Friday, August 30th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How long does your lipstick usually last on you?

  • 2-3 hours (34%, 844 Votes)
  • 1-2 hours (30%, 746 Votes)
  • 3-4 hours (19%, 475 Votes)
  • Less than an hour (10%, 238 Votes)
  • 4-6 hours (6%, 147 Votes)
  • Longer than 6 hours (1%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,499

Thanks to Lynne for today’s question!

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22 thoughts on “How long does your lipstick usually last on you?

  1. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Irene Irene

    It depends on what type of lipstick, because if it’s creamy and lightweight and I don’t feel it, I keep forgetting I have lipstick on and rubbing my lips together, and the color can be gone in 1-2 hours. However, if it’s a bit more drying and I actually feel it a bit on my lips, I won’t touch it at all. That’s why I prefer matte formulas, especially with reds!

  2. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Cindy Cindy

    My holy grail product is Paula Dorf’s Perfect Illusion for lips. I’m having trouble locating it online now, I think it’s been discontinued and I’m trying to find somewhere to hoard it! I put this on under lipstick every day and no matter what lipstick it is it DOES NOT MOVE. EVER. It comes off when you TAKE it off! It surpasses MAC’s prep + prime for lips and Urban Decay’s lip primer. I’ve tried both of those and others and nothing lives up to Paula Dorf. If Revlon Colorstay would bring back their clear Colorstay lipstick that would be an option, as that was what I used before they discontinued it and had to switch to Paula Dorf (back when Sephora was still selling it), but it’s not coming back.

  3. Chelle

    It really, REALLY depends on the formula. That and if I use MAC’s prep + prime for lip.

  4. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Maria Maria

    I don’t know how you manage to make your lipstick last so long, Christine! I’ve actually been meaning to ask you about that. I think I touch my mouth too much or bite my lips or drink water or SOMETHING – I have to reapply a LOT.

  5. Oh, I eat off lipstick like crazy. I usually subtract 4-5 HOURS off of Christine’s posted wear time… :)

  6. Josie M

    I have a habit of rubbing my lips together AND licking them, so lipstick barely lasts an hour on me, no matter what the promise! haha

  7. I didn’t vote, just because it really depends on what lipstick it is. Some last for hours and then slowly fade to a stain, and others disappear within two hours.

  8. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Kristen Kristen

    I am constantly drinking and putting on chapstick (I hate to be dehydrated :() so it doesn’t last on me at all.

  9. Meagan

    I have to agree with what the majority of others said. I am a perpetual lipstick-eater! For this reason my best options are usually balms that stain, like Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick. Though enviously loving a good red lip on others, it seems like as soon as I’ve got it applied my throat is instantly parched and I need a drink. Like when you lay down in bed and automatically have to pee (now that I think about it, there may be a direct correlation between how often this happens and whether I tried wearing lipstick that day).

  10. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Priscilla Priscilla

    I constantly rub my lips together so gloss lasts less than thirty minutes (LMdB lasts pretty long-1 hour 1/2). Lipstick lasts a touch longer (lustre is pretty much on for 10 minutes); red leading by several hours (3 solid and maybe 5 if you include staining.

  11. I get really short wear out of my lipsticks – like 2 hours at most, even with “long wearing” ones – because I have health issues that force me to breathe through my mouth, and that shortens the wear lenght D:

  12. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Quinctia Quinctia

    I’m drinking all the time, so it depends entirely on how transfer proof something is.

  13. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of anita june

    i mostly wear mattes or long wearing formulas, so my lipstick usually lasts 8+ hours actually. i layer like a mad person though, because i prefer my lip colour to last at least through two meals — i use a similar lipstain colour or lip primer, lipliner, do the blot with a tissue and repeat, and if i want it to last past say, 10 hours, use concealer around the outer edges for a cleaner line and to help prevent feathering.

  14. Thanks to you Christine, I got the Buxom full bodies lipstick in exhibitionist. It lasts all day!!!! Only have to reapply if I’m going out at night.

  15. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of KaseyCannuck KaseyCannuck

    Lipstick straight from the tube is “gone in sixty seconds”, or so it would seem. If I want anything to last beyond an hour I colour my lips with a pencil first then layer lipstick on top.

  16. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Rachael pockykami

    It really depends on the formula, but I’ve never had a lip product last through a meal. Ever. I think it’s because I’m a somewhat messy eater, lol.

  17. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Angelica Ozga Angie

    Christine, guys, how come my lipstick lasts on my lips for less than an hour?! I don’t even know! It bothers me so much, no matter what lipstick it is, wears off in less than an hour and I have to re apply and my lips get so dry and chapped. I just get so frustrated and upset. How do you make your lipstick last longer?! Why does mine come off? I don’t even drink or eat, I just rub them together. Even if its candy yum yum by mac then it comes off in less than an hour. Just please help me.

  18. Depends on the lipstick but on average, 1-2 hours. I’m an avid water-drinker and always have a water bottle at arms reach so it come off pretty quick!

  19. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Jennifer Jennifer m

    With eating 2-3 hours. You should grab your hubby and do a smooch test with some lipsticks! :)