Friday, April 8th, 2011

Choose or Lose

How many different brushes do you use to apply your eye makeup?

  • 3 (35%, 1,578 Votes)
  • 4 (20%, 918 Votes)
  • 2 (18%, 796 Votes)
  • More than 5! (11%, 472 Votes)
  • 5 (9%, 422 Votes)
  • 1 (4%, 190 Votes)
  • None - I don't use brushes, sucker! (2%, 99 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,488

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to CeeBee for today’s poll!

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53 thoughts on “How many different brushes do you use to apply your eye makeup?

  1. Monika-Luiza

    1. brush to apply the lidcolor and highlighter under the brow
    2. crase brush
    3. ultra dense short brush to line my eyes

  2. Steffi L.

    For the baked eyeshadows,i use the smooth Sponge applicator or my fingers.

  3. “None – I don’t use brushes, sucker!” This made me laugh!

  4. Shelby

    1. All over lid colour
    2. Crease brush (crown C138)
    3. Blending brush (crown C200 Deluxe Crease)
    4. Highlight brow/tear duct (tokidoki brush set, blue one)

  5. Tish

    I usually use between 4 to 6 brushes depending on the look. If it’s just a classic look it’s generally four, but if I’m trying to do something really creative I use more brushes.

    All looks use:

    Shader (MAC 239)
    Blender (MAC 217)
    Crease brush (NYX B 31)
    Eye liner brush (MAC 219)

  6. Depends on what I’m going for. Usually if I’m going to work, I only need one brush. But on a normal day, I use one for my lids, one for the crease, one for brow highlight, one for filling brows, and maybe one more for tearduct highlight.

  7. kasia

    most of the time only one – MAC 217

  8. Laurel

    1. brush for lid color
    2. brush for crease
    3. brush for blending
    4. brush for highlight (sometimes)
    5. brush for liner (sometimes)

  9. The most I ever use it 3. One to put the color on my lid, one for my crease and to smudge shadow below the bottom lashes, and a fluffy brush to blend and highlight the brow bone and inner corner.

  10. Heidi S.

    It really depends on what I’m going for. If it’s a simple look, usually two, but, if it’s for something a bit more dramatic, four or five.

  11. Katie

    1. Mac 139 or 242 for lid color
    2. Mac 217 for crease
    3. Mac 224 for blending
    4. Mac 219 for inner corner
    5. Mac 227 for brow bone highlight
    6. Mac 208 for brows
    7. Coastal Scents bent liner brush for gel liner

  12. jenniet2002

    MAC 239, 217, sometimes a 219. =)

  13. Brittany

    WOWZERS I work at MAC & surprised people use more than 2 or 3… This is one of the reasons I got hired because the manager was impressed that I only used 2 brushes during my makeup interview. If you have a 239 OR a 242 and a 217, you’ll be just fine. lol =p <3

    • t_zwiggy

      Don’t say you do eyeliner with one of those as well..? 😛

    • LM

      You can tell your boss you’re the only MAC employee I’d want to do any MU application on me LOL

    • ashleigh

      i totally agree with that. I use more because I have them to play around with, so I usually use 5 but if i dont feel like taking all my brushes somewhere, I only use a shader and blending brush :)

  14. Maggie

    Hmmm, quite a few actually…

    1) I prep my eye area with foundation using either F82 by Sigma or Coco Beau The Big Fat firm Foundation Brush
    2) Then I set it all with powder using the flat top kabuki from Sigma (retractable or F80)
    3) I use fingers for the eyeshadow base, but as for eyeshadows I use 1-2 flat eyeshadowbrushes/blending brush and a smudger/pencip brush for lining my eyes.

    Total: 5 or more brushes…ay ay ay

  15. Kelly C.

    1. MAC 224 to blend in concealer (<3 pixiwoo for this tip)
    2. Sephora Professional #45 Mineral Brush for powder and blush (cream or powder)
    3. Ecotools Eye Brush from the 5 pc. set for eyeshadow (sheer wash one one color usually)

    Everything else is fingers : )

    • Kelly C.

      Oh, me getting ahead of myself and not reading properly! For eye makeup I just use the EcoTools 5 piece set : )

  16. Lisa G

    I chose 4 because usually I use between 3 and 5 depending on the look.

  17. Courtney

    It really depends on what I’m doing. Normally, just one to apply, then one to blend a crease color. But if I’m doing something complicated, then I may need one for lining as well or I might need a spare dry one if I’m working with wet shadow.

  18. Laura

    On average I would say 4: 239, 217, 222, 219, but if I’m in a rush it might be just 2, and often it’s 5 or 6 (maybe the 249 to apply a cream base, a liner-type brush for under the lower lashes etc)

  19. LM

    Really on a day I wear shadow it’s usually just 1 brush. I’ll use a med flat brush to apply a light shadow all over, then the tip of the brush to add a slightly darker crease, brush it off and turn sideways to blend. I prefer pencil liner but if I do anything more that would be the second, and if I add wax to my brows I use a spoolie to brush through. I don’t bother using more brushes unless I do a more complex shadow look which is pretty rare for me. I don’t like the look of heavy makeup at all. So… can be 3 or more but most days just 1 is all I need.

  20. ashleigh

    1. flat shader brush from sephora for my lid color.
    2. 224 from mac for my crease
    3. blending brush from sephora to blend the colors together
    4. 227 from mac for my highlight
    5. 266 from mac for my eyebrows and lash line.

    If I’m going out and doing something more dramatic I use a bunch more but this is my every day

  21. Mandy

    1. All over lid color
    2. Highlight/inner corner
    3. Crease brush
    4. Pencil brush
    5. Eyeliner brush

  22. Nancy

    1)flat mac 239 for shadow on the lid
    2)fluffy mac 224 for the crease
    3)small thin crease brush for the outer V
    4)fluffy flat brush for the highlight
    5)small smudger for the inner lid highlight

    I need to learn how to cut this down…

  23. AnGeLwInGz

    I use a concealer brush (either Chanel or Bare Escentuals) to apply allover lid color, and for everything else I use the cute little brushes that come with the L’Oreal HIP pigments. They’re soft and are the perfect size and shape for the crease and blending. I have an unopened Ecotools set that I should probably try.

  24. Alexis

    1. MAC239 for lid
    2. MAC217 for crease
    3. Sigma SS217 for blending
    4. Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush for gel liner :)

  25. Usually none.
    Concealer, none.
    Primer, none.
    Base, none.
    Liner, none
    Mascara, none.
    And even when I do use eyeshadow, I normally apply the lid color with my finger. I will use a brush for crease/blending though.

  26. v

    1. For crease and blending e/s brush (MAC 226)
    2. For the outer V (MAC 219)
    3. To set eyeliner w/ powder ( MAC 242)
    4. Liner brush ( MAC 266)

  27. it depends on the look I’m going for. if I’m feeling lazy I’ll just use my fingers for all over color and that’s it, if I just want a smolder around the eyes then just one smudge brush will do. :)

  28. ruthk

    I have labels on each brush for each color, so I have green, blue, gray, black, brown, taupe, gold, pink, purple and beige. So for example today I used beige, gold and brown. I find it much easier with this method because before I would come to use a certain brush and if I hadn’t cleaned it enough from a darker color it would make the lighter one go muddy-looking. So yes three is my usual but I color code them.

  29. Kimberly Poston

    Too many to count, but probably around 5. They all do different things and achieve different eye looks.

  30. Vvn

    Will usually consist of something like:

    239 or 213 – Application
    217 – Blend a little
    224 – Blend harsh lines
    Liner brush (Illamasqua)
    -and then… sometimes~ 219 or 214 for lower lash line colour

  31. Oh gosh I use so many brushes just for eyes! Cleaning them is such a pain!

  32. Nic

    Let’s see, typically:
    239 on the lid
    217 in the crease
    208 or 209 to line
    fluffy brush for brow highlight
    small brush for inner corner highlight

    So I said 5, but I sometimes use as many as 7 or 8.

  33. Jasl

    I don’t use a single brush! Haha!! Only 1 sponge tip applicator for eyeshadow under the eyes!

  34. Morena123

    I dunno,it depends what look i’m doing that day. Around 2-5.

    Mac 239 – lid color
    Mac 242- if I use a pigment instead of powder for my lid. Also for base.
    Sephora Shader brush (purple one) – to add 2nd color to lid, instead of flipping the 239 over.
    Mac 217 – to add some color to my crease
    Sephora #29 crease brush – I like this brush for adding a browbone color.
    Mica Bella eyeliner brush – to add eyeliner, its not my face to use tho.

  35. Amanda Blyskal

    i lied! i actually use 4! one for packing eyeshadow on the lid, one for blending, one for eyeliner and another for putting on black shadow over the eyeliner

    • Summerblue

      1. brush for lid color
      2. brush for crease
      3. brush for blending
      4. brush for highlight
      5. brush for liner
      6. brush for tear duct

  36. I normally just use my 3 pc tokidoki set but sometimes i will use a couple of coastal scents tiny brushes for detail

  37. andi

    Only 2 because I don’t have that much money to invest in more brushes and most of the time I’m just putting on neutrals so it doesn’t really matter.
    1. MAC 217 for general e/s application and blendin
    2. Liner brush to line my eyes

  38. Quinctia

    I normally use one. I may use a different one depending on how I’m putting on my shadow, but the only time I reach for a second is when I decide I want to line with a dark shadow and I grab an angled eyeliner brush. (Does that even count?)

  39. Nicole

    It depends on the number of colors I’m wearing. So it varies from 1 to 6.

  40. Romina

    I am satisfied with 3.
    239 to apply the lidcolor and the lower lid, too
    222 o blending and highlighting
    266 for eyeliner

  41. infinity brushes/as many as needed if i’m going somewhere important where many pictures will be taken but if not, just two for everyday hah! ceebs

  42. Angela

    Ive got some really versatile brushes so I only need to use a maximum of 2 or 3 for a smoky eye.

    • Chandra

      I usually use four, 239 for lid,224 for crease,217 for highlight and the 219 for corners and under the eye. Yup that will do it. I also own six of each.

  43. katie

    I use three brushes:
    1. brush for lid color (Hakuhodo s133)
    2. brush for crease and blending (Hakuhodo s142)
    3. brush for liner and highlighting (Hakuhodo s143)

  44. ling

    hmmmm lemme see..
    1. brush for applying concealer
    2. blending brush for concealer
    3. brush for powder foundation
    4. e/s brush
    5. blending brush
    6. eyeliner brush
    7. e/s brush for lower lids
    8. blush brush
    9. lip brush

    ohmygaddd i use a lot of brushes!lol. that’s what our make-up teacher taught us..always use brushes, avoid sponges!lol

  45. ling

    1 e/s brush applicator, 2 blending brush, eye liner brush & e/s brush for lower lids so that’s 5!:)