Friday, March 29th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How often do you use a setting spray?

  • Never! (45%, 1,423 Votes)
  • Sometimes! (36%, 1,138 Votes)
  • Always! (19%, 601 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,173

Thanks to Catherine for today’s question!

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33 thoughts on “How often do you use a setting spray?

  1. Pretty much when I remember to, which is about half the time. I try!

  2. xamyx

    I rarely use an actual setting spray, but I often spritz Rosewater & Glycerin over a MPF, and buff it out, to keep it from looking dry & cakey.

  3. I used to use setting spray when I was younger and my skin was a lot oilier. Now I do not find any particular benefit so I do not use it.

  4. Amy

    I use it almost everyday. I use my setting spray to wet my brushes to apply pigments and I always set my make-up if I wear foundation.

  5. I only wear it when I go out in the evening.

    During the day, it just seems like one more step and one more thing I’m putting on my face, which I really don’t want to do.

    However, oh my gosh. When I do use it, what a difference it makes. My makeup really does stay on much better.

  6. Patsy Dseautel

    Can’t live without it. It adds a beautiful dewiness and keeps my face from feeling tight or caked with makeup. Plus if feels and smells good!

  7. Ella

    I use MAC’s Mineralize Charged Water if I use a fixing spray at all, which is just when I remember! I do like the smell and it does make my skin feel more hydrated, but I’m not that convinced it makes my makeup stay for longer.

    I also occasionally use a setting powder by Inika, which feels lovely on as it’s so light.

  8. Starfish

    The only setting spray I’ve ever tried was the Urban Decay one for oily skin. It didn’t work at all and I was confused for like a week wondering if I was using it right. Maybe I just need to try a different brand, though I don’t think the sprays are worth the money to be honest.

  9. Mariella

    I will certainly use a setting spray when DD gets married this summer. The question is whether it will be Clarins Fix Makeup or Urban Decay All Nighter. Both are excellent. I use them only now and then, if I’m going to a special event or day is going to stretch into night-time with no chance to go home and redo my makeup in between. But I worry that whatever is in them isn’t “the best” for my skin with prolonged use, so I limit how often I use these products.

  10. Jo

    I’ve been using Skindinavia setting spray for the last two weeks to stop my concealer from creasing in the lines under my eyes and I have to say it’s an absolute godsend. I use it whenever I wear makeup (which isn’t every day).

  11. Tuva

    I do use setting sprays, but I don’t feel that they work as advertized. I’ve tried all of UB’s setting sprays, and my make-up cakes and disappears just as quickly as without it. I have no idea how people get 8 hours of wear, my make-up disappears after a few hours. The only thing that really stays on is my eyeshadow (UB primer). I use MAC studio sculpt foundation and Guerlain Les Voilettes Mineral Powder as a setting powder. That’s what last what lasts longest.

    Mineral foundation disappears very fast and if I add more, it cakes…

    I’ve got dry, sensitive problem-skin, and I’ve yet to find any HG foundation.

  12. I used to on models, but never on myself! Not sure why, actually… :-)

  13. I always do when I wear a full face of makeup.

  14. Chelsea

    I have a heart condition that causes excess sweating, so if it’s even moderately warm, I use one just to keep everything in place. Also for any special occasion. Since I live in Michigan, I get away without one a lot of the year.

  15. Lilly

    I’ll use one when Temptalia reviews one!

  16. I use UD’s All Nighter. It’s the only setting spary I’ve ever tried, but it works great! Not something I use everyday, usually if it’s going to be a long evening or an event. But I do notice it makes a difference! My makeup stays fresh looking the whole time.

  17. Sandra G

    Never – that’s because I don’t own one!
    I plan to get my hands on at least ONE before summer hits…

  18. Kristen

    I only use it in the summer time. I have dry skin so I don’t actually need it any other time of the year, really. Or, during special occasions.

  19. Veronica

    Never. My skin is dry, so it sets just fine with a light dusting of powder. I’m lucky to have fairly luminous skin when it’s properly cared for, so I don’t generally need anything to make me look “dewy.” In general, I’m not a fan of that look anyway – at least, as far as my face goes, it only makes me look oily! I’m more of a matte girl.

  20. Teal

    My face gets so oily, it takes mattifying primer and setting spray to keep it under control.

  21. OH GRRRL! I loathe the term LOL! Because nobody knows what setting or fixing sprays are – people get confused and think it’s either it’s about spritzing your face with a toner to kick back the powder OR that it’s a spray to make your makeup last longer – two completely different products with two completely different ingredients and it drives me CRAZY when people think they do the same thing – this is one of my beauty pet peeves. I turn all red faced and want to yell “HULK SMASH!” and just start breaking stuff. Haha! We all have our peeves I suppose 😉

  22. breyerchic04

    I voted other, and my answer is less than sometimes but more than never 😉 I pretty much only wear it for an outdoor event, which can be as glamourous as a wedding and unglamorous as a pig show, if I need to keep looking good for quite a while.

  23. Rachel

    I just started wearing setting spray a few weeks ago…but now I wear it every day! I use De-Slick by Urban Decay.

  24. Theresa

    I never used to, until I bought a small sized UD all nighter to try. I’m hooked. I find it helps with my oilyness, so if you have oily skin, it might be worth a go!

  25. Kelly

    Yes. I love my Fix + de Mac =)

  26. Andrea

    Every day since probably at least 2008! I work super long shifts and once I discovered setting spray I never looked back. UD All Nighter is my favorite. If I prime, use foundation, and then set with setting spray my makeup LITERALLY lasts over 14 hours with ZERO touch ups. I’m talking full-on running my butt off crazy full moon nursing shifts and it still looks impeccable at the end of the day. I hate carrying any makeup with me except lipstick/gloss so the fact that I can literally put on my makeup in the morning and not have to worry about it all day is a necessity. It also saves me a lot in product use! :) On my off days, I can put on makeup (I don’t leave the house without something on!), do a Tracy Anderson hour workout, followed by Zumba hour workout at the gym, then later that evening do my weekly 5k running club and my makeup still looks pretty dang good!

  27. Roo

    I have Fix+ in the product dungeon under my sink. I can’t remember when I last used it. I really hate the smell and I don’t think it helps much.

  28. every time i need my makeup to stay ALL DAY or for formal events.
    daily, i use a hydrating spray after my makeup though to keep that dewy glow. (:

  29. Not all the time, only sometimes – like a lot of people, it seems to be when I remember! I do find it makes my makeup last better – not necessarily LONGER, but it looks nicer as it wears, and it resists melting and humidity a LOT better.

  30. Xina

    I just got a black eye so I’ve been using a setting spray religiously lately. I have worn it to work out and even though I’m drenched in sweat, literally wiping it off my forehead, my makeup still stays in place. Thank god for makeup because my black eye looks grotesque!

  31. Heather

    I haven’t found much of the readily, commercially available setting sprays to work as advertised. That said, there are a few great Professional setting sprays that actually “lock” makeup down and create a waterproof, sweatproof seal. Ben Nye and Kryolan make excellent sealants. I wouldn’t recommend someone using them everyday because their intended purpose is for movie makeup and photo shoots in water etc. Now, hydrating mists such as Fix Plus are a God Send. Fix Plus is really like “gatorade for the face”. It hydrates, refreshes and has active skincare ingredients like green tea extract and humectants. If someone is just looking to “perk” up their skin or add a little glow after they’ve applied their makeup, Fix Plus is an excellent choice. I swear I’m not partial to it because of working for MAC for so many years, but it is a staple in my kit.