Friday, July 13th, 2012

Choose or Lose

How often do you get facials?

  • Never (70%, 1,757 Votes)
  • Once or twice a year (17%, 415 Votes)
  • Once every couple of months (7%, 182 Votes)
  • One a month or more (6%, 140 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,494

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18 thoughts on “How often do you get facials?

  1. nacacijin

    I assume you’re speaking about salon or spa facials, in which case I answer “never.” I’m only 23 and have quite nice skin that I am more than able to take care of on my own. DIY facials are easy. Steaming with essential oils, masks with ingredients from Whole Foods or Vitamin Shoppe (you just have to know what to look for) and facial massages work perfectly well in the comfort of your own home. Maybe in a decade or two when my skin starts to lose elasticity and look dull I’ll try out spa or salon facials. But for now I do them at home by myself (cheap, effective and fun!)

  2. JS11

    ¬†I’m 25 and have had 2 facials before which were both very painful due to extractions and made my face so red, blotchy and break out more. I agree with nacacijin DIY facials are really easy, a nice steam with a Lush toner tab, a mask and scrub/massage and my skin is radiant and baby smooth.

  3. xamyx

    I’ve never felt I “needed” a spa-facial, nor do I like the idea of someone touching my face (it’s a strange quirk that I have). However, I do at-home facials regularly. I have a pore vacuum, exfoliating brushes, clay masks, essential oils, etc all at home, so I’ve never even looked into it. I’ll be 39 this month, and I still have really good skin, due largely to genetics & sunscreen since childhood.

  4. While I’d love to, I’ve never been to a spa or gotten a professional facial treatment before. I always spend too much money on my own products ūüėõ And anyway, I always give myself at-home facials at least once a week anyway

  5. Christina

    I had a bad experience w/ my one and only facial and never had one again.  I do however, get glycolic acid peels and dermaplaning done every 6-8 weeks РLOVE that!!

  6. I’ve never had one – my skin is so unpredictably sensitive so there’s no way I could screen all the products they’d try to use on it and be sure it would do more good than harm.

  7. I only have one on rare occasions – perhaps as part of a spa break or a pampering treat.¬† I do try to give myself a facial at home on a weekly basis but I’d love to be able to treat myself to a salon facial on a regular basis.


    I used to get facials every once a month, or at least once every 2 months. But since I’ve moved out from my country for my master, and without job, it’s not a priority anymore. At least, until I can start working again.

  9. beachgal

    I won’t pay for a facial when I can do it as well if not better at home for way, way less $$$.

  10. wow I don’t feel so bad now. So many people never get them, I thought I was part of a minority because my friends talk about it like it something everybody does. I just can’t justify the money.

  11. Facebook Page

    Once a week.

  12. hwendy

    I have been doing facial once a month since April and have mixed feeling about it.
    With all those equipments, process and facial massage, it really is very different from what we do at home ourselves.some of the products they use in salon are stronger then what we normally use too.
    and since I started doing professional facial, my skin tone is clearly brighter and I have much less tiny skin colour spots on my face. I can see there arent many blackheads anymore especially on my nose and there are much less clogging pores either.  the texture of my face is way better then before as well. and the best part is even my large pores seem looking smaller. there are countless benefit from facial.
    but as many people say that facial cause break out. yes, it is and normally is painful type of break out and it last at least one week or even two. i know it is the process of cleaning your dirt underneath of skin and clogging pores.
    but I do not enjoy having those breakout half of my month if I do facial¬†once a month. that¬†means i only have¬†great skin 2 week a month…….¬†¬†
    It isnt prefect but i carry on doing it to see if the breakout will get less and less later on.

  13. blueraccoon

    I go about once a quarter, so once every three months or so. Although I haven’t been in a while, so maybe I should revise to once or twice a year *g* For me it’s less about the skin benefits and more about having a pampering spa experience where I can relax. I also have a good relationship with my esthetician who does all my waxing, and I try to give her business where I can, so that’s also part of it.¬†

  14. Ravn94

    Hahaha, I’m giggling like a middle schooler at the title. ūüėÄ But no, my skin is pretty easy to handle, and I rarely have any problems with it, so I don’t feel iike it’s something I need to spend money on.

  15. Rica

    I dont. My pores enlarges whenever I get facials which results to oiler and acne prone skin for my case.

  16. Alison Cole

    I’m very happy with the results I get from my own skin care products, so I’m more likely to get an occasional special product just for the sake of pampering that I use at home! I’d probably get a facial for special occasions only, or as a special treat.¬†

  17. YUUUUP

    I have normal skin with no issues other than pores on my nose and the occasional pimple every now and then so I dont worry about getting facials. I had ONE facial in my whole entire life (Im 23) and didnt like it.¬†I remember them massaging my shoulders, arms and neck, putting on a mask and taking it off and thats it…and it cost me 60 bucks so no thank you. I do, however, spend a LOT of money on natural skincare products (right now I am using the Origins Mushroom Cleanser, Mask, Serum and Face Cream) and my skin looks and feels great.

  18. IsobelHumphreys

    I’ve only had one so far (I’m 21) from my beautician, who does my waxing and mani/pedis; It was relaxing I guess, and my beautician probably did a great job, but like most people I can buy masks in shops and do the same thing at home, so I think facials are kinda obsolete now.