Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Choose or Lose

How often do you cut your hair?

  • Once every 2-3 months (61%, 2,372 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (16%, 611 Votes)
  • Every 7-8 weeks (11%, 425 Votes)
  • Every 5-6 weeks (9%, 357 Votes)
  • Every 3-4 weeks (3%, 99 Votes)
  • Every 1-2 weeks (1%, 26 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,890

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Meme for today’s poll!

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133 thoughts on “How often do you cut your hair?

  1. haleii

    i cut my hair in september, january, june and any other time throughout the year that i have start to get bad split ends

  2. it depends for me. if i’m gonna let my hair grow out, i won’t cut it for a while. my hair usually doesn’t get split ends so i can go a long time between cuts. if i’m feeling adventurous, i’ll cut my hair every month or so to try out new styles.

  3. Paige

    I chose “other” as I get my hair cut about once or twice a year.

  4. Carrie

    I keep my hair pixie short (and I dye it). 6-8 weeks is about as long as I can go before the cut starts growing out and looks shaggy, plus around that time I’ve usually got roots anyway.

  5. I don’t think my hair has been cut in over a year now. I don’t find I get a lot of split ends and going for a trim usually results in the stylist cutting of waaaay more than I asked.

  6. I keep my hair pretty short, after 3 months or so it gets to the point where I can’t stand it any longer and get it cut again~

  7. Amber

    Twice a year sometimes 3.

  8. Court

    I cut my bangs every 2-3 weeks but I get a haircut (by a pro) every 6 months or so :)

  9. Monticka

    I gather all my hair on my back and take a pair of scissors and cut wherever I feel like it’s right, do it whenever I remember it basically, 2-3 times a year..
    I have really long hair and always up in a pony tale, no one will ever see how crocked it is 😀

  10. Opheliana

    Twice a year

  11. nekosan

    More like a trim once every 6 months to 3 years. =O

  12. Most often its 5-6 months :) or if I feel like a change then will cut my hair in 3 months.

  13. dovile

    Every 1-2 weeks? I had to double check I read the question right.
    Let me put it this way… Last time I cut my hair was exactly a year ago. LOL

  14. LizaMichelle

    I have quite long hair,really healthy thick blonde hair. It’s reaching almost to my elbows. I haven’t been to the hairdresser for almost three years, and I’m always amused if somebody asks me how i got it that long. how about NOT cutting it? Luckily its just really healthy, but lately I noticed split ends, so i’ll go to get a haircut soon. But I’m afraid that they cut it wrong and I’ll have to wait until it looks good again. I still need to find a hairdresser that I trust to go there every few months.

    • Dame Elizabeth

      Exactly the same as me! My hair is just the same as you described it, and I actually hate having my hait cut because hairdressers ALWAYS want to cut it short. About 18 months ago I went in for a trim and the stylist took off about 6 inches; I was mortified and I have barely had it cut since.
      I am the same as you, I don’t trust anyone to do anything with my hair. What’s wrong with wanting long blonde hair!!?? They always want to chop it off.
      Tbh I prefer my hair when I style it myself. I use Kerastase products to keep it in good condition and yeah I’d love a hair dresser who respected my choice rather than trying to enforce their own opinions onto me.

      • heather

        I have the same problem as you two. I was recently at the ulta salon hoping I met a good hairdresser, but she saw how thick and long my hair is, its just past my shoulders, she asked have u ever gone short, and I have, I found that I like the options with long hair, then she kept making fun of how thick it was and complaining that it took forever to dry then she rubbed in that her daughter donated to locks of love, which I think she was making me feel guilty. Ugh, a terrible experience, her attitude was pretty annoying. I need to find a non-complaining stylist. After all, I’m paying for it and it is my hair.

        • LizaMichelle

          Yeah i remember the last time the guy who cut my hair tried to get through my hair with a COMB ! I was like: No, just use a brush, it will take hours to get through it and secondly it will hurt badly. I ended up brushing my hair myself because he was annoyed. I will NEVER ever go there again. Plus I wasn’t even satisfied with the result.

  15. Melene

    Once a year :$ I like my hair long, this suits me best so I’m kind of afraid of the hairdresser

  16. Naomi

    I have short hair plus it’s a platinum blonde colour so I have to get a cut & colour every six weeks without fail. When my hair looks good I feel good :o)

  17. Nicole

    I haven’t had my hair cut in a year, maybe more. It’s terrible. I do want to keep it healthy. But I never seem to make going to the hair salon a priority. :(

  18. Saga

    I haven’t cut my hair in years! I will go for a trim in the summer though…

  19. I trim my fringe about once every six or eight weeks. The rest of it gets trimmed maybe twice a year?

  20. Eeva

    Last time was over a year ago. I’m in no hurry. :)

  21. Maggie

    I only cut my hair once a year. One because I like my hair to be long, and two, because I almost instantly get split ends after my hair is cut

    • Alicia

      you get split ends right after getting a cut? that’s odd…perhaps your hair is really dry, or splitting in the middle instead of the ends, so when the stylist cuts the ends, you’re seeing the split.

  22. Renske

    I am growing my hair. So I decided that I will cut my hair again after the summer. This way my hair get’s a chance to grow 😀

  23. Patricia

    I looove my long hair! It can take a year to me to cut them!

  24. Marina

    Twice a year :)

  25. Ashley

    Like.. once or twice a year if I’m lucky. I’m lazy. I don’t use styling products nad don’t really heat style it, so it’s not really prone to much damage.

  26. Keen Janine

    Just for clarification…Does when you haircut, do you mean an actual cut or does a trim for split ends and maintaining a current style count too? Usually, when I think of a haircut, I think of cutting like doing more than just trimming of split ends or maintaining a current short style (meaning cutting 1.5 inches or more).

  27. LU

    Once a year. My hair is really long, it’s up to my bottom and cutting it is just too hard for me. I usually cut it around May-July and every year I plan to cut half off and chicken out, LOL.

  28. leahbobeah

    I trim mine every 5-7 weeks. Seven weeks is the absolutely longest I can go before my hair drives me insane. Six is about perfect. I have short hair with side-swept bangs, so if I don’t keep up with it, I can’t see, haha!

  29. Miss Nicole

    I cut my hair once or twice a year. I know it’s horrible, but I just never remember to do it!

  30. Izzy

    Around every 10 weeks or so now I’m growing out my fringe (“bangs” to you American folk). I do have layers but I can deal with them being a bit all over the place while it grows. I find that if I have it done too often it doesn’t grow as quickly. Hoping to get to my optimum (just shy of waist length) by October :)

  31. Angela

    I cut my hair every 10 months. It’s really not hard to maintain at all and I hardly ever see split ends, just slightly dry ends. I cut it when the length really starts to get in my way & when its too hot for long hair.

  32. francesca

    twice a year:)

  33. Melissa

    My hair doesn’t really get split ends, so I cut (trims included) mine once every 2-3 years. I let it grow, then cut and donate it, then let it grow again just to repeat the process.

  34. Stephanie

    max 3 times a year, usually. so every 4 month

  35. Roberta

    Usually twice a year. I like to keep my hair long. When I see split ends, that’s what motivates me to get it cut.

  36. Moni

    I used to cut my hair 2x a year (in July & Dec). Now I’m trying to get hair cut every 3-4 months. My hair grows fast, so if I have layers, usually it’ll lose its shape quickly. I hate going to salon & I told my hairdresser that, so 3-4 months is the compromise (I want to come every 6 months, my hairdresser wants me to come every 2-3 months)

  37. Devi

    Even though I’m growing out my hair, the lady I go to always suggests getting AT LEAST a trim every 6-8 weeks, to get rid of dead/split ends. She’ll always take an inch off of my hair whenever I go to her every 3 months. xD

  38. If I cut it myself I do it whenever I feel like and if I go cut my hair at a hair salon with my mom and sister it’s usually mom who has planned it. ~

  39. shharikova

    other – two times for last 8 years.dont like to cut hair

  40. Angelina

    Once in a blue moon.

  41. Alicia

    if i’m trying to maintain length or a style, then ever 8-10 weeks. if i’m growing it out (like i am doing now) then around every 3-4 months.

  42. Luka

    Every 7 weeks like clockwork

  43. Amy

    Usually I get my hair cut once a year, but I haven’t had a haircut/trim for 3 years now – it is my grad school hair =/
    Can’t wait to defend my thesis in 2 weeks so I can chop it off!!

  44. Sydney

    one every 7-8 months

  45. Joey

    Whenever I actually get around to it. I tend to get it cut short then let it grow till i can’t stand it anymore and repeat the cycle.

  46. Well, the last time I cut my hair was about thirteen months ago, when I made it into a sort of mullet (I promise you, it looked cool, not redneck). I do have hella split ends, but mostly because my hair is so damaged from bleaching it! Recently, I’ve been considering cutting my hair short again, because I’ve gotten a bit sick of the tangled, dry rat’s nest it becomes sometimes. But then I look in the mirror and my longer hair looks so pretty! So, I don’t know when I’m gonna cut my hair next, lol.

  47. Virginia

    I have short hair so I cut it every 2 week in order to maintain the style but for the longer portion that gets cut every 8 weeks.

  48. Boone

    My hair is chin-length, but it grows at an alarming rate (like a solid inch or more per month), so two months is the absolute longest I can wait. Any longer and I have to lock up my kitchen scissors to avoid trimming it myself out of desperation (with my style that is NOT a good idea). In a perfect world I’d go for a cut every 4 weeks, but since I’ve yet to win the lottery and quit my job, I only see my stylist every 6-8 weeks.

  49. Elsa

    i should cut it about every 2 months but I haven’t cut it since november! I usually get it cut when I get split ends or when my haircut loses it’s shape, I’m so lazy about it…

  50. shelly

    Probably once a year.

  51. Carina

    twice a year because it gives me time to play around with different hairstyles and whatnot

  52. Raquel

    maybe three times per year!
    it depends when i colour my hair too, im always changing hair colour. so i do both at the same time :)

  53. leesie

    For me, it’s been once a year for the past few years. My hair is waist-length most of the time, and I’d rather psych myself up for a big cut than go in regularly–particularly since I am a bit of a baby when it comes to other people brushing it. I am actually planning on making an appointment for sometime in the next week, where I’ll probably get a good eight inches or so hacked off.

  54. I have naturally curly hair that I give a tiny trim to every 3 months or so if I am coloring my hair. Less frequently if I am not coloring and have healthy ends. I cut my hair myself, even when I want to go much shorter. I have not had my hair cut by someone else in 12 years!

  55. Jo

    About every 8 months it seems to work out as…Just to reshape it and get rid of a few split ends but it seems to take about 8 months for me to need it. It has to be when I am home from uni too and I would rather it was worth the money! I do my fringe myself whenever I stop being able to see properly >.<

  56. meme

    I need to go in every 8 to 10 weeks to keep from loosing the wedge on the sides. If I don’t go in by 8 or 10 weeks, I have zero shape left to my precision cut. This past year I went through growing out my sides from a clip above the ears (or at them) to having them covered in a wedge. I have not had long or even just past my shoulder length hair in ages. Thinking about it however so I can pull it back into a pony tail/bun. When it comes time for that change, I will trim my ends every 2 months to keep it growing & hold down the split ends. Nice with the cut I have now as I never have split ends. Owe a lot of that however to deep conditioning with oils and using the right brush/shampoo.

  57. Lyn

    I think that it’s not completely necessary to cut your hair on a scheduled basis. I think if you actually see a problem with your hair ie: split-ends, knots (for curly textured hair), then you should cut it. If there’s no problems no need to cut it, right? So I’m other — anytime necessary, I’ll cut it :-)

  58. I’m pretty sure I haven’t cut my hair in over a year now, and I need a trim BADLY! On the plus side though, it’s nice and long and easy to put up for summer 😀

  59. Wendy M.

    Perhaps not as often as I should haha.
    But it’s once a year, usually. :)
    Two, if I’m feeling fussy. 😛

  60. cait

    When ever I give up on growing it out. I went about a year and it got just past my shoulders and just cut it all off again last month – so the cycle continues xD

  61. Laura

    I cut my hair like twice every year, before summer, and before school starts, around august

  62. I just went two days ago 😉 I typically go every 5-8 weeks depending on if I am getting highlights or just base color. My stylist is my cousin and she will harass me once I go too long.

  63. Amanda

    2-3 times a year

  64. Livia

    About every six months :)

  65. Sara

    Once or twice a year.

  66. burntflowersfall

    once or twice a year

  67. Amber

    Lets just say I can’t remember the last time I got a hair cut.

  68. whenever i check the mirror and decide it’s time for a new look!

  69. Natalie

    I usually get it cut once a year or twice if necessary but I haven’t gotten my hair cut in over a year and a half because I want it long…but now that summer is coming its gonna be to Hot so I’m thinking of going to get it cut soon just the ends. Because either way its so long that its actually staring to bug me and I find myself putting it up in a pony tail more often.

  70. queenfrostine

    If I get my hair cut once a year, that’s being proactive! I generally let it grow almost to my waist and then chop it to my shoulders, then grow it to my waist again. The length of time between cuts has as much to do with having no idea what to do with it if I were to cut it as it does just not needing it.

  71. Sonia

    about 3 times a year, roughly once every four months

  72. Naz

    In the last four years, I have cut my hair three or four times. I’m not really prone to split ends, and I keep my hair rather long anyway (down to my lower back), so it’s fine for me!

  73. Sari

    I chose other because it ‘s been nearly 3 years since I ‘ve gotten a haircut . I typically cut my own bangs every once in awhile but even that has been probably almost a year now since I ‘m just letting them grow out .

  74. miriam

    I get my hair cut once a year in the summer by my sister or best friend, thank goodness they know how to cut hair right! I tried getting it cut/trimmed by someone local in the past but from my experience, nobody I’ve come across knows how to cut long hair properly. I’m so fed up with my hair being screwed up by people that don’t know how to cut hair. I don’t think 6-12 months is enough to learn. My husband who had shoulder length hair needed a trim so I figured Ulta had a good reputation for that, I took him there and explained to the woman there he needed 2 inches cut off. Instead she did her own thing and chopped off all his hair and styled his hair like a woman. So until there’s someone out there that really knows how to cut hair in my town, I’ll have to wait till the summer.

  75. Tia

    I’m really bad about cutting my hair. Ever since I grew my bangs out I tend to forget to get hair cuts. I only go in when my ends start to look ragged which is about every 3-6 months depending on how much I’ve been styling my hair.

  76. Ashley

    I have very fine and healthy hair. I only get it cut around 2-3 a year.

  77. amelia

    I get a trim every 4 weeks, and then a full cut 2-4 weeks after that – only because I have a pixie cut, though!

  78. Jessie Q

    About twice a year. I always mean to do it more and then I just don’t get around to it. Always on my birthday though. :)

  79. vicki

    I used to be better about trims and such… but my sister cuts my hair and moved from a salon that was one bus ride away to one I can’t get to via public transit… and I don’t havr a car. Plus she’s landscaping this summer and I’m too lazy to find a new stylist.

  80. Jaime

    I chose “other” because I shave my head, so I wind up re-shaving about once a week, which I do myself.

  81. jenny

    Ha, I cut it ever 2 years 😛

  82. Ana

    I go in august right before school starts, and once in june before summer. Then I usually go in january, and every rare now and then in november.

    Right now I’m going like 3 times a year because I’m growing it out!

  83. Julie

    probably like once or twice a year

  84. Frckls

    I used to keep very long wavy hair until Sept/Oct 2009 and I only got a haircut every 6 months (don’t frown on me!). But since that time, I’ve been cutting my hair shorter and shorter. The first cut was a bit longer than the shoulder, but then every 2-3 months I’ve been getting a haircut to change the chop shorter (bobs), until I finally donned a pixie cut in October 2010. I let my hair grew and got my last cut in February 2011, which now have grown into a nice bob.

    My stylist is sooooo good that I rarely get bad hair growth in between cuts. My last cut was 3-months ago because I want my wavy medium bob back, but I got people telling me how good my new cut is and copying my hair, which is actually a grown one! :)



  86. Maria

    I have a short spikey cut like Halle Berry so in order to maintain it, I get it tapered and cleanup every 4weeks.

  87. yajuwen

    I cut those split ends about every two or three months by myself but go to a pro about once a year or two.

  88. Janet

    For me the question should be: how often should I get my hair cut not how often I actually get it cut :) I should get it cut every 3mo, but the last time I got it cut was in Nov.’10. It’s definitely overdue!

  89. Kathryn

    I usually get it cut twice a year, I keep it long :)

  90. tori

    The longest I’d go without a haircut is 3 months. I love the way my hair looks, but hate the fact that it’s ridiculously high maintenance ( long tail, choppy layers & side swept bangs.) My hair is long, thick and coarse, so if my layers grow out, I’d look like I have a lion’s man. Those layers need to stay short, otherwise they flip outward & look ridiculous.

  91. Emily

    I only get mine cut once or twice a year. I’m always growing my hair out, but then I get sick of it, so I end up cutting it to my shoulders. Now I’m growing my hair out for my wedding, so I’m only going to get it trimmed once or twice between now and then.

  92. Amber

    My hair grows really fast so I trim my bangs just about every week or week and a half. Normally I go to my hairdresser every 5-6 months, but when she went on maternaty leave late last year I let it grow until she came back. I kept putting it off and now it’s been almost a year, but I can’t decide what I want to do with it.

  93. Sara

    maybe twice or three times a year. My hair grows slowly so I don’t want to cut it often and get shot hair

  94. Romina

    If I don’t want to change my haircut or style (and usually I don’t) I cut them when I think I have to get rid of the split ends and have a healthier look. That’s twice a year, once always by the end of summer, late August or September and once about January or February.

  95. Sarah

    Only about once/twice a year. I wear my hair long all the time and I take good care of it so only about that much is needed.

  96. Zowie

    I feel that cutting your hair every 2-3 months isn’t even that necessary as a girl. Maybe it’s just that I like my hair long.
    I don’t really get why you would need to cut your hair every week though. Is that for people with perfect bangs? I have no idea…

  97. Melanie

    I go to my hairdresser twice a year. I am lucky to have never split ends, no matter which length my hair has and my hairdresser is fantastic. You can never tell how long ago my last haircut has been.