Friday, April 26th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How often do you reapply your lip color in a day?

  • Twice (25%, 822 Votes)
  • Three times (21%, 710 Votes)
  • Once (18%, 600 Votes)
  • More than four times (16%, 537 Votes)
  • Never! (11%, 367 Votes)
  • Four times (8%, 267 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,303

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26 thoughts on “How often do you reapply your lip color in a day?

  1. artemis

    i reapply it often because i eat often..and drink water all the time so it ruins it…and since long lasting ones are drying..i prefer not using those.

    but anyway, i rarely wear lipstick, tho i wish i would, but it looks bad on my forever chapped lips.

  2. VickyM

    I was deciding between never and once and I voted once. On me, basically all lipsticks are long lasting, even if they aren´t advertised as such, but they really last and continue strong into 6 or 7 hours, fading into very opaque stains by the 11 or 12 hour. Even the Ysl balm stains and the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines last on me about 9 hours before I have the need to apply them again. With lipgloss I do usually need to reapply about once at least since it just doesn´t last equally well, average for me is 6 hours, which is why I generally layer gloss on top of lipstick that way it does last longer 😀 .

    • Pami

      Wow, that’s amazing! I’m lucky if most lippies last an hour or two on me. Some of the longer wearing formulas might last three.

  3. About twice — Generally whenever I eat or drink, really. When I’m only wearing lip balm around the house, however, I reapply around ten times a day. >>

  4. xamyx

    On the occasion I actually wear lip color, I’m constantly reapplying, even if it’s still presentable. I’ll wipe it off before I eat or drink something, and reapply after. I’m drinking something about once an hour, so you can imagine how much I have to reapply, LOL. This is where MLBB shades come in handy; I reserve the more high-maintenance shades for special occasions, where I’m spending more time with people, and I don’t have as many opportunities for drinking or eating.

  5. It depends. If I am wearing tinted lip balm, I reapply it a lot. Lipstick takes less reapplying.

  6. SarahKita

    I hate lipstick that needs constant topups, so I only buy ones that I know will need just one top up – or none! As an aside Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivids Fuchsia Flash lasted through an entire 3 course Greek restaurant meal for me – now THAT was impressive.

  7. If I’m out I usually reapply once or twice. But if I’m wearing a lip product at home then I don’t normally reapply unless I wind up going out somewhere later on.

  8. redshift87

    I do something kind of strange (it works for me though!). Since my lips are often dry and chapped, I’ll apply a lipgloss in the morning when I’m getting ready. By the time I take my lunch break, the lipgloss has faded, but my lips are usually quite hydrated at that point, so when I’m done eating I apply a lipstick that is similar in color to the gloss I was wearing earlier. I might touch up the lipstick once in the afternoon.

    So, short answer: 1-2 times a day : -p

  9. Kimmwc03

    Wow, I’m surprised the results are swaying so low. I guess I’m strange as I reapply more than four times. I’m drinking water all day to stay hydrated and I’m not a fan of most of the long-wearing lipsticks.

  10. Liz

    if i’m wearing it at all, usually more than 5 times a day. i drink a lot of water and that smudges it, and also i find the act of putting on lipstick equal parts soothing and empowering (especially in public)

  11. Veronica

    It really depends on what kind of lip product I’m wearing. I’m very specific in my aesthetic preferences as far as my lipwear is concerned, so I’ll reapply if I fill there’s even a touch of fading or smudging. Glosses or semi-sheer lipsticks usually get redone every two or three hours. Mattes and satins I’ll go four to five hours without significantly touching up, though if it’s a less moisturizing formula, that will increase as I re-balm.

  12. Nesita

    I voted three but it really depends on what I’m wearing. If it’s a lipgloss or a nude lipstick I may not reapply at all since the fading isn’t all that noticeable. If I’m wearing a bright lipstick though, which is pretty often, I reapply every time I eat/drink.

  13. I can’t stand having my lips bare, they get dry and chapped very easily so I usually have a minimum of lip balm on my lips at any given point. I’m applying frequently regardless.

  14. Jackie

    It depends so much on the brand… with the good stuff, once in the morning, once after lunch. With the not-so-good stuff, a lot more.

  15. doroffee

    It depends on lots of things – mostly my schedule. There are times when I just don’t have the time to fix my lipstick (like when I have university seminars or lectures or when I have to run around a lot).

  16. blueraccoon

    I said three times but honestly I don’t know how often I reapply. If I’m wearing lip balm I reapply all the time, because I always have a water bottle or a cup of tea with me and it wears off quickly. if I’m wearing lipstick or gloss, I’ll reapply when I get the chance, so sometimes that’s once, sometimes that’s more than four times, it depends on how much has worn away by drinking/eating/talking and how much is still on my lips. Nothing lasts on me, so I reapply more frequently than some people, I think.

  17. Janelle

    I have chapped lips and my lip product is a tinted lip balm so I reapply that lil’ sucker whenever my lips are feeling dryu….at least once every two hours lol

  18. Lark

    I said three, but in honesty it depends on what I’m wearing and doing. I drink a ton of liquids so things come off; and people don’t seem to get that perfectly fine lips get touched up just to get the word in the powder room. Or whip out the gorgeous compact and jam up some guys brain.

    How are we defining day? Office day? Farm day? Day into night? Night into brunch? Different amounts of time, different lip colors, different wear and tear. Besides, who really counts?

  19. Elyse

    I drink water all day long and have to reapply SO many times! I’m baffled by the low answers– I can’t even imagine my lipstick staying on all day!

    • VickyM

      I drink water alot during the day and my lipstick doesn´t fade at all, even after a meal no fading, particularly the bolder shades. The last time I was on an international flight my lipstick stayed on for 22 hours no fading, no need to reapply, it was of course Girl abot town one of the boldest lipsticks I have. But even with the lightest shades and lipsticks like the rouge voluptes balm stains and rouge coco shines it´s normal for me to have no fading even after 8 or 9 hours. I´m surprised other people need to reapply so often I wonder what I´m doing different?

      • t_zwiggy

        8-9 hours with rouge coco shines?? Damn, I want your lips, lol! They only last about 2 hours on me :/

  20. Christina J.

    I always have to have something on my lips. They’re so dry that I hate the feel of nothing. Makes me feel grungy. I only wear glosses, balms, or stains (under gloss or balm) and I reapply whichever I’m wearing that day frequently.

  21. t_zwiggy

    I hate reapplying products during the day, I think that’s one of the reasons why I rarely wear lipstick/gloss. I mostly wear low maintenance lip products, but because most of them are sheer and glossy they’re the kind don’t stay on very long. I probably reapply lipstick once or twice daily, for days when I know I’ll be out all day usually stick to lip balm.

  22. An

    At work, I usually reapply 2-3 times after drinking/eating food/lunch.

    I rarely like to have my lips be bare so I tend to apply more often at home. After any drinking/eating, I’ll put on some plain lip balm.

  23. jolievoila

    For me, it was like 2 to 3 times per day. But then, a friend of mine I noticed went though lipstick really fast! Entire sticks gone in less than 2 to 3 months! Apparently, she reapplied like a dozen times per day. Now I began to watch because it’s hard to go through lipstick or lipgloss like that. I wanted to know what the reason was.

    I think I figured it out. As I watched her, it really did seem that the lipstick or gloss was disappearing rather quickly. I think because she thinner (but they are full but just small) lips, and when she talks or moisture saliva gets on them, it tends to wash off. Myself. I have fuller lips so there is less contact with moisture from my mouth. That’s the only thing I can think.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not Angelina Jolie or anything, but I’m average full and my lips face outward more. My friend’s lips face inward more, if that makes sense. I envy my friend because it’s always a struggle for me to use all my lipstick and lipgloss. I often throw it out at halfway or less.