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Hmmmm…I’ll have to go with:

1. Satin
2. Frost
3. Matte
4. Glitter

I think 1-3 are versatile and easy to work into any look whether it’s for day or night. I placed glitter last because I think it’s a little tougher to work with and you can’t wear it everywhere.

I don’t have a particular favorite, and honestly like them all, equally. They each have their own specific purpose, and their own individual charm. If I were to take my Top 20 shadows, I’d more than likely find an equal amount of each within the group. That said, I do wear glitters the least often, but that’s *only* due to having to conform within a certain image. If it were up to me, I’d wear them alot more.

Glitter Glitter Glitter, Satin, Matte, Frost.. What about lustre or veluxe pearl or whatever those names MAC has for them?

I think the Lustre’s fall into the category for glitter and Veluxe Pearl into the category for frost. At least that’s where I’d place them.

1. Satin 2. Matte 3. Frost 4. Glitter (Matte and Frost sometimes switch places with each other in rank, though.)

Satin, frost, glitter then matte. I just feel like I have a hard time with mattes……need more practice I guess.

Some mattes are more “user friendly” than others, in my experience. MAC has a Matte2 formula that is fabulous but there are very few colours available, no new ones being added and I get the feeling they’re almost being phased out, as they’ve discontinued one or 2 of them already.

Satin, Frost, Matte, Glitter – same as you, Christine 🙂 I have trouble working with matte shadows sometimes and I’m just not a huge fan of glitters. Satins and frosts, though, I love.

1) Frost 2) Satin 3) Matte 4) Glitter

I placed glitter last because they can be hard to work with because of the fallout. It’s really time consuming whenever you have to clean up.

1. Matte
2. Frosst
3. Satin
4. Glitter (Technically if it wasn’t included in the choices, glitter wouldn’t even make my list. I hate it and NEVER use it!)

1) Matte
2) Satin
3) Frost
4) Glitter

Hate glitter e/s the fallout and cleanup is just too much to be bothered with. 1&2 are pretty much joint 1st to be honest.

Very hard for me to rank since there can be so much variance in any of those finishes (some mattes are great and others are dreadful to try to blend) and also, my favourite (a finish like Inglot’s Pearl or MAC Veluxe Pearl) isn’t in the list. But I’ll give it a try….

1. Satin
2. Frost
3. Matte
4. Glitter

1. Satin
2. Matte
3. Frost
4. Glitter

My ideal eyeshadow finish is one that has more sheen than the typical satin, but isn’t full on frosty. Mattes are a true staple, something I couldn’t live without. It’s the only finish I’ll use in the crease. Glitters are a hassle to work with, and they are not daytime appropriate (for me).

☯ Matte
☯ Satin
☯ Frost
☯ Glitter

Matte and Satin are for all intents a tie and the two finishes I go to most often. At the same point, every once in awhile, I need something more than my same old same old and enjoy creating a more reflective look. I rarely wear glitter.


Frost and matte can easily switch places, it depends on the quality. I absolutely hate glitter, though.

Same order as you:

1. Satin
2. Frost
3. Matte
4. Glitter

I’d say that the order reflects my experience in how easy/ difficult each finish is to work with.

my first would be
i love using all these i use them wet dry or with glitter glue for eyes and yes alittle fallout but its okay when it comes to party time:-)

1. Satin
2. Matte
3. Frost
4. Glitter (because of the crazy fallout, very little glitter actually ends up on my eyelid)

1.) Satin, 2.) Matte, 3.) Frost, 4.) Glitter.

I generally find satins and mattes are the most flattering on my hooded eyes. 🙂

Satin, matte, frost, glitter! I do like frosts but only on special ocasions and i hardly ever wear proper glitter.

satin, matte, frost, glitter. I probably gravitate towards satin more than matte but I think matte is way more useful

1. Satin
2. Glitter or Matte (depending on the look)

I don’t like Frost, colours don’t seem very different as they appear to reflect light too much.

same as Christine. and I love glitter, but OMG I can’t stand how it migrates all over my face…I find glitter in my lashes days later. rawr.

1. Satin
2. Matte
3. Frost
4. Glitter

Frost and glitter are pretty much tied though, I’m not overly keen on either. It would have to be a gorgeous shade for me to put up with glitter 😛

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