Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Choose or Lose

How long do you wear your foundation?

  • All day long - 12+ hours (51%, 2,194 Votes)
  • When I'm at work/school - 6-8 hours (40%, 1,731 Votes)
  • Just a few hours (7%, 296 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 58 Votes)
  • An hour or so (0%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,288

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Bianca for today’s poll!

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49 thoughts on “How long do you wear your foundation?

  1. Monique

    It all depends on the day and what is going on, but somedays a few hours and others all day long 12+ hours.

  2. Ashley

    Other: I don’t wear foundation lol. Or any makeup lately. But I haven’t worn foundation on a regular basis since.. 2009. Having to have woken up at 6am twice a week for all-day classes would not have been worth wearing makeup for anyways.

  3. It depends on what’s going on. Lately I only wear foundation two days a week (from around 6 am to 3 pm) and to take photos for blogging.

  4. marcy

    i’ve never ever worn foundation, and i’m 26. i was at a wedding yesterday and every. single. woman. there had OBVIOUS layers of goop on their faces and it’s so noticeable in pictures. soooo unattractive. i’m all for letting your natural skin shine through (unless you have a very serious skin problem, then i understand).

    • Ashley

      Not sure why you’d come onto a beauty blog and complain about people wearing foundation. :)

      • Ashley

        You can be a beauty/makeup lover without loving every single type of makeup :) I also hate foundation, and don’t wear it even though I have acne and acne scarring. I’ve found that foundation rarely looks natural, simply because you can always tell that there is SOMETHING on the skin even if it’s really well applied. The exception would be very sheer and lightweight products, but even those can sometimes be noticeable.

        And I didn’t really get a complaining vibe from that, just a comment on how horribly obvious and thick some women will wear their makeup to the point of it being like a crust of foundation. Often times, that just makes whatever the person is trying to cover look more obvious because you realize “hey, she is trying to cover something up!”

        • Ray

          You said “every.single.woman.there (at the wedding) had OBVIOUS layers of goop on their faces… soooo unattractive”. <— that's a huge generalization and I also got a complaining vibe from that comment.
          If that makes you happy not wearing foundation, stick with it :D. At the same time, if it makes other people feel happy with foundation, let them be.

  5. Gaga4Gaga

    OMG I WISH my foundation lasted 12 hours…that NEVER happens though.

  6. Rae

    Lol, I’m the only one at “an hour or so” >.< I really only wear foundation when I'm doing looks for the blog, so it doesn't exactly get a lot of wear.

    Which isn't to say that my skin is perfect, of course; I just tend to spot conceal rather than wear foundation 😛

  7. Agnes

    I am at work 8 hours a day, but getting to and from work, running errands, tuitions I give would probably add 1.5-2 hours on top of that. So basically I wear foundation whenever I am away from home, I always cleanse it off when I come back home.

  8. I rarely wear foundation. I would say just for special occasions, but I don’t have many of those so I just wear it whenever I get the urge to. And usually I won’t bother putting on foundation unless I’m planning on wearing it for awhile (at least 6 hours).

  9. Galen

    Is it sad that my “When I’m at work/school” always stretches beyond 12 hours? :)

    • Gina

      Hahah me too! I was torn between which one to choose. Last semester, on Mondays, I would spend about 13 hours on campus D:

  10. It depends if i wear foundation or not, and about the time i do my make-up. If i do my make-up in the morning, i wear foundation all day long, so more than 12 hours. Most days, however, i don’t wear foundation at all -just concealer on dark circles-.

  11. Anna

    I used not to wear foundation at all, but i’m pushing 45 now, and there are a few brown dots here and there.

  12. Camille

    i do my foundation every morning, and if i go out at night i was my face or take a shower and reapply it!

  13. all day on the days im working and on the days im not i leave my skin bare.

  14. Elise

    Only when I go out, and I wear it for as long as I’m out. Sometimes I’ll wear it a bit longer if I’m staying up and wash it off before bed, but sometimes it gets uncomfortable so I just take it off when that happens.

  15. Su

    Only when I’m going out in the evening for dinner or something.

  16. I put mine on when I get ready in the morning and take it off either in the shower or before bed. I have pretty nice skin, so I don’t really need it that much. I just wear a sheer foundation for comfort and I like the flawless look.

  17. Adelita

    I hate re-touch! Then mine should last all day (at least more than 8 hours). But I’ve never experienced my foundation last more than 12 hours either (even though w/ a help from primer/mattifier/finishing spray/finishing powder). My skin IS extremely oily and living in this hot & humid country doesn’t make it better.
    Here’s foundations that I love so far:
    • Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA+++
    • Estée Lauder Double Wear
    • Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra
    • MAC Pro Longwear
    • Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Compact
    • Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation

  18. Jamie

    All day long…I work 10 hour shifts. Now, by the end of those 10 hours, my makeup is looking pretty beat…but I have horrible acne, so I really have no choice but to wear the foundation all day!

    • Dame Elizabeth

      I never leave the house without foundation on, I feel so self-conscious and ugly without it, it’s like a mask for me which I love.
      After a few hours it starts to look bad though to be honest, so I would rather take it all off and reapply but it’s so time consuming.

      I’d do anything to have the good skin and confidence to not wear foundation, I wish more people realised that it’s often not about women wanting to attract men or look tarty, it’s often about women wanting to feel better about themselves.

  19. Marian

    I have stopped wearing foundation. After using tretinoin and glycolics for years and wearing my sunscreen faithfully, I no longer need it : )

  20. Amanda

    6am till about 430pm because when I get out of work and go to the gym I shower after… so I guess ot all depends on if I have plans after that.

  21. Polly

    Work/school = 6-8 hours???
    My makeup goes on at 6am and I get home at 6pm. And that’s my average school day.

  22. Pollu

    But as soon as I get home, the tracksuit goes on and I cleanse like a mad-woman!! Makeup doesn’t make me break out, but I hate wearing it – SO MUCH. Eyes and lip etc are for fun but foundation is gross to me (on me). I just, unfortunately have problem skin :( I’m on medication for it thouh so I find my self using less and less as the moths go by. (Well I use half what I used to 2 years ago)

  23. Stephanie

    I only wear concealer.

  24. Sydney

    I keep mine on all day. I really should take off my makeup when I get home from school, but I’m soo lazy! My Studio Fix pretty much comes off thoughout the day, though, so it’s kind of just my eye makeup and a little bit of face makeup. LOL.

  25. Svetlana

    12+ hours. MAC Prolongwear. I’m so in love with that foundation, it stays on for 12+ hours without a primer. :)

  26. Megan

    all day long! x) (but only on winter time) when it’s summer I tend to use MAC select moisture cover concealer and a powder foundation :)

  27. I wear my makeup as long as my day is. One thing though is that I don’t use soap to wash it off, only cleanser touches my face.

  28. WithIt

    I only wear foundation when I’m going out for “special occasions.” I prefer light coverage, so I when I do wear foundation, it’s MAC’s face & body. On regular days, I always spot conceal and usually dust MUFE HD microfinish powder for a quick-and-easy flawless look. :)

  29. Julia

    I guess it does depend on the day, sometime I wear foundation for 15 hours, others just for 3 hours.

  30. Vivian

    I’m 31 and I’ve worn foundation 3 times in my life: my aunt’s wedding and two occasions on my graduation. All of these were made professionally and felt SO weird, like I shouldn’t move my face for awhile or I’d destroy something hehehe.

    I don’t own any foundation, but my skin isn’t flawless either. I just use concealer under my eyes and in some other small spots and then powder up, leaving the cheeks free (so they don’t look cakey with the blush).

    I suppose when this stops working I’ll call the dermatologist and do a peeling to even things out. hehehe :)

  31. Alyssa

    6-8 hours. I’ve never had a foundation last more than that on me, much less 12!

  32. I go without, unless I feel like wearing foundation for an incredibly special occasion… Which happens less than once a year. =’D

  33. Francine

    no less than 8 hours, closer to 10 everyday at work. at play, a few hours tops.

  34. Amanda

    I have been known to sleep in my makeup and wear in the next day. *is a horrible person*

  35. Katie G.

    I wash my face and moisturize before bed, wash/moisturize in the morning before applying my make up and wear it until I get home. The products I use don’t clog pores so that helps too and I don’t break out at all.

  36. LD

    when I’m at work, so depending on the day it can be 5-10 hours

  37. MakeupMonster

    On work days I put it on in the morning before I leave and take it off when I’m finished dining so that’s probably 12 hours. In the weekends I don’t wear foundation all the time and when I go out, I take off my old foundation and apply a fresh layer.
    In general, I would say about 12 hours

  38. It would vary depending on what I’m going out for.


  40. Jenna S.

    I feel like my “foundation” might not count as foundation, since I just sweep on a powder formula on top of my concealer with a fluffy brush for very sheer coverage. I like to see my freckles!

    I wear it for any length of time when I do, sometimes just for short engagements and sometimes for a full day of errands and events, but for class I might just pat on a little concealer, cream blush, and mascara and skip foundation all together.

  41. Ray

    I don’t wear foundation everyday. However, whenever I have some important or special events (wedding, parties,…), I do tend to wear my foundation for hours. Maybe that’s the reason why I always have breakouts afterward (and I don’t have a stable skincare regime). Well, at least I look fantastic in the pictures. 😀

  42. Jesica

    I wear my foundations all day and I really feel that I haven’t found the right foundation for my skin. But my fundation gets a serious wearing….about 13 hrs or more because of my work day. But on the weekends, I am basically makeup free to give my face a rest. I do make sure that I wash and hydrate very well everyday.

  43. Christina

    The answer wording suggests you mean “I wear it x hours (every day)”. If I wear my foundation I normally wear it long, all day into the evening, or all night for parties. I wear it very irregularly though, use sometimes noting on the face, sometimes blush only, sometimes tinted moisturizer. All day, similarly.

  44. Niki

    From 7:30am till about 8pm – wow that seems like a long time but I am sure its just average for us working people or those of us in school.