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I would say I was about 13. I wore make up everyday for an entire year lol.

I got more into high end brands when I was 18. Totally and utterly fell in love with MAC products!

this year! hello kitty collection is what drew me in, and i’m 19 btw ūüôā in my later years i wore a bit of makeup, just mascara and liquid liner, but now i’m more interested in foundations, brozers, etc ūüôā

Twenty! I used to play with nail polish before, but when I turned twenty, I spent a semester in Spain and had a roommate who was addicted to mascara. Needless to say, I fell hard. I’m twenty-one now, turning twenty-two on the 23rd so it’s a fairly recent addiction for me!

LOL I was a really late bloomer then. I didn’t reaaaaaly get into makeup ’till I was 20! (And I’m only 21 now LOL). My first MAC lipstick and the first time I wore mascara were all within the last 13 months! LOL.

I think I fell in make-up when I was a little girl when I had this weird Barbie head and that you were supposed to style and put make-up on. The funny thing is my mom never wore make-up so I had nothing to practice on until I got old enough for allowance and then I went crazy.

Me too! Late bloomer that is. I fell in love with makeup when I was… 21!
Ofc I used makeup, but I saw it as a necessary evil that I had to use to feel that I looked good. Now I know and feel I look good without makeup, but I love using makeup for the creative outburst! ūüėÄ

Makeup and I have always had a love/hate relationship. I started wearing it when I was 12 (back in 1990), and back then it was always about bold makeup…but wearing it when your 12…not a good idea…so I just stuck to my mascara & bubble gum lipsmackers. I was never shown ar taught how to actually “wear” makeup correctly until maybe 4 years ago when a MAC Pro showed me the error of my ways…and I have been addicted ever since!!She also showed me your site..and now my addiction has blossomed into a MONSTER ha ha!! So a big THANK YOU goes out to Mariza Marinez and YOU!!


Same here Christine, I wasn’t allowed to put on makeups til I turned 18. But I’ve always loved makeups. I started using face powder, eyebrow pencil, blush and lipgloss when I was 16. ūüôā

I wore the usual dollar store stuff when I was really little like 6 and then my mom would make me take it off but I fell in love with makeup when I was probably about 14-15 and I even remember buying my first MAC product.

I started around 13, but it was during the ’80s so it wasn’t pretty and I was horrible at applying the stuff. That’s also when I stared to wear nail polish and my favorites were Wet’n’Wild (even back then they had black, green, multi glitter) and a brand called Andrea (now know for there makeup removers & lashes, along with Ardell) that I remember having in pastel pink, blue, green, yellow, & white cremes.

5 yrs old. I used to go into my grandmothers vanity and play with all her make up. Still remember the colors to this day.

when I was a little girl from about age 6 to 10, my mother worked at a cosmetics counter in a big Washington D.C. department store. I thought EVERYONE had that much makeup at home ūüėČ She always had testers and samples and wore colored eyelashes and of course I got to play with it. So basically for the last 43 years or so I have loved makeup.

How funny, I’m also a late bloomer, at eighteen as well =) After I got a boyfriend, I decided to start going out a little prettier, and now I’m obsessed hahaha

When I was 11 or 12. I know I was in the 6th grade. My mother took me to get a makeover because I guess she found out I was sneaking makeup at school and wanted me to learn to doit right. At that time it was the Merle Norman counter, I don’t even know if they are still around. They put way way way too much makeup on me but of course I loved it. I then spent my birthday money on Merle Norman makeup and carried it in my purse and ruined it all. I was devastated. That probably ended my makeup days until high school because my mother did not buy my makeup for me but I was still obsessed with people and their makeup. In h/s Joan Jett was my idol so I had the heavy black eye liner. LOL aah memories…

i always played with makeup since i was like 5 or 6 and an aunt would give me hand me downs dior and chanel makeup. At that time i didnt know much so i would draw on myself then take it all off! My last year of high school i started to practice it on myself. I think i fell in love with it at 16 or 17 but think it was 18 when i completely started to go all out!

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