Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Choose or Lose

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

  • Once a month (33%, 1,297 Votes)
  • Once a week (27%, 1,050 Votes)
  • Once every other week (20%, 789 Votes)
  • After every use! (10%, 399 Votes)
  • Once every 2-3 days (9%, 348 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,883

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29 thoughts on “How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

  1. freshpinklips

    My MAC 190 and MAC 187 brushes get washed every time after use.
    Eyebrushes like the 224, 286, 282, 239, 217, 222 as well as blush brushes MAC 116 and 168 get washed when they get too saturated with color. So it varies.

  2. xamyx

    I spot-clean brushes I use regularly immediately after *every* use, and deep-clean *every* Sunday.

    Brushes that I don’t use daily still get deep-cleaned once a month, and if I know the day before (or at least a few hours before), I’ll spot-clean it before; if not, I’ll still spritz it with 91% alcohol right before.

    I have 4 cups of brushes, and every week I deep-clean one cup. I’m very obsessed with clean brushes, so I don’t mind the time & effort spent cleaning them.

  3. It depends! If it’s a brush I use with gel/cream products, after every use. If it’s powder (blush, setting powder…), then after several uses. I clean my eyeshadow brushes way more rigorously than face ones!

  4. Cat

    I’m REALLY bad about cleaning my brushes. It’s shameful!

  5. Miss J

    I spot clean during/after use, but dirty brushes get a bath at the end of the week.

  6. Liz

    I do a deep clean once a week. I use a daily cleaner on my blush and eye shadow brush almost every day (currently Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner).

    • I was just about to say the same thing! For my own personal burshes I Usually shampoo my brushes once every weekend and do a spot clean with Sephora’s daily brush cleaner after each use.

      As far as my kit goes though, I do a deep clean after every time I work on someone.

  7. Dinitchka

    I have a slight OCD with dirty brushes. I cannot look at a dirty brush, it makes me feel all creepy and nauseated. Even Youtube beauty videos that have dirty brushes make me cringe. I have to stop watching the video or else I make myself sick.

    I clean my brushes after each use. Thankfully, I went through a 3 month haul of brushes. I think I have just about every brush type their is.

  8. Carrie

    I wish this poll had multiple options! I wash things like my eyeshadow brushes after every use, but my other brushes I wash about once a week or so.

  9. Iris

    I try to spot clean after every use if I have the time, and every other week I clean all my face brushes. I tend to ignore my eye brushes a bit though, should probably wash them today lol.

  10. I clean my brushes after each use with a daily brush cleaner, and once a week do a deep clean. Its not only important for the life of the brush but also important for your skin and helps so you don’t muddy the colors you are applying. I taught a class on proper brush care and everyone told me after they were hardly ever cleaning their brushes but were going to start. I also had a girl with bad acne approach me and told me her skin had gotten much better once she became more diligent about cleaning her brushes.

  11. Barbie

    my face brushes i clean after i used them for obvious reasons same with eye shader brushes. my sister never really cleaned her mac brushes nasty.

  12. I have a lot of brushes, so I just kinda rotate them until they’re all dirty and then finally set aside the time to clean them (in theory). I’m pretty bad about it.

  13. I am very surprised that more people don’t clean their brushes after every use (or at the very least, at the end of the day) considering how many people complain about how sanitary various products and their packaging aren’t…if you have concerns about bacteria and germs getting into any of your products (especially the argument over items that come in tubes versus jars) then why wouldn’t you be more concerned about how sanitary your tools are when you use them? I would imagine that brushes harbor a lot more bacteria if they aren’t cleaned after use…and the longer you let product sit on them and continue to use them, the worse it could be. Maybe it’s a paranoia on my end, but I can’t imagine being diligent about keeping my products as sanitary as possible yet have no issue with sticking uncleaned brushes into the very products I have concerns about (or applying those products with dirty brushes).

  14. TwirlyGirly

    Brushes used to apply liquid/cream products I wash thoroughly after each use (a bit of olive oil to break down the product, then either dishwashing soap [synthetic bristle brushes] or baby shampoo [natural bristle brushes]). I then press the excess moisture out of the bristles with a clean dishtowel, and lay them on the dishtowel in my oven on the oven rack with the oven light on (they dry much more quickly in there!)

    For those brushes I use to apply powder products, I brush over an old, clean, dry washcloth a few times to remove any product residue from the bristles immediately after I’ve used them. Then, every couple of weeks I wash them with either dishwashing soap, baby shampoo, or brush cleaner.

  15. shelly

    Once a week. *nods* Generally, Saturday is the day I do it.

  16. Liz

    For those who clean gel/cream products from your brushes daily, what do you use? The daily spray that I have seems to do nothing for my foundation, concealer, or lip brushes.

    • xamyx

      I use an eye-makeup remover or light oil (olive, grapeseed, etc) to “break-down” the product on the bristles, then wash them with a mild shampoo or hand-soap (anti-bacterial, when possible). Even on the rare occasion I don’t have time to thoroughly wash the brush, I at least dab a bit of oil on it until I can get to it later that day, so the product is easier to remove.

  17. niche

    I clean it with the MAC spray every other day or so. And I wash it every other week. I really think I should do it more often but laziness and morning rush means that never happens.

  18. I’m surprised with the stats on this!! I vary between once every few days and once a week, my powder brushes I definitely don’t wash as often. I find if I don’t wash my brushes then my application isn’t as easy and doesn’t come out as well.

  19. Veronica

    I chose “after use,” but it really depends on what products I’m using. Brushes used with gel/cream products I immediately rinse out after use, scrubbing them down with either makeup remover or brush cleaner under hot water. Eye brushes I’ll generally rinse out after each use, even if I don’t give them a full scrub – though I will make sure to do it the next time I use it.

    Powder brushes are the ones I tend to get lazy with. I fully admit I’ll reuse my blush, bronzer, and kabuki brushes for about a week before I give them a thorough washing.

  20. Vivian

    I chose once a month because that’s what I aim to do most of the time… but in reality… hahah I’m TERRIBLE with that. It’s hard when you’re a student I think, there are so many other things that take precedence over cleaning your make up brushes LOL

  21. jessica

    I use the Mac cleaner in a spray bottle after every use and then about once a week or so, I’ll lather them up with baby shampoo and rinse them out really well. it’s surprising how much the spray cleaner/paper towel method still leaves in the face brushes!! although spot cleaning works wonders on the eye brushes.

  22. Yazmin

    I have over 200 brushes and the bad thing about having so many is that you get lazy in cleaning them, because you will always a dupe of the brush, or maybe two of the same so i dont clean them until ive gone through every brush lol im in the bathroom for hours cleaning every brush, when all it would take me is five minutes a day.

  23. I wash my brushes after every use. To avoid having to spend every night in the bathroom cleaning brushes I have several sets of brushes to use, so I only actually need to do the cleaning bit every couple of days, but every brush gets use once only.
    I wash with antibacterial sensitive hand soap or shampoo mixed with Dettol when I can get it (not living in the UK anymore it is a bit difficult) – it stinks but it is both antibacterial and anti microbial (I think Dettol is one of the only broad spectrum products you can buy) so gets the job done.

  24. Brenda

    I went with every 2-3 days because if it’s an powder brush or shadow brush that’s only been used once I leave it. I clean brushes that are used for liners, foundations and cream products after use.

    I have been doing that for a year (since becoming a stay at home mom and not wearing makeup much) and I realize I DO notice a difference in any breakouts (save hormonal)

  25. Roo

    It really depends on the brush and what I’ve used it for. I only use a brush once for a cream shadow or liquid foundation. I get many uses between washes from a powder-only brush unless I use glitter or a very bold colour. I generally wash 1-3 brushes a day and I generally use 3-8 brushes a day.

  26. Lisa

    I spot clean every evening because I’m rushing in the morning and then I do a deep clean every week or week & a half. I use a little evoo and wipe my brushes then I use Dr. Bonner’s Castillo soap.