Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Choose or Lose

How long does your blush normally last on your skin?

  • 4-6 hours (42%, 1,094 Votes)
  • Less than 4 hours (24%, 625 Votes)
  • 6-8 hours (24%, 618 Votes)
  • More than 8 hours (10%, 255 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,603

Thanks to Lynne for today’s question!

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21 thoughts on “How long does your blush normally last on your skin?

  1. xamyx

    It all really depends on what I’m wearing underneath. If my foundation/TM begins to break-down, then it’s inevitable that anything on top will, too. Weather & activity level also play a good part in how long it lasts. I never place “blame” on a blush that doesn’t “hold up” until I’ve tried it with several products; some products/brands don’t as nicely with certain things as others.

    • Katie

      I agree. If I wear a more long wearing foundation, the rest of my makeup will stay on all day. If I wear a tinted moisturizer, it might only last 3-4 hours.

  2. Shea

    Can’t say I have actually ever worn blush once in my life.

  3. I think 6 to 8 hours but I honestly don’t pay much attention to it :-S

  4. yellowlantern

    I’ve never had any difficulty getting blush to last all day and then some on my skin. Certain formulas fade a bit (cream blush seems to fade faster than powder) but I can definitely still tell it’s there. Stuff seems to last a long time on my cheeks.

  5. This poll came up at a good time, because I was thinking about this today. My blush used to last on me pretty much the entire day. Now I notice it’s lasting about 4 hours or so, depending on the shade/formula.

  6. It usually depends on what foundation I use, for example with Revlon Colorstay foundation I can pretty much get an 8 hour wear 😀 and that’s pretty impressive but If I’m using a BB Cream it might just go up to 4 hours, if it’s too hot maybe less but it lasts a lot for me tho depending on my base :)

    Thanks for the question, this section is fun because we get to share a lot of things with you and I love reading and writing as you can see from this post lol, im cutting it out now.

    Later Christina, x.

  7. Alyza

    On my left cheek, I can only get 1-4 hours, because I have a terrible habit of leaning my face on my hand (especially when I’m wearing a long-sleeve shirt or hoodie) and that makes it wear away super fast.
    But on my right cheek, I average 6 hours. =] Which makes me have to reapply on my left, lol.

  8. Cat G

    Besides whether I set my makeup or not, it depends a lot on the blush. I’m happy if a blush lasts 8 around hours on me (thank you Tarte!).

  9. Ida

    I have pretty dry skin which makes blush last a looong time! At the moment I am using Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, which helps my blush/contour/highlighter last a bit longer as well. Overall I do not have a problem with having any of my makeup lasting all day and night.

  10. Veronica

    For the most part, I’ll get a full eight hours out of my blushes, sometimes 2-3 hours more if I’m wearing a foundation or TM underneath. If I’m wearing it on bare skin, cream blushes will sometimes start to fade somewhat by the six hour mark, but they’re still mostly intact. I have the benefit of having fair skin, though, so it takes longer for fading to show significantly on my face. (The downside being is that I get to wear sunburn as blush more often in the summer months. :P)

  11. Sara

    I have no idea. It has to be extraordinarily pathetic for me to notice.

  12. I never seem to have problems with fading blush, but if I want staying power, it’s all about laying down a solid base. Primer is total magic for me and seems to hold everything together, even in the heat. Today I mixed Guerlain meteorites primer with a bit of NARS TM and used that as an all over base and topped this with just enough light touches of foundation to blot out a few of my ruddier areas. I powdered this with RCMA no colour powder and absolutely nothing hasn’t budged…blush included. Face still looks perfect well after 8 hours. Only blush formula where I have ever noted major fading: Stila Convertible Color.. which is weird because others rave. It clearly does not like my chemistry.

  13. Susan Dowman Nevling

    My blushes last all day or night. I start with a cream blush over my base, put on a finishing powder and put a light coating of powder blush on top. I use a finishing spray after that. It doesn’t matter what brand I use. I am careful to be light handed with both blushes.

  14. Vanessa

    Depends on the blush. I’ve had some pretty terrible ones that probably lasted 4 hours (though I could swear one lasted 2 hours), and good ones that usually last past my work shift. Blush is a staple for me, so I’m willing to spend the extra $$$ for those that last the whole day.

  15. Blush rarely fades on me. Maybe because it’s always over foundation, or maybe because I’m just danged pale. This lastingness also makes it hard to hide mistakes.

  16. Around 6 hours. I use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush and it works well :-)

  17. Depends on the blush! Powder blushes fade really quickly on me – give one or two hours and they’re gone. Cream blushes last me the whole day so long as I set them.

  18. Moushka

    Two hours, if I’m extremely lucky. My cheeks seems to “eat” the blush, although my BB cream stays on really well. Even the new Benefit In-Stain blush only lasted three hours on me. I use a primer (Estee Lauder), and setting powder (Ben Nye). I just tried a Bare Minerals “Ready” blush and it gave me the best staying power ever, 4+ hours, so it’s my new HG. I really look like a ghost without colour in my cheeks so this is a great find.

  19. Sam

    I usually put on some of illamasqua’s cream pigment in androgen and layer a powder blush on top (usually nars) , I sometimes layer a bit of powder foundation then a bit more blush and it lasts all day (on a normal day when it’s not too hot!)

  20. Angela

    I don’t know if it is Guerlain’s blushes in general, but Peach Boy lasts all day for me!