Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

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Makeup & Beauty Tips on How-to Make Makeup Last in the Heat

Share your best tips and tricks for making your makeup outlast the heat!  Feel free to share your experiences, how you mastered techniques, or what you struggle with.

My Tips

  1. I like primer to help give any foundation or product used on the skin something extra for wear!  This usually extends wear for me by an hour or two.
  2. Creams and liquids are great for the base, and then they can be set with coordinating powders to lock in color (e.g. foundation and powder, cream blush and powder blush).   Having pressed or blot powder for on-the-go can also help fix a slightly melting face!
  3. Look for long-wearing, water-resistant/waterproof formulas designed for more extreme conditions.

Thanks to Jenny for this week’s topic!

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14 thoughts on “How-to Make Makeup Last in the Heat – Tips & Tricks

  1. A good primer, and then always keep powder at hand to reset the make-up as soon as sweat or oil starts coming through.

  2. These tips are just a little over a week too late for me, lol! I was in California last week, and LA was experiencing a bit of a heat wave. With all the touring and walking around we did, I felt like my face was melting. Just like you said, though, my pressed powder did the trick.

  3. Say sod it and go basic is my motto in the heat. I hate the feeling of too much make up on because I sweat quite a bit (attractive, I know), which is why I hate powders when it’s hot. But one thing I do try to do is use products that apply over themselves really well – so foundations/bb/cc creams/tms I can reapply over the day without everything turning horrible.

    • Go basic – this is what I usually do. No matter what I put on my face (primer, foundation, powder, etc.) my face will itch when it sweats, and I end up slowly scratching everything off throughout the day (plus, I can’t stand the feel of sweat mixed with powder). So, I just use moisturizer. I’m lucky to have good skin (or so I’ve been told), so I’ve never been a big foundation user anyway, although I’ll put it on if I’m having a night out.

  4. I always wear a cream as a base since I tend to get a little oily and my makeup runs on super hott days! Awesome post! Thanks for the tips <3

  5. Susan Dowman Nevling

    Christine, I follow almost the exact process you do with o e addition. After all the powder application as, I spray URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER makeup setting spray. Works well for my normal to dry skin. They also have a spray called d-slick that may help oiler complexions.

  6. A good primer is key. I also use a lightweight foundation or just my bb cream and set them with a pressed powder….and I always have on hand blotting papers to help keep away the shine throughout the day.

  7. Amber C

    I love all the tips everyone has provided! One of mine is to press and roll my loose powder into my skin. It really helps my makeup stay in place.

  8. When it’s really hot and humid, I find “less is more” generally works, though I cannot face the world “bare-faced” so for me, it’s a good BB cream (one that includes SPF so I only need one thing on my face), a bit of MAC ProLongwear concealer for under-eye circles and a good setting/mattifying powder (Essences is amazing). If I wear eye colour, it’s going to be something like a Colour Tattoo, that says put, or else I’m going to be using UDPP for sure.

  9. Soleil

    Let’s not forget that because of the heat, we need a primer with spf. CC Creams are such a blessing!

  10. xamyx

    As someone who lives in climate that’s warm pretty much year-round (SoCal), I have discovered a few things that work for me. Unfortunately, my HG foundation combo has been looong DCd, LOL…

    I skip foundation most days, and opt for a TM/BB Cream. For my Normal/Dry skin, I find Garnier BB Cream to be a good fit. I top it off with a MPF, which also provides additional SPF, and is great for touch-ups. To prevent caking, I always blot with a cloth prior to applying additional product. If I absolutely must wear actual foundation, a zinc oxide sunscreen under creates a nice barrier, and cornstarch is more absorbent than talc (the primary ingredient in even the most expensive face powders), so I just use it as a setting powder. This combo isn’t the best for photos, but neither is a face full of makeup sliding around everywhere. Besides, it’s not like I have someone following me around all day with a camera…

    Unless conditions are extreme, eye makeup isn’t a real problem for me. However, if I’m doing a lot of walking in the heat, a trip to Disneyland, etc., I’ve found a few products that work wonders. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof liquid liner wears like iron, as does Kat von D eyeshadow primer, along with any WP mascara. I’ve had situations where my entire face was left bare due to perspiration and/or water, but my eyes were left unscathed. Maybelline Color Tattoos are another “Wonder Product”, but I typically reserve these for “simple” days, as the color selection isn’t that great (although I admit I haven’t tried these under a powder shadow).

    For lips, I just go with a tinted lip balm. Nothing looks worse than melted lipstick. I used to wear Revlon ColorStay lipstick, which were HG, but I haven’t tried the relaunch, so I don’t know if they’re the same. L’Oreal Infallible is a good one, but again, limited shades.

  11. Deb

    Smashbox foundation primer and Urban Decay setting spray did the trick for my friend! We brainstormed for her wedding in Jamaica and came up with that combo after trying a ton of combinations. Lasted all night even though the AC wasn’t working in the reception room!

  12. Shonell Norville

    Very help full