Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Choose or Lose

How often do you wear false eyelashes?

  • Only on special occasions (43%, 441 Votes)
  • Never! (40%, 413 Votes)
  • A few times a month (10%, 100 Votes)
  • Everyday! (7%, 70 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,032

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21 thoughts on “How often do you wear false eyelashes?

  1. Omg I’m totally going to be rockin’ some girls aloud lashes for xmas!

  2. Amal

    I chose other because I only wore them 3 times until now (once for a wedding, another for an engagement party, and the third, well, the MAC salesperson just felt like putting them on me! )
    I’m lucky to have long lashes, but I would wear false ones in the future for special occasions.

  3. amy

    I don’t have a set pattern of wearing falsies because I wear them whenever I want. It depends on what look I am going for and how much time I have and if I have any on hand.

  4. Kajsa

    More or less never, once a year maybe.

  5. I actually really hate falsies. If I am performing onstage (which is something I enjoy doing) we’re supposed to wear them but often I’ll just put on a lot of mascara to make it look like my lashes are fake. They just make me feel like I have tunnel vision and my eyelids are so heavy… just personal preference.

  6. felicia bradley

    Guess I’m in the minority on this cause I do wear my falsies everyday. Yes, everyday except the weekends. I just love them! I don’t naturally have long lashes and have always wanted them. Every girl does. I perfected my technique and can put them on in less than a minute per eye. I get compliments on my beautiful lashes all the time and sometimes I tell my secret.

    • tofupoo

      ahh i was looking for an everydayer in the comments lol! its something i want to start doing actually because i just realized how amazing and glam they make me look just in one step!

    • Steph

      Same here! I put them on everyday. Once my eye makeup is done, I can put them on in a heartbeat, no mascara needed, and they stay looking fabulous all day.

      I get lots of compliments too and people always ask Are those your real eyelashes? Haha.

    • erica

      Oh I am so jealous that u get to wear your lashes everyday…

    • Heatherette87

      I completely agree with you. I wasn’t blessed with long lashes myself. I too have perfected the accuracy and time it takes to put them on. Once you got it down it doesn’t take much at all to add a little glam!

  7. makeupvixen

    I wear them at work, not really on the weekends. I wear them when I do makeup applications

  8. margot

    Only on a few occasions, but Id like to find some suitable for everyday use and also some for a nice night out without going too bold.

  9. DonnaN

    I have to admit, I’ve only ever worn them in HS during theatre performances. I am 42, and a falsey-virgin! I love the look, but don’t have the patience or occasion to wear them. Maybe that can be one of my NY’s resolutions…..wear false eyelashes!

  10. erica

    I work as a correctional officer and we cant wear false lashes at work but whenever I am off I wear them if I could wear false lashes everyday I would because I soooo love them they make your eyes pop even with no makeup on 😉

  11. Not special occasions, but special EOTDs. When I’m doing a look for my blog which I think needs falsies, I’ll wear them, and that’s usually it. They’re a pain, my eyes are easily irritated.

  12. cindy

    i just think i would look silly wearing false lashes, although they look gorgeous on, and im also worried about the glue peeling away at the edges.. so not cute

    • Nikii

      you need a good lash glue and a good lash glue remover. besides if you know how to apply them the glue wont peel at the edges i work at mac and i always wear them for work.

  13. Meesh

    I grew frustrated from having skimpy short lashes, and not being able to perfectly apply falsies on…so early in 2009 I took the plunge and started seeing an aesthetician who does the BEST eyelash extensions. It is NOT for everyone, but it IS the choice for me. I love not having to use mascara, they are full without looking fake, and for me they feel comfortable (partially because the lady I go to is reallllllyyy good). I’m kind of addicted to them ahahah!

  14. Torie

    I actually bought some a couple of weeks ago and I’m still carrying them around in my purse. I just can’t seem to talk myself to going any further. Although my excuse lately is that it’s I didn’t get any eyelash remover so….

  15. I wore them on my wedding day and that’s it. I’m mostly happy with my real lashes – all I need is my Shu eyelash curler and a couple coats of mascara.

  16. Thank God for Lilash, people keep asking me if I’m wearing falsies… some even say “of course you are wearing false eyelashes!!!!”. I think I will only wear falsies on mardi gras or halloween :)