Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Choose or Lose

How many eyeshadows do you own? (Guesstimate!)

  • More than 50 (48%, 2,492 Votes)
  • 11-30 (24%, 1,264 Votes)
  • 31-50 (21%, 1,072 Votes)
  • Less than 10 (7%, 390 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,218

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167 thoughts on “How many eyeshadows do you own? (Guesstimate!)

  1. xmissxandristx

    according to a quick count, at least 180.

  2. Guesstimated singles, probably 60-70. Not including the dozens of palettes. I lost count a long time ago.

  3. Definitely more than fifty. I have 88 in one palette alone.  A quick count gets me to 248 easily…

  4. Well over a hundred if you include palettes.  I never thought of my collection as incredibly large but it’s quite easy to accumulate a lot of eyeshadows.

  5. Dinitchka

    Well over 250 singles and around 40 eyeshadow palettes. I have become much more restrictive about what I buy. I used to buy just about every single eye shadow in a collection or line. My biggest are NARS, EL, Illamasque, UD, Benefit, Rock & Republic, MAC, Kevin Aucoin, and a few others that blank my brain.
    I probably will never use up majority of the eye shadows I have, which is sad and most of all a waste for Mother Earth.

  6. t_zwiggy

    First guesstimate: 300??After a quick and rough count: About 650 (not counting palettes)*hides in shame*

  7. Probably 31-50 but that isn’t including palettes apart from my MAC pro one I’ve put together

  8. I think I have about 70 in Inglot alone…. yes i have a tone of eyeshadows probably in the 500 range including pigments.

  9. xamyx

    I’m easily over 500, especially if you count loose shadows, cream shadows, pigments, etc. Even if you only count single, pressed shadows, I’m probably over 250, there.

  10. Gina

    Probably well over 100! Eyeshadow is my favorite kind of makeup, and I generally started there and coordinate the rest of my makeup around my eye looks. I like having options and I always like to do something different, so I frequently splurge on eyeshadow.

  11. I think I have about 65 in Inglot alone…. yes I have a tone of eyeshadows probably in the 500 range including pigments.

  12. GUSnail

    I guesed just under 50.  I’ve actually stopped buying because I realize that I keep using the same ones over and over since I can’t really wear much color to work.  I think the only thing I would purchase at this point is a nice deep blue, which is a hole in my collection.  And maybe a crease color from MAC’s prolongwear line. :)

  13. Mariella

    I have to be up around 200, if not more, if I include the palettes I have. Eye shadow is really my weakness (ya think?). O geez, I just remembered about cream/pot shadows – I hadn’t even factored them in til now.  Okay, probably up around 250 or 300.  I really have to STOP…


    I feel ashamed…30-ish

    • xamyx

      As long as you really love what you have; I really wish I had the discipline!

      • MIRIANV

        xamyx i have two palettes and 2 UD single pots, 4 MUFE loose powders, and like some old ass palladio stuff. i do need more, im just lazy and would rather buy a new lipstick

  15. single eyeshadows over 50 but that is soley due to palettes i never buy single eyeshadows. i have one mac palette with the divider taken out so it will hold 20+ shadows, naked/naked2 palettes, a 10 shadow ingot palette, nyx palettes, two wet n wild palettes and a hand full of random quads from the drugstore. 

  16. single eyeshadows? i have over 50 shadows but that is soley due to palettes i never buy single eyeshadows. i have one mac palette with the divider taken out so it will hold 20+ shadows, naked/naked2 palettes, a 10 shadow ingot palette, nyx palettes, two wet n wild palettes, a costa scents 88 palette and a hand full of random quads/palettes from the drugstore

  17. t_violet

    Let’s see… 8 or 9 MAC 15 pan palettes, about 10-12 quads, probably about 10-12 undepotted singles, a MUFE palette, Ben Nye Palette.  That’s about 200, I think, for powder shadows.  Ooch, that’s a lot of moolah.

  18. Miss J

    Easily over 50. EASILY. I’m almost afraid to go count! Quads, palettes, singles, cream, loose…too much eye shadow!! I don’t buy as much now, but eye shadow has always been my favorite. I’m fixated on blush and other face/cheek products now, but only because my eyes are easily irritated, which makes me sad because sometimes I feel like the majority of my pretty shadows are going to waste. :( Stupid eyes. I’m so mad at you, eyes! Thank you for letting me see, but ugh, can’t I put makeup on you, too?!


    around 70-ish. much, MUCH more than I ever need. no more buying.

  20. nacacijin

    About 300, if you include palettes and cream shadows and pigments. But if we’re only counting single, pressed eyeshadows I’ve only got about 20. I prefer to buy powder shadows in multiple format–duos, trios, quads and palettes–so I’ll generally only buy single eyeshadows if they’re something I really, really want or feel is really unique. Most of my singles, not including the MAC pans that I’ve put into a palette, are drugstore (L’Oreal, NYX and Covergirl). I know I probably have enough eyeshadows to last me the rest of my life and then some, but I still have a list of like 200 more that I want to buy! I have a problem…:)

    • nacacijin I think we all do but I’ll admit I also have a thing for finishes as well. Sure I already have a satin blue, but i also have a shimmer, frost, matte and metallic blue all in the same colour as well, this is how your collection grows. lol

      • nacacijin

        Ani_BEE Haha absolutely! I just bought a taupey brown eyeshadow that is the same exact color as the one I’m wearing now, but the one I’m wearing now is a heavy metallic finish and the new one is more of a satin. It’s definitely an obsession, but so worth it.

      • xamyx

        I’m even *worse*; my OCD doesn’t allow me to “mix” brands, so I end up with virtual dupes in several brands. I’m trying to break that habit, though. I actually swatched a NARS duo next to two UD singles I have already, and although I couldn’t tell the difference, even in natural daylight, I’m still obsessing over the duo, which is just two matte browns.

    • Joannie

      You’re not alone. I share your pain & addiction :)

  21. Dominique33

    100 including palettes, and honestly speaking I don’t wear them all, maybe 70 but some are left on their own ! It’s the same for my other makeup products, well for many of us it’s a narcissism issue ! 2 or 3 palettes would be enough in fact but collections are so beautiful ! Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman ( lol )

  22. Whoa, I am WAY behind everyone else here! I think I have under 20. Lol.

  23. Lets see, I have an 88 palette, 26, naked palette, 10 pan inglot palette, mac palette, bunch of depotted palettes, singles, quads, duos, probably like 200/250. Wow, that’s crazy.

  24. yellowlantern

    I have around 25 if my Naked 2 palette is included. 

  25. Daniellenm30

    Including palettes, I think I have around 200. Eek. It didn’t seem like a lot until I counted it up.

  26. I’m definitely in the super-heavyweight category- probably 300 or so, once I’ve counted up all the palettes, pigments, pots, pairs and powders.

  27. 18thCenturyFox

    I have about 100+ MAC alone, not including palettes. Do I count the e/s inside my Tarina,Dior, TokiDoki, UD palettes separately? All my indie company singles? I’m getting into the 400’s + in that case. .. However reading these responses is making me feel much better, and I too have really ramped back the palette and duo purchases. I suppose I start to feel like its all just reinventing the wheel and I will never have the satisfaction of hitting pan on ANYthing.

    • xamyx

      In my 25+ years of wearing makeup, I’ve *never* hit pan on anything, unless you count products that have cracked or broken.

  28. My makeup addiction started several years ago and I’ve managed to stay in blissful ignorance up until now about how much I’ve accumulated.  Rough estimate between 425-450 (including the one I bought today).  That is counting the individual shades in the duos and palettes I own. 

  29. CNo64

    At last count, mine numbered in the 70s, but since then I’ve added some Inglot palettes, so the total tally of all shades is probably approaching 100.That’s really kind of ridiculous, sice I wear only neutral eyeshadows.How many taupes does one person need?

  30. Joanna

    I guesstimated more than 50.  Then curiosity got me, and I had to count…I have 52 MAC singles and 29 Guerlain quads (and counting).

  31. jdr77

    By pan, I have over 150. It’s way too much and I’m on an eyeshadow ban because of it.

  32. Pirinco

    I definitely think the time has come for the makeup companies to provide us with the option of buying deluxe sample sizes!!! E.g. If a sample shadow contains 0.5g of product you would have enough product to use it fairly, and if you like it you could buy a full size. Just think of how much money and space that would save! Not to mention the waste reduction!!!

    • Liz9969

      Pirinco Yes!  I recently bought a MUFE eyeshadow single.  The color and texture are lovely, but it’s just too big.  I almost returned it because I felt like I was wasting my money on something I’ll probably use only a few times a year.  Of all the 49 eyeshadows I own, I’ve only hit pan on 1 (Urban Decay Half Baked).  

  33. Pamela

    I have at least 80 MAC shadows.  I didn’t even bother to consider the other brand shadows I own.  I need to get a life!

  34. Ana

    More than 100 for sure! (counting my 88 palettes xD)

  35. JaneenArias

    Wow, reading everyone’s posts about having hundreds of eyeshadows I feel like I have none, haha. I have both Naked palettes from UD…Ludwig palette from Kat Von D (the one with the green and neutrals), um…a purple tiny palette from..Maybelline? Want to get a higher end purple palette and toss that one. That’s basically it when it comes to eyeshadows.

  36. Liz9969

    I have 4 drugstore quads, 2 Nars Duos, 4 singles, 3 cream shadows, and 2 Urban Decay Palettes (Naked 1 and Smoked).  All that adds up to 49,  I think.

  37. CNo64

    Why do you think we do this?I know I’m insecure about my looks, in general, but I *know* I have beautiful eyes.They look pretty, even without makeup.So why can’t I feel olike I have “enough” makeup?

    • 18thCenturyFox

      1) Total obsessive “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” approach to lovely eyeshadow shades2) my eyes really are so light they disappear into my face without definition 3) I often wear heavy eye makeup in lieu of a “leave me alone” or “come closer to me” sign. It helps amplify whatever non verbal cues I am giving out.

    • xamyx

      For me, it’s because I’m always looking for “the one” perfect shadow, and when I think I’ve found it, another crosses my path.

    • CNo64 Insecurity gradually moves to acceptance as we get older and from what you are saying, I really do not think you are buying makeup due to insecurity issues..  Maybe those are the messages other people are feeding you when they observe the time/effort/money you spend on products.  Here’s my mantra, if you do not pay my bills, you have no say in how I spend my money.  Period.  Embrace it and enjoy it!I’m moody and my makeup tends to follow my moods.  Sometimes I want to look daunting and other times I want to look pretty.  What a great mechanism for doing just that!  In the creative world, there is never enough of anything.. there is always something new which inspires.  My studio is jam packed with things.  Having these things on hand fuels the creative process.  I can sit and ‘play’ with my cosmetics time and time again.  Pick up products and put them together to see how the colours work against each other.  When I work on creative projects, I approach them in exactly the same way.  I’ll see something in my stash and think Aha..that will look great with this..and so on..  I know these thought are somewhat disjointed, but reasons in general why a few shadows and a few blushes just isn’t going to cut it.  

  38. divinem1

    I’ve had to create a spreadsheet of my collection to prevent purchasing duplicates. Here’s my breakdown:Bare Minerals Ready: 2Bobbie Brown: 6Burberry: 1Buxom: 5Chanel: 24Clinique: 6Dior: 38Estee Lauder: 24Guerlain: 17Laura Mercier: 10MAC:  316Mary Kay: 18MUFE:  25NARS:  6Tarina Tarantino: 6Too Faced: 49Urban Decay: 33TOTAL:  586: 

    • divinem1

      I’m a collector, end user, artist and teacher. I love the process of creating a look. I make no apologies for it.I  recently began collecting Hakuhodo and now have ~25 of their brushes, which has elevated the experience of farding to a purely luxurious one. There are truly no words to describe the pleasure I get out of using them.

      • divinem1  Oh, how I loved reading your comment because I truly embrace the process myself.  I find myself feeling annoyed when people make scathing comments about my interests and deem it an exercise in self absorption.  They just do not seem to understand the creativity involved , the joy of creating your own personal canvas of colours on a daily basis.  I believe I caught a previous post of yours regarding these brushes and I googled them and thought..aha.. at some point, I will consider upgrading my brush collection.  I am also involved with other art mediums and art supplies/paints/brushes are all very expensive.  It is really no different.  For quality products and tools, you must pay a premium price.  

        • divinem1

          wwendalynne Wendy, I would be happy to give you suggestions if/when you decide to branch out to Hakuhodo. There are a few I wish I hadn’t purchased, but there is a handful of must-haves I recommend. My Twitter handle is divinem1 if you want to get in contact with me to discuss the various series, etc. <3

        • divinem1  I will do that!

        • xamyx

          Brushes are just as important as the medium, IMO.

  39. If I include eyeshadows that come in palettes, I must have more than a hundred… I don’t have very many singles though. But I’m working on it :p

  40. Vanillasnow

    Since I only buy palettes, I think I am close to the 300 mark if not more.  I mean, I have all the BOS that ever came out, 2 different Tarte palettes, the 88 Palette, the Naked Palette, at least 5 kat von D ones, 2 smash box ones and a bunch of BE kits.  And all the free GWP ones and the random MAC LE ones that come out.  OMG… I might be closer to 400 if not more.  /guilt

  41. ingerasata

    Gosh… Considering that I’ve only recently started buying makeup seriously (last year, year and a half), I probably own more than I care to know or admit to anyone :). I don’t own any drug store makeup (except nail polishes; just a personal preference, not that there’s anything wrong with ds makeup). It’s an investment, I’ll leave it a that… I do mostly have palettes, simply because they are more convenient and they’re a much better deal than individual shadows, but Burberry shadows are my favorite and I have quite a few of those and I doubt they’ll ever put together a palette :).

  42. Laura

    Hmm, I think I have about a dozen MAC 15 pan palettes filled with MAC, Urban Decay and Makeup Geek shadows

  43. Nymph1816

    I have 4 palettes with at least 10 eyeshadows each, a few quads, and a few duos. I really should trash two of the palettes because they are so low in quality, but it’s hard to junk something that I don’t absolutely despise… but they’re taking up room.I just have to say, it should be “Fewer than 10.” Less is used for a quantity that you can’t count, like “less air” and fewer is used for things you can count, like eyeshadows.

  44. Laura

    Hmm, I think I have about a dozen MAC 15 pan palettes filled with MAC, Urban Decay and Makeup Geek shadows, plus (at a guess) around 25 single eyeshadows (NARS, other MAC shadows etc), plus maybe 6 or 7 Kat Von D palettes, about 10 MAC quads, 3 sugarpill palettes plus a wole load of UD (both Nakeds, all the BOS, fun, Dangerous, feminine, black etc)… So I have hundreds of eyeshadows!

  45. diamond_8806

    This question sparked my interest to know how many I own for a fact, so I counted mine.  I own five palettes and three single eye shadows for a total of 129!  I didn’t even know I owned that many!  And on top of that, I am in the midst of working on a wishlist for 9 more eye shadows so that I can depot my singles to create a neutral palette.  

  46. I thought I had more than 50 but less than 100…but when I actually counted them all, including all the individual eyeshadows in the palettes, turns out I had 133.  Yeesh…I knew my collection wasn’t small compared to a regular person’s, but I didn’t think it was that big either! @_@

  47. Karidwen

    Last time I updated my spreadsheet I had 429 shadows.  This is only my indie company mineral shadows, it doesn’t include all my Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, Mac, Sephora, etc which total at least 150+.  Since then I have collected 100+ more indie shadows and still going strong.  And yes, I do use most of them at some point.

  48. flipmaya

    Not including the eyeshadow samples from stila, I have 74. I usually stick to my tried and true neutrals so 74 is way more than I needed especially considering the shelf life of eyeshadow.

  49. Veronica

    If we’re just counting singles, then it’s somewhere between 11-20.  However, if I count all the shadows in my palettes individually, then it puts it around 75.  I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve managed to collect, so I’m holding off for awhile before buying more.  Having hooded eyes can sometimes be a bummer when you buy all these colorful eyeshadows and realize you can’t recreate the looks that inspired the purchase. 😛

  50. sydneyreadseverything

    So many.  The only color I don’t have is red.  I have been putting off buying a matte red eye shadow for years, because I feel that it’s the piece of the rainbow and when I have it my eye shadow journey will be over.

    • xamyx

      Not necessarily; I’ve got around 10, but I’m always on the prowl for the *perfect* one.

      • xamyx Would love to hear more about your ‘red’ collection Amy. I’ve always been fascinated with red eyeshadow, but just seem to dance around it with deeper reddish burgandy shades. Do you have a few in particular which seem to stand out?

    • forgotton0memory

      sydneyreadseverything I love Nyx Rust. It’s not a true vibrant red, and it’s not matte. But it’s really beautiful.

  51. Shayna

    Well I have the 120 palette so that on it’s own is a ton. If we’re just counting singles I have like 5, because I mostly buy palettes.

  52. If I had not put together one of my special ‘care’ packages for the girls at my salon, the number would be a lot bigger..  As it stands, I know it is in the hundreds.  I’m getting far better at purging and if I do not use a particular product as much as I thought I might, I will usually try and find it a good home. Right now I’m not using my Sleek palettes as much as I would have liked and I’m finding I am not overly fond of their texture.  I will have to make a concentrated effort to try them again or they are going to be out the door.One of the next commitments I have made to myself is to get rid of my monstrous MAC singles collection.  Other than the handful of tried and true shades I will always use such as Grain, Brule, Patina, Embark, Sorcery, Print ..these immediately come to mind, I want to replace ..nay..fill in my collection with better quality shadows.  My box of MAC shadows is saddd.. because I’ve been completely heartless and thrown them all in a ratty cardboard box and stuffed them in a cupboard.  Satisfactory isn’t good enough anymore.  What is the point?

    • divinem1

      wwendalynne I’ve given away my 120 and 88 palettes plus a huge care package to a friend. I believe in sharing the wealth, especially if it’s a teenager who is just getting off the ground where cosmetics are concerned. They learn quickly what does and does not work for them so they don’t make the same mistakes I did. I feel very sad for your MAC singles collection (bows head for a moment of silence). I’m assuming you’re referring to single pots and not pro refill shadows, yes?  I have many that need to be depotted — just need to sit down and devote the time to doing them all at once so they don’t feel abandoned and get assigned to the proper palettes.Okay, I’m anthropomorphizing eyeshadows. Time for a straightjacket, I think. LOL! I’m a crazed lunatic when it comes to protecting and organizing my MAC

      • divinem1  Loved your reply!  I enjoy sharing the wealth as well and particularly when I know the products will get used and are appreciated.  You will be happy to hear, based on this post, I pulled out my MAC collection today to retrieve Vapour and put it back on A rotation :)  I also worked with my Sleek palette without primer and on a slippery base and I am pleased to say, I am much happier with the results.  As my friend, Kafka, said to me recently:  some shadows just like to hang on top of a creamy bases and so is the case with this palette apparently.  It’s not ‘heading for the hills’ quite yet. Never worry about sounding like a lunatic around me.. I’ve already ordered colour co-ordinated straight jackets for all my cosmetic looks *grin* :)

      • 18thCenturyFox

        Ok excuse my cosmetic ignorance but these giant 88 palettes are MAC? Inglot? combos? Are they just giant MAC palettes filled with the myriad and sundry ? Plus I’ve always anthropomorphized my MU too! It started when I was little and wanted to make sure *all* my shampoos got a turn being used. I also collect anthropomorphic salt and pepper shakers.. don’t ask about the kind of treatment they get ;.D

  53. blueraccoon

    wow, i have almost none. I have the 3 Shady Lady palettes, so that’s 27. Naked 2, for another 12, and I have six of the L’Oreal infallible shadows. So…I have 45 eye shadows in total. Not very many, I suppose :)

  54. theonlyswede

    If I count each palette for its individual eyeshadow pans, and add separate individual eyeshadows, the total comes to an even – and quite scary – 200! But a lot of those palettes are drugstore and once-in-a-while items. I probably have about 15 individual eyeshadows, and about 18 palettes of varying sizes.

  55. Brittany Thomas

    probably around 150 or so

  56. Lori Melane Kiser

    300 I am guessing then going to count.

  57. Georgia J. Llewellyn

    Head explodes! May I have an easier question? :)

  58. Georgia J. Llewellyn

    Head explodes! May I have an easier question? :)

  59. Victoria Thompson

    About 75 here.

  60. Shelley Weyand

    Good question…..I have no freakin’

  61. Shelley Weyand

    Good question…..I have no freakin’

  62. Amy Kowalczyk

    Well, if you count the individual colors in Naked 1 and UD’s anniversary palette, there’s 30 right there. I also have Sin as a single and several Maybelline quads.

  63. Amy Kowalczyk

    Well, if you count the individual colors in Naked 1 and UD’s anniversary palette, there’s 30 right there. I also have Sin as a single and several Maybelline quads.

  64. Stephanie Carvalho

    250 or so…

  65. Kelly Brown Madsen

    the mind reels at the very thought of it – can’t handle this much brain drain on a Friday evening. Have to take another drink of my cocktail!

  66. Jessica Williams

    120-130 or so. And that’s a conservative estimate.

  67. Jessica Williams

    120-130 or so. And that’s a conservative estimate.

  68. Michaela Degenaro

    Hahahaha. Funny.

  69. Sara Campbell

    Are we including all the eyeshadows within palettes? If so, probably 125. As for individual shadows, only 24.

  70. Carla Jones

    I’d say around 200 or so.

  71. Eva Badia

    yo no cuento que me da verguenza la cantidad de sombras qe tengo..

  72. Noelia Jones

    250, 300????you count the colors individually in the palettes???that’s A lot…

  73. Noelia Jones

    If we count them individually in the palettes then around 500 .

  74. Noelia Jones

    If we count them individually in the palettes then around 500 .

  75. Lori Melane Kiser

    500 with my MAC palettes (I stopped couting there) not including the 2 drawers of pre made UD, Too Faced, Smashbox etc palettes. Including those…close to 700 Goodness I never realized that. Now I feel sort of sick!

  76. Marisa Cree

    at least over 700. I have one company’s collection of over 250. Yep, I got a problem!

  77. Rejwana Rahman

    Lost count – I’m pretty sure I have every colour that exists

  78. Tracy Alvarez

    A conservative estimate would be around 250…

  79. Anne Kulaszewicz Wolf

    250 ish. I thought that was a lot before I started reading the comments here. :)

  80. Sara Salkeld

    Hundreds. And I’m not counting for the same reason I don’t weigh myself!

  81. Maria Salinas


  82. Maria Salinas


  83. Lorena Perez

    So i’m normal then.

  84. April Deeter

    174. All Mac. Whew.

  85. Kathy Bolton Rosado

    I can safely say without exaggeration that I have more eyeshadow that I could possibly ever use for the rest of my entire life. I have no clue. I have bins of palettes. I also have a bin of individuals. It’s kind of borders on hoarding now that I think about it.

  86. Mercedes De


  87. Cherry Fisher

    About 30 but my daughter, tracy alvarez, has a lot. She puts them in a pink large rolling tool box. Now thats a lot.

  88. Simone Ferreira


  89. Shalini Gupta

    Maybe a dozen tops. I counted the quads and quints as one shadow.

  90. Shalini Gupta

    Maybe a dozen tops. I counted the quads and quints as one shadow.

  91. Mindy L Fraser

    umm, however many you can cram into 3 roller carts and 2 traincases. Plus the palettes… I HAVE A PROBLEM OKAY 😀

  92. Valerie Rouse

    About 100… But now I’m inspired to go count… :)

  93. Valerie Rouse

    About 100… But now I’m inspired to go count… :)

  94. Melanie Scammell McLendon

    After reading these posts, NOT ENOUGH!!! I think i’ll go shopping now

  95. Melanie Scammell McLendon

    After reading these posts, NOT ENOUGH!!! I think i’ll go shopping now

  96. Wendy W. Li-Chen

    Estimate 50 of it, then I counted it, oh, I have 200 of it. It is reality check, I should stop buying more.

  97. Regan McManus

    Around 200

  98. Kim Tedesco

    This was a great question! I try so hard to not buy too many eye shadows because I know I’ll never use them up, but your answers are making me think fuck it. :)

  99. Allison Tucker

    @Everyone – wow. And I call myself a junkie…correction, used to call myself a junkie. I’m in the 75 to 80 range with eyeshadows. Thanks for giving me a reason to buy more!