Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

If you were using MAC Sun Blonde Eyeshadow, how would you wear it?

What products would you use? Where would you wear it? Would it be the star of the look? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

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52 thoughts on “How would you wear MAC Sun Blonde Eyeshadow?

  1. Yikes, this is a hard one! I have no suggestions but would love to hear what other ladies come up with!

  2. Kayla

    How funny! I just did a FOTD post using Sun Blonde. Regular kismet, I tell ya! So this is how I would use it: http://www.beautycharade.com/2011/06/summery-sunset-fotd.html

  3. I love Sun Blonde! I think it will one of my definite favourite eye shadows this summer. I wear it by itself with a bold black eyeliner or smoked out, using fruity fuchsia/coral/sunny orange colors.

  4. Anais

    I’ve worn it as the main lid color, soft brown & espresso mixed on the crease, brun on the outer corner and brule as a highlight. plus black eyeliner, of course. very pretty, but subtle :)

  5. Katarzyna

    I would try some kind of “tequila sunrise”-look: Sun Blonde on the lid, a peachy shimmering eyeshadow in the outer third of the lid (maybe an e/s that looks like NARS Orgasm, or MAC Paradisco) and MAC Cranberry in the outer corner and lower lashline :-)

  6. Mel

    I use sunblonde as an all over lid colour woth saffron at the outer end of my eye and lightly in the crease. I use float on by eye liner on the waterline and surf usa on the lower lash line.

  7. Lindsey

    I copied one of the Surf Baby’s facecharts and paired it with golden lemon pigment! Using the sun blonde in the crease it was stunning!!

  8. t_zwiggy

    I LOVED the look I did with it last week! Sun Blonde on the lid, Groundcover (from Fashion Flower) in crease and outer v. Peachtwist on cheeks and Bare Again Sheen Supreme on lips.

  9. jazzy

    sunblonde over the lid and saffron in the crease
    A matte foundation
    subtle cat eye
    cut a caper lipstick
    a nice simple fresh look!

  10. April

    I wear it all over the lid with saffron in the crease. A little UD whiskey liner on the top lash line. Then I’ve been using MAC Melba on the cheeks and strange potion lipglass to complete the look. Very summery!

  11. Christine

    Sun blond on the lid as a wash of colour, and electric by UD liner on the waterline; neutral lips and very subtle cheeks

  12. i wore this paired with MAC Coppering and got stopped 3 times in one day by ladies who wanted to know what i was wearing. it is a match made in heaven! :)

  13. Danielle

    I dont have that eye shadow, but with other bright shadows that i have I take a long fluffy brush (ie. Japonesque travel blending brush) and apply the color in the outer crease/corner very lightly. Since my skin is an olive tone, yellow just warms up my eyes like orange or pink does. :)

  14. Laura

    I have worn it with MAC’s Nylon eyeshadow and Siahi Fluidline – it looks very pretty!

  15. Sarah

    as an all over lid color, with a color like urban decay’s baked in the crease. some black liner :)

  16. Dominique

    I wear sun blonde in the inner corner surf usa on the rest of the lid blended with a dark brown in the crease & orange around the edges of the crease.

  17. with a sheer pinkish gloss, Lorac Pewter in the crease and lower lid, Sun Blond on the upper lid ( center and outer ) , a white shimmery duochrome purple in the inner corner, a thinner black eyeliner wing, black liner on both waterlines.

  18. Jo

    Aha, I wouldn’t! While this looks good on warmer toned people, especially those sunrise looks you do, my pale skin probably wouldn’t cut it! Unless perhaps a tiny tiny bit with greens and blues as a gradient on the eye

  19. Carrie Ann

    I think I would actually wear it with Surf USA. I’d use Surf USA right at the upper or lower lash line w/ Sun Blonde all over the lid. I’d keep the rest of my makeup pretty neutral. I’d use just a light amount of bronzer, like Solar Riche or Gold-go-Lightly, and a neutral lip color, like Good Lovin’ Lipglass. I think that would be a fun summer look.

  20. shontay

    Sun Blonde on the lid, Club in the crease, Brule to highlight, Mufe 12L on the waterline.

  21. Amanda Dubs

    I wore it the other day, I had Rock & Republic’s Fuel all over the lid, Sun Blonde on the crease and then I would line my eyes with UD Zero and then smudge that out with Carbon to create my eyelook. I really love it for a summer look.

  22. Saffron

    This is my new favorite – it’s good on the lid with a strong liner, but my favorite would only look good with bright copper hair like mine: I wear it all over my eye area heavily – up to the brow and beneath the eye, and pair it with a purple lip like playtime or style curve. It’s wild and absolutely awesome!

  23. alex

    I would put sun blonde on the lid, bamboo blended up in the crease, Benefit’s rich beach shadow in the outer corner, and shroom as a subtle highlight on the brow and inner corner. Then, I would put trace gold and NARS laguna blended together on the cheeks for a bronze cheek, and finally mac pink lemonade gloss for a coral pink lip.

  24. Kay

    Mac Sun Blonde is actually my favorite of the Surf Baby! collection. It is incredible paired with Mac Coppering in the crease. Then I line the outer upper lash with something like Milani Liquif Eye in Brown. Coral blush and sheer gloss. I also like to pair it with purples or pinks – like I do with whatever I can…

  25. Christina

    I actually wore it this weekend! The look I used was Sun Blonde in the inner corners of my eyes to the middle of my eyelids, making a gradient with Saffron and smoking it out. Then I used a shimmery dark brown eyeshadow as a liner for a soft cat eye effect!

  26. Honeybumblebee

    would use it only on the “eyeball” circular part of the eye then around that a burnt orange fading into a pink then around the rest a deep purple. Of course black liner.

  27. Michelle

    I’ve been wearing Sun Blonde on the outer half of my lid and along my lower lashline with Short Shorts e/s on the inner half and Surf USA e/s in the crease with black liner and mascara, and bronzer to give me a great summer glow! :)

  28. Kathleen

    The first combo that comes to mind is sun blonde with antiqued. Antiqued is my favorite brown shade and the vibrancy and warmth of the two colors would play very nicely together I think. Sun blonde on the lip with antiqued in the crease. Maybe a light vanilla shade on the tear duct area. On my lips would probably be Milani’s Stylish lip gloss, and cheeks would be peaches blush with mary lou manizer to highlight.

  29. Cora

    I’d apply it full color from lash line to crease, and form a slight cat-eye shape at the outer corners. Then I’d take black gel liner and mimic the angle on my upper lash line. Add a ton of mascara, and some clear lip gloss then go.

  30. Coco

    With Saffron of course! Thats why I got both! :]

  31. CupK8

    I’d use it as my main color and blend it into a pretty shimmery dark orange in the crease. I love that warm, sunny eye look. I sometimes do it just to cheer myself up. :)

  32. Cynthia Imperato

    I love this eyeshadow! I wear it on the lid, with forgery on outer corner blended into the crease. I use mythology as a transitional color, and surf usa (teal) under lower lashline Finishing touch- blanc type as highlight and on inner tearduct, I get alot of compliments!

  33. Jasmine

    Surf USA on the lid and Sun Blonde blended in the crease, and blue noon on the water line

  34. marg

    sun blonde on the inner half of the eye, lucky green on the outer half, humid in the crease, and mylar as a highlight. it looked like an avocado!

  35. I’d put it on my lids, just before the crease… then on the crease, I’ll put a bright blue shade… ^__^

  36. Saffron at the lash line faded up into Sun Blonde faded into Short Shorts on the brow bone. UD’s Mildew applied with a brush to form an under-hand cat eye flick that extends 1/3rd up the upper lid. Mascara to finish they eyes and Warm Soul on the cheeks. It’s subtle and summery.

  37. bree

    it is beautiful swept across the lid with woodwinked rocked in the crease and saddle/embarked on outer corners and lower lash line

  38. bluevelvetcake

    since I have dark blue eyes yellows really make them pop. I have been wearing the sun blonde as the base color over my lid and just under the brow bone. Also under my bottom lashes. Then I use the swell baby on the outside crease and the short shorts on the inner lid and on the brow bone. I don’t use any eye liner and a very thin based black mascara. I love it!

  39. I LOVE that colour! i actually used My Paradise as an eyeshadow and placed it on my lid , then i put Sun Blonde over it in a vertical like like its an eyeliner and pared the whole look with black liner! it looked amazing! like a sunset if you want i can show you a pic!

  40. brook

    I would do a Boston Bruins look! :) Otherwise I would do a sunrise type of look with an orange color and a darker brown.

  41. I use it with the Saffron Eyeshadow, also from surf baby. I apply Sun Blonde to my whole eyelid, then use a bit of Saffron in the crease, and make sure its well blended! Then lots of mascara and black eyeliner on my upper lash line, before using the 214 to apply sun blonde to my lower lash line. It is so summery and everyone said the colours just make your skin look glowing! x

  42. Maggie

    I came up with a couple different looks, one for me and one I tried on my daughter. For me I used short shorts all over my eye to help the colors stay their most vibrant and then I used sun blonde on the inner half of my lid with saffron on the outter half I used the white liner on the inner corners of my eye to brighten it up went over everything with a sheer layer of the vanilla pigment and did a layered eyeliner using the gold pigment from surf the ocean pigment stack and a thinner black eyeliner right above my lashes winged out, I loved it and was quite impressed for lips I actually layered hibiscus on top of strange potion, it makes a beautiful peachy color as hibiscus is too intense for me to wear on its own. For my daughter I tried out surf usa on her inner corners and outter crease and sun blonde inbetween on her lid again with a sheer layer of the vanilla pigment over top *i cant live with out my vanilla pigment it is a godsend for me*with the same gold pigment as an eyeliner with a very thin black eyeliner winged out as well it was really fun and looked greaat on her esp as she thinks its ok two wear her black liner 2 inches thick under her eye !!!! and paired it off with a pale pink lip and she loved it ! God Bless the surf baby collection !

  43. meme

    I have tried a lot of yellow eyeshadows and none of them look right on me no matter what I pair up, smudge over, with them. So I have nothing to say to add to this one. Some folks just cannot wear certain shades. About as yellow as I get is BE’s shade the name suddenly escapes me..maybe it’s butterfly- but not sure of that name..know it put it in a sack of give to friends and then regretted it and got another.

  44. April Moralez

    Like “Honey B” or beyonce from the Lady gaga beyonce Telephone video.
    The diner scene where she is sitting with Tyrese….

  45. I love this color and I wear it with saffron and surf USA. If you want watch this video, it’s in French http://youtu.be/YwKj98CI7u0

  46. i like to wear it by itself as a wash for the most part, with a tiny bit of highlight on the brow bone, then liner and mascara either black or brown, but i think brown is more summery. its too nice a shade to have compete with others!

  47. Inglot #ds 474 is a dupe