Friday, November 9th, 2012

Choose or Lose

How much do you spend (on average) per month on beauty products?

  • $26 to $75 (40%, 1,759 Votes)
  • $25 or less (26%, 1,150 Votes)
  • $76 to $150 (21%, 937 Votes)
  • $151 to $250 (8%, 340 Votes)
  • Over $250 (5%, 228 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,414

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42 thoughts on “How much do you spend (on average) per month on beauty products?

  1. mirian

    So far for november i’m at ~$180 :(

  2. Elle

    I’ve just really started getting into makeup. It’s so much fun and this site is invaluable. I read every review and don’t buy anything without your recommendation, Christine! In the last few months, I’ve probably spent over $450 but that is just getting basics in.

    Also as a fellow JD, well done for getting out!

  3. xamyx

    It really depends… A few years ago, when I started wearing MAC, I was probably spending around $250 a month just purchasing eyeshadows, but that lasted maybe 6 months, but I stopped buying anything for a while, with the exeption of occasional purchases of LE items. After a year or so, I discovered Sephora, and every couple of months, I’d spend $250 or more in a month. Now I’m averaging $150 a month, but now I’m pretty much done with larger hauls for a while, so unless something spectacular catches my eye, I probably won’t buy anything until Fall collections start coming out. That said, there are a few items I currently have my eye on, but I’ll pick them up one by one over the next several months. I ust bought 2 UD palettes, and with the exception of trying a couple of shades out, I haven’t even touched them. I also picked up tarte’s Carried Away, so I’m good for a while.

  4. Courtney

    It kinda depends on the month. Some months I spend in the $26-75 range (like this month), and other times I spend nothing at all. I find that I spend less in the spring and summer months because I’m just not into those colors.

  5. I definitely spend more than $250 a month on makeup. I can easily spend that much in ONE transaction!

    • Kathleen

      Now that I’ve seen your answer, I don’t feel alone anymore! I tend to do larger hauls, and I was really wondering if I was the only one who repeatedly walked away from counters/stores with 200-300 dollars worth of makeup. Especially with these Friends and Family sales… I should start my own blog, lol. I’m checking yours out right now!

    • Emma Lynn

      Im the same but im in pounds. fortunatly i work for a skin care brand so face products r free but that doesnt stop me with make-up i can easily run 3/4/ even £500 in a month its not to boast its a real addition kind of problem, but again its all department store products 2 products is about £80/90. but it is my choice i rarley buy new clothes, shoes, handbags, (ive comeout the other end of thoes addictions and have stuff i need to ware and use) which most was purchased when i used to work for them and recieved a hefty discount. So sod it i enjoy my purchase they make me happy :)

  6. Alison

    I’m in the UK and spend £50 -£100 a month. Buying make-up offers such simple instant gratification that I usually pick some new things up at least once a week on my way home from work. It doesn’t help I suppose that I walk home and there are loads of make-up shops on the way! I do enjoy it though; I generally get more use out of new make-up than new clothes or accessories and it takes up less room in my flat too.

  7. I spend nearly 160 dollars every month, which equals to 300 Turkish liras and sometimes I just think if it was equal to 300 dollars as well, I’d be getting HELLUVA product every month! But purchasing every high end product with the fifty percent more prices than in US, you can just do this much and it really is so much for this country.
    And that just means an eyeshadow quad, a mascara and a lipstick in here. If you choose Estee Lauder or YSL or something equivalent to them.

  8. Laura

    I’m in the UK and I usually spend about £50 but if I go on a spree in MAC it can be more like £150!

  9. blueraccoon

    Let’s just say I spend far more than I should :)

  10. Well it used to be $26 – $75 but now that I’ve started blogging, I’ve spent significantly more! I think I spent $300+ this week alone! haha

  11. Laura

    Nearly lied on the anonymous blog poll. That’s probably a sign that I spend too much…

  12. Ljana

    I voted 26-75, because it’s usually about 50 euros. However, that’s a rather forgiving estimate. Sometimes – rarely – I won’t spend a single cent, but there are months I’ll go up to 200-300 euros. It really depends on my budget (I freelance, so it tends fluctuate), as well as on LE collections. Also, if I’m saving up for something else (clothes shopping spree, gadgets, etc), I’ll forgo beauty for a while. (And then I’ll make up for it as soon as I’m done saving up for other things).
    Long story short, too much. 😀

  13. Mariella

    If I include skin care, hair care products, etc., it can be pretty high – $150 easily – but if I’m only buying cosmetics, it’s a bit more moderate and it also fluctuates. I’m sure if I stayed away from Temptalia, it would be even less (the palette I bought yesterday and the one I got today are both because of THIS SITE!!!)

  14. yeah no, I’m not fessing up.

  15. Jackie

    I buy drugstore products here and there… just things that catch my eye in the store. (Although after you reviewed some of the L’Oreal Infallible range, I went and bought up a bunch of colors because they’re high quality for the price.)

    Most of my beauty budget goes to a larger Sephora online order once every couple of months, and those I plan out carefully – I’d break the bank if I got everything I wanted!

  16. nacacijin

    If we’re *just* counting makeup, I don’t spend much. I try to keep my makeup purchases to a minimum because I’ve gotten really carried away over the last year or two and I almost have TOO much. But if we’re counting all beauty related products…I’m probably somewhere in the $50-100 range. I still go crazy with fragrances, skincare and nail products. I really don’t think I’ve gone a week without buying a new nail polish all year.

  17. From the poll, I realise that I spend a lot, and maybe too much. I am in the 6% above $250.

  18. Veronica

    On average, I’d say it’s between $25-$75, but it can go up or down the scale depending on how I’m doing financially that month. If I’m going through a makeup rut or am heading off to vacation, generally the most I’ll wound up buying is a nail polish or two, which means I can go without even breaking $10. This month it was a little pricier due to all the sales, but I tried to keep it tame. 😛 Gotta watch out for that Christmas season that’s about to hit!

  19. Roxie

    Given that where I live they don’t sell a lot of the brands that I like or if the do prince will be highly increased I only buy makeup when I go to the US, this is roughly every 6 months (yes! whatever I buy it has to last me 6 months with out replacing!)… so when I do buy I end up walking away with around $250-300 dollars worth of products

  20. Depends, on some months, I hardly spend anything, since I am on a serious no-buy. But this month alone, since a lot of the holiday collections are out, I have spent quite a bit.

  21. Joni

    I guess I don’t spend that much. The last few months, I’ve spent about $30, except last weekend I spent around $50. I try not to buy too many new products because I feel disloyal to the ones I have and I want to use them up eventually.

  22. Jade

    Honestly it’s REALLY hard for me to say. I clicked $26-75 but that is AUD$ – $50 doesn’t go NEARLY as far on beauty products here. Some months I spend more and other months probably less. I do know that if I had the budget to spend $250+ a month, I probably would!!!

  23. Mietta

    I said over $250, you might say I’m a little obsessive but things in Australia are sometimes more than double the price of the USA price. So, it’s pretty easy to spend that much on good quality things.

  24. I was really honest about this question! On average I spend $151-$250 I know this is way to much but a girl can’t help herself :(

  25. Barbie

    wish i could spend 250 dollars on makeup lol..

  26. niche

    I’ll go months without buying makeup and blow a few hundred….like now with the VIB sale.

  27. I’m transitioning into the $25 or less range but I have to admit on average for the past couple years its been $25 to $75.

  28. Alison

    I honestly spend about $300-$400 a year on makeup!

  29. saraa

    I spend way too much. I have to stop. Per month I usually spend around $200… usually more than $200 -.-

  30. Christen

    I’m in the over $250 range. I admit it, I have an obsession with make up. Recently I’ve been buying different products trying them out, it just so happens that I like more expensive brands such as Bobbi Brown, illamasqua, Nars and Mac. And I actually spent $37 on a Kevyn Aucoin blush in dolline WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! Makeup is something i truly enjoy though and I do my research before just throwing my money to the win. If i get blushes or eyeshadows or palettes I usually tend to share with my mom since I’ve helped her makeup and skincare addiction. I make good money so I choose to spend it on something that makes me happy. I THINK WE ALL CAN AGREE WE LOVE MAKEUP!!

  31. Cat G

    My spending has gone way down, because I’m really happy with my makeup collection right now and realize a lot of it is just sitting there even though I love it. The other part of it is that I tend to ask for makeup for my birthday and the holidays so that’s helped put me at $25 a month.

  32. Francine

    I guessed at $150ish. I can only hope I’m truly in the ball park, I’ll be ashamed if it’s more than that. But honestly, I’ve been kicking up my skincare routine and those products just don’t come cheap!

  33. VickyM

    I´m very selective of what a buy and some months I could simply buy a Chanel lipstick or a nice gloss and that would be it. I always get high end things, but I don´t spend too much because I simply can´t and because I would have too many products. So it´s between 26 to 75 for me 😀 .

  34. It depends on the month given what is being marketed. But the items I buy are usually high-end. If it is a busy month, it is about $200.00 or more because of the face/ eye creams. But some months I dont spend any because I already stocked up.