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They deter me when I’m on the fence about a product–and similarly, they can persuade me when I’m on the fence. Products that I’m already set on avoiding or totally gung-ho on getting are unlikely to be swayed by reviews, except when they come at a personal recommendation from a friend. Though for me, it’s easier to see the influence on my purchases for non-beauty items, and I very much rely on customer reviews (through sites like Amazon) to guide my purchases when I don’t know brands/products well.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Quite a lot, I’d say. I try not to buy anything blind these days, so I really rely on reviews from bloggers I trust (see: Christine and others) or reviews on Amazon if I can find them. I don’t always trust reviews on Sephora because I’ve heard things about unfavorable reviews not getting posted or ratings not matching reviews before. (I do, however, leave reviews on Sephora, so…) If I see a favorable review for a product I want, I’ll be more likely to buy it, and if I see an unfavorable review (or two or three) odds are I won’t pick up the product unless it’s a *complete* impulse buy (or if it’s a Burberry product, in which case I’ll buy it sight unseen sometimes).

Sephora reviews always seem incredibly inflated to me especially when you compare them to MUA (not that MUA is the arbiter of accurate reviews, but still I trust MUA more than Sephora’s reviews).

What confuses me about Sephora reviews is sometimes I’ll look at a product and it has a rating of, say, four stars…but I go check it out and most of the reviews are two or three stars at most, negative reviews. And I know I’ve written reviews that never get posted, even when they’re mostly positive. So I don’t know how they handle it, and it makes me less likely to trust the reviews.

My biggest pet peeve on Sephora is I will take the time to write a complete review listing pros and cons only for it not to get posted, but I always see a ton of reviews that state absolutely nothing of real value other than “IT’S GREAT! BUY!” When the Naked Basics palette came out on the site, it wasn’t getting the best reviews to start then all of a sudden it seemed like a bunch of people just swarmed that site to write a bunch of glowing reviews that pretty much all read the exact same and all the less than favorable reviews were getting votes down.

Ugh, I hate that! I’d so much rather read reviews like yours. I also wish Sephora would patrol their reviews a bit more in some ways, like take out the reviews that 90 people voted down because it’s not a review, it’s a question about the product. Or it’s a review of a different product. Or…you know?

Amen. I hate reading 5 star reviews that say “can’t wait to get it!” um hello? How can you leave 5 stars and not even have seen the product in person?!?! It totally messes with the ratings :/

I know what you mean! I have read reviews where the person will say they never received the product or returned right away, so wouldn’t know if the product is good or bad, and I’m just like, “AGHHH! What was the point of that, and why the hell was THAT let through?!” Or the reviews that barely talk about the product then go on to rant about something like a gripe with products being made outside of the US; those just make me wonder if the person really tried the product, or if they just wanted to make a statement. And what’s with people posting pics of cartoons or their dogs with reviews?! LMAO.

Oh, and I had a review removed *THREE* times after it was posted. It didn’t violate the guidelines, but I’m assuming they didn’t like the wording because once I changed it to sound less alarming it remained posted.

Reading blogs/reviews points me in the direction of what to try on when I go to the counters, not necessarily to buy though. I find that these days I go to beauty counters armed with better product knowledge and a clearer idea of what I’m looking for, so I don’t just take the MUA’s word on things and buy a bunch of pointless things like I used to.

Beauty blogs influence me TOO much! I’ve purchased more make-up than I could ever use but those pretty swatches just hook me to buy something! Plus, the in depth reviews of quality helps as well. At least I know all the make-up in my kit is all quality and money well spent.

Well, we’ll put it this way – my collection wouldn’t be half the size it is without sites like Temptalia. Whether that’s for better or worse is a little more ambiguous. 😛

Blog reviews and swatches are the main deciding factor of my beauty purchases, actually. This is because the products I want are either unavailable where I live, or because I simply don’t have the time and energy to go out to swatch the products myself (yay for crippling social disorder -_- ), or both. I should add that your posts are especially helpful not only because of the quality of the swatches and the depth of the reviews, but also due to the similarities in our colorings. Of course, I consider factors like the differences in our skin type before deciding on a purchase.

Well, Of course there are a couple of sites that have gained my trust after following some of their advise, but the thing with the internet is you can always find mixed up reviews so it may be hard to really know what works. The proof is in the pudding- either try it yourself or, as mentioned above, wait for a friend to tell you all about it.

I absolutely rely on (trusted) beauty blogs, because:
– I have limited experience with beauty products
– I do know I love high end products, but don’t have the budget to buy many
– I live in Australia where makeup is expensive (2 x US prices give or take)
– I only have a small amount of product and don’t want much more (it all fits in a medium makeup bag)
– I HATE beauty counters at departments stores to try out products
This all adds up to being very selective with limited prior experience. Therefore – need beauty bloggers! Thank you!

Before I buy a product, I make sure I read blog reviews and going by how how many positive reviews there are I decide whether or not to purchase the product. So 100% for me.

As I do a lot of my makeup shopping online I really rely on reviews and blogs – especially if I’ve not had a chance to try the product previously or if it’s a brand not available in Australia. Temptalia is where I come first, if I’m still undecided I do a further google search. It’s the same with eating out at new restaurant – I ALWAYS check online reviews.

I read A LOT of reviews before buying, beauty especially. I only buy things that are reviewed as really great (and available and affordable, obviously) because I like to keep my collection diverse enough but minimal. I just don’t like clutter and keeping things I don’t use so online reviews and blogs really help me streamline what I need and should buy and cut down on the impulse buying 😀

Holy smokes! I have NEVER purchased so much makeup as since I started looking at blogs and youtube tutorials/reviews! These have been a huge factor in the volume of makeup I purchase. But on the “plus” side, I do know they’ve helped me ensure that I make good purchases and avoid disappointing products. But truthfully, I probably buy 10 times as much stuff now as I did before I started looking at all the makeup stuff that is available online.

Blog reviews heavily influence my purchases. I’m to the point now I’ll rarely purchase without reseach. I might be influenced by a sample in leu of research. If I see a product get numerous great reviews/awards by favorite (seemingly unbiased) bloggers, it goes on my Amazon wishlist to be purchased when needed (not necessarily on Amazon.) I feel like I have collected a drool-worthy collection of beauty products AND the items are spread across the price spectrum. Its all about performace, not price, brand, or fancy packaging (although pump bottles will win in a close race b/c they maintain product freshness.) I LOVE beauty bloggers!

Beauty reviews have helped me limit my buying to quality products. Whereas before things were pretty much hit or miss, I now read reviews and plan my purchases. It’s also helped me skip SO MANY limited MAC collections. I now know that no matter how tempting those four-shadow palettes look, the quality more than likely isn’t there and I should wait. I now have much more quality and less quantity.

Beauty blogs and reviews influence me WAY to much I think. But I think it’s positive and negative. I don’t have most of the products where I am, so when I see something I like I have to ask relatives in the U.S. to get it for me and I don’t want to waste money and effort so I try to research heavily on the product and looking for foundation shades is supposed to be impossible but apparently not so, so I’m grateful for blogs, reviews, and forums especially yours on the other hand, I get so exposed to so many good products I want to get my hands on even though I don’t need it. xx

Beauty blogs influence my purchases in two major ways:

1. Making me aware of brands that might not be available locally, but which are worth tracking down. Without blogs, I wouldn’t know about Le Metier, for instance and I wouldn’t have a clue what the colours actually look like.

2. They give me key information that I can’t test from swatches, like how long a product wears or how similar it is to something I already own. I can guess at that last one sometimes, but I’d have to carry my entire collection with me to be sure I didn’t have a dupe…

They make me aware of things that I wouldn’t notice otherwise. I actively seek out reviews about performance to sift out the bad and avoid brands with too much inconsistency. While good reviews are sometimes handy, nothing’s bought until it’s swatched in person. In-person testing is irreplaceable for color and texture.

I would have to say a good 90% of the time! What bloggers/vloggers say, be it good or bad, about a product, the way it performs and the swatches they show really influences what I purchase or at least put on, or scratch off my wishlist. At then end of the day I go according to my own thoughts, but it is definitely swayed by how people, especially with similar colouring as I, say about a product. While I know I can always return something I like to hit it on the nail the first time and appreciate reviews as well as enablers to products or lines I didn’t even know existed!!

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