Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Choose or Lose

How long could you manage without using your favorite makeup brand?

  • A month (40%, 797 Votes)
  • A week (39%, 778 Votes)
  • A day (21%, 420 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,995

Thanks to Swapna for today’s question!

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19 thoughts on “How long could you manage without using your favorite makeup brand?

  1. Because I have a lot of makeup from various brands that I like, if I had to give up MAC, for example, or Stila, I still have more than enough “stuff” from other brands and could probably manage for months! In fact, it might help me “discover” and actually enjoy the other products I have even more. Sort of “forced downsizing”.

    • Jenny

      Same here. My favorite brand is UD, but I only have their eye makeup. So I could still do my face and just not where any eyeshadow or liner for a while.

    • Dreamer19

      Me, too. Infinitely. I’d just use the other stuff. My fave brand is Inglot, because I’m into eyeshadows. At one point i said i’ll only buy inlgot eyeshadows, but that’s rubbish. I’ve bought others since and love most of them.

  2. Nicole

    I haven’t got a favorite brand anymore. So it would be easy for me to stay away of one brand for one month.

  3. Ellen

    Interesting question. I could survive for sure, but I would miss some of my favorites! I ry to do this in general, i.e. go without my favorites to reacquaint myself with others. Like Mariella said, “forced downsizing” – I like it!

    • LOL – do we all need professional help or WHAT??? Besides, the question wasn’t even “favourite product”, it was “favourite brand” so even if I could pinpoint a fave brand (MAC, for example), while I’d have to forego some eye shadows, a concealer, a blush and some lipsticks and foundation, I’d still have all those products from other lines and I’ve got a lot of great eye shadows that aren’t MAC. So I might miss Mulch, Prepped for Glamour and Sweet Satisfaction but I’d still have plenty of eye shadows I would be perfectly happy using.

  4. Quinctia

    A picked a day. I use UD primer, and I wouldn’t be able to do too much without eyeshadow primer.

  5. I voted a month. There are plenty of alternatives and I like products from many different brands, so I think I’d get by pretty well :-)

  6. VickyM

    For me a week, I could use my Mac and Ysl lipsticks along with other brands, but I couldn´t be without my favorite Chanel products for more than a week, I love the brand a lot.

  7. Lauren

    Hard question. I have a lot of favorite products from a range of brands. The hardest product to give up would be foundation. I really like the finish of the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and I have more Tarte products that I love in all categories (great blushes, eyeshadows, brow mousse, bronzer, highlighter) than any other brand but I have enough makeup that I could easily stop using my Tarte products for a long time.

  8. Susan Dowman Nevling

    Forever, if I never left my room.

  9. KaseyCannuck

    I picked a day solely on not being able to live without my favourite Maybelline mascara. For everything else, I like the brands I own pretty equally and could give any one of them up for some time.

  10. screamer77

    This question is too painful to answer… 😛

  11. Kristen

    I could manage. It’s makeup. I love it, it’s something that I really enjoy playing with but it’s not like I couldn’t live without anything. And if it’s just “my favorites” then I’ll just get by with other stuff.

  12. Terri

    A week without Guerlain would sadden me because it’s so much a part of my routine now. But I could do it because I have so many others to chose from. In fact, it’s probably a good idea to make myself use somethings that are being neglected. All I know is…..I have TOO MANY eye shadows!!

  13. zainab

    I probably have enough options that I could get by, though if I gave up certain brands I’d have a much more limited range of colours. This question actually made me think about how many products I need to get more use out of.

  14. I could give up my favorite brand, for a week. But my main issue would be my eyebrows. I think I only have one product that doesn’t make me look like Groucho Marx.

  15. Mel

    Maybe a couple of weeks. If I had to give up MAC I could get by with UD and Benefit for eyes and Smashbox for face but I’d pretty much have no lipsticks to wear as all of them expect 3 are MAC.