Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Choose or Lose

How many items do you have that are still brand new in their box?

  • None! (42%, 1,385 Votes)
  • Less than 5 (34%, 1,114 Votes)
  • 6-10 (11%, 375 Votes)
  • More than 20 (7%, 213 Votes)
  • 11-20 (5%, 174 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,262

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

Thanks to Lauryn for today’s question!

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60 thoughts on “How many items do you have that are still brand new in their box?

  1. Amanda Dubs

    I get really excited when I get a new item! First thing I do is open it and use it

  2. Maybe 15 or so, but mostly basics- various mascaras, primers, and foundations I bought when they were on sale… things I know I go through regularly. Also a few backups of limited edition shades that I really liked.

  3. Tawny

    This survey makes me realized how much money i’ve wasted……… I still have two Marine Life highlight powder untouched…. it’s not that I don’t use highlighter, nor is it because it does not look good on me, I just have an HG highlight powder that I keep reaching for. There are a couple of Chanel lipsticks, Mac’s Thrilled lipstick, and the Mac Alice & olivia..pigment ( idk…the teal/turquoise one.)

  4. Tracey

    I thought i would actually have more but I guess not. All I have is a mac Lollipop Loving lipstick, Mac Blacktrack liner (almost done with my current one) and a Hard Candy shadow that was hard to find so I bought a backup.

  5. Tara

    i can’t wait to go home and open my new stuffs… sometimes i even do it right when i get in the car!!!

  6. Cindy V

    The only things that are still in the box are either backups (like my face primer) or things that are going to be gifted to people. I went a little crazy during the sephora sales, but hey, if I’m gonna get it anyways, why not save a good $100 or so

  7. Svetlana

    MAC prolongwear foundation & concealer, Chanel lipgloss,Lancome mascara, Smashbox primer … That’s all

  8. sefanie

    I have over 20 but it is from my various backups.

  9. Sarrah T

    I did end up stocking up of stuff during the FF sale with Sephora. I bought backups of my skincare, makeup remover, mascara, etc. And I was super bad and bought the huge MUFE set. I was gonna just swap the items that I wouldn’t use but then I realized that I will probably use 90% of it. It looks like it’s gonna be a no makeup 2011 :(

  10. Laura

    Only backups – about 4 MAC pearlglide eye liners, maybe 6 lipsticks, a couple of glosses, 2 MSFs, a couple of pigments where I have samples I’m using up first. I only buy backups of LE stuff, and only occasionally.

  11. Andrea

    Majority are backups (foundation, powder, mascara, liner, concealer and LE lippies or gloss) and the rest are new products purchased overseas or from the US (I’m from Canada).

  12. i have a few mascara backups and some things that i was sent

  13. happybadfish

    It is alot because I have been lucky enough to live close to where the Mac warehouse sale is held. Sometimes they have goodie bags with 5 items in it for 5$. So, I buy it, but it ends up being colors I don’t like and what not. So I save them to give to friends.

  14. Nichole

    I voted for the 11-20 (guesstimate), but they are all backups. I try everything when I get the products home. I have a bad habit of going out and buying a backup of LE products I like.

  15. I have yet to use my MAC venemous villains eye shadow and I have a backup Laguna bronzer that is about to be opened. Aside from that I have to open things imediately, I’m like a child!

  16. Cathy

    I have four…and they are all backups of regular use products such as lip liner,concealer,etc.

  17. Katie

    The only thing I have is a backup primer I got on sale . Most stuff I want to open up and play with right away!

  18. What can I say.. I’m a hoarder lol

  19. Elisabeth

    a LOT! a NARS orgasm illuminator, a few perfumes, the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, at least seven of their token shadows, an eyeliner, an eyeshadow primer, lipglosses and 2 of their shimmery lickable powders are still in boxes in my closet, never been swatched even.

  20. Ryan

    i probably have 20 things still in the box because when i love a product i get like 5 backups. I still have 2 brand new sheer mystery powders from last year and a bunch of feline kohl powers. Oh and a bunch of stuff from the give me liberty of london collection.

  21. Stephanie

    Only one thing- MAC MSF in Stereo Rose… can’t decided if I should use it or sell it :/

  22. Glo

    sometimes i just keep the boxes to keep things organized in my storage drawers but i definitely use what I buy. The only things that are still in boxes unused are backups.

  23. Quinctia

    I have an extra UDPP (regular) because I’ve been using Sin instead so much, I haven’t finished my opened regular. I have a new mineral foundation for when I run out of the open one…an Ulta shadow duo I just picked up as a freebie, a Milani Liqui-fi pencil I just haven’t opened to use yet…and a couple UD Naked palettes I JUST picked up. One’s being gifted on Wednesday, and I haven’t decided if I’m keeping the other for myself or gifting THAT.

    I’m not counting the several new nail polishes I’ve gotten in the past month or two, because I’ve been going polish-free to grow out some peeling spots on my nails.

  24. t_zwiggy

    I have maybe 10-15 products that are still in their boxes, but those are all back-ups. The first thing I do when I buy something new is to take them out asap and swatch them on my arm. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I have close to 50 products that I haven’t actually used on my faced yet, only swatched. I have way too much makeup. ._.

  25. CeeBee

    I have two Dior quints I am purposefully saving for very special occasions (one is Crush Glow for my wedding) and the rest are back ups of primer, mascara and my favourite Revlon eyeliner.

  26. Dini

    I have a few – now I don’t feel so guilty about it. I have some darker colors that I’m saving for holiday parties, as well as some backup limited editions and sample size products that I have yet to open up.

  27. I voted 20+, but in all reality it’s probably 50+, and if we include things I’ve just swatched once it’s a lot more!

  28. Lauryn

    THANK YOU for posting my question! Glad to see I’m not the only one with alot of “BNIB” stuff!

  29. Lucie

    I can’t imagine not ripping open the packaging and trying the product as soon as it got in to my sweaty little hands, haha. Whenever I haul I lock myself in my bathroom as soon as I get home with the products and experiment with them all. So much fun! I could not resist opening a make up package, even if it was an item I already had one of. 😛

  30. I have about 2 things that are still in the box and thats because those two are back ups

  31. Carmen

    I am embarrassed to say I have at least ten. I feel like I’m turning into a hoarder. Some things I just hate to touch for the first time, but once I touch one, it’s easier to keep using it.

  32. Divinna

    Too many, lol

  33. Yumi

    Eek, I’d guess about 5…I don’t want to know though, they’re probably all backups :<

  34. Maya C

    Zero! I open stuff like the moment I get home, or on the way home. I don’t buy backups either… if something I love is discontinued, I’ll go find something better!

  35. I have about 10 items still in the box but I have several that I have taken out the box but never used. I’m such an impulsive shopper; I’m always buying things just to have them…shame on me.

  36. alison

    I’ve got a ton untouched – let’s see if I can even remember it all…

    Later Pigment
    If it sparkles pigment
    Morning.After nail lacquer
    Going Bananas eyeshadow
    Shock-A-Holic eyeshadow
    Marine Life
    Sassy Grass eyeshadow
    Top Knot eyeshadow
    Lucky Green eyeshadow
    Soft Brown eyeshadow
    Leopard Luxe quad
    Cinderfella MES
    Blackfire lipgloss
    Blackware lipgloss
    Noteriety quad
    The hot pink dazzleglass from A+O
    The yellow dazzleglass from A+O
    Ming Blue nail lacquer
    Concubine nail lacquer
    Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass
    Viva Glam Gaga lipglass
    Brown Script eyeshadow
    Espresso eyeshadow
    Both MES from Venomous Villians
    Oh so fair, Bite of an apple, and Briar Rose
    Toxic Tale, Revenge is sweet, Wicked Ways, French Quarter, Strange Potion, Heartless
    Bold and Brash and the hot pink dare to wear glass
    Mellow Mood, In Synch, and Baby Sparks (Tartan bag set)

    There are probably others I’m forgetting!

    I don’t have the time to play much with makeup anymore, but I still love to collect it. I’m thinking of going on a ban (except for Nicki Minaj) until next summer (unless I run out of On the Hunt eyeliner – can’t live without that stuff!).

  37. shannon marshall

    I have three revlon mineral finishing powders, revlon color stay eye liners, milani liquid eye liners, 10 different l’oreal hip duos, loreal mascaras, an extra mac pearl glide eyeliner in petrol blue from Tartan Tale collection, maybelline foundations and some wet n wild color icon palettes.

  38. karen

    Most of my unopened things are backups.

  39. Jaime

    I have two things – one MAC Hothouse l/g that came out with Venomous Villains (I still have my original one that I bought years ago, and I’m waiting until it’s finished to crack open the new one) and one Bronze Sugar l/g, which is my favourite lip gloss ever – when it came out with Tan Ray (I think it was Tan Ray?) I loved it so much that I bought three of them. I don’t regret that one bit, because MAC really did never release another colour exactly like that, and I can’t seem to find it with other brands.

    I stopped buying mascaras and things like that in bulk when they go on sale, because honestly by the time I’m ready to open the package, I’ve already moved on to a new favourite. I try not to hoard!

  40. lina

    I’m embarassed to admit it, but the figure would be close to 100 :>(
    I do bulk orders from the US a couple of times a year, and I haven’t even opened half of last year’s Xmas haul! And then there is the more recent Sephora haul from the F&F sale… and…..
    slinks off into a corner

  41. Pat

    Brand new the last lipstick from back to MAC: Mystic.
    However, I keep organized in their boxes my 2 foundations, tinted moisturizer, setting powder, blot powder and bronzing powder.

  42. Mara

    I have about 20 things still unopened and unused. I know once I start using them (especially cream products), the expiration meter starts ticking, so I try to be a little more prudent and use up current items I’m using first. This takes a lot of discipline and self control of course, and I don’t always win.

  43. Bella

    Just back ups of my foundation, concealer and favourite blush. That almost doesn’t count, right? 😉

  44. big fat ZERO- i’m the kind of girl who opens things and has a play as she’s walking away from the counter!

  45. Ashley

    Not too many! Mostly backups: Maybelline liquid mousse foundation, Rimmel stay matte powder, some Calgon loose powders, an ELF angled brush, Wet and Wild brow pencil, and an Almay mascara that was a 2 for 1 set. Everything else I buy to use!

  46. Rose

    If something that I use all the time like my foundation is on sale then usually I’ll stock up on that and it’ll sit there until it’s needed, but other than that, none. There are some things that I’ve pretty much only used once, though…I should get around to that, hahaha.

  47. monica

    I only have two…a backup of feline and a backup of viva glam gaga. i’m not big on having backups, but i needed to have extras of those.

  48. Sarah A.

    I open everything up and run to a mirror and try it on as soon as I get it home… This doesn’t mean I don’t have a bazillion products that I still haven’t worn in a look out of the house, though… They’re just not in the box anymore 😉

  49. I open everything as soon as I get it. I don’t understand the concept of buying a “back up” i’ll never use this up without finding something better…….. I think people that have back ups are just makeup hoarders

  50. tickles

    The most part of my new and unused products are backups. Also, I have 2 NYX jumbos waiting for a dark look.

  51. Hannah

    lol none! when i get a new product i can’t wait to open it and use it :)

  52. Helga

    I usually cant wait to open products and test and swatch everything, but i have a few backups in my drawer but also Marine Life higlight powder i just havent find the right opportunity to use it. It is so pretty and i dont want to ruin it :(

  53. aradhana

    i have the concealer and pigment i bought today, which i will open and use tomorrow…and a tartan tale nail polish i will open probably next week when i change my polish…

    other than that, i think i’ve got a mascara waiting in the ranks…i often buy mascara if i see it on sale. when i was living in the uk i coudn’t bear the thought of spending double for it when it has to be thrown out so soon after opening, so i use to stock up every time i came back to canada. i guess i don’t have to do that anymore, but it’s going to take me a while to get use to!!