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I live in SW Arizona, so we don’t have seasons: its hot, and hotter. I play w my eyeshadow, but I always have matte skin and red lips. It’s become my signature.

I am really drawn to warmer shades as well as pops of color for cheeks and lips, so I think my summer skin shade allows me to wear those colors a lot better. Also, I wear less base makeup in the warmer months. In the winter, I lose pretty much all my color, and while I don’t particularly like pink blush at all, I need a bright pop of pink on my cheeks in the winter to give me back some life to my face. The seasons influence small changes, but I don’t necessarily feel I must wear certain looks at certain times of the year. It’s more of I start to gravitate towards certain things because it performs better for a certain season or looks better with my current shade.

I live in Los Angeles, and we don’t really have seasons; it can be 97 degrees in January, as well as pouring rain in June. I pretty much wear the same colors year round, but I will change the formulas of my makeup depending on temperature. If it’s hot and humid, I’ll typicalyy go with a TM and/or MMU. I’ll also stay away from cream shadows when it’s hot. I take major precautions to not tan, so my foundation and color pallette don’t change.

Seasons play a minor role in what makeup I wear. In Autumn, I choose deeper, richer lip and cheek colours, in Spring, out come softer, lighter and brighter shades. Tho I have been known to wear a red lip in Summer and a coral or pink in Winter.

So I guess… Not a large role, after all. 😛

I do tutorials & work at Sephora, so that tends to influence my looks, but overall, when I’m picking what I wear, no, season does not influence what I wear. I do play with whatever is in trend a little more, but I’d hardly call myself trendy, haha.

Just foundation during warmer times. I tend to sheer out my foundation and use less powder. But that’s it. I’ll also put translucent powder on my body sunscreen just so it doesn’t budge as easily. Usually I skip that step.

I am actually more influenced by the weather than the seasons. Where I live, it is usually very gloomy and foggy, so I love my smokey eyes and vampy lips. On the rare sunny days, I go for chartreuse eyeshadow and bright lips!

The only thing that season’s dictate for me is what type of base I use; I transferred from having a makeup artistry major to a fashion design major, so these days I pretty much just change my lip colour rather than eye makeup everyday.

I agree with you, Christine. I wear deeper colors for fall/winter, bright warm tones for summer and metals (copper, gold, bronze) in the late summer. It just doesn’t feel right to wear deep plum lips in July or coral blush in December, you know?

I didn’t used to think that it played any role, but I definitely see now that I tend towards deeper, vampy shades more in the Fall and WInter, and more muted tones in the Spring and Summer. Really bright shades seem to be a purely summer thing to me. I think this has to do with what the light is like at different times of the year. Certain colours look better depending on how bright it is, I guess.

You bring up a good point, Kate. The light conditions play an important role in how color is perceived. It is the tilt of the earth which changes throughout the year and the climatic conditions through which the light is filtered that can alter the way a color looks. Add to that the weather, and I think some colors very definitely look better at certain times of the year.

I guess that in bright, stark, sunny light, a dark lipstick may show more flaws… but at night time in a restaurant’s lighting, the softer light and shadows would work to its advantage.

Same with powder, dark eye makeup, etc.

I would say that it has a pretty large role. I’m pretty season appropriate when it comes to makeup because I like what I’m wearing (whether it be clothing or cosmetics) to reflect what is going on outside… although I like to occasionally sneak an out of season nail polish shade in here or there. 😉

I’m the same as Christine! I don’t consciously pick makeup based on the seasons, but in cooler weather I’ll naturally gravitate towards heavier, darker, greyer makeup, and in hot, sunny beach weather, I’ll go for more light tints and lighter, glossier makeup!

Its similar for day and night, really!

I live in North-Western Europe, so we definitly have seasons here, although we have to deal with (relatively) cold and rainy weather 3/4 of the year. Which has it’s benefits too, e.g we don’t have to worry about sweating off our makeup. On the other hand, when it does get sunny and hot, I have the urge to wear as less makeup as I can. Just some MSF, benetint, cream eyeshadow and mascara.

Hmm, my make-up doesn’t change nearly as much as my skincare. Although I’m more likely to go bare-faced (no foundation/tinted moisturizer) in summer than in winter. I barely ever wear foundation no matter the season, though. ^^;

Only real change is in summer, I try to arrange my face makeup so I don’t sweat it all off. If that seems to be failing me, I go with something lightweight that isn’t noticeable when it sweats off! 😀

For the color cosmetics, though, I really don’t pay much attention to seasons.

Definitely! Less foundation in summer, usually tinted moisturiser, in winter foundation almost every time. I also wear darker colours fall/autumn and winter, dark red lips and dark nail colours, with a paler face I also skip the bronzer.. Summer I love pops of colours, bright fun lips and nail polishes/varnishes and likes adding a bit of bronzer to warm up the skin! 🙂

When it’s summer I just feel weird wearing dark makeup, I think I end up looking over-done and it makes me feel self-conscious.
I just think that bright make up tends to be hard for me to get away with unless it’s summer, so I try to make the most of it when I can.

A little. My skin gets very, very pale in the winter, so I’m more cautious with how I balance looks. I will gravitate to slightly darker colors in the fall/winter months but not extensively. I rotate all of my shades on a regular basis just to make I get my use out of them, so there’s no significant consideration for season.

I don’t think it’s a drastic change for me. In the winter I wear bronzer, and lipstick. Summertime I go with maybe a sheer lip gloss color, and wear very little of it. Also in summer I just use my bronzer on my cheeks and very little again.

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