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Makeup & Beauty Tips on How to Wear Pigmented Blush

Share your best tips and tricks for wearing pigmented blush!  Feel free to share your first experiences, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and what, ultimately, you found most helpful in learning how to wear more pigmented blush.  (And if you haven’t conquered it, hopefully some of these tips will help you get there!)

Temptalia’s Tips

  1. Build up the color by creating a soft, blended base layer.  Then, build up the color as you want it – you’ll already have a soft, diffused edge from the get-go, so you’ll have to do less work to blend out all of the edges.
  2. Look for a firmer, densely-packed brush for application, as it will pick up more product at once.
  3. You’ll likely want to opt for a subtler look on eyes/lips, but you don’t want to go so subtle that you lose definition in either area.  A neutral eye but with more dramatic eyeliner can work well with a dramatic blusher.

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38 thoughts on “How to Wear Pigmented Blush – Tips & Tricks

  1. What’s your go to brush for applying blush? :)


  2. Veronica

    I’m quite pale to begin with, and I’m borderline ivory white right now since it’s winter, so I find pretty much any blush is “pigmented” when I wear it. 😛 For really fair complexions, I find stippling brushes can be very helpful if you’re working with a very strong, bold color. It will help limit the amount of product you pick up and keep you from overwhelming the face, while a denser blush brush can do the opposite.

    Otherwise, I echo everything you said, especially about the neutral eye and lip. :)

    • Carla N.

      I guess I have a stronger “stomach” than many, because, even though I’m NW15, I don’t hesitate to wear a pgmented blush *and* a bold lip, at the same time.
      However, my typical scheme consists of neutral shadows (greys, taupes, or browns) on eyes, carefully and lightly applied bright blush, and bold lipcolor that’s blotted and topped with a bit of gloss. I’m blessed with large eyes and well-shaped, naturally full lips, so fortunately my face can take quite a bit of color and still look balanced.

      • Veronica

        I more or less agree that it really depends on a person’s face. Some women look really good with very bold makeup, but I find it tends to overwhelm my features since my eyes and lips are average sized. (My roommate can pull off a smokey eye AND a vampy lip at the same time, and it fills me with tremendous envy every time I do her makeup for her. :P) Generally, I can get away with it if it’s certain shades that typically flatter my complexion, like cooler toned pinks and fuschias, but if it’s something warmer like a coral, I have to let the blush take center stage. :)

  3. I like to apply it with my hand holding the brush at the very end, so it’s not as precise and harsh! Also Christine help! i cant remember the name of a certain beauty blog and figured you might know the answer! It’s one where the author has a collection of mac eye shadows and you can click each eye shadow name and it has 4 different picture tutorials of how to wear that look? except for only 2 of them are shown, but if you become a member you can view all of them? thx! happy new year!

    • Hey Greta!

      I have no idea what site that is, to be honest!

    • Mariella

      Hope it’s okay to be posting this here, Christine but I think the site Greta is talking about is http://www.myeyeshadowconsultant.com which is run by a very lovely woman called Zabrena who I know is a fan of your site also.

      • Hi Mariella,

        Thank you for sharing! Nice idea!

        Update: Zabrena removed Temptalia images quickly and kindly :)

        • Joanna

          i think those are all her own images..

          • There were two product images from Temptalia – one of a MAC eyeshadow and another of a MAC paint pot :) One was on the index page and the other under “Coming soon,” and she’s removed them now :)

        • Cat

          I’m sorry Christine, your photographs and tutorials are so amazing I feel like this must happen to you all the time :/

        • Hi Christine,
          Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention; I would like to apologize for using two of your images without express written consent and please know that I will not make that mistake again.

          I have replaced them with my own images, per your request. Rest assured besides those two images, all the other content in the members’ section is entirely my work.

          Thank you for being the utmost professional in alerting me to this. I greatly appreciate it. :)


        • CC

          Oh no! I just discovered her Youtube channel and I hope she used them without knowing they were yours, or at least she apologizes to you. I know you work really hard in this blog and as much as I like Zabrena its not ok to steal other people’s work :(

          • She is going to remove them today or shortly, and she was really quick to reply :)

          • Hi CC!
            It was an honest mistake on my part, as I found them in a Google image search and was not aware they were Christine’s.

            I have removed and replaced the two in question and greatly appreciate Christine bringing them to my attention :)

            • CC

              Hi Zabrenna , thank you so much for been a professional about this. Like I said, I just discovered your channel and I immediately subscribed because I loved the way you expressed yourself a little too much. I also love Temptalia a little way too much so it would had sucked it there was an “issue” between the two of you. I know there have been other people (and companies) that get Christine’s work without her permission and that is not ok because she works hard. Now I am looking forward to see more Youtube videos from a professional, ethical person like Zabrena. I would become a member of your website but I don’t really use eyeshadows, I’m more of a lipstick person :p

        • Mariella

          I didn’t know she had any of your images at her site but it doesn’t surprise me that took them down when requested and did so graciously. From what I know of her, she’s a “class act”, as are you, Christine.

  4. xamyx

    I prefer a brush designed for powder, actually; the fluffier design makes it less likely to pick up too much product, and also holding it on the end helps to have a lighter hand.

    Another tip is to apply powder (either to the face or directly on the brush-loose powder is best) prior to applying the blush, as this helps diffuse the product.

    If the above methods fail (or I’m just in a hurry), I use a large, flat Kabuki brush with very short, dense, soft bristles to buff everything out. My “go-to” is Physician’s Formula Mineral Foundation brush; I picked it up for under $10 at BB&B, and I use it nearly every time I wear makeup, and even to buff out foundation seams.

  5. I LOVE super-pigmented blushes! Less product sitting on the skin always looks/feels better IMO. I favor a SUPER SOFT, GIGANTIC powder brush and will often mix in a little bit of a soft face powder like MAC’s Blot Powder WITH the blush – it helps to keep the edges soft and diffused. Some people like more precise blush application, I’ve always been a fan of an “all-over, natural flush” kind of look.

  6. Carla N.

    When I wear pigmented blush, which is really the only kind I own, I apply it with a good quality (Paula Dorf) fan brush.
    If the blush is a very bright or deep color, I’ll first swipe my fan brush across some translucent pressed powder, then across the blush, then across the powder again, before lightly applying it to my face. Also, I make sure that my cheeks are smooth and evenly powdered, so the blush doesn’t “grab,” and look splotchy. Fortunately for me, my skin is smooth, and on the oily side, so it can take all these layers of powder without going cakey.
    I often get compliments on my “pretty complexion,” even though I’m 48, so I figure I must be doing something right!

  7. Tas

    Sleek Blush by Three are my makeup bag and kit essentials. The best brush for me is the Real Techniques blush brush or Multitasker. No contest.

  8. Joanna

    if the blush is pigmented, a softer brush is probably the best way to go. blush should not be obvious. i would never use a dense brush to apply, say, tom ford’s narcissist. also, using a translucent powder to blend away harsh edges with a soft brush works great to diffuse a heavy application

  9. Cat

    Funny, I’ve never thought to create a look centered more around a dramatic blusher! I always either go big on the eyes or big on the lips 😛

  10. Smidgeroo

    Super-pigmented blush is very cost-effective because you can always build color. Packing on a sheer blush to try and make it match the pan is a pain. 😀 I have Frankly Scarlet my MAC and have used if about fifteen times and it still looks brand new because I only need the teensiest wisp of product. It’ll last eons. :3

  11. Heidi Myrvang

    I donæt think you get thank’d enough for all the work you do! I think it is amazing how much time, effort and work you put into this webside. Long hours.. Not only do you write amazing, but you are honest and really helpful! Not only do you use time to take pictures, write, edit, finding dupes and stuff, but you replie to comments. I think that is the best part about this website : ) And your dog is to die for ^_^ haha

  12. Kate

    Christine, I am confused. How would a firm brush that picks up a lot of product help for a pigmented blush? Wouldn’t you not want a lot of product to go on your cheeks because the blush is so pigmented, and too much product would look like you’re wearing too much blush?

    • If you want to have more color on your cheek, you need a firmer brush because it will provide more pigmentation than a fluffy brush. This is a how-to for wearing dramatic color, not necessarily using a blush that’s pigmented.

  13. I love bright blushes like Nars exhibit A!

  14. My recommendation for wearing bold blush is to make sure the skin is flawless. If this means cakey-fakey foundation, so be it. Large pores, blemishes, and other discoloration will compete with the blush and can even distort the color of the blush.

  15. Phoebe

    I like to apply mine with a stippling brush, so I don’t have to blend as much in the long run! I also tap/press it onto my face instead of sweeping it on so it looks more natural but still is a vivid color.

  16. I think cream blush is far easier to use when it comes to strong colours. It’s easier to apply seamlessly, and easier to remove if things go too far. I use the Real Techniques multi-task brush and the shape and size is perfect for precise application. I’m also with everyone else who has said to use translucent powder– great for blending the edges, and as an all-over to even the colour out.