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It depends on how much I like what’s inside. If I think I could find a dupe in nicer packaging, then no, I won’t buy it. And a lot of the time if the packaging really turns me off, I won’t bother checking out what’s inside. Likewise, sometimes if packaging is really neat, I find myself liking what’s inside more than I would if the packaging was plain… I get so suckered in! It only becomes a real issue when the product is very expensive, though; if I’m paying more than normal for a product, I better think the packaging is beautiful or fun!

I’m with Christine on this one – the sturdiness of the packaging is more important than the aesthetics of it.

That said, I won’t pay extra just because the packaging is fancy either – things like the pigments in this collection that I can get unadorned with the fancy logo for $1.50 less? I’ll pocket the change and get the original.

I agree, though if I LOVED the packaging I might be willing to shell out a little extra for it, rather than buying the plain original. And if the item isn’t available in plain packaging and I want it, I’ll still buy it even if I can’t stand the packaging.

The reason the wonder woman pigments and mostly everything else is more expensive is because they have MORE product. you’re not paying more for the packaging. you’re actually getting more product for your money. more than double on most of them actually

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Not everything is jumbo-sized – the pigments are not any bigger than they are normally, 0.15 oz., actually. On several items, you are paying more for packaging, like the pigments and lipsticks.

Agreed – but as Christine said, that doesn’t apply to pigments.

And yes, while $5-$7 for almost double the product seems like a good deal, given how long it takes to get through a *regular* size of a item, how much that value really is is still debatable. If both sizes were available, I’d still probably buy the smaller unless I felt it was something I’d regret running out of.

i would definitely buy a product if it has ugly packaging. in my opinion, its whats on the inside that counts πŸ™‚ although pretty packaging tends to make me want it more!

I don’t mind at all. πŸ™‚
It’s what is inside that matters lol
Not to mention, some products can easily be depotted. πŸ˜‰

I might buy one or two things at most IF it’s limited edition special packaging (ie MAC Wonder Woman, Venomous Villains). I like to collect bits and pieces of things. What I can’t stand, however, is cheaply made packaging, which is the problem with a lot of drugstore makeup… I don’t want the cover to fall off after two uses!

I don’t care about packaging. And speaking of WW, can you pop the blushes out of the WW compact and put a MAC beauty powder or foundation in there instead. Thanks

The top tray has two tabs on the sides that makes them hard to pop out. I’ve never tried to depot my MSF compacts (which is the same style as the WW blushes) do I’m not sure who much glue the use compare to an eyeshadow but the same method can be used as depotting an MAC eyeshadow.

I don’t care as long as the product is good and efficient, it’s not the packaging that would make my skin better, but yeah if the packaging is cute and beautiful it’s always a plus and it serves king of a trigger in your decision to buy the product

When I first read this I thought absolutely! Bc I skipped on VV bc of the packaging at first but then I went and looked and the actual products didn’t stand out to me either. I’m not exactly a fan of the WW packaging but I will still be buying some of the blush items bc they look so beautiful so my answer would be NO it doesn’t matter overall. ( It is a huge plus when packaging is pretty though πŸ™‚ )

Ugly packaging won’t necessarily deter me, but it won’t entice me to pay high end prices for a makeup item. There is nothing appealing about collection like Mac Wonder Woman, so I’m not going to be going to the trouble to swatch it at the counter. Now if products with designs like those in Baroque Boudoir (holiday 2009) came out again, I’d drive my butt to the mall to check them out.

For cheaper drugstore stuff, packaging doesn’t matter. I’m probably not going to pay $18 for a jumbo lipstick tube with cartoon packaging, though. Personal preference.

It depends on how expensive the product in question is, and how good the make-up is. If the packaging is ugly on an expensive beauty product and it’s something that’s not amazing then I won’t bother. Department store makeup is expensive enough as it is, I’m not going to the spend money on something that I would be less inclined to use.

That being said, the Wonder Woman packaging is really growing on me, especially since I saw the products in a video review. Now that I have a better idea of what they will look like in person, I like packaging a lot better.

I think packaging does influence it a lot because of portability, cleanliness, etc. I was tempted to buy those popular wet n wild shadows that you had in your 2011 list but was just too put off by the cheap packaging… and tarte’s cheek stains are too bulky. I’m such a sucker for NARS’s sleek packaging… but I wouldn’t waste money on a low quality product for it.

It depends on the brand. If the product is from NYX or some of the drug store brands, I don’t mind if they have ugly packaging (most of them are ugly anyways) as long as the product works well. If the product is from MAC or other high end brands, I will not buy the product if it’s ugly (unless they also lower the price).

For me, it’s more about ease of usage and sturdiness. The WW penultimate liner is a good example of a product that would be too hard to maneuver. I like packaging that us either fun like WW, Benefit’s Hello Flawless or luxe like Guerlain in terms of looks.

I do care about packaging. As for the WW case, it is a HUGE PASS for me, mainly due to the packaging.
Like the products, but Loathe the packaging. Looks like they should be sold at ToysRus. lol

I doubt that I’d let something like the aesthetic appeal of a product stop me from buying it. If the color is pretty, and I want it, then why not?
That being said, I do kinda like the Wonder Woman packaging. I think it’s cute and kitschy. They look like fun pieces, and who knows, maybe I’d toss the product when it gets old and give the compacts to my kid one day.

I would say packaging is fairly important due to the first impression factor. I mean, if I look at a product (its exterior packaging) and I was like, “It’s ugly”, why bother checking out the inside product? I would not get interested in them unless I see great reviews and ravings about the product.

Personally, I would purchase based on the product but it is an added bonus if the packaging is sleek and simple (like NARS)

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