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Packaging is not 100% important, but things with super cute or limited edition packaging tempt me even more. I find at MAC, i buy things more because I want the packaging. It’s easier to pass on the plain black. Confessions of a shopahollic, much?? LOL! Anyways, functional packaging rocks, but there are products I love regardless like my UDPP!

if UDPP didnt work SO well, i probably wouldnt buy it just because the packaging is TERRIBLE! 🙁 id rather have functional packaging as well. pretty and cute is fun… but it always sucks when you get too much of something and you end up wasting it, or can use something fast enough/all the way because the packaging sucks D:

they’ve announced that they’re coming out with new packaging sometime this fall or with their holiday release. it’ll be like the face primer packaging.

I don’t think packaging is too important in some cases. Like, if it were a lipstick, it has to bee good because when I throw it in my bag, i dont want my lipstick to smear everywhere like it has in the past. But if its blush, then it doesnt really matter because I depot everything and put them into palettes. So, it just depends on the product I guess. for me personally, i like to have everything in palettes because its easier to see all ive got in one palette rather than to have to dig through all of my drawers.

Yep, totally with you there. I’m so tired of finding night cream with antioxidants NOT in a tube (always in a tub for some reason) 🙁 Same with eye cream @_@ Tres frustrating, also means I can’t try out other brands 🙁

I’m completely obsessed with packaging. A lot of the time I will buy products just because of their packaging!!! I’m completely obsessed with NARS, Chanel and MAC packaging… I have been for years now 🙂 I avoid products with cheap looking packaging, that’s why I tend to avoid drug store products.

Super cute is what first attracts me to a brand, then functionality. If a product has ugly, annoying packaging then I won’t buy it. There are so many products out there that it is easy to find something else in better packaging.

Packaging design is important to me when it comes to function and getting the product out. Case in fact: Urban Decay Primer Potion. I refuse to buy it because of the poorly designed bottle. You can’t get all the product you bought out, except with a hack saw, and I also find the design too juvenile/girly for me. I also think every liquid foundation now days should come with a pump. Excessive packaging is completely unnecessary, not to mention a waste of resources/materials and space (looking at Urban Decay again for their book of shadow things I’ve seen- but could never ever imagine owning, let alone trying to use) I appreciate special/limited edition packaging, but only if it’s well designed.

I bought UDPP and I don’t like it, but I still feel like I was ripped off because of the packaging. I mean, who really wants to crack open a tube just to get out the excess product? That should never be a concern, yet here it is. I think they designed it very poorly. You have a good point about their shadow boxes too, it’s like you’re paying more money for the packaging than the product itself.

I totally agree with you. I’ve bought my last UDPP – now that other, reliable primers have hit the market. While I love my Sin primer, I cannot abide basically throwing half of it away when the wand can’t get to the product clinging to the sides of the needlessly curvy tube.

Competing brands have figured out that we don’t mind paying a premium for a quality product, but we want to be able to use/extract all that we’ve paid for.

Good question! I love a pretty looking package but I would much rather it be travel friendly nothing nice about a bulky product ..I liked this question 🙂

If the packaging is so awful that it makes the product impossible, nonfunctional and/or annoying to use then yes it matters.
Nice packaging to me is sort of like a bonus or icing on the cake, but on the other hand if it’s totally tacky/unappealing I probably wouldn’t buy it unless the product is freaking amazing. So it can’t be terrible but it doesn’t have to be incredibly attractive either.
There’s something to be said for modern, sleek packaging though.

its a bonus for me and attracts me more.
Packaging effects me when it comes to eyecreams in pots because my nails r really long . but i found that i can use my nail as a spatula lol

There are times when I dont buy a product because of the bad packaging especially if that product is expensive but it doesnt make or break my purchases. It is a factor that I take in but if I really like the product and then I dont mind what packaging it is in

Although it really is nice to have an item that is both practical and cute at the same time

Totally Agree! The UD Book of Shadows are so bulky and made of cardboard. It’s not really easy to store and the cardboard box/drawer is unnecessary. I would prefer if their Book of Shadows were like their NAKED palette or the MAC Propan x15 palette designs.

I love more simplistic and uncluttered designs like MAC. NARS and Chanel. It’s probably why Urban Decay never really appealed to me.

Skin care:when it comes to creams that contain antioxidants , it has to be in packaging that has a pump , in general I really hate jar packaging !!
makeup: I only care about the packaging of lipsticks and glosses , they have to look luxurious and elegant 😀 I dunno why lol
and I hate colorful packagings with so much graphics on them :S

Like you, I find functionality most important. Ugly designs on the packaging, such as the new vegan Urban Decay palette with its terrible (in my eyes) artwork can be a complete turn off, though.

I prefer my creams in a tube rather than a pot, so I don’t have to get product under my nails every time.

hey chrisitne! what was that really helpful tip one of the commenters had about MACs manufacturing dates? those A69 numbers and all. i completely forgot. oh and i just bought my by candlelight 😀 woot woot!

girls with UDPP problems. just put the tube vertically in a cup of warm water to get it all out; the creamy liquid stuck on the side will slide right off

packaging is important to me in the sense that it must be functional. lids need to close properly and not fall off, for example (rimmel bronzer)

sometimes I do feel like I want to give into a product because of the cute packaging, but I still REALLY have to be interested in the product itself. If the packaging exceeds my desire for the product, then I have to pass.

I was SOOO excited about mac to the beach this summer! I just adored the packaging, but then none of the colors or products really attracted me. I wanted to settle for something but.. I just couldn’t justify it! so I passed entirely.

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