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Allure yes, everyone else, no. For honest takes on how a product performs I go to blogs. They are much more thorough and honest. Magazines so often are just telling you a product is available, not how it actually performs. I may not always agree with what a blogger says about a product, but most of them really do test what they write about, not just submit samples to a photographer to make a pretty collage.

Or they are getting paid to plug the products. Nothing is more suspicious than when a magazine recommends multiple products from the same brand/company that it also has multiple adverts for. Especially so, when the advert & the article recommending it are on facing pages.

And they are over-priced and tons of trees are destroyed too. Read magazines at your local library. They’re always current and you don’t have to spend a dime. πŸ™‚

Almost never. Magazine recoommendations are too highly influenced by beauty brands. Almost all “award” winners are overly hyped new(er) releases.

That being said, they are therefore a good way to discover new products, though blogs like Temptalia certainly do a better job of that. πŸ™‚

Never……… For magazines all cosmetics are excellent.=/

I just trust you and a blogger named Kari Lol

Certainly someone has tested L’oreal Miracle Blur?

I don’t look to anyone for “recommendations”, as products have so many variables. I will look to magazines, blogs, friends, etc, just to get opinions, and then check it out in person if it’s a product that catches my eye, or to get a description of a product. This goes for color as well; what I feel may work (or not) may differ from what an “expert” thinks. Magazines (and some bloggers) may also have an agenda, or even a bias toward (or against) a given brand-which is fine, so I look to reviews mainly for swatches & images, and make up my own mind when it comes to formula, performance, etc.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t take the word of magazines or bloggers. I treat them the same way really. I use them as sources of information on what’s out there but ultimately I make my purchasing decision based on what I see and feel when I check a product out in person. I don’t even trust swatches as colours can vary by monitor not to mention you never know what kind of photoshop is applied to pictures you see online.

I love reading magazines for their “top picks” sections and “10 products you need this summer” etc. But only because it’s fun and it might give me some ideas of products to check out… but I don’t even RECALL seeing an actual review in a magazine before – often it’s just a bit of hype from the press release.

I trust blogs more – the reviews are more fun to read and generally I think you get a more honest answer.

Speaking AS someone who reviews products, I have to say that I have this HORRIBLE fear that I’ll give a product a bad review – then forget what I said and a year or so later end up recommending it as a good product! I think it’s mostly an irrational fear born out of reviewing too many products. LOL!

That’s was soooo TRUE. I may hate a product NOW, but who know months/years late… due to skin condition, weather and favourite changed… I might LOVE the product that I once hate so much.


Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering from that one! I find that, especially with the less-memorable products (ones that weren’t bad but weren’t great, that I never picked up again) I have a hard time remembering all the details of the review. Did it crease? I don’t know, did I SAY it did?!! LOL!

Just as a “regular” consumer (non-blogger), I have the *opposite* often happen; I may love a product at a given point, then come back to it a while later, or repurchase it, and ask myself, “What was I thinking?”, but then I realize formulas change, as does my skin, the weather, etc.

That’s my so many of my reviews end with “but I donno… that’s just me. Try it yourself!” LOL! I can usually talk the bf into testing stuff with me but he’s not as… observant? He’s apt to say something like, “I love how shiny this is” when it’s supposed to be matte or “I like how this slides around on the skin” and I’m sitting there going, “but it’s not supposed to!” LOL!

When I read magazines, I read it with a grain of salt. A lot of the magazines I read will rave about the same products, so in that case, I look towards blogs for reviews about the products to determine whether or not I should buy it. In other cases, I like looking at magazines for new products. I have bought things based on a magazine’s recommendation and I do not regret those purchases at all. So I guess, overall, just read beauty blogs because the writers have much more honest opinions.

I definitely do not trust the magazine but I like to see what new products are available or what colors are going to be important to the season. I prefer blogs and looking at the sephora consumer reviews

I pretty much don’t trust them at all. I’ve found that I’ve almost stopped buying magazines since I got into reading blogs, because I mainly bought magazines for the beauty sections! I still buy Vogue sometimes, because they treat fashion like art, and I like picking fashion trends before they pop up in the mainstream – metal toe cap pumps were a good example from last year.

Not at all! Magazine earn by advertising and so sometimes products are featured because of that, and sometimes it’s featured because it looks pretty. Though if something catches my eye, I come to your blog and check it out.

I don’t at all. Simply because what they recommand is just the newest thing, not the best.

I prefer online review, comments section πŸ˜‰

Not much at all. I know that most of the “editor’s choice” type products have way more to do with advertising revenues/products being given to them than they do with actual performance or value. So, no – not much at all. That’s why independent blogs like this one and Makeupalley are so very valuable to anyone making makeup or skin care purchases.

Never. I read somewhere once that the beauty products and skincare products in magazines were all ‘bought’ into the mag. Something like that anyway. Plus, the selection of swatches, descriptions and pictures of makeup looks barely compares to Temptalia and the like!!!

I trust bloggers more. I mean, I’ve looked up all the nice products that 17 magazine and Teen Vogue uses (so sue me, I’m a teenager!) and I see these immaculate makeup looks but no way in hell did you just use *these* products to make this girl look that amazing!

Mostly never, but if it’s about a particular product I’m interested in, I always make sure I search for reviews first.

i don’t trust them but i like to know what’s out there. just because when a magazine starts to rave about a product, all the others do it too and it seems like a deal between the brand and the magazines to expose new products.

Not at all. They’re too dependent on beauty advertising and corporate relationships to be honest. This blog is one of the few places that gives substantive, reliable reviews of products.

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