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I got my holy grail (Mac Ruby Woo) when I stared lipstick counter at Mac.
I found it harder to fin my perfect nude lipstick, though.

My absolute fave red lipstick in Dior Addict in New Look. I have a handful of other reds but I dont like them nearly as much. It took me awhile to seeing myself in red colors because I’ve always worn pale pinks/bubbly pinks but when I tried on the Dior I felt so glamorous. I’m on my second tube ๐Ÿ˜€

It took a little while, but I think I’ve found mine. (Illamasqua Sangers, which I think has just been discontinued?)

Not very….I went straight to the Nars counter and tried most of their reds and found….The Fire Down Below…..it’s perfect for my skin tone and hair color!

I am still looking. I wondered if MAC Ronnie Red might be it based on your review, but I think it sold out before I had a chance to grab it. I also thought OCC NSFW might be it, but I don’t get the same kind of wear that a lot of people do out of lip tars.

I have found my holy grail MLLB (my lips but better) lip product though! The search for a holy grail red continues…

I wasn’t looking for one, I was only into any red lipsticks, I was grabbing any red lipstick I could get, including dragon, until I got shiseido laquer rouge in rd607 nocturne. I realised how stunning it looked on me, my husband isn’t very expressive but I can tell he can’t stop staring at me when I wear that:)

I dont think i have found my HG red lippie I have
VG 1
Ruby Woo
Scarlet Ibis
VG cyni red kinda dont know if it counts
but i loooove how Ronnie Red applies and looks been debating whether to back it up and I never back up lipsticks!

I’m still not sure I’ve found mine ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Guerlain Garconne, and Shiseido Nocturne, but I don’t know if either of them are HG worthy. I’m not a big red lipstick wearer so maybe that’s part of it. I really do love MUFE Rouge Artist Natural in N45, though…that one I can wear every day without a problem.

My HG was a Revlon color, sort of an almost brick red, which I think was discontinued some years ago (I recall a square dark plumish metallic tube?). It was like a richer more neutral Kiss Me Coral. Might have been my skin tone at the time, but I haven’t found anything quite like it since.

Not too hard at all, but I have more than one based on finish, tones and texture. Lime Crime is my fav but Ronnie Red may replace it!

I don’t think I found my HG red but I found one I can wear last year! Not sure if it is my complexion or my hair but red does not look good on me the way it does on other people. So I never bought one. Then I saw a review on Temptalia for a red lipstick from Dior and I thought it was gorgeous and it was called Marilyn and I figured “well she was blond so lets try it” and it works. I even get compliments wearing it and my skin does not look extra pink while wearing it so I am happy with that.

I don’t know if I ever will, actually! I love red lipstick too much to ever really pick a favorite, and I love trying new things. I have some that I wear more consistently than others (Smashbox Grenadine gets a lot of road wear), but it really depends on my mood. There’s always a red shade in my purse or at work, though, so it’s the second most common color I wear after my MLBB shades. ๐Ÿ™‚

Interestingly enough, one of the first few red lipsticks I tried (Revlon Moon Drops Hot Coral) is pretty close to my holy grail red, it’s a super-flattering color and it has a great formula. The bad part is that it has a strong chemical smell and and taste, and it keeps me from wearing it as often as I would like.

After that, I wanted to find a dupe for it without the taste/smell, so I bought pretty much every drugstore coral-red I could find, but the color was always just a bit off. I have a lot of nice reds, but they were never as flattering as Hot Coral.

15+ red lipsticks later, I think I might have found an actual HG red lipstick though (for day at least…though I never go out at night anyway), in Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin, which released with the new Vivids line. It’s an amazing light, bright coral red color that doesn’t age me, and it has a great formula that’s comfortable, long-lasting, isn’t messy or fades in an unflattering way. It’s a bit more coral than red, but that suits my skintone better anyway. The funny thing is, I almost didn’t buy it because I didn’t think I needed /yet another/ red.

I don’t know if you have recently tried the same shade in Moondrops? Revlon has removed the icky perfumey scent they used to be known for many years ago!

Most definitely haven’t found it! I like MAC Lady Bug paired with opaque lipliner – that’s my current red – but it’s not my holy grail. The warm red looks nice with my colouring but I want to try out a blue-based red. How I WISH Dragon were still available… it looks so, SO amazing.

For a while I thought that Lancome’s 170N Sequence of Love was my holy grail red, but lately I’ve been getting sick of it. So I need to find more ideas. I look forward to reading everyone’s comments!

My current favorite is Revlon’s Really Red matte. It’s the first red that I think looks good on me. But I’m becoming more daring and looking for more!

Try red gloss. It’s softer but still punchy. And texture is as important as color. I have a two buck Sinful Colors gloss in bright red my cool pale self can wear with no make up like chap stick! I also like the cheap 99 can’t Wet n Wild reds for a softer effect. They’re transparent and very modern lip color.

It may not be your time for Red too. It’s a powerful thing, red lipstick, and sometimes ones head- or heart- isn’t there.

I think reds look fantastic on your kind of complexion. I have NC/NW 5 skin (though I have dark brown eyes) and that does not prevent me from wearing a neon red or a vampy red.

Have you ever tried something like MAC’s Russian Red? Or even something darker? I find that it looks amazing against fair skin with blue eyes (or any eyes in general, I don’t believe eye color changes one’s look much, it’s more of the skin tone that does). You can make it sexy or even ethereal paired with the right kind of makeup. Same with a neon red, can be extremely playful and cute or sassy and confident.

You can always work your way up with tints and glosses too though! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just proceed in a way that’s comfortable for you. Good luck!

Oh no such thing! I am around NC/NW 5 and looooove my reds! My favorite is even a neon neutral red (Lime Crime’s Retrofuturist) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maybe try dabbing it on first? Or maybe a nice truly rosy blush to help “unify” the entire look? I find that a blush like Tarina Tarantino’s Carved Rose is beautiful when used with a red lipstick to help somehow…soften and “smooth” over the look with a bright red lip.

Try light/bright reds, or colors that aren’t true reds. I’m pale with a young-looking face, and standard medium-bright, blue-based reds look awful on me. Red lipsticks that are mostly orange or mostly coral, and are very bright, look much, much better, because they’re more modern and less aging. My favorite right now is Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin, which some people might say is straight-coral, though it reads red on my coloring.

However, red lipstick is something you need to get used to. I think that all red lipsticks are to some degree harsh–they’re bold and not easy to wear. You have to have the right makeup and the right clothes to pull everything into balance. Sheer reds are great though–much easier to wear, and great for transitioning into full red. My favorite is actually a Nivea Strawberry lip balm.

Not too hard because I look best in reds. In fact, there is rarely a red that I can’t pull off. (I know, I know.)
I know I’ve posted this here before, but Revlon’s Really Red Matte lipstick is probably my ultimate favourite out of all the reds I have. Second place goes to Dior Extreme Addict in Fireworks because its so easy to wear and looks great both day and night.

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