my colour wheel flying!!

  37. fruits, might not be very original but i just love it!

  38. t_zwiggy

    The first food that came to my mind was mac&cheese. That would have been such a boring and ugly collection lol.

  39. Brenda

    CUPCAKES!! I’m a baker/decorator and cupcakes/cakes have ENDLESS possbilities lol!! I’ve seen so many wonderful creations go out of our shop that I know I could keep going for years and NOT just the usual sickly sweet cakey colours!!

  40. Michelle

    Mexican food. Lots and lots of color!

  41. Krista

    Sushi! Gorgeous vibrant colors in origami-like packaging! :) Sooo pretty!

  42. Tamara

    herbs and spices

  43. Yazmin

    Yay my question! I would have to say confectionary! lolly pop themed lipglosses. Chocolate flavored lippie, jelly baby eyeshadows. As if willy wonka was in charge of creating a makeup line :)

  44. Vicki

    The Salt Water Taffy my store sells. Colourful and delicious. How can you go wrong?

  45. Oh what a neat question! I think a collection based on sushi could be super-cool. An e/s palette like a bento box would make me DIE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. Cupcakes, i love their colours

  47. JCz

    I’d do summer fruits and vegetables: rich tomato red, deep eggplant purple, smoky blueberry, rich sharp herbal greens, apple red, blushing peach, etc.

  48. I think I would create a range of lipsticks based on wine regions, with the shades being reminiscent of the wine color.

    For macaron inspired makeup, Ladurรฉe (famous macaron manufacturer in Paris) just did it! I think it will be released in Japan soon, and ultimately in the rest of the world by the end of the year.

  49. lustrebonbon

    Thai. Food, look, culture

  50. Daintynymph

    Breakfast! It would be an easy way to get some of every kind of color. Cereals and toasts would make up the neutrals, the lighter colors would be cream cheeses and yogurts, and the darker/brighter colors would be the meats, juices, or jams. I might have to make a list of potential colors for this, it’s too good!

  51. Nelly rodriguez

    A burger eyeshadow palette. Yellow for mustard, red for ketchup, white for mayo, green for lettuce, bright red-orange for tomato, yellow-orange for cheese, brown for the party.. Lol

  52. Natalie

    Renaissance feast! I think of all the wonderful browns from game meats, rich reds, golds and plums for sauces, and greens to represent fresh herbs.

  53. Cat

    Sushi, Indian food, or maybe… fruit pies? lol
    Someone should do this!!

  54. Miss J

    I think two I would really like would be a Sushi inspired collection and packaged in a Bento Box. I think NARS would handle this kind of collection beautifully. I would also love a candy inspired theme! Names, colors, and palettes inspired by different candies.

  55. Cupcake888

    English Afternoon Tea! I’m thinking porcelain skin, soft brown “black tea” eyeliner, “milk tea” cream blush, “raspberry scone” eyeshadow (nude color with red sparkles in it), “cucumber sandwich” eyeshadow palette (green and white), “chocolate-covered strawberry” lipstick. It will have to be a spring collection since it’s so airy.

    BTW, love the recent questions Christine!

  56. melissa

    All about Italy! I would include spumoni, tiramisu, lady fingers, pinnoli’s it would be cute :)

  57. CeeBee

    I’m halfway through creating (a completely fictitious) one tentatively called Candy Store…

    Eyeshadows are a mix of neutrals (malt, caramel, nougat) and pastels (shortcake pink, lemon, mint, sherbet, etc) while the lipsticks are a mix of bright juicy sheers (gumdrop, deep raspberry, jelly baby, etc) and satin creams (strawberry cream, lollipop pink, peach dream…).

    The lipglosses were so much fun to invent – swirled duo colour cremes (lemon meringue, frosted fudge cake, sugary pastel blue and pink) and glittery sheers (grape soda, candy apple (green, not red!), cinnamon dots) with totally excessive sparkle!

    Glo Heart (warm coral shimmer), Saccharin (cool pale lilac pink) and ChocoCherry (beige toned brick) blushes.

    Cocoa, licorice (dark teal) and black jellybean eyeliners and the nailpolishs were all bright jewel coloured foils, inspired by chocolate wrappers.

    I thought up naff names for them all too, it’s a fun way to waste time :)

  58. Well i’m italian so PASTA and italian first dishes in general!
    From the ivory creamyness of a hot risotto, to the neutrals of some spaghettis.. all the way to the colorfulness of all the different vegetables we use to cook with those!
    Would be fun =P

  59. Hehe how fun – I definitely gotta join in on this one! Well, it’s no surprise that I love food – especially sweets – we eat really healthy aside from that – you should see how full of candy our cupboard is – it’s obnoxious! Anyhow, the first things that came to my mind of course were a supreme cupcake theme (you should’ve also seen my xmas decor :D) – cupcakes, cookes, candy – in all kinds of brights, neons, AND pastels + no skimping on the sparkle on alot of the things! I also like the idea that some of the other posters had put like Indian food and sushi, which I also love and would make for some great palettes!

  60. Pappetee

    Sweets like:

    – Red Velvet Cake
    – Mint Cookies n Cream Milkshake
    – Creme Brรปlรฉe
    – Banana Split Ice cream

  61. Val

    lol! idk maybe a banana split! yum

  62. sophie

    i’d have to say either cupcakes or a collaboration with Pinkberry!

  63. I think macarons would be an obvious choice for a spring collection.
    Bacon is my favorite food, so I would buy everything in a collection based on it (I can’t imagine what the colors would be like, though…). Bacon-print packaging? Drool.

  64. Miranda

    i think a great idea could be carnival food such as deep fried foods, watermelon, and sweets

  65. Krystal

    that is an AMAZING idea!!!!! yes yes yes! this needs to be done!!!!

  66. Natasha

    I would do “Chocolate Collection” dark, milk and white chocolate:) Mmmmm…. Love it!

  67. Lakitha

    I would do a collection based upon Mediteranean based dishes such as Baklawa, olives (black, red, green), couscous.

  68. Cindy


  69. I’d love to do a “cocktail hour” collection- shades based on different mixed drinks.

  70. Adelita

    And tropical fruit, salad, lollipop, cupcakes, macaroons, gummy bears, jelly bean, anything colorful! *rolling in the floor* *ecstatic*

    But I like the idea of Indian & Thai food as well.

    • Daisy

      I feel like sushi and cupcakes are the obvious answer (don’t get me wrong, I love cupcakes) they just seem a little safe. I love the Indian Spices idea, Greek food also has some gorgeous earthy tones with great pops of color. That would be my pick.

  71. Monika Andre

    ‘Creme de la Creme’
    ‘Island Fruits’
    ‘Pastry Shop’

  72. Ana

    Mexican desserts… They are quite colorful and pretty

  73. Nina Van Jacob

    Ben and jerrys ice cream flavors!

  74. Candyshop/Penny Candy (Lots of brights based on Gummy bears and the like a stunning gold based on those gold foil-wrapped coin candies and deep neutrals based on chocolates) or Old-Fashioned Ice cream/soda shop (Some true colors like reds and blues, plus pastels and lipsticks with a pleather-like look based on the seating material in the booths and silver like the chrome of the stools and tables)