Friday, October 26th, 2012

Choose or Lose

How much of your beauty shopping do you do online?

  • 75% or more! (26%, 929 Votes)
  • Less than 25%! (23%, 820 Votes)
  • About half! (22%, 766 Votes)
  • Not quite half, but more than 25%! (13%, 464 Votes)
  • None! (12%, 439 Votes)
  • All of it! (3%, 112 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,530

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25 thoughts on “How much of your beauty shopping do you do online?

  1. Pamela

    I don’t do online shopping for beauty unless I come across a hard to find brand, the site is offering a major discount/free shipping or really good samples.

  2. Sterndli98

    I do less than 25 % of online shopping, because first of all the shipping in switzerland is not cheap and shipping within switzerland takes about 2 weeks. And of course I work on the Bahnhofstreet in Z├╝rich, right next to the big swiss department stores.

  3. I prefer to shop on-line for most things. I’m away from the fray and cannot beat the convenience of on-line shopping. The small towns closest to me fall very short of my shopping expectations and sadly seem to be full-on Wally World societies. Not a fan of WalMart for a lot of reasons.

  4. Definitely most of it is purchased online, I like when stuff comes to me!

  5. Dinitchka

    I said 1/2 and 1/2. Living in Oklahoma we are not privey to a lot of the higher end stores (though Nordies Rack is coming!!! YaY!), or some of the boutiques, so shopping online is a must for me. I no longer have to drive down monthly to Lush because we FINALLY got one!I don’t mind driving down to Dallas but that is for major hauls and not a single or a few items. I also like shopping online for LE items and sales/specials. I also belong to quite a few flash sites and shopping online is the only way to go. I think everyone I shop with has a fantastic return policy.

  6. xamyx

    I absolutely despise online shopping. I like to actually have my product in my hand as soon as I turn over my payment. Besides, things like makeup can easily be damaged and/or lost in the mail. I’ve also become aware of the policies of some of the major delivery companies. FedEx, for example, is under no obligation to come to your door, and they can basically just leave it anywhere in front of the building, or they can choose to just leave it with any random neighbor if they choose. UPS can leave it with a neighbor as well, whether you consent or not. USPS can just drop it in front of the mailbox, as well; or, it gets taken to the “local” post office, which isn’t necessarily the nearest one, and I may as well just go to a real store or counter.

    We all like to think we live in “nice” neighborhoods, and that our neighbors wouldn’t steal our stuff, but “strangers” also come through, as well as “friends” & relatives of our neighbors. Unless I know I’ll be home, and can watch for my delivery, I won’t place an order.

    • Pamela

      The viral video of the FedEx delivery guy throwing the box containing a computer over the owner’s fence comes to mind. It’s like “thanks dude! I’ll throw your *ss over the fence if it happens again!”

  7. Jackie

    Since I moved 200+ miles from the closest Sephora, shopping online is a necessity. I can find drugstore brands where I live and a few of department store brands (only 1 that I use regularly), but I usually have to either stock up when I take a trip or shop online.

  8. Lee

    I answered 75% or more but I would actually prefer to do more shopping in person. But since the MAC new releases have been selling out so quickly (particularly the lipsticks), I wind up ordering online to ensure I get what I want. I think it’s short-sighted of MAC to understock as I tend to buy less when I order online.

  9. Nicole

    I just buy products online, which I already know, so my staple products.

    When I am looking for now colots I prefere going to the counter, so I can try and see if the colour suites me or not.
    Especially when it comes to foundations and lipsticks. I have to see them on my face. Luckily I work a 15 minute ride away from counters like MAC, Armani, Bobbi, Rituals, Kiehl’s etc.

  10. Raven

    I do most of my beauty purchases online. I’d rather shop on the Sephora website, for instance, because of the number of online promos, as well as a three freebies with each order. I also like that I can read the reviews while shopping and use my ebates account to get a small discount on my order (every dollar saved counts!).

  11. mirian

    i live 10 minutes from the mall so i have access to nordstrom and sephora, but they never carry the products or fragrances i want! I would love to browse guerlain and armani instead of having to order online and wait. I do love getting little packages though!

  12. Barbie

    95% of my makeup stash is from me buying it online. never had any broken/melted products come to me and never had problems with shipping so i love online shopping

  13. I shop online the majority of the time…mainly because of better pricing or more availability than local retailers carry. Also, some Pro Discounts are only valid via the website (UD for example). In those instances, if there is a product I want but need to see it in person first I check local retailers to try it out and if I like the first in-person impression I go ahead and order. I’m less apt to order anything that I have too many questions/concerns about…although I try to get a decent idea about products/brands I can’t see in person via sites like this and a lot of others. If after a lot of research the product/brand seems to get consistently great reviews I am more likely to give it a try. This is how I finally tried Shu Uemura for example. I will only purchase online from known retailers or the brand itself…I don’t trust Ebay or peer sites quite so much…you never know what you’re really getting or if it’s safe.

  14. shelly

    75%+. I don’t live near enough to a Sephora, Ulta, or MAC (counter or store), or department store, so I have to order most of my makeup, as well as my skincare, online.

  15. Liz

    I prefer shopping online for most things but during the summer I tend to rethink lipsticks

  16. you have to when your town doesn’t have good shopping!

  17. Usually I don’t do too much online, but that has been changing because I don’t have access to an Ulta when I’m a school. Even when I’m home, it’s still 45 minutes away.

    I usually buy NYX and obviously ELF online.

  18. Carrie

    I really don’t care to buy things without swatching them in person first.

    My main exceptions are indie brands, mainly nail polishes (since I usually don’t have a choice) and the occasional purchase at Sephora online when I can’t find it in one of my local stores, but even then I try to limit it to things like the recent Cinderella compact mirror as opposed to actual color cosmetics.

  19. blueraccoon

    For me it depends. I do a fair amount of shopping online but I tend to buy things that I can’t get easily at my local store, and I’ll buy at Sephora over Nordstrom’s usually because of points. But Nordstrom’s doesn’t have a dollar limit for free shipping, which is a plus. For some reason I only want to buy my Burberry in person, but things I get from Sephora I’ll buy online if the local store doesn’t carry them. Like the Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip glosses – I can’t get those in-store at Sephora, so I buy them online, or the Tarina Tarantino items I bought which i also can’t get in-store.

  20. Malia

    When I was in the US I did probably 90% online, even though I lived 10 mins away from Nordstrom, Sephora, and every other major brand. more convenient, sometimes I got the products sooner (especially with MAC I would stalk the collections starting at midnght LOL) and no salespersons. I’ve depended on this website almost exclusively for swatches (cant thank you enough!!) so I hardly felt the need to swatch or see anything in person (foundation would be the only exception I can think of)…. but now as I am overseas I rarely shop online because it’s difficult- most of the major brands won’t ship here, although the UK brands will for the most part. I absolutely despise shopping in person here because of the heightened shall we say… theft prevention methods, so I’ve really limited my makeup shopping excursions because of this.

  21. May

    I prefer to do my beauty shopping online.
    First of all because local shops don’t carry all the brands I’m interested in and secondly because I won’t have to deal with pushy or rude sale assistants. In the past I’ve been ignored and also been treated badly at my local Douglas (German version of Sephora) and MAC stores. So I prefer to stay away from them now.
    Futhermore online shops often offer discounts and free shipping, which makes them even cheaper than physical stores! =)

  22. I do attempt to buy some thing online, but I find a limited amount of essentials for men. I do shop for gifts online, which includes beauty products.

  23. VickyM

    I never buy online! O enjoy the process of swatching and trying to decide what I like :) .

  24. The only shopping I do for beauty online is nail polish and sometimes skin care (just repurchasing). I prefer to test or view the makeup products in person because color from the monitor could be off.