Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Choose or Lose

How many lipsticks do you own?

  • 11-20 (23%, 916 Votes)
  • 0-5 (22%, 894 Votes)
  • 6-10 (22%, 884 Votes)
  • 21-40 (18%, 737 Votes)
  • 61+ (8%, 321 Votes)
  • 41-60 (6%, 246 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,998

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37 thoughts on “How many lipsticks do you own?

  1. Evelyn

    lol I am so embarrassed! I love lipsticks though!

  2. Cindy

    I have about 140-150 lipsticks, crazy, i know 😉

    • Laura

      Same here. I don’t wear them all but don’t want to throw them out either and don’t think swapping used lippies is a good idea. argh…

      • TG

        I used to think swapping lipsticks was gross too, but this is what I do – take a clean knife and slice the used part of the lipstick off (at the same angle as the tip), and then wipe the freshly revealed lipstick off with an alcohol pad.

    • gia

      Me too ,yes it is a sickness lol!!!

    • karla

      OMG and I though 60 was a lot

  3. I use to hate lipsticks when I was in my teens. I hated how they dried out my lips and I hated the smell. Mostly because I was only exposed to cheapo drug stores ones and I wasn’t properly informed on how to apply lipsticks. Now a days I find its the first thing that usually catches my eyes and I can’t stop buying them. :)

  4. minxy

    None! The only lip stuff I have other than lip balm is a few stains and glosses: 6 total. It’s my eyeshadow collection (60+) and blush collection (7) that’s above average. 😉

  5. Sandy

    The real question is not how many lippies I have, but how many I actually use! Probably 2 or 3.

  6. Judy

    I seem to collect them. I have quite a bit even though I finally threw out some very old ones. Now, most of them are MAC lipsticks. I also have a bunch of Avon, Revlon & Maybelline.

  7. Sexy Sadie

    Lipsticks are by far my favorite make up item.

  8. I have 20 lipsticks but I’m currently missing the 21st!

  9. Holy sh*$! Haha! I guessed that I had about thirty… Then I counted and I’m over 100?! How did THAT happen? No wonder I can’t pay my bills on time. LOL!

  10. Natalie

    About 50 – according to the rest of my family that is 49 too many!

  11. Alannah

    Unfortunately I’m a bit of a collector so I probably have well over 100 at this point! I’ve since really cut down on my makeup purchasing, thankfully.

  12. I only have two lipsticks… or 3, since my sister has one too. I’ve had two other lipsticks though (plus some masquerade stuff…. it was small and black… xD) But that’s gonna change, ’cause this summer I really got interested in lipstick 😀

  13. CeeBee

    If I had to guess, I’d say about 120… I LURVE lipsticks! I bought 5 last week alone!

  14. I’m not too sure, but probably 100. Could be more. I need to count them, lol.

  15. Shasha

    I have about 30 something, but it doesn’t mean I have enough.
    I have over 40 if you count the ones that are in palets, but I didn’t. I felt I was cheating, lol.

  16. Xtina

    I bought my first lipstick in about 10 years last year. I’m 26 now, and I only own about a handful of lipsticks. I used lipstick when I was like 15-16, but then I just found it annoying and stopped using it. Now that I’m older, I feel like it’s more enjoyable. Not sure if lipstick is coming back in vogue after a long hiatus, or if I’m just getting old (and lipstick is an old lady thing).

  17. I’ve never liked lipgloss despite being part of the so called lipgloss generation (25 and younger). It never did anything except make your lips look shiny and glitter makes you look juvenile if you’re not careful.

    I love lipstick. It’s just so ladylike/womanly and you don’t have to constantly reapply like lipgloss which is socially very distracting when you do it every 15 mins!

    I’d hoard tons of Lipsticks if my wallet would allow me!

  18. I think I have a bit over 20. Don’t ask me about eyeshadow though. Just can’t resist those…

  19. Ari

    I’m a lil ashamed to say but like over 200 lipsticks. It’s like an addiction, when a new Mac collection comes out, I need to have them all.

  20. I only own about 6 at the most. I wish I knew more colours that worked for me, and wasn’t so stupidly intimidated by that much colour on my lips.

  21. only about 12…i’m a lot more into eyeshadows! :)

  22. Nic

    Sadly, only 18. But then, I tend to just wear gloss a lot more often, and I have loads of glosses. Plus I can Back-to-MAC for a few more when I get around to it.

  23. Yeah, a lot. I have 65 lipsticks! Thankfully all weren’t too expensive :)

  24. Sarah

    I have over 200 lol

  25. Julia

    I have more then 130 lipsticks. Im lipstaniac

  26. I counted my lipsticks and I have 30 plus 6 backups so that makes it 36.

  27. Fiaspice

    I have 7 and that includes one that was bought for an Hallowen costume (bright red) that I would never wear again.

  28. Lili

    Hum between 80 to 90 I’d say

  29. Jennifer

    only 5 :/ but they’re all MAC I want more I’m just kind of low on money, damn taxes -_-

  30. I just guessed, but it’s a lot. My lipstick collection exploded when my grandma retired from selling Luzier makeup. She gave away all of the stock she had, so I snatched up nearly all of the lipstick and eye shadow. Score!

  31. amy

    I think I have everyone beat….I just cant count them because it would prove once and for all I have a problem. but I will say this…..i never bought the same color twice, unless it was a backup/replacement