Friday, August 17th, 2012

Choose or Lose

How many blushes do you own?

  • Less than 5 (28%, 1,271 Votes)
  • 6-10 (28%, 1,228 Votes)
  • More than 20 (22%, 999 Votes)
  • 11-20 (22%, 965 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,463

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71 thoughts on “How many blushes do you own?

  1. Brooke

    I don’t own many – 25. If you could highlighters that *could* function as blushes, the count would go to 28.

    • It’s interesting to me that some people consider 25 to be not that many, and some people (one commenter above) think that more than 20 is a ton!

      Just shows that size is relative :)

      • so true! I think most non makeup junkies would find over 4 blushes excessive! I know people who wear the same blush every day.. *gasp* That just boggles my mind. But, hey, some people think if they have what works, why bother messing with it :)

      • Brooke

        I think it also depends on who you are friends with or what other stashes you are familiar with. Of the people I know, I have the smallest stash — by far! So to me, 25 is pretty small, especially when a couple years ago I had easily triple that (but I was a collector then, and I’ve ruthlessly de-stashed now).

        • BooBooNinja

          I think it also depends on where you rank blush in your makeup priorities. It makes sense for someone to own more blushes if blush is part of his/her “look”. :)

        • BooBooNinja

          Brooke, good for you for your destashing success!

  2. 7 or 8, I do love blushes but I hardly wear them.. It just get’s too much on me so fast.

  3. Dinitchka

    I have way more than 25 and could not even begin to count. I bought just about evey blush from Nars and Illamasqua last year. I’m thinking those alone are over 25.

  4. shelly

    Six (although two of them are duos of some sort — one’s a double blush, one’s a blush/bronzer duo).

  5. Lauren

    13 total.

    – 3 Smashbox powder blushes
    – 2 Smashbox cream blushes (one is a trio, one is a duo)
    – 1 Clinique powder blush (travel size)
    – 1 Estee Lauder cream blush
    – 1 ELF powder blush
    – 1 Lancome blush (it’s actually a trio for contouring)
    – 3 regular size Tarte Amazonlian Clay blushes
    – 1 travel size Tarte Amazonian Clay blush

  6. GUSnail

    I own 6, but really only use 3. One came in a set, but I’ve only used it once or twice. The other two only come out for special events.

  7. 3! Rock & Republic Bedroom, NARS Torrid, and Dior Bronze Harmonie de Blush in Coral Riviera…and with only three, i’m still not sure if I can finish them!

  8. Maribel

    I’m a blush hoarder! I have right around 33 and want at least one more from the new Mac collection! Most of mine are MAC about 25. I just love blush but I really need to stop buying!

  9. Marta

    Ok, so I’m very scared of anyone who answered “more than 20″. Oh, and jealous. Mostly jealous. I’m on a budget and I prefer spending on eyeshadows, so I only have 3 matte cream blushes from Inglot and 3 Bourjois shimmery blushes. I have a coral (summer), cool prink (winter) and warm pink (spring and autumn) of each. It’s a very sensible system, because I can pair them or use them on their own, but also boring. I don’t mind though, more money for eye products! 😀

  10. Leticia

    Blush is the item I buy less of and with this survey, I’ve just realized I have almost 20… did that happen??

  11. No comment. I should be ashamed.

  12. I had to go count to see if I was above or below 20. I’m just above, but I’d be below if I didn’t have 6 La Femme blushes (2.50 each, surprisingly good quality!). And that’s how I’m going to justify it!

  13. Deb

    I’m just over 20, but that’s because I counted the new NARS blush palette as six (there’s technically one bronzer and one highlighter in the palette).

    Still a lot for someone who had two for many years!

  14. t_zwiggy

    I knew it was over 100, but had to count to get an exact number. Turns out I have 139 actual blushes (not counting MSFs and beauty powders that I also use as blushes).

    Blushes are my weakness and the one beauty product that I just can’t stop buying. I am fortunate enough that I can pull off a lot of different shades on my cheeks, I think that’s why I think buying blushes are so much fun. If the quality is there I most likely will be satisfied.

  15. I like my blushes subtle, so I don’t see a lot of point in owning that many — Most of them end up looking too similar to each other when sheered out!

    The only exception would be some loose blush samples. When accumulated, I’m sure I have more than 20. However, they’re so cheap (I received many as free samples, even) and I never even finished one, so I never bothered buying full sizes. Loose blushes are a tad too messy for my liking anyway. >:

  16. Kafka

    I plead the Fifth! I have over 22 from NARS alone, most of which were bought just in the last 4 months. I don’t want to even think about all the rest and the sum total. Oddly, I was never really a blush addict. I had a lot but, still, my real obsession used to be lipsticks. Then, suddenly, this last year, it’s as though blushes became my greatest focus.

  17. I have a lot of synthetic brush now. More then 20 for sure… I should count them but I’m thinking 60+ as a have a few set from sigma, bdelium Tools, Royal & Langnickle, Real Techniques, and a few strangelers I got over the years. The surprising mostly all a are unique (though sam family) and no doubles other then the amazing bdelium 760 liner brush.

    • Ahhhhh!!!!! Read these a Brushs! Not Blushs! >_<

      I do have more then 20 though in Blushes.
      12 from Le Femme, 3 Tarte, 6 OFRA, 2 from MAC, 3 cream blushes from theBalm, one liquid to Powder Blush from FACEaltier, 2 MeMeMe Blushes, 2 Sleek by 3 blushes. Can you tell I'm trying to down size these. lol

      This is not including face powder highlighter and matte bronzers.

  18. Jennifer

    Let’s see… 9?

    benefit hervana
    cargo miami beach
    thebalm stainiac
    estee lauder peach nuance
    2 bareminerals blushes
    2 physicians formula blushes
    elf blush/bronzer contour set

    I also use some of my mom’s estee lauder and origins blushes from time to time. I definitely want to get some NARS, MAC, and Tarte blushes, but I can’t bring myself to buy when I already have so many.

  19. Mariella

    I’m around the 20 mark, could be just under or could be just over (I’m never sure whether to count multiples of the same shade or those in palettes that I didn’t actually mean to purchase but they just “tagged along”). I don’t use all of them – some from palettes are too orange for me (the Hot Mama blush in the Balmbini palette, for example). So I guess I have about 15 that I do use regularly and maybe another 5 that I use less regularly, and then and a bunch more that I use once in a while. Heck, I forgot my cream/liquid blushes and a trio from MAC…okay, most definitely OVER 20 (but I can’t change my vote!)

  20. I didn’t bother counting because it’s more than 20 and less than 50, I think and incredibly, I still have blushes on my wishlist. I will not be adding to my Tarte Amazonian clay collection because I’m finding NARS/Chanel/Tom Ford/Illamasqua far better with staying power. For some reason the Tarte blushes disappear on me after 6 to 8 hours similar to what happens with MAC blushes which I will also not buy anymore. A couple of my favorites in these two brands have effectively become duds over the past 4 months.. At this price point, I’m finding I can get far better quality from Illamasqua or NARS. Oh, and nobody can compare to least not yet… not even Chanel.

  21. xamyx

    I honestly have no clue, but it’s likely well over 50. I rarely wear blush, though. Most came as GWPs, palettes, etc. I really only wear about 5.

  22. Do we count the ones that come in palettes? Because I collect the old Quickie Chronicles from Too Faced and they each come with a blush…

    That said, I’m pretty sure I’m over 20 without counting them anyway!

  23. Dominique

    Around 40 I think, I purchased Chanel Rose Initiale today ! Everyone asks me if I use them all, well yes ! I purchased some Cargo blushes years ago and I am glad I have them because our Sephora stores discontinued the brand. I love blushes it brings some colour to the face. 40 is maybe too much though because some shades are pretty similar but I am never tired of blushes !

  24. Nikki

    Only 20, and as much as I love blush, I am not interested in purchasing anymore. I regularly use them all through rotation. I’m so satisfied with my range of colors, the pigmentation, and the longevity of my blushes that I no longer even look at blushes in make up stores anymore! My holy grail blushes are La Femme Blushes on Rouge. Love, love, LOVE THEM!

  25. I only own 5

    Nars Dolce Vita
    Nars Douceur
    Nars Orgasm
    Tarte Amazonian Clay Blissful
    Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushing Bride.

    But *in my mind* I own like 10-15. XD

  26. Janeen Arias

    Up until this year, I had ONE blush, NARS Orgasm. Then Benefit Hervana came out and it looked so gorgeous I had to get it. Then I bought a sample Tarte set that came with a blush, Dollface, and a bronzer. Then I used my 100 pts at Sephora to get Benefit Bellabamba? And thats it. Oh wait, no. I carry a Estee Lauder blush, bronzer, highlighter trio in my purse… So that’s it :) 5 total. And I have no interest in getting more, don’t see the point.

  27. nacacijin

    Considering my extreme lack of interest in blush, I was kind of surprised when I counted sixteen blushes in my collection (+ 2 bronzers that I use solely as a blush). I maybe wear blush a few times a month, so I’m a little confused as to *why* I’ve bought so many! I don’t know how they all got there…lol but at least I know I’ll be in good shape if I ever find myself suddenly in love with blush.

  28. I have more then 40 blushes:( I have a HUGE problem…

  29. Nicole

    Without counting Bronzers and Hightlighters, I own 9 (5 MAC Refill, 1 MAC Pot, 1 Nars, 1 Bobbi, 1 Burberry). The next one I purchase would be by Armani.

    Additional to the blushes I own 1 bronzer, 2 beauty powders, 1 Shape & Sculp Powder (all MAC), 1 Highlighter (Nars) and a creme blush (MUFE).

  30. Kimberly

    More than 100 lol

  31. Keo D

    Estee Lauder blush, NARS Orgasm, TheBalm Frat Boy, and some other brands I don’t even remember because I never use them lol. I don’t own a lot of blushes because I’m so content w/ my NARS & Frat Boy. But I really want TheBalm’s Down Boy next.

  32. Tuss

    Of all my blushes, about 14, I only use three – MAC Harmony, Peaches and Sincere. I tend to stay with the blushes I like.

  33. Meiya

    26 – it’s weird to realize this! I do love blush though

  34. BooBooNinja

    I have 5 or less if you count the 4 in my 2 Josie Maran travel Palettes as 2. I have 3 individual blushes.

    • BooBooNinja

      OoPs. I actually have only 3 of the Josie Maran palette blushes left.
      I love blush, but I keep my stash small as I really enjoy what I have. :)

  35. Beckie

    Just counted and I have 32… I thought I had under 20… blush is my absolute favorite product so I will continue to hoard them lol

  36. Way too many! I did major cream blush hauling last year, I was obsessed.

  37. blueraccoon

    I thought I had less than ten but I actually have closer to 15 – Tarte Exposed, Achiote, cheek stain in Natural Beauty. NARS palette with six. Two Burberry blushes, one Chanel, one Smashbox, Benefit Hervana, a sample of Bella Bamba (if that counts). I’m not sure the Burberry Sheer Summer Glow compact counts – it can be used as a blush, but it’s more of a highlight/bronzer/something.
    I didn’t used to be into blush at all, but lately it’s been my favorite thing. I’m still working on application, though; I seem to either go too heavily or too lightly :(

  38. Liz

    3 Tarte, 1 Nars, 3 L’oreal, 2 MAC, 1 Benefit, 2 Covergirl, 1 Avon, 1 Bobbi Brown

  39. Veronica

    If we’re counting purely blushes and not bronzers/highlighters, then it’s about seven. Maybelline cream blush in Rose Petal and Soft Plum, NARS Angelika, Bobbi Brown Nude Pink, e.l.f. Pink Passion, and Benefit Bella Bamba (sample-size version), and Revlon Blushing Berry. I’m getting close to hitting pan on Maybelline Soft Plum, which crushes my spirits since the formula and color have been discontinued. :(

    Blush is one of those things I force myself to limit since I adore it and know I would just build up an exceptionally huge collection if the unbridled passion were allowed. Considering how long it takes me to even make a dent in blush (compared to eyeshadow, anyway), it makes sense for me to keep my collection under ten. :)

  40. Miss J

    Bluuuuuushhh…mmm. *pupils dilate, salivates* LOL. Blush is one of my favorite products. I have 16 powder blushes from NARS, which is what I mainly use; I also have a few NARS Multiples that I use strictly as blush. In addition, I have a handful (or two) of MAC, a few from Benefit, then an assortment from other brands. In total, I own somewhere between 20-50. In my mind, I’d like to have a top 5 and get rid of the rest, but that just won’t happen.

  41. i own so many because I have a few palettes and like to work in a variety of textures: cheek stains, cream, gel and powder blush. My favorite is the Tarina Tarantino powder blush palette, I layer 2 of the colors usually. I’m also really impressed with the new Lorac Pro cheek stain which is a powder blush that truly lasts all day. For an inexpensive buy chk out the 10 color blush palettes they offer from Crown brushes or BH cosmetics. Its a nice way to own a bunch of colors at an affordable price.

  42. Jackeline

    3 Nars, 1 Benefit, 3 Mac, 1 maybelline, 1 Almay, 1 avon, 1 nyc

  43. My fav colors are: Tarina Tarantino Doll skin cheek palette, Tarte Exposed, Nars Orgasm, Benefit Hervana, Benefit Dandelion , Lora Pro Cheek Stain in Petal Pink. Dying to try Illamasqua cream blush, but haven’t yet. I hear they give you a nice dewy glow. Any one tried them?

    I have fair skin and these colors brighten my face without making me look like I have rosecea

  44. shuz4ever

    I just did a quick count…56 not counting MSFs n highlighters. So i may have a prob 😉 And now i’m itching to get 2 more from the MAC Styleseeker collectn.

  45. Rachel

    I was never really a blush person but since 2011 I started wearing blush more. I own:

    lancome maison palette (travel palette only found at duty free)
    tarte’s blissful
    benefit mini posie tint and benetint
    stila mango crush lip stain
    cargo blush (forgot color, came in set)
    topshop blush in flush
    clinique cupid blush

    hmm I’d count the benefit tints as one as they are really tiny. so this is it. pretty decent sized collection considering how I don’t like wearing blush because I am scared of overdoing it & I have natural redness on cheeks.

  46. too many!! about 20-25 I think. Blush is my favourite product though so I have gathered quite a few. I try to use them all fairly regularly though 😀

  47. JenJ

    Did a rough count…I’d say around 65 or so. Oye vey! This from a girl who wasn’t a big blush fan until maybe a year or two ago o_O lol!

  48. Jennifer

    I’m at 10 but that number will being going up very soon after some extended lusting over some of your TF and Burberry blush swatches! hehe

    • Jennifer

      Oh, seeing other people’s comments…if we’re to include stains and blushes in palette’s then I fall into the 11-20 range now! 😀

  49. Demetrius

    Just 1. Mac Melba.