Monday, March 19th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

How often do you change your skincare routine? What prompts you to change?

Temptalia's AnswerI change it based on my skin’s needs, which is often a result of the weather. For instance, I use heavier creams during the winter, especially at night, and I may increase topical treatments to that aim as well.

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14 thoughts on “How often do you change your skincare routine?

  1. Where I live, the weather isn’t so extreme that I have to switch products between seasons. That combined with my super oily skin, means that I use the same set of products year round!

    Granted, I have about 10+ facial skin care products that I switch around every few days. In the end, I probably have the same number of products as someone who has a more simple routine that switches things around with the changing seasons.

  2. Miss J

    I only change it based on need. Once I finish a product, I MAY change to a new product if I sample it and it works better than the old product. I like to keep a fairly set routine for skin, though.

  3. I do the same thing too, but I do enjoy trying new skincare products too. Right now I’m obsessed with the Bliss Steep Clean Mask

  4. GUSnail

    Mine changes with the seasons, so in winter I have a thicker moisturizer and exfoliate daily. In summer, I add an SPF product, my moisturizer is lighter, and I don’t exfoliate as often.

  5. my skincare routine remains the same, i figure if it isn’t broke i will not try to fix it, lol if i do notice that my skin is breaking out as a result of my current routine that’s when i will change things up..

  6. Lauren

    My skin routine changes with the weather, and what my specific needs are. I respond to what my face is saying, really. Also, since moisturizer runs out every 3 months or so, I’d say that’s the routine change I’m on.

  7. Kristabelle

    I haven’t changed my skincare routine in a very long time, because it took me soo long to find a routine that works well for my skin and keeps it clear. I do tend to exfoliate twice a week instead of once in winter, but that’s about it.

  8. I don’t change it so much except for lotion/cream wise. When the weather gets dry and cold, I put on a heavier cream (maybe also some serum/oil), but other than that it stays about the same!

  9. I have a couple of different ‘rituals’ that I go through, depending on how my skin is feeling, throughout the week.

  10. Em

    Like you, my skin care changes depending on what my skin needs are. This can depend on the weather or that time of the month. I have a couple of cleansers, moisturizers, treatments, and masks that are in rotation depending on how my skin looks and what I currently need.

  11. Sally

    I recently changed my skin care regimen because of a change in location and I’m starting to realize that my skin has different needs than I originally thought. I am trying out Korres Yoghurt Regimen and really like the mask and eye cream but the facial lotion and cleanser are just so-so.

  12. Dinitchka

    Often if I don’t find the right product. I am a sample junkie. If a sample impresses me enough, I will buy that product and work it into my routine. In the fall/winter I tend to use more products that deliver moisture and in the spring/summer I tend to use more products that have a higher SPF. Other than that my routine seems to stay steady.

  13. Leenie

    I don’t change much, maybe my moisturizer.

  14. I do try to change my skincare routine with seasons!! My skin reacts in different ways at different seasons.