Friday, May 10th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How often do you change your nail polish on your fingernails?

  • Once a week (34%, 1,277 Votes)
  • Every 2-3 days (23%, 863 Votes)
  • Every 4-5 days (21%, 783 Votes)
  • Twice a month (10%, 383 Votes)
  • Once a month or less (9%, 318 Votes)
  • Every day (2%, 92 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,716

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34 thoughts on “How often do you change your nail polish on your fingernails?

  1. Laura

    I’m not allowed to wear nail polish to work so I only wear it when I’m off for a while or going somewhere special. Otherwise I just have bare nails

  2. Robin

    Naked fingers and toes …..chips or any sign of wear drives me insane so it’s easier to just leave them bare. Though I do have a Nars polish that might make it on to my toes this summer!

  3. Nikki

    I tend to only wear nail polish during the summer months to match my pedicures or other times of the year for special occasions. When I do, I always wear Shellac or OPI Gelcolor so my color wears for two weeks minimum.

  4. I am really clumsy and uncareful. so I usually HAVE to change my nail polish every two to three days. When I am lucky I get maybe four or five days wear out of my nail polish, but never more than that.

    • Same here!! ^^ If a polish lasts me 4-5 days, I’m astonished because I’m always using my nails as tools or knocking them on something and chipping them!

    • kasia

      every 2-3 days
      I have small children and a lot of work at home – changing diapers, dishwashing, laundry etc. But when I go to work, I ought to have my nails looking perfect. Impossible to maintain:(

  5. Lee

    I’ve got acrylics so I only get it changed when I get a fill which I tend to put off for way too long, so that’s about once a month.

  6. Mariella

    Timely because in the past week, I’ve got a bit mad buying nail polishes. A beauty supply outlet near me has a in full of OPI LE shades that are now discontinued and they’re marked down to half price and I’ve bought a whole bunch, after not having bought polish in quite some time. I rarely wear polish on my fingernails because it just doesn’t last on me. My job and home life both take a toll on finger nail polish and, of course, if I’d just remember to wear rubber gloves at home, this wouldn’t be as much of a problem but I can never be bothered. I do love wearing polish on my toes, though – summer and winter, since I practise yoga. And with the new polishes I have recently bought and with summer coming, I think I’ll make a habit of doing my fingernails more often.

    • Wow! An outlet nearby that sells limited edition OPI shades for half price?! I would have gone crazy in there, too! 😀

      • Mariella

        I was a bit leery at first, thinking they might be all thick and tried up so I was buying them one at a time just to check! But they’re all in perfect condition and some of them, it seems, aren’t even discontinued – An Affair in Red Square and a few others I got are still current, according to the OPI site. Oh, and that should be “bin”, not “in”. I wish we could edit our typos!

  7. Kate

    Every day!? How do people do that??

    • Sasha

      I followed a blogger that redid her nails multiple times a day sometimes, during her lunch break and in the evening. More power to her, but my nails would be a crazy, peeling mess if I tried that. I have to rub them down with lotion just to keep them in decent condition if I have to change every other day.

  8. Joanna

    I change my nail polish every day (in the evenings). The only problem with that is I have to decide what I’m going to wear the next day in order to coordinate.

  9. Dinitchka

    I normally change my polish 2xs a week and very rarely 3xs a week. These past 2 weeks I have been changing my polish every evening. I am testing Cutie Girl polishes (Dollar Tree) and they chip on me very quickly. I cannot stand chipped polish. I always polish my nails at night and use a UV top coat or a ‘nail polish’ dryer so I can go to bed and not worry about bed sheet prints.

    Christine, how often do you change your polish?

  10. Anne-G.

    I get bored easily and I love trying new colors and designs, so I change every two days! :)

  11. Sasha

    I really wish I could get my polish to last 5+ days so that when I’m busy I don’t have to change during a work/school week, but some of my polishes chip after only 2 days. Most last about 3 days and some last 5 days if I’m lucky. I’ve just gotten in the habit of repainting my nails while I watch TV with my fiance in the evening (obviously not every evening, but it’s a nearly daily occurrence/time slot I can paint them if something chips).

  12. I would love to change my polish everyday but I just don’t have the time with my career. Two times a week max.

  13. I have gel nails and use Shellac, so I change my polish when I get a fill, every two weeks. If I’m careful and don’t break aything, they look as good on day 14 as they do on day 1 (with a bit of grow-out).

  14. Trillium

    Really, twice a week, every Tuesday and Sunday evenings. I stay naked on the weekends, usually. 😉

  15. DJ

    I recently just got hooked on gel nail polish and I don’t think I wanna go back to regular! I love how it dries completely within a minute or two and it doesn’t chip! I went to the nail salon with my mother in law and she had a regular manicure and by the time we walked out and got to the car 4 of her nails were already messed up!

  16. VickyM

    I do love nail polish but I only paint my toes and I change the color about once a week :) .

  17. KF

    When it finally chips off? I can’t really remember the last time I removed nail polish. I just wait until it comes off on its own or grows out (my nails grow really fast, so it doesn’t take that long). The last time I used polish remover, it made my nails peel, which really freaked me out.

  18. Brenda

    I find I have to change it due to chipping twice a week and that usually varies between 3 to 5 days between manicures.

  19. Once a year or once every two years… Or that’s how often I decide to actually put nail polish on, anyway. My nails are SO thin and weak that having nail polish on actually makes them even more prone to breakage. Any tips? >:

  20. Clara

    I would like to change my nail Color only every 5 days but my nails already Look like a mess after 2-3 days even though I use base and topcoat :-(

  21. I do wirework and work with patinas for a living, so my nails always chip after about 2 days.

  22. Xero

    I only have time to do my nails on the weekends, and luckily for me, most nail polishes last about a week on me before they start chipping.

  23. cc

    3 days usually. either by choice or it chips due to my line of work. i dont like wearing it for too long at a time anyways.

  24. Anne-Laure

    It depends on the polish quality, I can stand any chips, so I change it as soon as it begins to show signs of wear… Chanel lasts less then a day, OPI can go from 3 to 5 days, the light shades show later than the dark or bright shades… And Dior is my favourite brand, lasts a week!

  25. Geneva

    I change my polish every one to two days. I have around 130 bottles of polish and I also like to match my manicure to my outfit. I can’t resist new colors, lol. I also use the Konad and other brands stamping plates, I don’t stamp every time I paint my nails, but at least every other time.