Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Choose or Lose

How opaque do you like your lipstick?

  • Opaque (42%, 1,549 Votes)
  • Semi-opaque (39%, 1,455 Votes)
  • Semi-sheer (15%, 569 Votes)
  • Sheer (3%, 111 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,705

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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29 thoughts on “How opaque do you like your lipstick?

  1. Pawsha

    I feel like the sheer ones barely stay on. If I want sheer I use a gloss just to give some moisture.

  2. Yazmin

    I loveee my lipsticks opaque, as i have pigmented lips, but the mac me over swatches and the way it looks on your lips, i need to have the sheer ones!

  3. Chelsea

    not relevant but i LOVE the new background!

  4. Are the options listed by opacity? I mean, is Semi-Sheer supposed to be more sheer than Semi-Opaque? I thought it was the other way around.. (As in, “Semi”-Sheer is “partially” sheer, but mostly opaque, etc.)

    • Rebecca

      Semi sheer is sheer but with a light wash of color.
      Semi-opaque is pigmented but you can still see the natural lip.
      So yes, it’s in order of opacity :)

  5. jenny

    Depends on the color. I guess if I could only pick up, I’d pick semi-opaque, so I could build up intensity if I wanted.

  6. Depends on what look I’m going for. But mostly Semi-opaque =)

  7. Amy

    I usually like it opaque but ATM I’ve been loving sheer-semi sheer lipsticks that give a pop of color and shine

  8. andi

    Opaque! There are always ways to sheer down the lipstick but building the colour up is another story.

  9. It depends on the mood im in, and what color it is. I never go for sheer though because then it will end up looking like clear lipgloss on my dark pigmented lips.

  10. Steph

    Semi-opaque, because even though you can sheer out opaque lipstick, if I want to quickly reapply I feel like I cannot do that with an opaque because it needs more work.

  11. Semi-opaque since I feel I can wear a broader spectrum of colors this way. If all my lipsticks were fully opaque I couldn’t wear a quarter of them because they’d clash with my skin tone. Plus, I like the flexibility of semi-opaque. I can sheer them out easily and build them up for opacity if I desire so.

  12. Cait

    It depends on what I am wearing it for or the colour. But for the most part, an everyday lipstick is nice being semi-opaque and for days when I want a burst of colour, opaque it a must.

  13. Nora

    Rich, bright lip colors are by far my favorite thing to collect when it comes to makeup. I love bright lips and neutral eyes and I wear a variation of that look every day, so opacity is very important to me! I do think sheers have their place, though.

  14. asthecroeflies

    It all depends on the look i’m going for!

  15. I go by color. If I love the shade, I can handle almost anything…except sheer. If all I need is a sheer wash of color, I can use a gloss and supliment it with pigments or liner to get the color that I need.

  16. Stephanie

    Opaque. I do have some sheer ones that I like, but I feel that if I’m going to wear lipstick it might as well be opaque.

  17. Veronica

    For the most part, I prefer opaque. A bold, strong lip is my favorite look. However, I do have a couple sheer to semi-opaque ones for when I want something a little more subtle and/or flexible. Maybelline’s recent pearl collection went a long way to rekindling my affection for sheerer shades – they’re some of my most commonly used “every day” looks. Not bad for something I bought on a whim.

  18. I have to say that I love the new background of your site!

  19. artemis

    i chose opaque having in my mind colors that i would wear like pale nude, bubble gum pink and dark red 😀 but semi opaque berry, peach and beige would look cute

  20. ak

    I love the most opaque lipstick although sheer lipsticks like the MAC lustres are better than glosses to me, looks-wise and I did like them at one time. I love opaque lipstick because it changes the color of your lips and therefore your look unlike waste-of-time sheer glosses. And my top lip is brown and my bottom lip is pink which is quite annoying.

  21. I love when lipsticks are really opaque, like the OCC Lip Tars! Those aren’t really lipsticks, but still… Then you can just mix them with gloss to make them sheerer. However semi-opaque is also pretty, and semi-sheer depending on the colour – I actually prefer a translucent look with some lipsticks – and I don’t feel very drawn in by sheer lipsticks, although there is this pretty one from IsaDora that I’ve been wanting to buy for a while… It’s white (colourless) with mostly purple iridescent shimmer. ~

  22. Depends on what the mood and event calls for. Daily lipsticks I prefer to stay more sheer and for night time I like more opaque to really change the look.

  23. Gina

    I think semi-opaque is good for me. I’m more of an eye makeup kind of girl, so I tend to go for more toned-down lipsticks so that they don’t compete with my eye makeup. But if I’m going for a bold lip, like a red or fuchsia, I prefer opaque.