Friday, May 14th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

How often do you change your nail polish? For your fingers? For your toes?

Temptalia's Answer.

I wear socks ALL the time, so I tend to let my toes go longer between polish changes. I only wear polish on my fingers for a few days at most.

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85 thoughts on “How often do you change your nail polish?

  1. The polish on my fingers is three weeks old, at least. Desperately needs to go. D:

  2. Kyndra

    As soon as I see at least 1-2 millimeters of the moon.

  3. Sophia

    Same here, Christine! I let my toes go until they chip or look awful, but I change my fingernail polish every few days. I get bored haha :)

  4. monet

    I get bored easily with colors, so I do my fingernails every friday, and toe everyother friday! :) Today, neon pink french tips with some preety white decals, and my toes have the green from CG poolside/w white pokadots! So summer!

  5. OMG! I wear socks all the time too! Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but I swear I feel like everyone likes being barefoot! People wear flipflops in cold weather here! But I hate if my feet are cold! It even makes me reconsider open-toed heels! LOL!

    But anyway, I used to never wear polish, but since I got really into polish in the last few years, I rarely go more than 3 or 4 days without re-applying. I hate chips! And I find it really embarrassing and sloppy if someone sees me with chips in my polish!

    Plus, I find it to be a way to take just 15 minutes out for myself. A little pampering, you know? And I make it sort of a game to get better and better at application.

  6. I’m pretty bad….I usually wait for it all to chip off first or pain over what’s there lol

  7. I currently have one Hot pink pointer nail. I usually don’t wear nail polish. Chips off and damages my nails.

  8. polish on my toes stays on for quite a while — maybe even a month. polish on my hands starts to chip after 3-4 days, so i don’t even bother most of the time.

  9. i change my nail polish maybe every 4-7 days and my toe like 2-3 weeks…sometimes even longer. i’m pretty lazy when it comes to my toes :)

  10. Sarah

    Toes: probably once a month I change them.
    Fingers: every 5-8 days.

  11. Wendy

    On my fingers I usually let the polish stay for about a week or until it chips. As for my tootsies, they could go months since I too wear socks all the time. xD

  12. Carrie

    I usually just paint my toenails because fingernail polish chips so quickly. I’ll change the polish every couple of weeks, but I like to let my nails breath in between if possible.

  13. mileena

    I change my polish on my fingers about every 2 or 3 days. On my toes I usually wait about 2 or 3 weeks before changing them. However I’ll add a coat regularly if I get chips or it starts to look dull.

  14. CeeBee

    Fingers every couple of days. Toes, maybe every week or two.

    I can’t stand chips or scuffing, I am pretty meticulous about keeping them looking nice. Unless I can’t be bothered and then it’s clear or neutral polish for a while!

  15. Kaylabella

    I usually change my nails when the current color gets all messed up, so anywhere between 4-7 days. And my toes can last for months!

  16. Helene

    It’s impossible to keep my polish unchipped for more than 2 or 3 days, so I never wear it longer than that. I seldom wear polish on my toenails.

  17. JessicaM

    Every wednesday! 😀

  18. Katie

    I usually change the colour if their is severe chipping or if I get bored of the colour 😀 But if it were to be measured in time I’d say 1-1 1/2 weeks

  19. Konconsc

    Yea, I only paint my toe nails probably three – four times a year…LOL..and finger nails..usually 2 weeks^^

  20. amelia

    change fingers once a week. 😛

  21. Never. I have gel nails! 😀 Asian Fashion. :)

  22. I paint my nails every two to four days because I get bored easily and there are so many beautiful shades out there. I hate the look of chipped polish, too so that’s another reason.
    Now my toes get painted whenever I feel the urge which is not very often. It’s a rarety that I wear open-toed shoes or flip flops.

  23. Alison

    i dont care much about my toes but i paint my fingernails whenever they start to chip, usually about once a week. i like to keep them short too, so i file all the white off and give them a good buff so the paint sticks better.

  24. Emily

    Dude….I HATE the feeling of ANYTHING on my feet! While I don’t wear socks all the time, I do ALWAYS have on a pair of flip-flops! Never take ’em off! =) As fair as nail-painting, I paint my toes maybe once a month, and my nails about once a week if I have time.

  25. Kelli

    I usually hate having polish on my toes, but I recently got a pedicure to get rid of all the dead skin from winter and have since re-applied; going on 3 weeks now.

    My fingers are a different story. I change the polish every week, reapplying at least once mid-week so as to avoid chips like Mariah (so tacky!). Having my nails painted makes me feel so much more polished and put-together, even if I’m just lounging around in sweatpants!

  26. I change my nailpolish daily on my fingers, sometimes every second day. on my toes once a week? i don’t know.

  27. Neela

    I change every 1-3 days on my fingers. Polish just doesn’t last for me. Some formulations will last a tad bit longer, but they usually chip/peel within 12 hours or so. I’m so harsh on my hands/nails.

    I change my toenail polish whenever I see it chip/peel, every 1-2 weeks or so. I hate socks and shoes, but sadly shoes are the only way to control the plantar fasciitis in my left foot easily.

  28. Jula

    I do my fingers about once a week, because I too find myself getting bored with each paint job. As for my toes, maybe once every one or two months since they do tend to last longer and I barley look down at my feet so I’m less prone to get sick of the color lol

  29. ilona

    about every 5 days

  30. sofia

    oh i get bored of same colour all the time as well!!actually whenever my mood changes i change my finger nails.. usually i have same colour for 4 days or 6 tops. but on my feet i feel bored of doing it very often so i leave them alone till the end!the longer the better! lol

  31. Katie

    I have a little confession: I never paint my nails! Well, not until the other day, actually. I used to get acrylics over my natural nails all the time, but I stopped when I found out I was pregnant and I’m glad I did because they made my nails so flimsy. I was never good at painting my own nails but I always have my toes painted. I just bought a gorgeous taupe color from Sally Hansen and I loved it so much I painted my nails! They actually make a bigger a statement than I thought so I’m going to keep painting them!

  32. Vanessa

    I get weekly manicures and bi-weekly pedicures its my indulgence!

  33. Paula

    Fingernails 3-14 days, depending on how lazy I am/how sick I am of my current nail polish.
    Toenails, if it’s not flip flop season then a loooooooong time. I even just paint over my old polish when I’m really desperate but lazy, it’s a gross habit I’m trying to get out of.

  34. Carolanne

    about every two weeks- not cus im lazy, but because my polish always seems to last that long! i don’t know, my nails don’t seem to want to let go of nail polish! i only start to see chips about 10-12 days in. i do my fingers and toes at the same time. =] im pretty diligent. i hate chipped polish, and i don’t particularly like bare nails. i’m very ocd about my nails. =X

  35. Bel

    I wear my nail polish on my fingers for a week and on my toes for 2 weeks!!

  36. Salvinia

    I can’t stand when it starts to chip, plus I tend to get bored quickly of whatever colour I’m wearing, so I never get more than a few days out of my manicure. I pretty much never wear polish on my toenails, even though I live in Australia and I love going barefoot!

  37. I change my toe color about every week and a half to two weeks. I’m a dance teacher, so it’s sometimes hard to get time for my toes to dry before putting on my dance shoes!
    Due to the fact that I have a nail blog, I sometimes wear multiple colors on my nails in one day, depending on what I’m posting on the blog. Otherwise I change my polish every day or every other day.

  38. isis

    Fingers I change 4-5 times a week. Toes I’m not bothering with… It’s nearly winter here :)

  39. AnGeLwInGz

    Honestly because I have to wash my hands so often at work my nail polish always starts chipping within a day or two, so I don’t bother changing it until it gets REALLY cheesy looking, as in only having polish on the middle of the nails! The toes never seem to chip so I usually just paint them to match my fingers. Otherwise I could go a month.

  40. Thincspot

    I usually wear polish for 3-5 days. With toddlers, it’s hard to keep the manicure looking fresh. After that I remove and maybe put on another color but usually I only polish about twice a month.

  41. Cherie

    Toes – usually until I want to change the colour. :)

    Fings – Few days or until some chip. I can’t stand my polish chipped so I usually take it off as soon as I see it’s happening. I dont like to touch up. I give my nails a few days in between polishes usually… but not always.

  42. Stacey

    Every two to three days for my fingers. Toes… maybe every week. I own too much nail polish, but I work at Sally Beauty… so I don’t feel as bad about buying haha.

  43. Kathie

    Every week since I have so many!

  44. I change my nail polish once a week & my toes about once a month.

  45. Melodyy

    When my nail polish starts chipping, if i’m too lazy, i’ll take it off.
    but if i feel like doing another polish, i do it.
    so it all depends on how long the nail polish wears for.

  46. Lindsay

    Almost every day! My nails will chip and then I pick at the polish, so it doesnt last long. Also, my mood changes often so I have to change colors too.

  47. I change my polish everyday or every few days, unless I really like a color…then I might wait a week with a good base and top coat. :)

  48. Leenie

    I grow my nails out pretty long to keep them that way I polish my finger nails every four days or when they chip, my toe nails in the winter I don’t really bother with them that much.

  49. griselda

    I must be the lonely only one! I LOVE being barefoot…ever since I was a child I could not stand wearing shoes! Even flip flops are too much for me! :) But I allow my toe nails to go weeks and weeks before I change the color. My finger nails on the other hand, need to be changed every 2 days or so! :)

  50. Jen

    Every 2-3 days… They start to bug me if I go any longer than that.

  51. My toes I go a while, I can’t say for sure.

    And my fingers, it depends! If I’ve recently gotten a nail polish haul then I want to use them all :) so usually I’ll change it up every few days.

  52. Brenda

    Fingers: unfortunately only 1 day… chipping starts after a few hours, and yes I use base and top coat! Advice to let polish better stay on natural nails is welcome!

    Toes: 2 weeks!

    • AnGeLwInGz

      I have that same problem. I could paint my nails at night and the next morning it starts chipping while I’m in the shower.

    • Nicole

      Maybe you use the wrong base or top coat.
      My mom had the same problem years ago, so I bought her another base coat from the same company as the polish. It lasted much longer, no chipping of after hours or a day.
      I think it was a L’oreal color and an Artdeco base coat.

  53. For my fingers, like every couple days or so. Lol. I get bored fast and I can’t seem to keep my polish from wearing off quickly, even with a top and base coat, even the famous seche vite! My toes, they stay the same forever in weird colors cause I know I’m always wearing socks and it doesn’t matter. Lol.

    • dallasbrowneyes

      I have a hard time not using my hands until my nails dry, so I don’t do the fingernails very often.
      I’m a sock lover also, even in the summer!!! LOL

    • Miranda

      I change my nail colour every sunday night 😀 toes, randomly….i usually only deal with it when i’m wearing open-toed shoes.

  54. Jazz

    toes: 2 weeks or until they chip ( or until im wearing sandals ) nails : as soon as one chips – I hate chipped nail polish on hands

  55. Milessa

    My toes are done every two weeks…it doesn’t chip or anything…I hate seeing bad toes…because I love wearing sandals..My fingers are done every week.

  56. Naun

    it seems pretty common – polish on toes stays for weeks or months (with random touch-ups) and polish on hands gets changed every 2-4 days. depends how chipped it gets, and how bored i get of the color

  57. I change my mani ~5 times a week and my pedi once a week or so. :)

  58. karen

    Toes can hang on for a long time. But due to the nature of my work, my nail color often chips really fast so I either end up changing colors constantly or going with just a clear polish to keep them looking nice.

  59. Nicole

    On my toes about once a month, exspect the polish peels off.

    On my fingernails I change my polish once or twice a week. Depending on my mood.

  60. Stephanie

    I can usually get away with 5 days. My nailpolish chips the day after I put it on either way (horseback riding + nailpolish = lots o’ chips), but it’s not too bad. My toes can go for about two weeks or until they start looking icky.

  61. Kim

    Fingers every 3-4 days
    Toes every week or 2

  62. alice

    I’m like you, nail polish every few days. I can only stand a color so long, and prolonged wear not good for my nails. The older I get, the more I like socks. They make my feet super soft. But I don’t bother changing pedicures until I see chipping–2-3 weeks on me.

  63. I usually change the polish on my nails every Sunday. Not as often with my toes, especially during winter. Now that summer is here I’ll probably change my toe polish just as often.

  64. Haley

    i ususally have 2 diff colors on my nails a week

  65. Reese

    Fingers I change every 4-5 days. Toes I don’t bother to change as often, probably 2 or 3 weeks.

  66. I change my nail polish probably 2-3 times a week haha
    As for the toes, I rarely change them. Maybe once a month.

  67. Eden Landers

    every day almost. i have become a nail polish junkie…but i love it! lol u can find me every weekend at my local ulta stalking the nail polish section..:P

  68. becki

    my toes are once every couple of months, when they start to chip really bad. my nails, i’d do once a week, but i just got acrylics, so it will be every few weeks now.

  69. i change my fingers all the time! i have so many nail polishes and love to change them for my outfits or to make them look pretty. i also have long nails. the most i keep in on is 2-3 days

    my toe nails grow so slow. so i never really change the polish on those, those i can go for at least a month

  70. Alessandra

    I try to keep the same nail polish on my hands for 1 week at least just because I don’t have time to change it and I have to say I’m not so patient to let them dry. For the feet stay much longer sometimes a month too, is not really warm here in England so I wear close shoes and socks most the time. :(

  71. Sara

    fingernails: maybe every 3 days? I get bored rather easily.
    toes: maybe … whenever it starts to chip badly! haha

  72. Rebecca

    If its chipped at all, I change it. The worst thing to me is to have chipped nails at work, I dont want my supervisor to look at my hands and think “16 year old” because Im the youngest one in the office! I just recently got my nails to the shape I wanted, so I try to have them looking glam 24/7. Painting my nails is my zen activity. :) I absolutely LOVE the nail polish reviews Christina! Its my favorite part of the website. I went out and got the Essie Playa De Platinum from the Resort 2010 collection and Im in love!

  73. Cathy

    Every two weeks for my nails and every month or two for my toes.

  74. Meika

    I change my fingers twice a week. Three times if I’m really bored. My toes I change once a week.

  75. Elusive

    Every two to five days. Three on average. :)

  76. aida

    I change the colour all the time, I love changing them depending on the mood I am in and the place where I have to go.

  77. MissDeeCanada

    I am sad to say that I own well over 100 nail polishes and I change my nail polish DAILY! lol…. I only change my toes about every two weeks or so.

    I love fresh new polish and well its a little bit of an obsession for me :)

  78. Zenaida

    My job requires me to wear glove, which reek havoc on my nails so I do a new color everytime I have a day off. Or even just for the night if I’m going out.

    My toes on the other hand change about every two weeks.

  79. LaLa

    I never paint my nails but when i get my toes painted i usually keep it on for three to two months and i remove it when only the big toe has polish on it