Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Choose or Lose

How often do you wash your brushes?

  • Once a month (25%, 638 Votes)
  • Once a week (22%, 562 Votes)
  • Once every two weeks (20%, 498 Votes)
  • After a couple of uses (19%, 485 Votes)
  • Every time I use them (10%, 248 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (3%, 78 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,509

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57 thoughts on “How often do you wash your brushes?

  1. emillll

    practicly never

  2. I was all my eye brushes every time I use them. I don’t want my eyeshadows to mix on my eyelid (eep! gold and blue disaster). Gel liners and creams harden on eye brushes and I don’t feel they’ll work as well if I don’t clean them otherwise.

    My 188 gets cleaned after every use (foundation and cream blush)

    Only my Blush Brushes get cleaned once a week. 😛

  3. Kajsa

    Eye bruhes, after every use.
    Face brushes, 2-3 times a month. Once a week if my skin has many break outs.

  4. not nearly enough…jeez, I should wash them more!

  5. I wash my brushes everyweek, clean them daily with Mac Brush Cleanser. But, I wash the brushes I use on clients every time I use them, gotta keep those squeaky clean!!

  6. Anita

    I wash eyeliner brushes right after use since the stuff hardens, and I wash my foundation brushes every day. Everything else I clean at around once a week but I don’t keep a schedule.

  7. Beth

    Generally, I clean them with soap once a week, or maybe every other week if I’m having a “not much makeup week.”
    Eye brushes, I do try to wipe them on a paper towel after each use, just to get off any excess shadow, unless I think I’m going to wear similar colors the next day. (I’ll wash them immediately, though, if I use a random color I rarely use.)
    I usually use my fingers to do concealer, but on the rare occasion I use a brush for it, I’ll wash that right away, too.

  8. Julia

    Can “not nearly enough” be an option?

  9. I wash all my brushes once a week but if I do use a concealer our foundation brush, I wash it after each use.

  10. kenneth alan

    I use mac brush cleanser after every use to quick clean my brushes and every weekend I deep clean and disinfect my brushes with dawn liquid soap and extra virgin olive oil.

  11. Cailey

    I wash them too much, every day I clean them at least once.

  12. I wash them after every use. I can’t comprehend how u would do different eye looks each day with dirty brushes, but thats just me!

  13. Once per week but spot cleaned after each use.

  14. Too often. ^^
    No, my face brushes and all those which are in contact with liquids after every use and my blush/eyeshadow once a week, if they are really dirty with a little bit brush cleanser

  15. Hannah

    I should really do mine more often, it really does make a difference if you get breakouts easily!

  16. I clean them with MAC’s brush cleaner after every use but I deep clean them every Sunday. lol

  17. Having a variety of brushes, it takes me a month or two to wash because I tend to accumulate them used brushes.

  18. Lus!ous

    I wash my eye brushes after too uses I usually use the same color my face brushes 3 times a month

  19. Leidy

    IM new to the brushes! How often SHOULD i clean them? lol

  20. I spot clean my eye brushes pretty much every day. I give them all a deep clean every Sunday, or if they’re not too bad, every second Sunday.

  21. Laura

    Eyeliner brushes I wash after every use. Eyeshadow brushes probably once or twice a week, and face brushes probably once or twice a fortnight.

  22. April

    I’m pretty religious with cleaning my brushes; I clean them after every time I use them. Sometimes not right away but they get cleaned before going to sleep. I’m just too afraid of breaking out even though it might be caused by other products I use.

  23. Ganrielle

    Wet brushes (i.e. foundation, concealer, gel liner, wet eye shadow, cream blush) after every use.
    Dry brushes (loose powder, dry eye shadow) once a week or more if I use very different colors in order not to get unwanted shade on my look.
    Always use everything on very clean skin no touch up mid-day so I don’t add any dirtiness on my brushes.

  24. I used to wash my brushes religiously because I was so excited about starting my brush collection. Now that I have 40+ I’ve gotten lazy and only wash them when they’re very clearly dirty. I’m so bad :)

  25. mlou

    If I don’t have a b/u of a particular e/l brush, I’ll wash it after each use with gel e/l. Usually my foundation brush too, if I’m wearing cream or liquid fntn. Everything else, wash 1x wk. Deep clean, usually 2x month, but sometimes 1x.

  26. Hanna

    NOT enough – I am so bad!

  27. Amy

    I deep clean them every Sunday- and wash them throughout the week with MAC brush cleaner-mostly the eye brushes because of the color change!

  28. Vickie

    i spot clean every time i use them…i deep clean about once a week or sometimes every 2 weeks depending how often i used them during that time

  29. nicci

    I was washing all of them after each use but I got lazy :( Now it is around 2-3 times a week…

  30. Most brushes once a month but my concealer brush I try to wash everyday or at least once a week as I’m prone to break outs. I also spot clean my eyes brushes but I only deep clean them once a month.

  31. I love to have clean tools. There’s such a difference at use. I’m someone who has never done a good job when starting with unclean tools. I wash my brushes after every use. It’s a “post make up” routine that requires really less than 5 minutes.

  32. GummiBears

    I have to shampoo my brushes at least once a week or my acne will get out of control. Plus the colors I wear tend to blend, i.e. super bright blush gets mixed in with my powder foundation, not a good look.

  33. Roslyn

    I don’t wear makeup every day, so it’s kind of nasty to think of just picking up the brush again after a week and using it with whatever has been sitting on it. Also since I wear a lot of foundation and different shades of it, if I’m going to get the foundation right I need to have a clean brush each time.

  34. Crissy

    once a week! i like the feeling of clean brushes on my face

  35. Diana

    I spot clean them then deep clean once a month.

  36. Nichole

    Eye brushes get washed after each use. I have multiple face/blush brushes that allow me to use twice per week. They get washed once per week.

  37. AmyE

    It depends on the brushes. Foundation brushes and other ones that I use with cream products get washed after every use. Powder brushes once a week, and the rest when I can. I’m really lax about blush brushes at times because I have a number of them (blush hoor here).

  38. Jess

    I spot clean my brushes everyday (im a germ a-fob lol) and i deep clean them once a week.
    (The only times i dont wash them is if im not using them)

  39. Zoe

    since basically all of the eyeshadows I use are similiar colors, I don’t wash them that much. I probably should wash them more…

  40. Diana

    I wear pretty much the same colours every day during the week, so once a week is enough for me. However, brushes I use to apply cream eyeshadows or to blend I spot clean after every use.

  41. Mary Ann

    Whenever i feel like it lol

  42. Christian

    i wash my eye brushes about once every two weeks since i tend to use similar colors and keep my brushes separate for light colors and dark colors. after reading your foundation tutorials and whatnot, i’ve started washing my foundation brush after every use since the liquid foundation leaves the bristles kind of caked up.

  43. cynthia

    Good Lord, I think Im getting super lazy with washing my brushes!

  44. francesca

    Eye brushes, every time I use them. Face brushes, twice a month.

  45. BAP

    Not nearly as often as I should!

  46. It really depends on what I’ve used my brushes for. If I use a dark or bright colored eye shadow, I wash my brush after I’m finished with the look. Mostly because I never know what my next application will be like and I might want to use lighter colors the next day.

    If I’ve used neutral colors, I wait until I use the brushes again, usually with a darker or brighter shadow before washing.

    For my face brushes, I try to wash them once a week.

  47. Sass

    I should be ashamed of myself and I’ll just leave it at that. I want to start every other day. I went and bought a 2nd MAC brush for every MAC brush I had so alternating the washes won’t be so bad. Terribly ashamed.

  48. I deep clean every other week BUT I spray with brush cleaner and swipe until clean after every use.

  49. Miki

    I wash my foundation brush daily after each use ~ all other brushes once a week.

  50. Azaza

    I wash once a week unless its my foundation brush, I wash that after every use and my concealer brush every 2 days or so.

  51. Natalie

    I clean almost everything after each use. The only exceptions are my blush and bronzer brushes as well as my 266 angled brush, used for filling in my brows. Those get washed every 5 – 7 days.

    I am always extra careful with anything that is used for cream or liquid products because those brushes provide a perfect, comfy environment for bacteria to live.

  52. Helena

    I clean a brush after each time I use it. Don’t want any reds influencing blues, do we? Ha ha.

  53. Yaël from France

    I wash my eye brushes every day, my foundation brush every week or twice a week and my blush and powder brushes every month. I wash all with savon de Marseille or baby shampoo.

  54. Personal brushes I wash every week. My brushes for work I was after ever use.

  55. Mostly it is every other week but sometimes it is once a month.