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I usually get a week of wear, which as long as I wear a color typically. I don’t have issues with chipping (I can’t think of anything that’s chipped on me in some time, other than matte polishes without top coats). I like Illamasqua a lot – it seems to wear like iron.

— Christine

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about a week – i get slight tipwear pretty fast, but i don’t start getting real chips for about a week. not bad, considering i don’t take any special precautions when i have nail polish on – i peel off labels, pry things open, etc.

right now i’m using zoya anchor, zoya polishes (sooki currently – summer’s last hurrah 🙁 ), and seche vite, though i want to try out armor once i’m finished with this bottle of seche vite!

I’m lucky if I get 3 or 4 days. It doesn’t seem to matter if I used a base coat or not, it just won’t stay on passed a few days. It doesn’t just chip either, it will peel completely off. I’ve put nail polish on at night and the next DAY it will just come off. It’s so annoying!

Are you using Seche Vite as your topcoat? This happened to me too until I realized you are supposed to apply Seche Vite while your polish is still slightly wet.

Seche Vite is dangerous because it contains toulene! wouldn’t recommend using this. it has been taken out of a lot of nail polishes along with formaldehyde and phthalates.

It has such a negligible amount of toluene in it that it’s not really a big deal.
You’d be surprised at what companies have worse in their polishes. :O

depends on the polish, base and top coat. I usually use Chanel polish with OPI base and top coat and my hands would last for about 1 1/2 – 2 weeks and my toes for about 1 month.

In general, nail polish doesn’t last on me.

I don’t know what it is about my nails or the way I use my hands, but no matter what brand of polish I use, or what kind of top coat, my polish generally doesn’t go any longer than a day without chipping. And after 3 or so days, I get major chipping.

The only top coats that help my nails last even that long is either Seche vite or Poshe, which is what I’m using right now.

However, I think I may have found the perfect combination that helps my nails last a normal amount of time. I got the Poshe base coat the other day, and I used that in combination with a Zoya polish and the Poshe top coat. The color lasted alot longer than usual.

I still need to try this pairing more and see if it will work with other brands of polish. But I’m hoping it does.

depends on if I use topcoat! Funny enough, they last longer if I don’t use a top coat! Without topcoat: usually 5-7 days. With Seche Vite I always get minor chips within 2-3 days. Essie polishes work really well for me, I have a few Dior and Chanel ones I like for their colours, but they don’t really last as well as Essie.

No matter what brand of nail polish, base and top coat I’m using, it never lasts more than 2 days… I guess I could wear gloves but I think it’s a sign I should quit my job and stop doing house work.

There isn’t a single nail polish that lasts on me for a week. Usually it lasts about 2 days- 3 at best. :\

While the colors are beautiful, MAC nail polishes chip on me like crazy after a day, which really stinks!

5 days to a week, depending on the finish, brand and number of coats.

I’m also an ex-nail biter, so if I don’t absolutely love the polish I’m wearing, I always end up plucking it off with nails and teeth during the week. Disgusting, I know, so I have to be happy with it for it to last.

I have really good results with newer MAC creme-finish polish (the Surf Baby ones), China Glaze “Refreshmint” (only one I’ve tried of that brand), and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (many of these).

for polish to last a week on me would be a massive achievement, I would buy every colour of that polish!! I get 4-5 days tops, sometimes less. I think it’s cos I have flaky nails and quite a hands on job. Yet to find a brilliant one yet, but Barry M has come pretty close – although I find theirs varies a lot across shades.

I usually get tip wear by end of day 2 even with a good top coat, I work in a restaurant and I wash my hands a BAZILLION times a day… it’s usually time to take it off and throw in the towel by day 5

About 12-24 hours. I was just talking to my mom last night about how you post so many awesome colors and talk about their staying power and they just do not do that for me. I must have killed the nail polish queen sometime in my life and now all her minions are out to seek vengeance in the form of instant chipping.

Uusally the most I get is 2-3 days! Strangely though, of all my nail polishes, it’s some of my Rimmel ones that seem to wear the best-I can get about 5 days out of those. I find that OPI, china glaze, essie etc all chip really easily with me even with topcoat. I’ve tried all different topcoats and nothing seems to make any difference!

oh wow! im lucky to get two days wear out of any nail polish and ive got chanel all the way down to salley hanson 2 dollar polish. You’ve probably answered this before but what bash and top coat do you use??

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