Friday, October 18th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How often do you contour?

  • Everyday! (29%, 918 Votes)
  • Special occasions only (23%, 729 Votes)
  • A few times a week. (22%, 688 Votes)
  • Never! (21%, 683 Votes)
  • Weekends (5%, 153 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,192

Thanks to Nicole for today’s question!

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51 thoughts on “How often do you contour?

  1. I said every day, although it’s more like 95% of the time. I almost always wear bronzer around the edge of my face and in the hollow of my cheeks, and then add blush over that. I very rarely do full contouring with my taupe blush on the side of my nose, highlighter on my forehead and cheekbones, etc… But I feel like after foundation my face just looks so flat and two dimensional, I need to put some depth back in it with a little bit of light contouring as part of my daily routine.

  2. I don’t do it everyday, but sometimes I will depending on the makeup. Bronzey, gold looks just look nicer with some bronzer and contour. The reasons I don’t do it frequently is because I have yet to find the right shade (most make me look muddy and dirty…NOT cute) and maybe contour brush. Perhaps I need to learn a better technique to do it.

    • xamyx

      You don’t have to stick to the more “traditional” contouring products. You can try a deeper matte shade with a lighter one with a shimmer/sheen/satin finish in a shade range you find flattering.

    • Courtkney

      Honestly I just use a covergirl face powder that is slightly darker than me. It works and looks really natural.

  3. CatG

    Even after with all the tutorials I’ve watched, it still never looks right when I try to do it :(

  4. Clio

    I did it every day in the summer, but now that my skin’s gone winter-dry, I’m too lazy to put all that product on my face.

  5. I contour everyday. I find it takes very little effort for big results. I thought I would be in the minority. Apparently not.

    • Nicole

      I also contour every day and thought I’d be in the minority. Glad there are so many of us!

      • xamyx

        I contour every day, as well! Even if it’s just using a deeper matte shade with a shimmer/sheen/satin blush in a lighter shade.

  6. Lee

    I voted a few times a week but everyday is probably closer to accurate. I always (lightly) contour as part of my work face but don’t on the weekends (unless I’m going out in the evening).

  7. Just when my foundation is lighter than my skin tone :)

  8. I chose special occasions, but really whenever I feel like it – which isn’t all that often.

  9. Never! Unless using blush on my cheekbones counts.

  10. I go through phases with it. Sometimes I do it everyday and sometimes I won’t contour for months. Currently I am enjoying my no contour or bronzer phase.

  11. Never! I find it a bit too obsessive. I use blush and highlighter and that’s more than enough. I like my round face.

  12. Sara

    Rarely, but it’s not special occasions. More when I can be bothered to try it with my amazingly pale skin.

  13. Marie

    Whenever I wear makeup, but I don’t do very fancy contouring unless I’m doing something fancy.

  14. Kait

    Whats the product in that picture?

  15. Contour doesn’t look all that great on me. I always feel it looks sort of artificial so I only do it now and again, either when I’ve got time to play around and experiment just for the heck of it or if I’m going somewhere like out for coffee in the evening when it doesn’t really matter all that much and I’m not going to be out for a long time or in strong light for an extended period of time.

  16. Nicole

    I voted for other.
    I own the sculp and shape duo by MAC, but haven’t used it for a long time. Lately I use my Armani Blush No 5, which is imho a mix of a bronzer and a contour color. This blush gives a bit color and because of that dimension in my face. Love that color in the fall / winter time.

  17. I recently bought a contour palette including two matte powders, dark and light. Since then I’ve been contouring everyday. It gives my square face a softer look with more pronounced cheekbones. I have natural redness on my cheeks, so no need for blush. The shaping powders I got are from Zoeva.

    • Sarah

      I just bought the Tom Ford shade and illuminate and I also have mac emote, but because I have a round face I’ve been finding contouring a bit difficult. I hope one day I can get the hang of it.

      • xamyx

        You can contour the perimiter of your face, under the chin, nose, etc., but just be careful creating contours where there aren’t any naturally. Even if the contours are minimal, you should be okay; however, if the surface is completely level, it takes *alot* of work to create one.

  18. alejandra

    i love conturing! best thing ever and make my face looks slimmer! PLUS

  19. Azaza

    I contour whenever I feel like it, which is not really often and when I cosplay

  20. Leonor

    honestly.. I don’t know how.. i don’t know how to apply makeup either.. I just put dots all over my face of foundation..put concealer under my eyes.. powder like crazy and once I see its all covered up lol I just put lipstick and mascara and maybe eyeliner I dont know how to put blush or contour or bronzer or nothing.. ugh I need a step by step on how to

  21. I just learned how today using NARS products! (:

  22. I gotta go with never. Although, strangely enough, I did TRY to do it yesterday. Can I just say, “Not good” and leave it at that. lol.

  23. AngieButterfly

    I always hate how it looks when I do. I have a baby face – pronounced cheeks with no real bone structure – so it looks so bad when I try, imo.

  24. The rumors of my cheekbones have been greatly exaggerated.

  25. Lydia

    I don’t often contour in the strict sense of the word but I use bronzer whenever I wear foundation. I dust some along the outer edges of my face and under my cheekbones, but it’s more sculpting and shading than real, precise contouring.

    • abigailod

      If that’s how contouring vs scuplting is defined then I’ll have to agree with you, Lydia. :-) Although I’ve always had the impression it’s the other way around. Anyway, that makes it Everyday for me! I feel it helps make up for my lack or minimum eye makeup, so I just *invest on skin/base.

  26. fabiola

    I never do it, my foundation always oxide way too much, that is why i and wearing skin79 bb cream, and is a lot better now, and if I do this, I will end up with my face way darker than my body. I have fair skin with jet black hair, and I really like the porcelain skin look.

  27. Gina

    Almost never. I have a nice natural contour already, I think, and blush and highlighter emphasize my cheekbones well enough on their own!

  28. Chelsea

    Almost never – being rather heavily freckled, I find that I just look dirty with contour. I love doing it when I do other people’s makeup though!

  29. I would contour/sculpt/shape every day if I could… I just don’t have the time when I wake up at 0500 and am rushing out the door at 0530.
    I almost always do contour my face whenever its the weekend/date night w/ the husband! :)

  30. Veronica

    Occasionally. Often, I just don’t have time for full face makeup, and contouring doesn’t make such an intense impact on my face that I feel driven to work it into my daily routine. The only contouring I do regularly is very mild shading around the eye area, and even that’s more light-handed than most because my eyes are hooded.

  31. I contour every time I wear makeup. I wear makeup about 90% of the time when I go out, but I don’t go out everyday, so the schedule is quite erratic.

  32. Alice

    I contour with bronzer every day. I already have good cheekbones and this brings them out after foundation flattens everything. For nights out when I won’t be in harsh lighting I pop on highlighter and that brings the supermodel angles out. God I love makeup. It’s shockingly quick and easy after trying it out a few times, which must be why the majority here does it on a regular basis!

  33. Ann

    I will apply bronzer on the hollows of my cheeks and around my face maybe 3 times a week, when the look requires bronzer. I find some looks look better without bronzer. As for contouring my nose and everything 100% I only do that whenever I go out dancing or out for drinks.

  34. Literally never… I’m so pale it always just looks weird. (don’t get me wrong, I love my skin tone buy my face could use some slimming. bleh.)

  35. aeri

    I’m super pale with a very angular, thin face (aside from being underweight) – I can (and love to) highlight, but any contouring at all and I head straight into zombie/very ill looking territory.

  36. Every day! I have high cheekbones, but I also have a heart-shaped face. (And very chubby chipmunk cheeks) Besides, it adds a bit of color to my face as well.

  37. FKS

    The only time I contoured my face was when an allergic reaction caused it to swell up, and I had to do *something* to look barely human. So, is “Never minus once” the same as “Never”?

  38. This made me giggle! I’ve got exams coming up and am just eating whatever I want and not exercising so my face looks a bit ‘chubbier’. I only know from doing my makeup and not general observation that my face is fuller because I stand back and assess and think to myself ‘Mmmm…a bit of contour I think!’ LOL!

  39. Astrogherkin

    I chose a few times a week even though that’s not accurate. I contour every time I wear proper makeup – with highlighter, blush, etc. Sometimes I throw on some lipstick and that’s all the makeup I want that day. But I like contouring. To be honest I always thought it was a bit stupid, but then I got the Sleek “face form” kit in medium, mainly for the blush/bronzer and highlighter that was included (I was and am a big fan of highlighting) and it made me into the contouring fan that I am today. It makes a huge difference, because for some reason the blush always looks kind of stark on me – it makes the edges of my face appear pale and ashy. I have a bit of an ashy skin-tone generally, even without makeup, unfortunately. But that contour colour in Sleek’s medium kit is absolute perfection for my skin tone – warms up my face, and allows that gorgeous transition from hairline to bright skin. I use it as more of a bronzer than a contour, really – for warmth, not sculpting.

    (Sorry I am always plugging Sleek in my comments; I just love all their products! :))