Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Choose or Lose

How often do you wear false eyelashes?

  • Never! (46%, 1,500 Votes)
  • Only for special occasions (42%, 1,367 Votes)
  • Only if I go out in the evening (6%, 199 Votes)
  • A few days a week (3%, 112 Votes)
  • Everyday! (3%, 93 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 15 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,287

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

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36 thoughts on “How often do you wear false eyelashes?

  1. Nina

    I can´t glue them on – they always go crocked on me 😉

    I wish I could learn the “how to” ! ;D

  2. i don’t relly wear make up more than may be once a week, but when i do i go all the way with false lashes and everything :)

  3. Victoria

    I’ve never tried them but I’ve always been tempted to! I’m lucky to have naturally long, thick lashes, but I want to go all out and do something crazy and colorful for a fun night!

  4. Dawn

    I never wear false eyelashes. Not only is it too much of a faff, but they’re rather difficult to wear with glasses anyway.

  5. Never ever. I can’t stomach the idea of applying glue and plastic to my eyes. It looks great for effect but I have never and probably could never do it.

  6. Sylvia

    I have used them ONCE and they were half lashes for prom. I have pretty long eyelashes and i am turned off by people who put on heavy thick lashes like their lids are lifting weights. I also feel like it will break my natural ones. However i do like them on MUA / people that are good with makeup.

  7. lazeny

    I wear glasses so I don’t wear faux lashes most of the time, unless it’s a very very special occasion. The ends of the lashes touches the lenses of my glasses and it’s very uncomfortable

  8. I’ve never owned a pair of false lashes, though sometimes I wish I did.

  9. Lyse

    I’d love to wear them more but I’m not good at putting them on.

    • Justina

      i felt the same when i first start using them but once you use it more often you will get the hang of it

  10. emi s.

    I wore them on halloween!

  11. Sarah

    I only wear them when I’m in character for my performance art pieces.

  12. Lissa

    I used to wear them in high school but that was 30 years ago!

  13. JJ

    Wow, I feel bad for those people who wear them everyday. You’ve trapped yourself into wearing them everyday because then you will look noticeably worse without wearing them one day. Moderation, people. I don’t know anyone who wears fake lashes during the day, only for special occasions at night. Some of you need to free yourself of this makeup thing.

    • Meg

      I have a friend whose lashes are very, very short and sparse. With a little patience in the morning she uses natural looking lashes everyday with a little eyeliner & simple makeup – it’s just a confidence thing for some people!

    • Steph

      Your viewpoint is condescending. Some people like to use makeup and false lashes.

    • Julia

      No need to get insulting about something as small as false eyelashes. Some people have scarce lashes and wearing false ones is no different than someone who has pale pigmented lips and needs to give them color or even someone who wears mascara everydy. Your argument about being trapped into wearing them sounds ridiculous and flawed when you think of it this way.If you were “free of this makeup thing” you wouldn’t be reading other people’s comments on a beauty site or even visit a beauty blog in the first place. I don’t wear them everyday but it is time that we stop attacking the choices and styles of other women…even their lashes! JMO…

    • Just because it seems excessive to you doesn’t mean it is to others. You aren’t the arbitrator of what is and isn’t ‘too much’ primping. :)
      I don’t wear false lashes often, but I do use a lot of other products on my face. Personal choice and all that.
      I do know several women who wear them everyday- most who have very fine lashes, or have very straight lashes that won’t hold a curl. THey all seems to be happy with the results and aren’t disadvantaged by the time it takes to put them on.

    • Everyone is welcome to their opinion but please refrain from insulting others.

  14. Just started wearing them!

  15. I tried last week to put them on … fail fail fail. I may try the single lashes, since I really just want to fill in a couple spots

  16. Justina

    i wear them when i go out…only cause my lashes are find and short. its hard to find a mascara that fits my lashes. i love love love lancome fatal mascara they fit my lashes so well but to find its discontinued:(. o well what can you do:)

  17. Lisa G

    Never worn them-mostly because I don’t need to. I have naturally long thick lashes. I always feel that if I added false lashes it would be overkill or I would look like a drag queen.

  18. I sometimes wear half-lashes for photoshoots, and even then it’s rather rare. I’m just not used to them, I guess. >:

  19. I’ve worn them a maximum of five times, ever. They just never seem necessary for my looks. (Even if they were…I’m way too lazy most of the time to figure them out.)

  20. With It

    Only on Halloween! :)

  21. I wear them for special occasions and costumes. I keep buying more than what I use, and have a big box full of them, but never want to put them on in the mornings on normal days when I am doing my makeup.
    Also, I have a latex allergy and while lash glue never gave me a reaction, I’ve been careful in the past not to use it too often just in case. But recently I found and bought latex free lash glue, so I may get start using them more than usual.

  22. Jenine

    I wear them everyday that I wear makeup. I love false lashes.

  23. LOVE wearing fake eyelashes, I wear them every chance I get! Not to work or school, but definitely if I’m going out somewhere with my boyfriend or hanging out with friends. They really make such a huge difference, I feel naked without them!

  24. Miss Silver

    I only wear lashes when I do a costume look; I’m blessed with long and full lashes. But I think false lashes look fake on most people, even if your natural lashes are sparse and short. I still love naturally short lashes over false ones!

  25. Miss Silver

    Also, colour lashes are for parties and special occasions, like weddings. I wear single colour lashes just for that extra pop of colour; always doing something different, I am.

  26. Adelita

    Even though I don’t have a very voluminous eyelashes, but mine is pretty long though. Wearing false lashes for daily wear is a bit too much for my eyes & too much hassle to deal with.
    But I do wear them on a special occasions for an extra ‘oomph’.

  27. babette

    I had extensions applied 2 months ago, what a mistake! If only mascara will not run down my oily, oily face/eye/lids. I want to try falsies next – when I go out it doesn’t seem like a very uncommon thing, almost everybody my age is wearing them!

  28. janey

    Just discovered faux lashes & all I can say is…why didn’t I try this sooner?!? I wear mine almost everyday now and it’s so super-simple, very natural (depending on the lash-style you choose) and much, MUCH easier than coaxing your own lashes to do what a simple pair of lashes can. And that’s exactly what it is–SIMPLE! I think this is the best kept secret about faux lashes–it can be extremely easy to apply, very natural-looking, and gives you the confidence and freedom you never thought you could have with your appearance. So, I guess for those who are knocking down false lashes, go ahead and keep thinking that. Those of us who appreciate this product(and I just found out for myself after all this time!), will have so much fun with this part of our beauty routines and won’t ever feel “trapped” or “enslaved” by it. Everyone has a choice. If it’s your choice not to wear it, then don’t. But for those of us who love it–we’re gonna have our fun regardless of what you judge us with. Geez, it’s makeup, for heaven’s sakes! Lighten up!!!