Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Choose or Lose

How many eyeshadows do you own? (Guesstimate!)

  • More than 50 (48%, 2,492 Votes)
  • 11-30 (24%, 1,264 Votes)
  • 31-50 (21%, 1,072 Votes)
  • Less than 10 (7%, 390 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,218

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167 thoughts on “How many eyeshadows do you own? (Guesstimate!)

  1. Jenny Ramone

    At least 100, I would think.

  2. Heather McAuliffe

    Last time I updated my spreadsheet I had 429 shadows. This is only my indie company mineral shadows, it doesn’t include all my Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, Mac, Sephora, etc which total at least 150+. Since then I have collected 100+ more indie shadows and still going strong. And yes, I do use most of them at some point.

  3. Gina Dattile


  4. Gina Dattile


  5. Veronica Juarez

    Around 600, if not 700?!?! 😉

  6. Veronica Juarez

    Around 600, if not 700?!?! 😉

  7. Angela Buenrostro

    hmmm maybe 150+

  8. Erica Perry

    I’m only at 53, time to up the shopping!!! Thanks for an excuse everyone

  9. Gabriella L Elliott

    I user to have palettes full of de-potted shadows. And of course ore made palettes. I got rid of the palettes I didn’t use, and TONS of single shadows after doing a few days worth of swatches on my arm for dupes (my poor, poor irritated arm). Then I swapped those away for other goodies! I’m lovin blush right now…

  10. Sondra Villanueva

    I have like 500 polishes. Shadows about 125.

  11. Julie Guiza

    Lol 450±, yay, I’m not the only one!

  12. Hanan M. Hanhan

    It’s getting late you need to be jome

  13. Michelle Lyn Morgan

    if we are counting each individual e/s from quads and what not id say 300 at least.

  14. Ab Ba

    Around 200 all MAC.!

  15. Jennifer R Gagnon

    About 500 (that includes 2x 120 palettes and 2×88 palettes)

  16. Nicole

    This enspires me to make a list, of how many eye shadows I really own. Thinking of different colors (meaning a quad includes 4 shadows or a pallette 6 or 3) including cream shadows my estimation would be as follows:About 90 MAC (30 refills, 15-20 singles, 5 paint pots, 10 to 12 quads a 4), 6 Bobbi, 2 Burberry, 4 Armani (1 trio & 1 single), 4 MUFE. Thats in total about 110 different shadows

  17. YUUUUP

    I have a lot of Urban Decay palettes and they all have full sized shadows in their palettes so if I counted every shadow as a single, then counted up the single powder shadows and single cream shadows that I own…it would be in the 100’s. I dont have any drugstore shadows, I’ve always found them to be lacking in pigment but the new Loreal pots are getting such great reviews that Im thinking of trying them!

  18. CNo64

    It is perversely comforting to me, to know that someone else keeps a spreadsheet/inventory of her makeup.I even have my eyeshadows categorized per color, brand, and finish. This broke down a bit when I started buying Inglot, since those go into palettes, which are organized per color.I think I need psychiatric help … :/

    • Keyelement

      No way, dude – if you have so many, how else would you find the shade you’re looking for if they weren’t organized by color??? And even more importantly, how would you ensure that you weren’t buying the same color more than once? Makes sense to me – organization can crucial to respecting your stash!

  19. Ranu Gayadin

    Err.. 200something?

  20. ゴンザガ ヘロ


  21. Lynne D. Green

    100 hands down it looks like the MAC counter

  22. CNo64

    @@Keyelement,  You’re really right.When I started out, I was just throwing everything into a single drawer, marked “Eyeshadow.”
    Then I got frustrated at the amount of time I spent “digging,” and dedicated separate drawers for “grey/silver,” gold/brown,” and “other.”
    Then, I started havig trouble remembering if Id classified some of my [many] taupes as “grey” or “brown.”
    That’s whn he spreadshee was born!

  23. Demetrius

    Zero! I can never learn how to apply it properly, and I just don’t think it looks good on me!

  24. CNo64

    I admire your strength, in resisting the stuff.

  25. AriannaCollins

    Just singles? Probably 50 or 60. Including palettes? Easily in the hundreds 😡 I have 41 palettes in my collection, not counting duos or quads. 

  26. Nicole Rose

    I have 492 eyeshadows.  That’s single and in a palette.  Yikes!

  27. Juicebox

    Oh gosh, I only have 8 eyeshadows (one MAC quad, one MUG duo and one Armani single), i feel like an intruder in here

  28. I´ve got over 600 eyeshadows! :OI´m obsessed!!

  29. ingerasata

    OK, tonight I decided to sit down and count them (obviously had nothing better to do lol) and the scary number is 304 (powder, cream, loose). Of course, most of these are in palettes.

  30. J

    I have ~168 Mac eyeshadows, 24 eyeshadows in naked 1&2, 12 too faced eyeshadow, 24 elf eyeshadows, 9 loreal infalliable eyeshadow, 4 maybelline eye tattoo, 8 LA eyeshadow, etc. I have around 300.