Friday, May 11th, 2012

Choose or Lose

How often do you wash your hair?

  • Every other day (41%, 2,729 Votes)
  • Every day (25%, 1,627 Votes)
  • Twice a week (24%, 1,570 Votes)
  • Once a week (8%, 554 Votes)
  • Less than once a week (2%, 123 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,603

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77 thoughts on “How often do you wash your hair?

  1. To everyone that voted Every Day and doesn’t have sort hair, try cutting back for 3 weeks.
    It going to strip you hair of it’s natural oil past the 6″ mark and cause you scalp to produce more oil as well. if you can’t phathom shipping everyday try a dry shompoo instead. It a bad cycle to get into but after 3 week if you find scalp is less oily you broken that cycle.

    • lizzzie

       @Ani_BEE I voted every day. I tried your method several times over the years, and for up to 6 weeks, with no luck. I still have to wash my hair every day, or else it gets extremely oily and my scalp gets very itchy.

    • andromeda18

       @Ani_BEE My hair has always been very oily, same thing with my skin. When I was a child (about 9) my grandmother used to wash my hair only once a week and let me tell you, it was a disgusting mess. After 2 days it looked like I had poured a bottle of oil down my head. Not pretty and not nice. My hair needs to be washed frequently in order to look clean and pretty. And no part of my 20” hair is dry or unhealthy.

    • taf

       @Ani_BEE I’m the same as the others, and have tried repeatedly to do the “no-poo” thing (that always makes me laugh!) up to six weeks as well, and no luck. It just gets disgusting, particularly if I’m working out — even with wetting it and using conditioner and baking soda/apple cider vinegar and dry shampoo and all the usual tricks. 
      I’m Asian, with fine hair and a lot of it. I wash/condition almost every day, with the exception being when I’m just being lazy, or when I’m having a depressive episode (but that’s a whole other story). My hairdressers have always remarked on the good condition of my hair, so I think I’m ok. Everyone’s got different needs.

  2. every_tomorrow

    I wet, scrub, and condition my hair every other day, but I actually only shampoo it once a week. It’s done wonders for my dry, curly hair. I also deep-condition the day I shampoo.

  3. AS1929

    Every other day works best for my long, fine hair.  Any more than that, and it fades and gets dry.  Less than that and it actually tangles at LOT more.  I also use leave-in condition and serum.  

  4. itscarin

    I tried to cutback on the shampooing for awhile but I can’t because I work out almost every day and I need to get the sweat/dirt out of my hair.  I deep condition almost every day to make up for it.

  5. Claire

    What are suggestions for sweaty post work out hair? Just wash it anyways? I hate having to wash my hair everyday bc it gets oily, but I like to work out daily (or i get grumpy or antsy lol).

    • Jo Spud

      I have the same problem (though mine goes dry and it’s so thick it takes a good 20 mins just to dry it), I usually just wash round the edges of my hairline in the shower, quick blast with a hairdryer and if needed a spray of dry shampoo. Does the trick for me.

  6. mpca66

    Every day. My hair is a layered bob. I must be a restless sleeper because I wake up looking like a mess .. my hair is too short to pull back, so .. off to the shower I go to wash my hair. I do use Wen once in a while to cut down on all the shampooing. I use sulfate free products and heat protection spray and so far .. my hair is in good condition.

  7. xamyx

    I don’t use product in my hair (unless I have a reason to style it), and I usually have it in a ponytail, so I typically wash my hair once a week. I will wash it more often in hot, humid weather, as my hair tends to feel a bit gross if I get a bit sweaty. One reason for my relatively infrequent washing is my hair is coarse, and my scalp is normal/dry. Another reason is that my daughter is in kindergarten, and kids tend to get lice in elementary school; it is a common misconception that lice is attracted to “dirty’ hair. Lice actually can’t “stick” to hair oils, so people with freshly washed hair are actually more susceptible to getting the little bugs. I do, however, wet down my hair, and use Aussie Hair Insurance every day.

  8. once or twice a week. my hair & skin have always been really dry and going from brunette to blond last summer didnt help..+ I dont usually put any products in my hair either!

  9. andromeda18

    I wash my hair every day and have pretty healthy, silky hair. My hair is very oily so I don’t really need to worry about stripping it of its natural oils, but just in case I use a moisturizing, paraben-free, sulfate-free, etc, shampoo and always follow up with conditioner (also paraben-free, silicone-free, etc).
    I’m actually quite careful with my hair. I’ve never dyed it, I don’t use irons of any sort and I rarely ever use styling products. Basicaly, I just wash and condition my hair every day, and quickly blow dry it (5min tops). Other than that I keep it healthy by having it cut on a regular basis and just let it be natural.

    • Marie

      It seems we follow the same routine / rules to a few exceptions. 😉
      I never blowdries my hair, I don’t always use silicon-free sulfate-free shampoo, and I don’t use conditioner.
      What shampoo are you using?

      • andromeda18

        I use The Body Shop’s Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I’ve been using this line for years, even before they changed the formula, and am very pleased with the results. This new formula has gotten a few bad reviews because people think it doesn’t lather very well, but if you follow the instructions on the bottle and add a little bit of water to the shampoo it will lather just as well as any other shampoo.

        • Marie

           @andromeda18 Thank you! I’ll definitely check it out as soon as I’m in the vicinity of a Body Shop. :) I currently use Bioderma Nodé fluide shampoo and it doesn’t lather that much, but it still makes my hair clean (as long as you follow the instructions of course :P).
          As for the length, I use a night repair cream that I *love* so much. It’s Phyto “Secret de nuit”. I don’t know if it’s available wherever your are. It’s a bit pricey though. And it’s fairly new from what I understand, so it might take time to be avaialble everywhere.

  10. greensocksrocks

    i have long curly hair thar tangles a lot. i try ,and most of the times with sucess, to wash it every othre day because it takes a lot of time and patience to un-tangle my curls (and it hurts!). plus, it takes its time to completly dry out, so i feel its better to not abuse on water. on the other side, my scalp gets oily after one night of sleep. in the next morning its not on its best shape but usually i do something to disguise it like hairdoos, or use a dry shampoo.  i only brush my hair before washing it and always use a conditioner and a leave in conditioner as well. 

  11. Veronica

    My hair is sort of a curly/wavy hybrid – curlier when it’s short, wavy when it’s longer, and unmanageable at any length.  Generally, I try to wash it every other day and use dry shampoo in between when I don’t use any special product in my hair.  When hair spray or curling gel is put in, though, I always wash it consecutively, though I’ll regularly skip shampoo and just use a moisturizing conditioner.

  12. Rose

    I have long, really wavy hair that is a pain in the butt to brush/work with (weirdly enough, it gets curlier as it gets longer. It was virtually straight when it was short!), so I wash my roots every other day, but only shampoo my ends once every week or two. My hair tangles ridiculously easily, and the ends don`t get oily like the roots do, so they don`t really need the shampoo. Plus it makes me go through a hell of a lot less shampoo! I do condition the ends every other day though, and use dry shampoo on my bangs on my in-between days. I have blunt bangs that would be really gross looking if I didn`t use dry shampoo!

  13. DTalksAll

    I try to only wash it once-twice a week. I watch my scalp though, if it starts getting too dry, then I wash it. My hair is thick & long, so dry shampoo & a high bun cover up grease well. 

  14. Usually twice a week and I use dry shampoo (T3) on my roots in between washes.  I have long hair that I wear up a lot and putting clean hair up (I have a lot of it, but it is super fine and straight) is a total PITA.  

  15. stefffie78

    I would love love love to be able to skip a day or two, but my hair gets really greasy. and not in a cute oh-i’ll-just-use-a-bit-of-dry-shampoo-and-my-hair-will-look-great-plus-have-more-volume way…in a gross, not fixable way.

  16. xamyx

    I typically shampoo my hair “as needed”, which *usually* is once a week. However, during hot, humid weather, I find 2x a week is likely. I do wet down my hair and apply Aussie Hair Insurance, daily. My scalp in normal/dry, and my hair is coarse. Also, when I do actually wash my hair, I only shampoo the scalp, and I only use contitioner on the lower half of my hair. On the rare occasion I actually style my hair, with product, I will wash it before *and* after. Also, having some natural oils in the hair actually reduces the risk of lice, and I have a daughter in kindergarten, so her hair gets washed once a week, as well. A common misconception is that lice are attracted to dirty hair, but the opposite is true; lice actually can’t “stick” to dirty hair *because* of the oils, so people who shampoo more often are more likely to be infested, and *anyone* can be exposed.

  17. Tiffany

    Now that I’ve switched to organic shampoo, I find I have to wash my hair more. It kinda makes me wonder what might be in regular shampoo that preserves it for so long….

  18. Marie

    Everyday. And I know that every single time this comes up in a conversation, I’m subjected to a whole lesson about how I’m doing it too often and damaging my hair. Everyone’s body is different, and frankly it’d just be awesome if people realized that what works for them doesn’t work for others, and that they don’t know other people’s body better than they do.
    I have very long straight thin super-oily hair. I wash them in the morning, and it’s already a little greasy in the evening. When I wake up the day after, I *need* to wash it because it looks simply awful and greasy.
    I’ve tried the supposedly and very often recommended so-miraculous-it-solves-the-problem method by washing them less often. It didn’t change a single thing.
    I’ve tried dry shampoo. My head itches real bad after I use it, and it didn’t work that well. It’s nice if your hair is a little greasy, not if it’s super greasy.
    I’ve tried silicon-free sulfate-free shampoos. Same difference, almost: still greasy at the root after a day. Although I have to say the length of my hair is looking healthier. :)
    I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m ranting, but when I get compliments on my hair and then people ask me about my hair routine (very simple: shampoo every day, night repairing cream for the length twice a week) I get disapproving looks and comments about how I’m dong everything wrong. *sigh*

    • Exquizeet

      You couldn’t have said it better!
      “Everyone’s body is different, and frankly it’d just be awesome if people realized that what works for them doesn’t work for others, and that they don’t know other people’s body better than they do.”
      Some people just don’t know when to back off. If it works for you, then you’re doing something right. =)

      • Marie

        Thank you. 😉
        It’s true that some people have no sense of boundaries or politeness. They very often don’t have bad intentions at all, but sometimes they should keep their advice to themselves.

    • eltscott

      I have fine straight hair too and I think that’s why we need to wash our hair more often than those with thick curly hair. The oils from our scalp run through our hair a lot faster. I wash my hair everyday too. I’m currently trying to wash every other day, and on the day I don’t wash, use a cleansing conditioner (because I tried the washing every other day thing and it was not pretty!), but honestly, if that doesn’t work out, then I’m just one of those people who washes their hair every day. My hair looks very healthy and shiny and I take good care of it, so I don’t think it matters how often I wash it. Thanks for your post!

    • andromeda18

      I know exactly how you feel. And the thing is, people have this idea that frequent washes are harmful and severely damage/weaken the hair but there’s no study to support it! The only harm shampooing one’s hair every day can cause is the excessive removal of natural oils, which can indeed lead to dry and brittle hair. However, that’s hardly the case for people like us whose scalp produces too much oil and even for people with normal/dry hair, the use of conditioner minimizes that risk. Of course, if people don’t need/want to wash their hair every day then they don’t have to do it, we each should do what works best for us, and there are also people for whom doing so is very impractical (like people with curly hair).

    • Miss J

      My mom has to wash her hair everyday, too. She experiences the exact same thing where she’ll wash it in the morning and by night it’ll already be looking oily. She has very short, thinning hair that’s fine and very straight. If she doesn’t wash it daily, it will look and feel dirty. Nothing else works.
      No worries on the ranting, we all do it here at some point or another. :) I can understand the ranting because I’ve had people tell me my method makes me gross/dirty because I don’t wash my hair as often. My hair doesn’t look, feel, or smell dirty, but somehow people with other hair types not even close to similar to mine like to tell me how to take care of my hair. It IS annoying, especially when you explain and still have to hear it anyway. 

      • Marie

        Its the thing with long straight hair; it shows when it’s greasy.
        Don’t listen to people telling you your method makes you gross. They’re incredibly rude. I understand what you’re saying. My mother has super-curly very dry hair, and she washes it once a week, and it’s enough. It doesn’t look oily, it doesn’t smell, it’s not greasy to the touch even after 4 days. So there’s no point in washing every other day for her.
        There are always going to be people who know best anyway, especially when it comes to skin, hair, or weight. ^^

    • hwendy

      my hair is super long, normally touching the butt or at least around my waist. It is not totally straight but no need to use straightener.
      I wash it every single day since i was a child and my hair is in super great condition.strong, shinny and almost no split ends. I have people come to touch and adore my hair very often including hair dressers and I am asked for advise on hair all the time.
      I quite enjoy seeing people’s shocking face when i tell them i wash it everyday and no one ever can give me a lesson about it. how? 😛    
      so girls/guys, wash it as often as you need. It doesn’t matter what other people say.

      • Marie

         @hwendy Wow, your hair is so long! I have no doubt that to maintain that length, your hair must be beautiful and shiny and healthy! :)

  19. paneradfisk

    If it was possible I would only wash my hair once a week at most, but I can’t stand the feeling I get when my hair is a little dirty – it almost never looks dirty, but I hate the feeling. If I have dirty hair on Monday and need to do something (school/shopping) on Tuesday, I wash it, but if I know I’ll just stay home chilling I won’t wash it until it’s time to go out of the house again 😉

  20. Guest

    My hair is RIDICULOUSLY thick and super-long so takes it a long time to ever look greasy.  Therefore it varies between once or twice a week so I don’t dry it out!

  21. MM88

    I only wash the roots of my hair with shampoo every 3 days (depending on how sweaty I get). But I take a shower every day and use conditioner on my hair every day focusing on the ends the most. Is this okay? lol

  22. My hair is very thick and runs dry, so I only need to shampoo it about every three days. Honestly, I can go a whole week and it still looks fine, since I shower and condition it every day. Once or twice a week I do a deeper conditioning treatment and I rarely use heat to style it except in the dead of winter. So despite the fact that I’ve been dyeing it for years, it remains in pretty good shape. 

  23. Jo

    Wash and condition on Wednesdays and Sundays usually unless I’m leaving the house and it looks greasy. I’ve got long thick hair with slightly dry ends and an oily scalp and since using a better shampoo, don’t have to wash it as often. If I am staying in, I can probably go a week. I also used dry shampoo on my fringe as that gets greasy first. I usually wash in the evening and sleep on it. Sometimes if I have woken up early though it will still be damp! If I wash it in the morning it is because I am not going out so I tie it up and let it dry. I only use my Babyliss Big Hair air style thingy if I am going out for an evening or something.  I’m quite into low maintenance for my hair. My overall style doesn’t suit styled hair, but more the messy bun or half clipped into a bow barette.

  24. huh

    oh a hair post. Honestly I have to do it everyday or at least every other day. My hair is excessively oily. Any of you kind people know what shampoo is good for oily hair?

  25. Yumi

    2-3 times per week with dry shampoo in between, because my hair gets really greasy @_@

  26. Every other day for about 15-25 minutes. 

  27. Taylor

    Only once or twice a month. I have curly hair and once I stopped shampooing often it did wonders for it. Condition daily, though.

  28. Sam Schweinsberg

    I try to wash it as needed as well, which is normally twice a week. I condition my hair every day though!

  29. Miss J

    I typically only wash 2-3x a week…sometimes less, but it really depends. I have an extremely dry scalp, and I have dry, thick, coarse, curly hair. I condition it often, but shampooing too much makes my scalp and hair feel awful. I wash it more during the summer when I’m outside more. Basically, I subscribe to the the “if it looks, feels, and smells clean then I aint washing it” school of thought. :)

  30. Sarah

    I have oily fine hair. I have to wash it everyday because it’s so bad after a day. I’ve tried dry shampoos, but they never get rid of all the excess oil.
    But no, it’s okay. Keep telling me that I’m damaging my hair, and that I shouldn’t wash it everyday. I never get tired of hearing it, even though my hair is in perfectly good shape.

    • bettynova

      Your hair is not “in perfectly good shape” if its “oily fine”. 
      Try shampoos for normal hair or even dry hair if you want to wash it everyday.
      Thats what helped me.

  31. Makaegan

    I have very thick, wavy hair and even though it’s quite short right now it doesn’t get oily (ever…) so I wash it as least often as possible. But when I do wash it, I have a fairly particular system. I usually try to stick to maybe two or three days a week with normal shampoo and conditioner (generally maneNtail), but if I’m doing something outdoors or if I’m sweating a lot I’ll definitely wash it more frequently. Once a week, usually Sundays, I’ll do an olive or coconut oil treatment and leave that on for a few hours, then wash and condition normally. Then probably twice a month I’ll swap out normal shampoo and conditioner for a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner. I don’t like to use a ton of products and I rarely (maybe twice a year) use a blowdryer, so I like to keep my hair as soft, silky and manageable as possible. Aside from a little bit of heat protectant when I flat iron and some macadamia/moroccan/coconut oil to finish, I pretty much skip wearing a lot of product 99% of the time. And my washing/conditioning system really helps me to be able to do that :)

  32. Quinctia

    I wash my hair every other day.  I could probably do it less often if I didn’t work in a place where the climate was never guaranteed and the amount of physical labor was guaranteed to be near zero, haha.
    It’s a hard discussion, because there are a lot of evangelists out there for many different reasons.  In general, washing everyday is too much.  In general, sulfates and silicones are bad.  I’ve seen many folks online post about washing once a week or less, and their hair is visibly greasy, too, so they may not be keeping up with their scalp.
    I’ve found that if you dye rarely (or not at all) and don’t use a lot of heat styling, it’s likely that you can wash your hair whenever you choose with whatever you choose, and it’ll stay relatively healthy.  It’s the dye and the heat that do a number on most people’s hair before their washing habits.

  33. GracieGee

    i wash my hair TWICE a week and its SUPER LONG-(NEARLY touching my butt haha) so control your natural OILS by NOT WASHING IT ALL THE TIME! it might take a while and you can use baby powder on oily days but trust me it works!(at least for me)

  34. beachgal

    I usually wash 1X/week since I started using WEN – plus I am older and my hair is not oily anymore. But there are some weeks I do wash it 2X.  I am with GracieGee – don’t wash too often as it really pulls out your natural oils. I do use dry shampoo at times – don’t always need it however.  My hair also is long – when it was short I needed to get it wet at the least to make it style right. Now long, I wait to wash until I have time to let it sit and air dry almost all the way and only turn the blow dryer on it for a very short minute or 2 if at all. My hair has never been as healthy as it is now using WEN and following the above care regime.

  35. Ugh. As I guy and someone with an oily scalp, I HAVE to wash my hair everyday. Since my hair is short, if I don’t wash my hair for a day, the oils on my scalp with just coat my hair. Gross I know. :( But I tend to use gentle shampoos and light conditioners, just so nothing crazy goes on up there.
    I use styling products everyday, but I haven’t seen the need to use a clarifying shampoo, which is just a more potent shampoo. But I’d love to hear any other guys’ opinion, or any girl with short hair! :)

  36. Joni

    I wash the roots every three days or so but only wash the rest of it less than once a week.  I do have to condition quite often though.

  37. Katie T.

    I go to the gym daily for cardio & weights, so I sweat like a mofo. I’m talking about soaking through an entire shirt. It goes without saying that I need to wash my hair daily.

  38. Amanda

    I probably should wash my hair every day but I refuse to. So I do it every other day. I haven’t used conditioner for years. My scalp is too oily and not long enough to justify using conitioner. I’m going to switch to bar shampoo and see if it makes a difference.

  39. Azaza

    I wash my hair every other day. I would like to wash it even less but I cant because my hair gets too oily and we dont have dry shampoo to use here

  40. Vinaj

    I can’t go longer than 3 days without washing my hair or else my scalp will get unbelievably itchy!

  41. Everyday…work in the dental field…and all the spit, aersolization coming towards me….Yuck!  Simply cannt sleep with hair with someone else’s spit.  So I wash my hair before I sleep.  When I see how oily and greasy people’s hair are….how can you live like that?  Doesnt it smell?

  42. IlariaDiva

    I wash it twice a week – my hair is pretty thinand if I washed it more often than twice a week, it would break.

  43. Beautiful Smudges

    I wash mine every three days. Sometimes I wash it more often (for example if I work out and sweat a lot), otherwise I freshen it up with dry shampoo from time to time. My hair is really dry, so not only is there no need to wash it daily, but it would actually go ridiculously frizzy if I did!

  44. halfpastsunday

    Wow at the number of votes for only ‘twice a week.’ I don’t really even have oily hair, but I can’t stand the feeling of knowing my hair is dirty. Gotta wash it at least every other day.

  45. My hair dressers all say to wash it as infrequently as you can. Mine is curly and dryish, so I can go 4-5 days easily. Honestly, it’s not oily or smelly at all even at 5 days, but the curl strands start separating on the fourth day, and washing is the only way to get them back into shape.
    Note: I’ve known some people with very oily hair who forced themselves to stop washing every day. It turned out the excess oil production may have been caused by the frequent washing, and got better when they shampooed less often.

  46. Kafka

    I’m REALLY surprised by the number of votes for twice a week. I always thought I was a freak for doing that and it was a bit of a shameful secret because almost everyone I know washes their hair every day (though a handful do so every other day). I have super curly, slightly frizzy, ultra coarse hair (thank you GOD for the invention of straightening irons) and if I were to wash it every day, I’d end up looking like Michael Jackson from the Jackson 5 days. Or worse. (Actually, much worse. I’d look like an electrocuted poodle.)  I’m also pretty astonished that people here have been criticised or denigrated for washing their hair every day. First, it’s inconceivable to me that someone with great, healthy hair would be criticised for how they get that hair. Second, you clearly need to meet the people in my world. LOL. And third, have people seriously NOTHING better to do with their time??!?

    •  @Kafka Nobody should be giving anyone a hard time for their answer to this question. We’ve got different skin types (scalp), different hair types and different water supplies, so no solution will work for everybody.

  47. spiritdancer

    I used to wash my hair everyday because it was so oily, it got pretty gross! But as I have gotten older I don’t need to wash as often. Now I wear my hair short and only wash about every third day, and rinse in the shower everyday. It now has more body and my color lasts way longer between colorings. And its so easy to style now that I don’t wash it to death. But I understand why some still wash everyday though.

  48. Once or twice a week, depending on how often I need my hair to be “fresh” for styling.  I can let it go for a pretty long time, since my hair is so bloody dry.

  49. Magdalene

    I have to wash my hair everyday : Due to the fact of me living in a hot and humid climate.. I sweat and washing my hair every other day doesn’t feel to good haha. It makes me feel dirty!! Putting styling products or styling my hair doesn’t help either as the humidity just makes everything limpy.

  50. I wash it once a week. I swear my favorite Kitsch hair ties are my savior. They are the best because they look cute on your wrist when they aren’t in your hair and they dont leave a dent. So, i can wear it up one day and down the next and i dont have the pony bump!  You can buy them here: