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It’s quite simple: I go to Sephora and ask for a few empty sample jars, into which I squirt a bit of my everyday foundation. I don’t like to bring the full size¬†because I’ll never use that much. And I ditch my loose powder for a pressed one. That’s all¬†I change. I’m curious how other minimalists further simplify their already short routines.

I used to overpack too, but now I always try to think about where I’m going and what I’m doing and plan from there. I always bring the face basics (foundation, powder, a blush and a bronzer), a MAC custom quad with trip appropriate colors, pencil eyeliner, a lash curler, mascara and a lipstick. I also pack a flat paddle style face brush, an eyeshadow shader brush and a blending brush. All of this fits quite well in a medium-small makeup bag with enough room for travel sizes bottles of moisturizer and makeup remover.

I try to just bring stuff I use everyday/regularly in my makeup routine. Most trips I take are during the warmer months, and spent predominantly outdoors, so I don’t feel the need ¬†to take a ton of stuff with me. ES usually gets left behind unless I know I’ll be going to some specific event or place where I would want to go all out. I usually don’t have the time on trips to sit around and put on makeup since other people are usually involved, and none of the girls I know bother with much makeup, if any. I feel like I have to be ready before or exactly when everyone else is ready in an attempt not to annoy them. Besides, it leaves a lot less for me to lose or forget to repack before leaving!

Wayy, wayy too much lol. Hell, I used to bring all my makeup for overnighters not so long ago. Now, for overnight trips, I try to just bring my everyday face stuff, naked palette, black liner, 1 colored liner, mascara, and 1 nude, 1 colored lip. Still a lot…for longer trips I tend to feel like I need to bring everything ‘just in case’…which was bad, since it consisted of around 7 palettes just for eyes.
Now I just have three z-palettes…still a lot, but a lot easier to pack. Plus foundation, concealer, 2 powders, bronzer, 2 blushes, highlighter, face and eye primer, black liner, colored liner, mascara, brushes…sugarpill loose shadows, a few lip colors, and a pair or two of falsies.
It might seem like a lot to non-makeup-junkies, but compared to what I actually own it’s not a lot.

I’m more likely to overpack on clothes than makeup! I’m pretty good with the makeup thing because I’m afraid of it getting lost, broken, or confisticated at airports. And I keep it basic on vacations because I don’t usually feel very creative, either!

Entirely *way* too much. I also overpack when it comes to clothes, as well. On my last trip, which was three days, I packed both Naked palettes, three Kat Von D palettes (Saint, Sinner, Poetica), three lipsticks, one lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, a pearl white shadow, and foundation & powder. Everything fit into one large makeup bag, though, so it wasn’t too bad. What can I say-I like options. I used to bring *more*, but having larger, quality palettes has really helped in paring down. When I had to rely on singles & duos, I could never decide which to bring, so I ended bringing alot; however, with palettes, I can just limit myself to a few basics and a couple with color.

It depends on what kind of vacation it is.¬† If we’re talking outdoors-y situations, then little to none at all.¬† Something more family or friends related, I’ll bring a little more.¬† Then you have to consider what kind of traveling you’re doing – for example, if I’m flying, I try to avoid bringing cream/liquid products because of the TSA regulations.
I’m actually packing for a trip in two days as I type this.¬† I’m thinking it’s probably going to get pared down to routine basics:¬† mascara, blush,¬†concealer, liner, one palette (probably the UD Naked), and a few lip shades.

Oh gosh, the amount of makeup I packed on the “vacation” I took back in February was ridiculous >_> In my defense, it was the first time I was going on a trip since I’ve become enamored with makeup, so I was all gung-ho and excited. Plus it was a month and a half stay.
I packed two Ziploc gallon-size freezer bags (one for palettes, one for everything else). The amount of products I actually used are as follows:
– 1 palette (UD Rollergirl)
– 2 blushes (Covergirl Golden Pink, MAC X-Rocks)
– 2 eyeliners (UD Radium, Whiskey)
– 3 lipglosses (Aerie Vanilla Giltterball, MAC Social Light, Maybelline Born With It)
– 3 lipsticks (MAC Blood Red, MAC Plumful, Revlon Ravish Me Red)
I think it’s safe to say I was a little overzealous with the packing. xD Safe to say there will never be a repeat performance, especially since the sheer amount of things I brought made it easy to lose things ( including a lipgloss I can’t get anymore |: ).

Much more than necessary. It’s a little bit ridiculous and silly when I think back on it, but I always overpack. And I always find myself packing extra when I fly, as opposed to when I drive. I even try to avoid it by packing my bag and then taking a bunch of stuff out, but I still end up bringing entirely too much haha. I think the last trip I took I ended up wearing the same makeup every day, but I packed enough to last me 6 months!

Does it still count as traveling when you’re away from home and in hotels 95% of the time? I’ve learned what is my minimum over the last year or two of traveling for work, and what will get me through most situations and events.

Foundation (Vitalumiere Aqua is a favourite because of its leakproof but light packaging)
A pressed powder compact
Two blushes (one warm, one cool), and possibly a bronzer
Between 2 and 4 eyeshadow compacts (with a NARS 6 pan palette counting as one compact)
3 or 4 lipsticks, including one red
Cle de peau concealer stick
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
Shiseido Perfect Mascara
Guerlain Khol Me Pencil in Ebony
Cle de Peau eyebrow pencil

I used to really overpack, I’d want to have nearly everything with me. But I started to depot into my Z palettes so I’m not so bad anymore. I can just mix and match my blush/eyeshadow into 1 palette. Then I just need¬† foundation, powder and 1 or 2 lippies.

I get so much better at travelling light the older I get. Nowadays I take a TINY bag of make-up (like a small pencil case) and make sure I use every single item I take with me, as I hate feeling like I’ve been lugging any excess baggage around with me when I travel!

Palettes have made my life easier…I usually bring something like the Naked 1 or 2 or else 2 MAC 4-pans that I’ve put together myself. I bring one liquid and one mineral foundation (the latter is so much quicker and easier for me), 1 or 2 pencil liners, 1 blush, 2 or 3 lipsticks and a colourless lip liner, a mascara and concealer. If I take the Balmbini palette, it’s got 2 blushes and my highlighter in one slim container which is a major bonus. I also bring some sort of setting powder (MAC Blot, MSF or a sample container with a bit of Prep and Prime or MUFE HD)

I try to take everything I can x) Because I’m not simplistic when it comes to makeup… I mean I go for simple looks daily and only heavier looks at night but still I’m not satisfied with one simple color for every outfit… I link each outfit to a kind of makeup so¬† I’m a everything-you-can-carry kinda gal :p

Only a pressed foundation, black eyeliner,2 lip glosses,a blush if im in the mood only. Who has the time to be creative n experiment on trips? I get only 5 mind to do my makeup on trips. I don’t have a benefit’s benetint, if I owned it, id take that too I guess.

Funny this is today’s Temptalia Asks You! I’m just about to post my Weekend Makeup Bag Essentials.
It’s super simple for me these days–just concealer, cream shadow, blush, and gloss. I remember when I used to pack a neutral look, night out look, and colorful look with like 10 blushes and lipsticks/glosses. I still would if I wasn’t so lazy lol! I miss my super creative makeup days. *sniff sniff*

I just went on a 4 day trip and this is what i brought:
Skin79 oriental gold bb cream with built in skin tint (blush taken care of!)
maybelline mattefying powder
diorskin Nude Tan Nude glow sun powder in honey
naked2 palette
chanel inimitable intense mascara
Chanel monte carlo and romance rouge coco shine
korres lip butter
that was about it along with a couple of brushes and a small bottle of baby oil as a make up remover. even if the trip was longer this would probably still be all that i brought with me. for most of the trip i didn’t even wear eyeshadow or lipstick!

I try to pack a palette with a lot of colors and multi-use products (lip and cheek stains or liquid illuminators for bronzing/highlighting) to streamline space. Black/brown liner for brows and eyeliner and I also bring a nude, red, and fun color lipstick and maybe two blushes.

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